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TV Land on Nick at Nite


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Hi everybody,

Danny "dandaman" Hooley here, with a trip back in time to 1996 -- the year TV Land launched as a 24-hour cable network.

Before TV Land, there was Nick at Nite, which then showcased classic family-friendly shows from the '50s to the '70s such as "I Love Lucy," "Taxi," and "Welcome Back, Kotter."

What not many people know, and since have forgotten, however, is that between May 4, 1996 and July 6, 1996, a regular feature on Nick at Nite was "TV Land Preview," in which several shows then currently airing on TV Land did double duty on Nick at Nite Saturday nights.

Among the rotating shows airing regularly Saturday nights on Nick at Nite included "Green Acres," which also aired 7 nights a week on Nick at Nite from November 5, 1989-October 31, 1992; "Mister Ed," which likewise aired 7 nights a week on Nick at Nite from March 3, 1986-April 2, 1993; "Petticoat Junction," which was a 1960s sitcom set in Hooterville; "St. Elsewhere," the hit 1982-1988 hospital drama starring Ed Flanders, Ed Begley, Jr., Howie Mandel, and William Daniels, among others, and like the '70s basketball drama "The White Shadow" before it, was created by Bruce Paltrow; "Hill Street Blues," the hit 1981-1987 TV cop show starring Daniel J. Travanti, Veronica Hamel, and Dennis Franz, among others, and served as the first successful series ever created by Steven Bochco.

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TV might be better than nothing if you can find a show on DVD or the Internet or wherever, but I gave up on TV land many years ago, and I remember watching it when it was just on TVRO satellite and not on cable yet (early 90s).

Now... they hack up the episodes horribly after they have already been time compressed just as bad.

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