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Episode 4.19: Chapter Eighteen 'Brave New World'


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From Greg Grunberg's Twtter:

Just read episode 19 script #Hereoes we are about to shoot. Holy cupcakes! Really?! Can't WAIT! Parkman is 1 BadAss M'erF'er!


Question: Any Heroes scoop? —Adam

Ausiello: Just this one cryptic tease from my good buddy Greg Grunberg: “The only way to get rid of or really handle the evil guy Sylar is to get more dark and more evil than he is, and that’s pretty much where my character goes.” Parkman more evil than Sylar? Wow, I’m really behind on Heroes.

What can you tell me about how Heroes will wrap up its season? — Connor

ADAM: Jack Coleman tells me that the volume ends with a lot of heroes standing up to Samuel, a la Season 1's Kirby Plaza showdown. He says HRG in particular goes toe to toe with the evil carnie, but it's Claire who does the real damage. "At the very end is Claire sort of blowing the lid off everything and [giving] implications of a 'brave new world.'"


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