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Episode 6.08: Invest In Love


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Courtesy of: SPOILERFIX

Episode 6.08: Title Unknown

Airdate: November 2009

  • 09/27 - Medical Professional: Female, mid 30's, all ethnicities. She's spirited and fearless. Recurring guest star. Wallace Anderson: Male, 9-13 year old to play 11 year old who looks younger. All Ethnicities except Caucasian. He is extremely smart and small. Paul Anderson: Male, All Ethnicities except Caucasian, early to late 40s, very smart, upper class. Father of Wallace. Bethany Anderson: Female, All Ethnicities except Caucasian, early to late 40s, very smart, upper class. Mother of Wallace. Hillary Boyd: Female, Caucasian, 18 year old to play 15. A good girl, sweet and smart. Jill Boyd: Female, Caucasian, mid 40s to early 50s, very likeable & regular, mother of Hillary. Troy Boyd: Male, Caucasian, mid 40s to early 50s, a really good dad. Father of Hillary. Laura Jones: Female, All Ethnicities, early 30s, working class, very sweet, your heart instantly goes out to her. Nurse: Female, All Ethnicities, mid 40s to early 50s, seasoned grown-up who is very warm. Source: SpoilerTV
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Courtesy of: SPOILERFIX

Episode 6.08: Invest In Love

Airdate: November 5, 2009

  • 10/24 - A generous donation is offered to Seattle Grace by the parents of Arizona's 10-year-old patient. However, when his condition worsens, she finds herself in a conflict of interests. Meanwhile, Cristina tests her boundaries with Owen at the hospital, and adding insult to injury, Alex is left with all of Izzie's hospital bills to contend with. Guest cast include Nora Zehetner as Dr. Reed Adamson, Jesse Williams as Dr. Jackson Avery, Robert Baker as Dr. Charles Percy, Mitch Pileggi as Larry Jennings, Alanna Masterson as Hillary and Khamani Griffin as Wallace. Source: ABC
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Grey's Anatomy Episode Recap: "Invest in Love"

Nov 6, 2009 09:04 AM ET by Natalie Abrams

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In Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy, Arizona's moral compass is tested when she's faced with an ethical dilemma regarding a patient whose parents offer truck loads of money to the hospital. Meanwhile, relationships are also tested at Seattle Grace as two doctors you wouldn't expect share a kiss while a different Mercy Wester sets her sites on Alex Karev.

Kicking off the episode, Derek, Arizona and Callie get pages in the middle of the night to head to the hospital. It's a busy night at Seattle Grace as the three take on a slew of cases. Let's take a look...

Broken Bones

Callie takes on a case where a young girl has broken 52 bones. Turns out, tripping on mushrooms and walking around your roof are not a great combination.


Arizona and Derek deliver a premature baby who had a stoke before even being born. Both mother and child are not out of the woods once separated, though

Dr. Wallace

During morning rounds, there's an extra doc in the room. Wallace Anderson, a 10-year-old who's one of Arizona's patients and likes to play doctor since he's been stuck in the hospital for seven months. He suffers from short-gut syndrome and happens to also share his upcoming birthday with Dr. Robbins.

That morning, some of the residents are on a peds rotation for the day and Arizona explains to the docs how things are different in peds-land. Everything is rainbows and fairy dust, hence why kids survive worse traumas than adults. Of course, she's not taken seriously, but it's the thought that counts. "In peds, anything is possible," she tells the docs.

A good example of the strength children show is Wallace, who has survived two years longer than anyone imagined. This prompts his parents to offer Seattle Grace Mercy West hospital 25 million dollars, half to find a cure for Wallace's condition and half to the hospital itself.

Back at Callie and Cristina's apartment (which has apparently turned into an episode of Friends with Sloan, Lexie, Owen and Arizona in tow), Lexie reveals that it's Dr. Robbins' birthday this week, leading Callie to be a bit peeved she wasn't filled in on the big day. Arizona explains that she's not really into birthdays. Once Arizona is gone, Lexie suggests a surprise party.

At the hospital, the Chief continues his silent-treatment of Derek, who he fired in the previous episode. Alex can definitely relate, since he hasn't heard from Izzie in quite a while. Speaking of Izzie, the Chief presents Alex with Izzie's unpaid balance of her medical bills. After witnessing this exchange, Dr. Reed takes a different approach with Karev. She is suddenly being nice, though Alex doesn't take well to the sympathy. He also doesn't take well to her badgering him about the preemie's lifespan, which is quickly diminishing.

Wallace is also on death watch, which Arizona explains to his parents, telling them she doesn't think he's strong enough to handle another surgery. This prompts Wallace's father to push Arizona to do the procedure, saying, "You buy him more time so we can buy him a cure." Arizona doesn't budge until the Chief gives her a nudge, but the decision weighs on her because it's based on dollar signs.

Later, in a moment of compassion, Alex decides to hold the premature baby because the mother earlier worried her child would die before ever being held. It turns out Alex has singlehandedly saved the child's life by using the kangaroo hold, prompting one of the best lines of the night: "Take off your shirt," says Bailey. "What? No. Take off your shirt," retorts Alex. If these were any other doctors, that would've been a dirty line.

During the second surgery for the 52-broken-bones gal, it's discovered that she has a murmur in her heart. Yang says she can take care of it easily, but Owen insists they wait for the actual cardio doctors to arrive. As time ticks on, Cristina loses her patience and decides to cut open the patient's chest, with Jackson acting as her wingman. Luckily, all goes well, though there's a major fallout between Owen and Cristina following the surgery. As the fight concludes, Jackson tries to give Cristina a boost, saying that Owen's just jealous he didn't do it himself, but Yang blows Dr. Avery off.

Outside of the hospital, Arizona asks Callie to tell her she's a great doctor. She's supremely distressed about doing a surgery she isn't confident will work. After this boost, Dr. Wallace brings the mood down further by saying he could be the next to die. Following the surgery, which Wallace survives, the first four-way fight on Grey's comes to a head. While Arizona is yelling at Callie for not being there for her post-surgery, Cristina and Owen enter in a heated argument about Cristina going rogue. Owen storms out of her apartment, telling Cristina that her luck will someday run out.

Arizona also takes her leave, running to another immediate surgery on Wallace. In a moment of sheer stress, Arizona yells at the Chief and kicks him out of her OR. "As long as you're standing there breathing over my shoulder, I feel like I'm operating on a stack of dollar bills. Twenty-five million dollar bills," she says. In the end, Arizona loses Wallace and refuses to speak to his parents, saying the Chief and Mr. Jennings must do it because anything she has to say will likely cause the parents to sue the hospital.

Elsewhere, Mercy Westers Reed and Jackson share an interesting conversation about doctors who are out of their league. It turns out Reed has a bit of a crush on Alex, while Jackson is infatuated with Cristina. Meanwhile, after spending an entire night keeping the preemie alive by holding it against Alex's bare chest, Bailey says he'd be a great peds doc.

Reed then tells Alex that he should go home, but he continues to go on the offensive. She calls him out on never letting anyone be nice to him. He's finally able to blow up about the Izzie situation. The only thing he has control over now is the preemie's life, so he's not letting go of it. Reed concedes and joins him. Baby and mother are later reunited, both alive and well.

Bad timing for a party: After killing her patient, Arizona comes home to a surprise birthday party and begins to cry in front of everyone and storms out. When Callie runs after her, Arizona reveals that Wallace is dead and she really can't celebrate. Arizona returns to the hospital to face Wallace's parents.

In her absence, everyone else takes advantage of the party, especially Jackson, who hits the bottle hard. In his drunken stupor, he tells Cristina that she was really hot in the surgery. Before Cristina knows what's happening, Jackson kisses her and she doesn't pull away immediately. In a guilty moment, Cristina goes to the hospital to tell Owen she's sorry for overstepping her position and asks him to come home with her.

In the final moments of the episode, Wallace's parents take one last look at their son. His father says Arizona is the reason that they're still going to give the hospital 25 million dollars. Arizona ends up back at Callie's place, saying she loves her for the first time in their relationship.

Did you enjoy the Arizona-centric episode? Is Calzona your new favorite couple? Or would you rather see Cristina leave Owen for Jackson? Discuss in the comments.

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