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Cirie Fields


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Photo~Survivor: Panama

Cirie Fields (39)

Tribe: Heroes

Hometown: Jersey City, N.J.

Current Residence: Norwalk, Conn.

Personal Claim To Fame:

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I actually liked Cirie...but I wish they'd have put in Yau Man instead.

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non-existing game?

she would have won fans. v. favorites if they had changed it back to final 2.

and she is munipulative, and thats a huge part of the game... I kinda hope she goes really far!

She might have won. The reason she gets as far as she does is because she appears weak and motherly. So nobody votes her out because they all know they can beat her in a challenge. If you had your choice of voting out Ozzie or Cerie, knowing you had two or more immunity challenges to go, most would vote out Ozzie. That says more about Ozzie than it does Cirie.

I don't call her manipulative either. She was instrumental in some big moves, but only because she's put in that posistion to make those moves.

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I dont know why people discredit the strategy of not winning every challenge...

I mean, I know she couldnt win every one, but still playing a low game is a good strategy.

She was manipulative, and made everybody like her, and she did do good in more than 1 challenge.. so I give her credit where credit is do.

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Just my two cents:

Her stragety in both her seasons is what cost her to be in the jury, both seasons. Very non confrontational, likable, motherly (as stated above) so so phyiscaly and was pretty decent in getting people voted off without any blood on her hands. Those qualities will keep you in the game well through the merge. As the jury is seated and the numbers dwindle the remaining survivors go after the ones who are a phyiscal threat and those whom the jury might favor over themselves. That's where Cirie's problem lies. No one wants to go to the finals with her for fear of losing to her "motherly" personality. I don't think phisically she can win the final immunity challange so her best hope is another seat in the jury box.

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Please go home early. Can't stand the hype about her non-existing game.

In her original season she was probably the one true person to play the game. She was overshadowed in Micronesia but she totally dominated the strategic aspect of this game in her first season. She executed the strategy to get Aris and Danielle into the final 3. Terry just owned the challenges, that was the problem.

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I don't remember it that way, but I admit I don't remember much. I guess I'm mentaly comparing her to Terry who I respect a lot.

We shall see how she does this time around.

Terry's problem was he couldn't trust anyone and he had no game. He was just a challenge beast.

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