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Post-Season Interviews, Videos, Pictures


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The Geisha House is Mike Boogie's place...

Oh ok that makes sense.

BB8's Eric & his thoughts on the season...good read.


Thank you! Eric really hit home with all of his points.

The interview of Jordan Eric has on his blog is great. It shows she is not totally clueless. I personally think she has issues with public speaking and often just over looks things in life.

WTF is Chima doing there?

I know....even though it was an "unofficial" after party. I bet Boogie invited her. I can't believe she had enough nerve to show her face. Ok, I take that back...I CAN see her going there. HATE her almost as much as NataLIE.

ITA!!! Chima will show up anywhere she is invited because she thinks it makes her famous.

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in an interview that Laura gave ( to ED, I think ) she/they quipped about the wrap party - it sounded as if there would NOT be one. Anyone know about that ? I assumed that at the wrap party is where they show the gag reels - I love those and was looking forward to this years !! :(

yeah thats what I thought the HG's were talkin about durin the season, they kept sayin Vegas party(but thats BB2 Krista's charity party)

Heres Kaysar gettin evicted for a 4th time w/ James & Daneile

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SuperPass has this posted:

Live From Las Vegas

Watch Live At The Studio Friday for exclusive live coverage from the post-season party scene in Las Vegas. You'll see the hottest houseguests from this season and past seasons, plus other favorites reality stars.


BB11 Fan Favorites Live Chat

Watch BB11 Fan Favorites Live Chat September 24th at 6pm PT for a very special night with two mystery guests, games, superfan Missy and much more. Chelsia Hart will be hosting a live studio audience!

and I'm glad ED was alllowed to do his interviews; even though he did a lot of the talking, they were entertaining, especially right after the show ended. He didn't get much time with Jordan, though, since he was at the end of the line, but what he told Jeff was funny:

"I suspect your fan experience will be far different from Natalie's"


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A small little interview with Kevin. http://www.digitalspy.com/bigbrother/a1778...-bb-us-win.html

Kevin says about Jordan: "She was hanging on to Jeff [schroeder] and I wanted to give my vote to somebody who actually hustled, somebody who was doing everything possible to win and I thought Natalie did that."

Kevin honey...I didn't see Jeff anywhere near Jordan when she was kicking yours and NataLIE's ass in the final 2 HOH comps. Oh snap....

A better pic of Jeff & Jordan!!!!


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Another interview with Jordan. I iked this part the best!


Reality TV World: Any update on things with Jeff?

Jordan: We've talked since the show. Things are still up in there, I don't even know what's going to happen. If nothing happens, then we'll just be good friends. But if something does happen then it will be great.

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