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Too Young to be a Classic?


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I was going to post in the Classic TV thread about how excited I am for the release of All McBeal on DVD (dragged out due to the usual music licensing issues), but I didn't know if it was "old" enough.

How long does it take for a much-loved TV show to become a "classic"?

What are some recently-ended shows that you love/are already wishing you had on DVD?

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I've never seen Pushing Daisy's but have heard good things. Still: too soon for that one to be a classic.

I had not even realized that My Name is Earl was canceled! That's too bad. Jamie Priestly's character was pretty funny. Hopefully it won't take them an entire decade to release the DVD's, as was the case with Ally McBeal!:


Now, that show was classic. So many 90's pop-culture references!

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