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Episode 6.04: The Substitute (Locke-centric)


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Courtesy of: SPOILERFIX

Episode 6.04: The Substitute (Locke-centric)

Airdate: Winter 2010

  • 10/11 - We learn of a connection between The Smoke Monster and MIB. Fake Locke gets an old friend to join his army. Ben lies to Illana about what happened inside the temple. Jacob is dead and his ashes are collected by someone whose name has 5 letters. Someone tries to persuade Sun to visit the temple claiming that Jin is there. Frank want to try and see if his plane on the other island will still work Sun insists they bury someone properly. Frank makes a comment about the "weirdest funeral ever." Ben makes a touching speech. Sawyer is drunk when he reunites with a familar face. Someone reveals that they know a lot more about the island than Ben. We find out that Jacob has a child. An old friend crosses paths with someone unexpected off island. Source: Lost Spoilers
  • 10/11 - Jacob has a child and it's one of the [following] people: Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Juliet, Hurley, Locke, Michael, Bram, Desmond, Caesar, Illana, Ben, Richard, Sayid. Source: Lost Spoilers
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Here are DarkUFO spoiler snippets for the episode The Substitute:

- We see Hurley and his Hummer and it causes a problem for Locke

- We see Rose in this episode and she has a connection to Hurley

- This connection is used to help Locke

- Rose is not long for "this" world

- Locke and Rose argue about him wasting her time

- The result of this connection causes John Locke to run into an old enemy

Read more: http://spoilerslost.blogspot.com/#ixzz0bbDdFeFw

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I absolutely LOVED this episode- from the comic beginning with Locke getting doused by his own sprinkler system (and the big Helen reveal!), to the ending with Fake Locke giving Sawyer 3 choices: become the "candidate" protector of the island, wait it out and see what happens, or join up with Fake Locke and hightail it off the island. Terry O'Quinn absolutely rocked this episode!

And I don't know about you, but I still don't trust MIB/Fake Locke. I mean, that cave could actually be his and HE could be the one that wrote all the names on the ceiling! I thought we already saw where Jacob lived - in the foot of the statue, where everything was neat and orderly and Jacob worked on tapestries. The names scratched all over the ceiling haphazardly reminded me more of a prisoner in a jail cell who is trying to determine how to break out. Nope, I wouldn't trust him at all, Sawyer!

Did anyone else worry for a minute that MIB was going to "break the rules" and kill Sawyer? And WHO WAS THAT KID?! Creepy! Some are saying it could possibly be a young Jacob, others theorize that it may be Claire's Aaron...the only thing I see as a possible clue is that the first time MIB saw him, the kid had his hands outstretched with blood on them. This could symbolize Jacob as kind of a Christ-like figure- he gave his life for the protection of the island. That is, he purposefully allowed himself to be killed by Ben (through MIB's bidding) and now Jacob's blood was on MIB's "hands", so to speak? I dunno, I'm just guessing at this point, but it definitely means something! Sawyer saw him but Richard did not, however, I think the only reason Richard didn't was because he was already gone when Richard turned around.

And what about the numbers?!

Here's whose names were written on the ceiling and what numbers were next to their names:

#4- Locke

#8- Reyes

#15- Ford

#16- Jarrah

#23- Shephard

#42- Kwon ....but which one?? If it refers to Jin, then all the 5 "candidates" left are male. Well, actually 4 now because MIB crossed off Locke's name.

OR one of the wilder theories out there is that it refers to Sun and Jin's daughter, since Jacob touched both Jin and Sun at their wedding...hmm.

But the biggest surprise of all is....Kate's name is not listed with a number!! Very interesting, indeed.

Best quotes of the episode:

Sawyer to Fake Locke: "I don't give a damn if you're dead, time travelling, or the ghost of christmas past. I only care about this whiskey." pause. "Get outta my house."

Ben at Locke's burial: "He was a better man that I'll ever be, and I'm very sorry I murdered him."

Frank Lapidus: "That's the weirdest damn funeral I've ever been to."

Sawyer to Fake Locke after FL says he wants to show him something: "Guess I should put on some pants."

Fake Locke throws a white stone

Sawyer: "What was that about?"

Fake Locke: "Inside joke" (another hmmm...)

Fake Locke: "It's an island. It doesn't need protecting." (I believe Jack also yelled this at Locke in a different season...will have to see If I can find something more out on this...)

And, of course...

Fake Locke to the creepy kid: "DONT TELL ME WHAT I CANT DO!" (this was also uttered by the real Locke in the first season)

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