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Lance and Keri

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I think they got a better edit last night...I found them tolerable and their previous ineptness seemed almost bumblingly humoresque.

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Courtesy of: DIGITAL SPY

'Amazing Race' couple get married

Tuesday, October 20 2009, 1:23pm EDT

By Tim Parks, Entertainment Reporter

Amazing Race contestants Keri Morrione and Lance Layne have confirmed that they are now married.

The couple, who were eliminated on Sunday night's episode after getting lost in Dubai, told DS that they wanted to test their relationship while on the programme.

"We're married!" Morrione said. "So we don't need therapy - we can just watch the show."

Layne continued: "It definitely was equivalent to five years of marital stress, I would say."

Morrione added: "It was an eye-opening experience. And, it gave us both a tremendous kind of respect for how each other processes stress in competition and how we handle adverse situations."

The Amazing Race continues next Sunday on CBS.

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