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Ok watched this tonight. It was interesting seeing the different a cappella groups

Tonight Dec 14 is Premiere night for The Sing Off-8 a calppella groups compete. over 4 shows, Mon/Tues/Wed this wk, finale Mon next wk. 8/7c on NBC.

Nota sings "I'm Yours", Voices of Lee sings "Unwritten", Face sings "Livin on a Prayer", Noteworthy sings "Think".Face is eliminated, farewell song is " Home".

Beelzebubs sing "Magical Mystery Tour", Maxx Factor sings "Dancing Queen". The SoCals sing "Somebody to Love", Solo sings "Watcha Say". Solo is eliminated, farewell song "I will Survive".

I personally like Nota and Face. Can't believe they got rid of Face and kept Voice of Lee.

Who did you like?

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I was shocked that Face got booted. I hated Voices of Lee. I thought they were the weakest of the first four teams.

My favorite last night was the SoCal's. Queen was a great choice and I think they have the best blend of voices.

Nota and The Beelzebubs were also great.

I thought Solo would get through on their hard luck story. I was happy they didn't. They were the worst of the entire night, in my opinion.

I don't like Maxx Factor . . . too old fashioned. But I gotta give it to the ladies. They can sing.

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I agree with most of what jersey said except my favorite was Beelzebub's Magical Mystery Tour.

But thinking about it some more- On the one hand you have a group like Beelzebub that has been supported by Tufts since the 1960's (I think that's what they said) so I'm sure they've gotten lots of coaching and then you had Solo who said they had only been together for 13 weeks so no wonder they were the worst. There's something not really fair about pitting college supported groups like the Bubs and Voices of Lee and the Mormon girls against groups like Solo and Maxx Factor and Face who have had to figure out how to sound good on their own.

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I enjoyed most of the music. I appreciate people that sing with tight harmony. Agree'd Solo was the weakest group. They haven't been together long enough to learn it is about being a group not just having a few people with strong voices. I really liked Maxx Factor. But I love barbershop quartets. And I liked Voices of Lee.

I don't think I would like watching this a lot but last night it was enjoyable!

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"I can tell your purse is fake." :animated_rotfl: I just caught that. Too funny.

I can't remember which one I liked the best but for sure some of them were way more self-assured than others.

Beelzebubs - Boston, Massachusetts Noteworthy - Provo, Utah

Face - Boulder, Colorado

Maxx Factor - Baltimore, Maryland

Nota - San Juan, Puerto Rico

SoCals - Los Angeles, California

Solo - Omaha, Nebraska

Voices of Lee - Cleveland, Tennessee.

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Join us in Mortys chat tonight 8/7c for more Sing Off Click here



The Sing Off: Series Premiere

December 14, 2009 09:21:28 by Lisa Princ

Tonight NBC aired a new series called The Sing Off hosted by Nick Lachey. The series which is a four day long event only, is not like any of the singing competitions you are used to. Instead, this show has chosen the top eight a cappella groups from across the nation to compete by singing with pure voice only for a chance to win $100,000 and a Sony recording contract. This is definitely two hours of must see tv! Keep reading to meet our contestants and see how they fared on their first night.

Nick Lachey opened the show tonight on The Sing Off on NBC by first introducing to our judging panel who was made up of: pianist Ben Folds, Boyz ll Men singer Shawn Stockman, and Pussycat Dolls front lady Nicole Scherzinger. Each of the eight groups performed one popular song with a different twist on it and the judges gave their critique, then deliberated and sent two groups home tonight. The groups were broken down into two groups of four and at the end of each four groups

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The Sing Off 12/15/09: Chart Toppers and Guilty Pleasures

December 15, 2009 08:21:31 by Paulene Hinds

Tonight on The Sing Off, the excitement continued as six a cappella groups battled it out in front of America and the judges by singing chart toppers and guilty pleasures; songs from the 60

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I tried to watch this last night but, just not to my liking. Saw two different groups and turned it off.

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I had it on last night and listened while I was wrapping Christmas gifts. I really thought Maxx Factor would go home, not because they were the worst, but I didn't think the 4 middle age women connected with the audience. Sadly I don't remember which group was "noteworthy". Is that the all girl group?

Guess it isn't holding my attention but it was good for background noise for sure.

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I sort of love this show. I think Nota is the best group, to me they actually sound like a real boy-band type group; I would probably buy their cd. lol I also think I like them because they aren't a professional a capella group like a lot of the others and they still sound phenomenal! I think that says a lot about how good they are. (to me, anyway)

I also really like Maxx Factor(how cute was their Taylor Swift cover?!) and the Beelzebubs.

I feel like Voices of Lee should have gone home tonight, they haven't impressed me so far and I really liked the SoCals and Maxx Factor. I just hope Nota is able to pull out the win, I can't belive we have to wait until Monday for the finale.

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I'm bummed that SoCal was eliminated. What am I missing with Voices Of Lee? I thought they should have been eliminated on the first night.

I hope the Beelzebubs win.

Whatever it is I'm missing it, too. They are just ok for me and I agree that they should have left the first night instead of Face.

I hope Nota wins! I think they're the only ones who sound like a real group, and they aren't professionals.

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The Sing Off 12/16/09: The Judges Choice And Three Head Into The Finals

December 16, 2009 08:40:38 by Paulene Hinds

Tonight only four groups graced the stage for the judges choice songs. Host Nick Lachey announced the four groups surviving to sing this evening and they were the Beelzebubs, Voices Of Lee, Nota and the SoCals which meant that Maxx Factor was heading home. As the a cappella singing competition is winding down, the four remaining groups were ready to perform songs selected by the judges which were popular medley

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The Sing Off: America Chooses A Winner In The Series Finale

December 21, 2009 08:56:39 by Lisa Princ

Tonight on our 2 hour finale of The Sing Off on NBC the votes are in and America has chosen a winner. We have a jam packed time with special guest performances such as Natasha Bedingfield, Boyz ll Men, Bobby Mcferrin and Smokey Robinson. So who will win the $100k and Sony recording contract? Keep reading to find out!

As we head into the finale of The Sing Off on NBC, our three a cappella groups remaining are Voices of Lee, Nota and The Beezlebubs. The three groups started off the evening by singing together their a cappella version of I still haven

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Courtesy of: ZAP2IT

Zap2it Exclusive: 'The Sing-Off' champs Nota on bringing crazy to a capella

By Jethro Nededog

December 22, 2009 5:43 PM

From day one of "The Sing-Off," Nota brought a much-needed "flava" to a competition that could have been pretty vanilla. The road to their win was paved with family illness, judge's curve balls and some singing college dudes with just as many tricks up their sleeves. In the end, Nota's soulful, Latin twist on a capella won America's votes.

Set to perform tonight on "The Jay Leno Show," I caught up with the six guys from Puerto Rico between rehearsals to talk about the future, their competition and where the party's at.

Before the competition began airing, the SoCals told the L.A. Times that Nota was the group to watch out for. When you saw your competition, did you think, "Oh, we got this"?

David Pinto: We never thought we had it. We knew we were bringing good music. We were trying to stay focused on working on our songs, making sure we hit every note and every step. That's mainly what we're focused on: Just giving a good performance. We weren't really concentrating on whether we had it in the bag or not, or the competition.

Were the Beelzebubs always on your radar, though?

David: Every group had their specialty, like their own special sound. The Beelzebubs are really cool friends, so if we had to pick one out of the whole bunch, yeah, I would say the Beelzebubs. They were always the ones that made us take a second look.

What will the $100,000 dollars do for you?

David: Wow. That's a lot of money. We'll split it up evenly among the group members. Basically, this is a new life that we're starting now. We finally get to live off of what we love, which is music. I don't know about the rest of the guys, but me personally, the first thing I'm going to do is take a nice vacation with my wife.

Ludwig: Wow! (sings) Money, Money, Money! First of all, pay some stuff. Be debt-free. To have that peace of mind, I'm grateful. Money for me is like a tool to be able to do things that are important in life. That's how I see it.

Do you already have a vision for what your album is going to be like?

Ludwig: We want to do music for the people. If we want to do music for the people, we should do songs that the people know already, popular songs that really lift their souls up. Obviously, we'll infuse known songs with our style of Latin grooves, so they have a different twist. That's what people can expect from Nota.

David: I think our first album will be mainly English music with some Spanish infused and probably a second album in Spanish. There are a lot of choices, a lot of options. We're going to let Sony decide. Whatever they think is best for the group, that's what we're going to be doing.

When will your first post-'Sing-Off' concert be?

David: Honestly, we don't have any shows on our agenda. We do have a lot of TV shows and radio. Today, we're on "The Jay Leno Show." As far as concerts, we don't have anything yet. As soon as we know, we'll let you guys know. You can check out our website, NotaVocal.com, and whatever shows we have, we'll make sure to keep you guys posted.

Oh, and the Puerto Rican fans are wondering: When are you all coming home?

David: We're planning to come home this Tuesday, the 29th. We're going to be received by all our family, friends and fans. We're going to be at a place called Plaza Las Americas. We're just going to have a big party with everyone in Puerto Rico. We're just gonna have some fun when we get home.

You were all very emotional after that first day of competition when the Judges gave you positive feedback. Up until then, have you dealt with a lot of haters?

Ludwig: The emotional part is that we've been doing music since the 90's. Separately, in different groups and as friends jamming and stuff. We know what we like to do and we were pretty sure of the style. But, we've never had the opportunity for big people to give us positive feedback and really enjoying what we had to offer. When the opportunity finally comes, you're like, man, finally. People who really care about music and the a capella world have a chance to enjoy what we have to offer.

Edgar Rios: On the other hand, when Johnny called us to do the group, my daughter was in the hospital. She was there almost a month with the H1N1 virus. At the same time, Jose's wife was in the hospital in intensive care and on a ventilator. We were so emotional, because the lord has been so good to us. My daughter and Jose's wife are healthy now. After all that, being on the show that first day was amazing for us.

A lot of your fans seem to feel that your "judges' request" song, "Sledgehammer," was much harder for you and your style than the songs for the other groups. Do you think that?

David: To be perfectly honest, yes. But we also saw it as a challenge, a chance to show how versatile we can be. We just decided we're going to do it, just step it up and put our own twist to it. Even though the judges gave us some criticism on it, I've seen the comments on YouTube and everyone said they loved it. It's that reaction that makes me happy and lets me know that we delivered a great performance.

Shawn was really hard on your lead vocals on that one, David. He said it was the first time you showed some weakness. How did you take that?

David: Every critique we get, we take it as an opportunity to learn and get better. It didn't really get to me. It was more like, OK, now I know what to do for the next time. He doesn't need to say that to not just me, but to the entire group. We felt like we did a really good job and that we brought something different to the table. I honestly think we brought something completely unexpected. Who would have thought "Sledgehammer" would start out funky rock, and then end up in a carnival in Brazil [laughs]? It's crazy.

Well, you got Shawn later, when after your highlights video, he was in tears. How does it feel to make a grown man cry?

David: I would say that was my personal favorite highlight of the entire show. When you see an artist at the caliber of Shawn Stockman and Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls, they've seen so much, sometimes they become numb to emotion. They've seen it all. To be able to see that he related to what we're going through and he felt that something special. To see him cry, it really meant a lot to us. We felt like at that point, we really connected with him, our fans and the people watching at home. Very special moment for us.

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Released by NBC

[04.28.10 - 12:40 PM]

[NOTE: The following article is a press release issued by the aforementioned network and/or company. Any errors, typos, etc. are attributed to the original author. The release is reproduced solely for the dissemination of the enclosed information.]



Auditions To Take Place In New York City (May 22), Nashville (May 29), Chicago (May 31) And Los Angeles (June 5)

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. - April 28, 2010 - NBC's renewed vocal-competition series "The Sing-Off" will be traveling to four U.S. cities in May in search of the most talented a capella singing groups to compete for a chance at a Sony Music recording contract. Auditions will take place in New York City (May 22), Nashville (May 29), Chicago (May 31) and Los Angeles (June 5).

"The Sing-Off" originally debuted as a four-night event last December and was hosted by multi-platinum recording artist, Nick Lachey. The one-of-a-kind battle of voices culminated with a live finale. Celebrity judges Nicole Scherzinger, Shawn Stockman and Ben Folds will continue to critique the singing groups with their expertise.

The show features the country's top a capella groups performing popular songs in a style that viewers have never heard before. The groups will be singing for America's vote with the winner walking away with the ultimate prize - a Sony Music recording contract and $100,000. Last season's winner, Nota, signed an exclusive recording agreement with Sony Music US Latin and is currently working on their new album for Sony.

The casting call dates, times and locations are as follows:


Saturday May 22

Kimmel Center at NYU

Eisner & Lubin Auditorium

4th Floor

60 Washington Square South

(Between Thompson and LaGuardia)

New York, NY 10012

Line Starts at 8am


Saturday, May 29

SIR - Nashville

1101 Cherry Avenue

Nashville, TN, 37203

Line starts at 8am


Monday, May 31

Superior Street

2744 W Superior Street

Chicago, IL, 60612

Line starts at 8am


Saturday, June 5

Center Staging

3407 Winona Ave

Burbank, CA 91504

For further information, please log onto www.singoffcasting.com, www.nbc.com or call 877-701-SING [7464] or email: sing@mcnultycasting.com Groups must consist of four to 12 members, made up of any combination of males and females. Applicants must be 18 years and older and each member must bring a copy of valid ID to audition.

"The Sing-Off" is produced by Joel Gallen's ("America's Best Dance Crew") Tenth Planet Productions, Outlaw Productions and Sony Pictures Television. Gallen, Deb Newmyer and Sam Weisman are executive producers. Josh Greenberg serves as co-executive producer.

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