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Actress Brittany Murphy


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Clueless Star Brittany Murphy has died, E! News has confirmed.

The 32-year-old actress went into full cardiac arrest early Sunday morning following a 911 call from her husband, Simon Monjack, Variety reports. The star was pronounced dead upon arrival at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles County Department of Coroner confirms to E! News, "We do have a preliminary death report of a Brittany Murphy" coming from Cedars-Sinai.

Murphy starred in such films as 8 Mile, Uptown Girls, Sin City and Don't Say a Word, and voiced the part of Luanne Platter in the Fox animated series, King of the Hill.

Former boyfriend Ashton Kutcher immediately Twittered, "2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine. My deepest condolences go out 2 Brittany's family, her husband, & her amazing mother, Sharon."

Murphy began her career at age nine on Broadway in Les Miserables, and went on to several short-lived television gigs before landing her role as Tai in 1995's hit comedy, Clueless.

Another banner year for the star was 2002, when she starred opposite Eminem in 8 Mile and became a tabloid favorite for dating Kutcher during and after their film, Just Married.

When that relationship fizzled, Murphy's tumultuous dating life didn't end for years later.

The actress was engaged several times

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This is very sad... She was a good actress and she did voices on King of the Hill too... She will be missed, and I'm with Elle and my thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends during this very difficult time...

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I was pretty shocked when I heard about this today. She was so young! :( My heart goes out to her mom especially, it can't be easy to find your daughter practically dead in the shower; I can't even imagine what she's feeling.

I do have to say that I think drugs played a part in this. Ever since she married that guy she has seemed a little off IMO. I also find it strange that he tried to refuse an autopsy, you'd think he'd want to know what happened to her. I read that they plan to do one anyway though. I hope I'm wrong and it was just diabetes though...I know how horrible that disease can be.

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they just said on the news "natrual causes"

Wow, that's so sad if that's the case. Dying of natural causes at 32? That's just tragic imo.

This is what tmz is reporting.

"Brittany Murphy was very ill in the hours before she went into cardiac arrest and died, sources tell TMZ.

We're told Murphy was taking prescription meds for flu-like symptoms she had been experiencing for several days. We're told Murphy began vomiting early Sunday morning and told family members she was feeling very ill.

Sources say various prescriptions were found in the home -- written for Brittany Murphy, husband Simon Monjack, and Brittany's mom. One source says, "There were a lot ... a lot of prescriptions in the house."

Law enforcement sources tell us Murphy collapsed in the bathroom and somehow ended up in the shower ... there was, we're told, a significant amount of vomit in the immediate area.

We're also told authorities did not find illegal drugs in the house, but Murphy was definitely taking various prescription meds.

Sources say her condition and the meds could have triggered a heart attack, but it's too early to know. An autopsy is will be performed Monday or Tuesday. We reported earlier Monjack did not want an autopsy but ultimately it's the Coroner's call.

As we first reported, Brittany Murphy's mother told paramedics her daughter suffered from diabetes. We're told it was type 2 diabetes and people involved in the case doubt her condition caused her death.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/#ixzz0aIHotoTe "


Here's a link to the article about the husband, just in case I was supposed to include a source.


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I'm afraid this will be another story where the toxicology tests will tell the tale of what really happened.... such a waste...

This was released from the coroners office:

Brittany Murphy's death Sunday may have been shocking, but according to a coroner's official, "it appears to be natural."

At least for now.

"We are involved in an investigation of Brittany Murphy's death," Ed Winter, chief investigator for the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office, told E! News. "She evidently collapsed in the bathroom. She was transported to Cedars Sinai hospital where she passed away. We will probably be doing an autopsy tomorrow or Tuesday, of course the final results will be pending toxicology and further tests."

Winter made his remarks outside the Clueless star's home, where he was accompanied by seven Los Angeles Police Department officers.

There is no evidence of foul play, Winter added. "We come out, we look at everything, any prescriptions meds we do take. We will have to analyze everything and go from there.

"It appears to be natural at this time. She has a medical history and there might be some other issues, but I can't elaborate.

So what were Murphy's medical issues?

Her mother reportedly told paramedics the star was a diabetic. During her last public appearance back on Dec. 1, Murphy appeared extremely thin, leading to speculation of an eating disorder.

Los Angeles physician Dr. Charles Sophy, who never treated Murphy, told E! News such factors could have contributed to her death.

"Any one of those disorders alone could lead to cardiac arrest if it's severe enough or ignored from a treatment perspective...much less if someone had them together," Sophy said.

Winter, meanwhile, said that funeral arrangements have not been made.

"The family of course is very distraught over it," Winter said. "The family is being very cooperative. We would ask to give the family some privacy. They will not be coming out and there will be no spokesperson at this time."

Murphy's family has released a brief statement: "The sudden loss of our beloved Brittany is a terrible tragedy. She was our daughter, our wife, our love and a shining star. We ask you to respect our privacy at this time."

(Originally published Dec. 20, 2009, at 6:13 p.m. PT)


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> [img]

Actress Brittany Murphy

LOS ANGELES, California -- Brittany Murphy, the actress who broke out with the teen comedy, "Clueless" and gained critical acclaim for her role as rapper Eminem's love interest in the hip-hop drama, "8 Mile," died the morning of Sunday, December 20, from sudden cardiac arrest, police said. She was 32.

Los Angeles city firefighters responded to a medical call about 8 a.m. at the 8,000-square-foot home Murphy shared with her husband, British screenwriter Simon Monjack, in the hills above the Sunset Strip. There were conflicting reports as to whether Murphy was discovered by Monjack or her mother.

Firefighters tried unsuccessfully to revive Murphy on the way to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead about two hours later. Los Angeles police are investigating the cause of Murphy's death, said Officer Norma Eisenman. Investigators and coroner's officials were at her home Sunday as paparazzi camped outside.

Authorities said Murphy was taking prescription drugs for a variety of medical ailments and said preliminary indications do not point to foul play. An autopsy is planned for Tuesday, a coroner's official said.

Reached at his home in northern Florida, Murphy's father, Angelo Bertolotti, said he learned of his daughter's passing Sunday morning from his son (Murphy's half brother), who read it on the Internet.

"It's too shocking and too fast," Bertolotti said in a phone interview. "It just doesn't make sense to me. As we speak I am staring at a picture of her. I just can't believe it. Can't convince myself she's gone."

Bertolotti said he and Murphy's mother divorced when his daughter was 4. He last saw his daughter about three years ago. Bertolotti described himself as a "retired mobster" who now works in the movie business writing "scripts."

Bertolotti said his daughter was very close to her mother, Sharon Murphy. "They were inseparable," he said.

"She was a wonderful girl," he said. "She worked hard to get where she was. I am absolutely broken up. I can't get heads or tails of anything at this point. I am just trying to put the pieces together myself."

Born November 10, 1977, in Atlanta, Georgia, Murphy moved to Burbank with her mother when she was 13. After rising to prominence in the 1995 film "Clueless," Murphy appeared in the Michael Douglas thriller "Don't Say a Word," and the Winona Ryder- Angelina Jolie drama "Girl, Interrupted," among others.

A series of lighter roles followed the 2002 drama "8 Mile," including a lead role opposite Ashton Kutcher in the 2003 romantic comedy "Just Married."

Murphy also lent her voice to many animated characters, including Luanne Platter on the Fox TV show "King of the Hill" and Gloria the penguin in the 2006 feature "Happy Feet."

Director Curtis Hanson, who worked with Murphy on "8 Mile," said the actress' personal attributes combined easily with her on-screen work.

"She was a very special and vulnerable person," Hanson said. "The honesty of her emotions made it so that [her lines] didn't feel like scripted dialogue."

Murphy's Hollywood life sometimes crossed paths with her personal life. In 2004 she broke off an engagement with Jeff Kwatinetz, a principal at the company that managed her career.

Murphy also briefly dated Kutcher. On Sunday, he sent a Twitter message saying, "2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine. My deepest condolences go out 2 Brittany's family, her husband & her amazing mother Sharon."

Murphy, who most recently starred in "Across the Hall," an indie feature in limited release, is expected to be seen in the upcoming Sylvester Stallone action movie, "The Expendables." There have been reports that she left production before work was complete on her current project "The Caller." That account was parodied on a recent "Saturday Night Live" episode.

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I think what's going on is that until proven that something outside "normal circumstance" caused her cardiac arrest it's considered "natural causes"... In other words, until they get the toxi reports back and they prove that something in her system caused the cardiac arrest, then it's considered natural causes...

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This is so sad.......I hope that drugs are not involved. Diabetes is a disease that can cause all kinds of health issues. There are four of causes of death.....Natural, Accidental, Homicide and Suicide. Brittany being so young I can see the need for an autopsy to be preformed. I also can understand why the husband didn't want one performed. (I was asked if I wanted my hubby have an autopsy preformed and I said no....I didn't want his body to be cut up anymore than it already was and it still would not have made me feel any better knowing 100% of what and why). Sorry to be graffic......So I'm not suspicious of her husband. jmho

RIP Brittany



I just read itsnotbb9's last post......yes being Jewish is another reason for no autopsy.....plus I think its Jewish law to be buried in 3 days......an autopsy could also delay burial too.

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