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Actor/Comedian Ken Ober


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Actor/Comedian Ken Ober

sizec--> -- Ken Ober, a comedian and act"Remote Control" in the 1980s guided the raucous question-and-answer trivia contests on the irreverent cable TV game show, was found dead Sunday, November 15 at his home in Santa Monica, California. He was 52.

Lee Kernis of Brillstein Entertainment Partners, who represented Ober, confirmed the death but said the cause was unknown. According to Kernis, friends said Ober had been feeling ill with a headache and flu-like symptoms Saturday, November 14 and did not meet them later as planned. An autopsy is planned.

Ober was a stand-up comic when he landed the job as host of "Remote Control" in 1987. On a basement set featuring college-age contestants and audience members, Ober introduced categories spanning the universe of TV reruns -- beginning with the old black-and-white days of "Car 54, Where Are You?" and "Mr. Ed" but returning again and again to "The Brady Bunch."

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Actor/Comedian Ken Ober

If the "Remote Control" contestants, who were strapped into garish reclining lounge chairs, answered correctly, they got to choose the next category. Those players eliminated were mocked and ridiculed, then pitched backward in their chairs through the back wall of the MTV studio set.

Many famous comedians got their start as series regulars. "Remote Control" helped to launch the careers of Adam Sandler, Colin Quinn and Denis Leary. Actor/Comedian Adam Sandler fondly recalled, "Ken Ober was one of the sharpest, quickest, sweetest guys I ever met. He was always a great friend and I will miss him very much."

Leary echoed his pal, Sandler's sentiments with his statement, "Kenny Ober was and always will be the quickest wit in the room. He was fall-down funny from the moment he was born

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