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July 30th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Howie's b-day is Jan 7th.

April is told to close her eyes. The guys lead her into the kichen w/ her eyes closed. Rachel says to make a wish and they show her the cake. They have a cig? as a candle. They sing to her-we get fish. April says "Thank ya'll so much. This means the world to me." April picks vanilla ice cream to go with her cake. (They don't have any icing).

Maggie made the cake-it's sugar cookie oatmeal crumb cake. April says it's good. Others say mmm. Kaysar says "it looks crummy." (Haha). Jan says it tastes like pound cake.

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Guest Blhuebutterfly

All the guests are eating BDay cake, BB let them sing and cut away you could hear a little of it. April blows out her candle/imitation candle..not sure....I am off to bed, keep us posted..

Happy Birthday April......ya'll

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Beau sings "For she's a fabulous diva." April says she is so not a diva. They joke that the cake is called a "Mag pie." Maggies asks if it tastes like it's missing any ingredients. She says she didn't measure anything out. She started to but then overflowed the cup so just decided to eyeball it.

Kaysar's b-day is on Aug 10th.

Maggie's b-day is on the 14th.

Everyone moved to the table to eat their cake and ice cream.

April: (to Howie) You know you cannot be a meteorologist and talk the way you talk.

Howie: I know, I'll clean it up.

BB: Howie, please go to the DR.

Howie: One more bite BB. . . BB, I'm coming, I'm coming.

The cake was a surprise. Maggie wanted BB to keep April into the DR. Since they didn't she told April that Beau needed to talk to her in the gym. That's when Beau made up that Kaysar had come out of the closet. He just made it up on the spot right there.

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Jen says that Jamie Lee Curtis was born a hermaphrodite and that her parents decided to have the male part removed, but that she could have gone either way.

April's talking about people that have 3 or 4 nipples and sometimes the extra is on their back.

April: I feel so special and I don't like to feel that way.

BB:Ivette, please put on your microphone.

Ivette: No, I'm gonna go shower. What's the big deal? I'm talking loud.

James: Ivette I think this is number 6 today. (BM's)

Ivette: I wish I could be like that.

Sarah waits a minute and then goes to the bathroom door and says "plop . . . plunk . . . squirt."

Rachel: Today's competition, I had the best time with it. I just had so much fun today.

Then the cams switch to April and Beau outside (better than fish).

April: James is working it. He's making me feel so horrible.

Beau: James needs to leave.

Beau: Come here lover (to Kaysar).

April: I just want to like throw up.

Kaysar: If I throw up, I don't mean any disrespect.

Raachel & Maggie in HOH:

Maggie: It's so important for you guys not to use it (POV). I'm functioning under the assumption that as long as you guys aren't on the block you're happy.

Rachel: Of course. I would never use that veto. Never. I know for a fact Howie won't either.

Doorbell. (I didn't know the HOH room had a doorbell!!)

Maggie asks if she knows how anyone else feels about the veto. Rachel doesn't. Maggie asks whether she's going to compete. Rachel says she will if she's asked to. She wouldn't have any qualms. She would also fight like hell to keep it the same.

Maggie: I think your an incredible player and I think you see things that I don't.

Rachel: I think your a much better player. That just says how much we think about each other. I would like to know whether you're planning on asking me so I could prepare myself.

Maggie: I don't really know.

Rachel: I'll just prepare myself either way. As far as everyone else I don't know anything.

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Feed 3 & 4

James and Sarah whispering in the Gold Room.

Sarah looks very worried.

James is talking about how Howie and Rachel, Jennifer and April switch sides with the HOH. He said that both Howie and Rachel threw the ball too hard on purpose.

They leave the room to, as James puts it "fight for each other" Long kiss before the leave.

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Everyone is outside now, except Beau and Howie.

April is hoping BB will play Usher Yeah for her birthday...but she first identified it as Hey Ya...which James let her know that was Outcast.

April promises if they play Yeah, that she will get up and dance.

Feed switches inside to Beau and Howie...

Howie is getting a large bowl of ice cream.

Howie: You get liquid courage when you're drunk.

Beau: I am always like this, I am alway like this bitch...this is my first glass of wine.

Now arguing over who drank what on another type.

Howie: you are cute when you are drunk.

Howie:...you act like the bitch, I act like the man..

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Rachel leaves and tells Jen Maggie is ready to talk to her (Jen is the one that rang the doorbell). Jen says she's not ready now.

It sounds like BB provided costumes for the HG's during the food comp today.

April asks BB to play Usher's "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" tomorrow morning.

BB: Kaysar, please go to the DR.

Beau: Kaysar's coming out of the closet.


April just broke the skirt (on the hottub?) by just sitting on it.

Beau tells Howie he has a flat butt. Howie says he has a nice ass. Beau says he has a pale butt. Howie says 'You tan naked?" Beau says "I don't have to tan. Hello, I'm black. Duh."

Howie says Beau is drunk and Beau says he's not, this is his first glass of wine. Howie tries to tell Beau that they would be a good match if they were both drunk. When they're sober there's too much suspicion . . . (he goes on to use a bunch of made up words and his description is imposible to write because it made NO since.) Howie tries to get Rachel to let him give her a rub down, with some "nudidity" (pronounced new-did-ity).

James tells Sarah that Ivette will look after her if he has to leave the house.

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Feed back to outside. James and Sarah on the big cot thing.

James: Maggie did what she did....it's revenge.

Howie comes out to join them with his ice cream. They are discussing that Howie had a premonition about Maggie, should have voted her out.

James is talking about how him and Ivette are nice with each other. They have a connection. He kept her safe last week. James thinks if Eric stayed, he would of made the shot to win, and they would have to hear his voice, rallying them...

Rachel joins...Howie is instantly please....look at my little Rachel...how cute she is. Rachel moves over by Sarah to be a little safer. James thinks Rachel should grab Sarah's boobies.

Howie: How can you throw me in the candy store, without giving me candy...after Sarah and Rachel will not grab each others boobie

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James is talking about woulda, shoulda, couldas.

Howie wishes Rach was more promiscuous. He kisses on her arm and says she smells good. She decided to go sit by Sarah, where it's "safer."

Howie: You're so tappable too, you're so splittable. (to Rachel)

Rachel: Howie!

Howie talks about boobies alot, nothing new.

Rachel is talking about a girl that both she and Howie know. We hear a scream in the background.

James: How do you not have a Guns'N'Roses CD?

Howie smells an extremely stinky shoe-I think it's his own.

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Sarah, James, Howie and Rachel still outside. Howie going on and on about banging Ashelea...then a friend of his and Rachel's , but she is dating someone...then Rachel says lets change the subject...she talks about a friend who has a boat, then Howie jumps in with how he banged a chick on there last 4th of July.

April and Beau join. and then leave camera view...still can hear them....

Feed switched to April and Beau. They are discussing who will go up in their group if ? got Hoh... missed part of it.

Beau is telling April that it's in their contract that they can't give money to each other for at least five years.

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Howie farts and grosses everyone out.

Beau tells April that BB told them earlier that they couldn't give each other any money for 5 years. That was in the contracts they signed. Apparently Beau had been talking with someone else about sharing money if they won and BB had to let them know that would be a breach of their contracts.

Talk about the movie "The Shining. Here's Johnny."

April and Beau tried to talk in some kind of code. It didn't seem to work. They both go to brush their teeth.

James says that Sarah thinks she let him down on the HOH competition.

Beau thinks Howie looks sexy. James says "What about me?" He takes off his shirt to look sexier.

James tells Rachel and Howie that he can't ask either of them to play for him because that endangers them. He says that Kaysar has already decided to have Janelle play for him. Rachel says "what if Maggie asks me? I can't so no." Apparently if a HG is asked to play with another HG they have to, they are not allowed to refuse. They don't have to use the veto if they win but they have to play.

Howie says he is the tongue tornado.

James says Howie torments Rachel every day. That Howie knows Rachel likes him. Howie says she may be attracted to me but that doesn't mean she wants to go out with me.

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In HOH room-Maggie, Beau

Beau thinks James has resigned himself to leaving. Maggie doesn't think James thinks he is going home.

Jen rings doorbell & they invite her in. She keeps saying her stomach is getting places before she does.

Maggie: Rachel is getting tired of cleaning.

April: Sarah is in shower. She said she knows James is leaving if he doesn't win the veto.

Jen tries to take her skirt off and can't. April goes over to help her and has to use all her strength to pull Jen's skirt down. (Howie would have loved to have seen that!!)

April: "If you can't tone it, tan it."

Beau says if James wins veto they should take out Howie. Then they say Janelle is a bitch, she was the only one at the table that didn't thank Maggie (for being safe).

Maggie told James he should take it as a compliment (that she put him up on the block.)

Maggie started her nomination speech and messed up and said "shit" and had to start over. They give you ten steps in advance that you're supposed to remember plus what you want to say.

Maggie asks about the mood of the house. She is told it is about the same.

April: I'd rather want her (Sarah) in the house then Kaysar or Janelle.

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Ivette has had a day of hell today. April was explaining that everything just hit her today, she was missing her girl friend, etc. The way she talks about Eric it sounds like he's dead.

Ivette says she's allergic to Janelle.

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HOH room.

Maggie, eric, jenny and april are talking about ivette and how she is having a bad day. She's been crying off and on today. They started to talk about emotion and how you shouldn't use so much of it in the game.

Ivette joins the conversation in the HOH room

Beau is comforting ivette and she is talking about how upset she is that things have turned the way they have. she seems to be blaming herself.

I: i would do anything in this world to just have him back with me.

A: he is there waiting for all of us.

I: what are we talking about

M: the game

B: game on bitches

I: oh...

I: kaysar makes me throw up and janelle makes me angry.

B: janelle is a bitch

I: she makes me feel like that and today she's been louder today.

M: she's really come out lately hasn't she?

I: it's a jealously thing, because cappy is out and i'm quiet she is trying to take the stage. She's laughing at me when i have been crying. She didn't care when her friend left or when her little bf left.

I: i just want to ask here if one day it can't be about her..does everyday have to be about her (janelle)

M: it will always be about her, she is like that ivette

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convo outside with janelle,sarah,james,howie and rach.

They are talking about maggie and the reason for her putting up james. James is telling everyone that maggie believes she is at a higher level then anyone eles in the house and above everyone beause they are not here for the "money"

J: if you are not here for the money, what are they here for? the pp&j, the sleepless nights? the backstabbing and lying? who the hell would sign up for that?

They are asking racheal if she believes that maggie might pick her for the veto comp.

R: if i won it and used it she would put howie up. i know she would do that

J: howie would win the votes over kaysar and I

S: yeah but racheal wouldn't want to risk that

K: she wants to distroy the group

R: if i'm picked. i dont know.

J: i'm going to wash my face and go to bed, i need rest before tomorrow.

R: all of us need rest and to head to bed.

H: the next step is to win hoh

R: she might pick jen to go with her for the comp

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Sarah and james went to the bathroom.

S: you don't understand how bad i want it tomorrow

J: don't tell me, show me.... show me..(in a snappy way)

S: grrrrrr

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M, B, I, Jen, and A are in the HOH room, they are spying on the others via the spy TV, I is on her belly like a sniper on the top of the stairs listening to all of the folks down stairs. K asked Jenn when she went downstairs if they were all moving up into the HOH room...

***Focus we have someone dying in the trenches right now"***

They are all sitting on the bed munching on snacks and seemingly having a great time!

Kay and How just walked out of I's earshot.... to say something

A - She (jan) said one of her outfits that she used to work with were a school girl out fit...

B - Mansion, there is a website where you can see all of the mansion girls naked,

A - do you think he really thinks jan is hot shit?

B - she is a slut

a - she was pickin apart her weave

I - jan was like "Oh honey and then a bunch of other baby talk jibberish"

I sais that howie tells jan that she is so cute and she says I KNOW!

B - uuuuum apples!!!

i - (from her spying) so is everyone living in the hoh room????

Jenn- yeah he said that so I hit him with my boobs and he shut up

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5Xc sitting up in the HOH room talking about snacks....

April is being a demanding little bitch right now

They send I downstairs and then they yell Ivette! Ivette! Can you hear me????

Beau says something about one of the guys and himself getting hot and heavy but no penetration...

someone tells beau that he is so white trash right now. They seemed to be seriously toasted.

a - talking about R she is nice but she is not norm. If she were up here she would be with us 100%

**** Ok I have to stop with them because I have no idea what they are talking about****

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R & H - talking in the commun room in whispers, i cannot understand a word they are saying

h - their plan is to not put me up

r - will you promise

h - i'll let you know when the time comes

r- u gonna sleep in jenns bed again?

r - they took all of the comforters

K - those jerks, son of a guns!!!!

K ah well that doesn't matter 1/2 of the HG moved up to the HOH this week...

r - I ate so much food today

h - i gotta take a dump

r - good god

K & R just in the room...

kay whispers soemthing

r - I don't want to talk about it.

k - whispers

few words I could make out during the strategic talks...

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