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Episode 6.07: Careful the Things You Say


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Courtesy of: SPOILERFIX

Episode 6.07: Title Unknown

Airdate: November 2009

  • 09/27 - Nadia: An Eastern European woman in her mid 30's - mid 40's, she graduated with a PhD in engineering in Romania, but works as a maid/tutor in America because her degree doesn't transfer. Mr. & Mrs. Italian Couple: An upscale, suburban Italian-American couple in their 40's, they hire a caterer for a special event and want only Italian food served. Mechanic: A handsome guy in his early 40's, he points out a slovenly mechanic at the gas station. Officer Murphy: A policeman in his mid-50s, he's not very helpful with two people seeking answers in an assault case. Christina: A pleasant-looking Guatamalan maid in her mid 40s, she speaks with a thick accent and doesn't understand English very well. Mark Malone: A "schlubby" mechanic in his early-mid 40's--he's not the handsome man he was in high school many years ago. Woman in Wheelchair: ] A woman in her early 40s, she thinks she recognizes a former high school classmate. Source: SpoilerTV
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Courtesy of; SPOILERFIX

Episode 6.07: Careful the Things You Say

Airdate: November 8, 2009

  • 10/18 - Susan believes Katherine may be Julie's assailant. Meanwhile, Angie invites a reluctant Bree and Orson to dinner; Gaby struggles to home school Juanita; Lynette has her own suspicions as to who attacked Julie; and Angie confronts Nick about the secret he's withholding from her. Kathy Najimy guest stars. Source: ABC
  • 10/04 - Actress-comedienne Kathy Najimy is set to guest star in an upcoming episode of Desperate Housewives as a police officer with a surprising connection to Teri Hatcher's Susan. "Susan suspects Katherine was the one who attacked Julie, so she gets a cop to help her," explains Housewives creator Marc Cherry. "But then she finds out the policewoman went to high school with her - and Susan stole her boyfriend, too! So Najimy has been going around the past 30 years resenting her." Najimy's episode is slated to air in late October. Source: The Ausiello Files
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Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Careful the Things You Say"

Nov 9, 2009 01:12 PM ET by Kate Stanhope

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As Mary Alice tells us on this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, some lessons in life come not from a book but from the mistakes people make along the way in their lives. Gaby's mistake is her own lack of aptitude for school. Lynette shows she's learned from her past mistake when she kept Julie's secret at the beginning of the season. Bree's mistake is her insistence on doing everything on her own and judging people (Angie) too quickly. Susan's mistake is her self-involved ways in high school. And as for Angie's mistakes, well it's too early in the season for that information.


Gaby is still struggling with her new duty of tutoring Juanita full-time and Juanita is having a tough time buying her mom as math tutor extraordinaire. Juanita clearly doesn't respect Gaby in a home-school, mother-daughter fashion. Gaby soon complains about her amount of work to Carlos, hoping he'll agree to hire a tutor for Juanita, but instead he offers to hire a housekeeper.

Lucky for Gaby, Ivana the housekeeper is also Ivana the woman with the Ph.D. and the maid quickly helps breakdown fractions for Juanita. However, with so much time set aside for tutoring, not a lot of cleaning gets done, so Carlos asks the cleaning service to send a new housekeeper and Gaby flips. She begins to sob at the thought of continuing to teach Juanita things both she and Juanita know she's not good at and fears this extra responsibility has already begun to ruin their relationship for good (Juanita didn't want to go with Gaby to get ice cream, which in Gaby's mind means the end of the world is near.) In the end, Carlos caves in and agrees to figure out another alternative for Juanita so Gaby will no longer have to be home-schooled.


Considering the overlap of her unexpected pregnancy and even more unexpected promotion at work, Lynette's biggest problem is her poor timing and it's none more clear than at the beginning of the episode. When dropping off something for Susan, Lynette hears loud arguing between Julie and a man, who turns out to be Nick. When Julie answers the door, it's clear she's been crying and Nick leaves abruptly. When Lynette presses Julie further, she caves and tells Lynette Nick was the man she was having an affair with and it's been hard to truly end things.

Lynette is not only shocked by the reveal but also shocked that Julie told her at all, especially after the hot water Lynette got into with Susan last time she had very personal info on Julie. As Lynette says about Susan, "she already shot Katherine. Now she's got a taste for blood!"

Lynette being the motherly figure that she is promises to take care of the Nick situation herself, but when she confronts Nick to stay away from Julie, Nick not only points the finger at Julie but aggressively grabs Lynette's arm as she walks away and threatens her not to tell anyone else about the affair.

The grab triggers Lynette, who instantly thinks that it might have been Nick who strangled Julie, so she and Tom have a sit-down with Julie to tell her their suspicion and their intentions of going to the police. Julie can't wrap her head around the possibility of Nick being her attacker, but Lynette and Tom go to the police.


Angie and Nick invite Bree and Orson for dinner, but their intentions aren't as innocent (and out of the blue) as we originally are led to believe. Now that Katharine is out of the picture at Bree's catering company, Angie wants in. Although she has plenty of experience from her grandmother's Little Italy restaurant, Bree is quick to recognize the difference in demeanor between her and Angie and quickly informs her the company isn't hiring. The best part of the seven-course Italian feast is when Bree tells Orson to quickly make himself look full so they can make a quick exit. "Orson, I never thought I'd say this to you again, but please unbutton your pants."

Of course, Bree's decision comes to kick her in the butt when a couple hosting a 500-person anniversary party requests more comfortable food for their Bronx-bred family. Desperate for the huge gig, Bree lists off Angie's dishes and promises to make them herself. Gnocchi and lasagna are not Bree's forte, so she lies about a friend coming into town to get Angie to give her the recipes.

Angie soon discovers what's cooking in Bree's kitchen (stiff gnocchi and all) and the two share an awkward but cute exchange before Bree asks Angie to join the company.

As for Bree's personal life, there isn't much new. On their way to dinner at Angie and Nick's, Orson tells Bree about the antique shop she claimed to have bought the cameo only sells furniture. Bree brushes it off quickly and when Orson later presents her with a new one, she flatly rejects it and tells him she wants no gifts or romance; she just wants out.


After Angie plants the idea in Susan's head that it might have been Katherine who strangled Julie, Susan goes straight to the police to try to get Katherine looked into (again) and a new detective is put on the case.

The new detective, who asks to be put on the case because of her history with Susan, goes to Susan's house to get her statement and reveals they went to high school together. Not only does Susan not recognize Det. Nicole LaPire (Kathy Najimy), she insults the woman's lack of a personal life (she lives in her mom's basement) before sending the detective over to interrogate Katherine. Only once the detective is over there does Susan finally remember the detective from high school. It turns out Nicole was nicknamed "moose" in high school because of a mean comment Susan made. Susan also stole Nicole's boyfriend. Good job, Susan.

Nicole is seen hugging Katherine after her questioning because not only did both get their men stolen by Susan (oh, bonding), but it turns out Katherine has a solid alibi in that she was on the phone with her daughter the whole night and has the phone records to prove it. Susan quickly makes a trip to the police station to get Nicole taken off the case because of her personal vendetta against Susan, but she gets a rude awakening from Nicole. It turns out Katherine told Nicole that Susan shot her and since she can't deny the allegations, Nicole puts Susan behind bars. Susan is still behind bars at episode's end as the detective is last seen, appropriately, laughing like a moose as she puts Susan away.


Beyond the world of fine Italian dining, Angie's personal life only gets more complicated once Lynette and Tom inform the police about Julie and Nick's affair. The police call the Bolen house looking for an alibi for Nick, but only Angie is home. When Nick returns, Angie tells him the cops called and also reveals to him she's known for weeks about his extramarital affair with Julie.

Nick seems worried about Angie's next move but she's cool as a cucumber, for the most part. She tells him she's willing to overlook the affair because A) neither of them can go anywhere (Why?!) and B) She knows she's put him through a lot (What?!) so this one can slide (she gave the cops a fake alibi to protect him.) But Angie being Angie, she still gets the last shot, literally, as she punches Nick square in the face. Somewhere, Tony Soprano is proud.

What did you think of "Careful the Things You Say"? Is Nick the one who strangled Julie? How long will Susan be stuck behind bars? Is Bree and Angie's partnership destined for disaster? And paging Dana Delaney, where was crazy Katherine this week? Sound off in the comments.

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