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OK is this official as per CBS or still an official rumor?

I like this list. Some of the names are a bit vague for me. Who are Candice and Danielle? I could do without Courtney, Tyson and Cerie. Hope they go first. Looking forward to seeing Parvati, Rupert, Rob, Russell, Amanda and James. I also don't mind Randy, Coach and Sugar. I wonder if Tom will dominate like he did?

One thing I will say, there's not many in the way of coattail riders. I don't remeber Cirie making a lot of moves, Sugar didn't really play hard either though I liked her.

Looking forward to the season and also glad to hear 21 is in the works.

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Cirie played the exact same game in both of her seasons. Worked hard, did ok in comps, didn't offend anyone, stayed out of inter tribe fights (smart) and was often heard saying "uhhaaaaa, ummhhhmmm. She almost made to the end each time and was pretty much voted out for the same reason. Everybody left realized she was a jury favorite having made no enemies and voted her off.

Hope she plays different this time.

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found out today that a friend of mine in LA auditioned today for the next Survivor. I guess it will be 21?? She took lots of photos and is planning to do a series of blogs on the application process and audition. She doubts she is what they are looking for as a 50+ mom but she is a great fan of the game. I will hope she was a winner in their eyes!

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Ok, I was at my friends house and she wanted to know who was on it... and said I was an idiot for not wanting to know, so I looked..... I have to say I'm not all that excited...... and a couple of people I don't even know who they are, were they that hard up that they had to go with unknowns...... I'm not really loving the people who have already done it more than once too

I am calling dibs on Boston Rob though ( not sure if anyone did or not) I doubt he'll go far this go round.... but I just love him!!

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Rupert is my dibs. Love the guy!

Darn, I'm too late!

I like F3 because when it's just 2 people, I don't always like those 2 people. I am more likely to like 1 out of 3 vs. 1 out of 2. Just one person's opinion!

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Survivor Heroes vs. Villains preview will air Wednesday

January 4, 2010, 12:06 PM

CBS is pushing the debut of Survivor Heroes vs. Villains hard, airing the first few minutes of the show during the CBS broadcast of the People

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Hmm...do I sit through the boring People's Choice Awards to get a glimpse of the Survivor All-Star sneak peek or do I wait for it to be posted on Youtube? Decisions, decisions... :animated_scratchchin:

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