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America's Vote


America's Vote  

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  1. 1. Who will America Vote For?

    • Jordan
    • Kevin
    • Natalie

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I do hope Jordan makes it to final 2 but out of the 3 I have to go with Kevin and feel he deserves first place and Jordan second place.

Every time Jeff mentioned keeping Russell Jordan would say she trusted Natalie more then Russell and Michelle. So Jeff would go with the plan to back door Russell which lead to his own eviction which IMO Jordan unknowingly helped with. I think if Jordan said you're right stick with the f4 deal Jeff would have but Natalie had a hold of Jordan.

Funny I turn on BBAD after not watching for days now to see if there is anything happening and Jordan is saying how she told Jeff he needs to back door Russell and this is around the time she starting liking Natalie.

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