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Zev and Justin

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From Reality TV World:

Reality TV World: You guys actually brought up the idea that you were going to be "DQ'd" because of the missing passport before you actually went and met with host Phil Keoghan and told him about it. What made you guys think that -- was needing your passports for a check-in to be valid a Race rule you guys were already aware of, or had you been talking to some of the producers, or what was it that gave you that idea?

Zev: That's one of the rules.

Justin: That's one of the rules, and also I've seen it happen to [thirteenth-season "Mother and Son" team of Dallas and Toni Imbimbo]. So I knew that probably that hadn't changed.

Reality TV World: I thought the Toni and Dallas situation was a little different from you guys since they were actually the last team to check-in, while you guys were the first team to check-in but couldn't because you didn't have your travel documents. So there was a rule that -- regardless of when you got to the Pit Stop -- you needed to have those travel documents or be disqualified?

Zev: Yeah.

Justin: Yeah, but we just figured that was the case. It just seems like a pretty obvious thing that we weren't going to be able to move on. But in retrospect there was probably a couple things we could have done differently, it's just we made such a scene about looking for it that everybody was so aware of what was going on.

Reality TV World: What were some of those other things you just mentioned?

Justin: Well I guess we could have waited until the next leg started and then gone and tried to find it.

Reality TV World: Okay, so you couldn't have gone during the mandatory rest period at the Pit Stop, but you thought of going once the next leg had officially started?

Justin: Yes.

Reality TV World: Is that a scenario that the producers would have allowed? Did you ever ask them about it?

Justin: No, they probably wouldn't have preferred that. (laughing) I think playing it out on the up-and-up, this is the way it had to go down. But you can't help but brainstorm about what else you could of done, and that was one of the things we came up with, was we could have waited. We had an inkling that that's where it might have been. But, I don't know. Who knows. If the person who found it had found it by then, we would have been stuck there and that would have been that.

Reality TV World: Based on the audio quality difference, it seemed like the clip where Phil was shown telling you guys that you'd be eliminated if you didn't find the passport and return to the mat before the last team checked-in was added in during the editing process. What did Phil actually tell you before you left to go look for the passport?

Zev: That you need your travel documents to continue the race.

Reality TV World: So it was really that cut and dry?

Zev: Yeah.

Justin: Yeah, but we had a little bit of dialogue. I think there's a separate clip that's up there somewhere called "A Somber Farewell" on YouTube. You can see that we had like a two-minute dialogue.

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