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Big Brother Allstars 2


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Most of my picks seem to be men. Gosh, I have no idea why.


ED - Just for fun to watch for the one week they would let him stay. LOL

Eric - The guy knows the game. Would be interesting to see him work it out.

Nick - Just to watch and slobber over.


James - He's fun, he's crazy, he's crazy James!!

Joshua - Gotta have one drama queen.

Sheila - Sheila is fun to watch. Add Sheila with Renny and I'd be laughing all the time.


Memphis - To see if he would be capable of thinking WITHOUT Dan by his side.

Renny - I love Renny.

Angie - Just cause I like her. She has no game though so she'd probably be eliminated right away.

Brian - He's gorgeous and I think it would be interesting to see him not try so hard.


Ronnie - To see if he would be able to NOT lie as much. Or talk as much. And because people just hate him. So I could root for him and irritate even more people. LOL

Russell - Drama and he's a good player.

Jeff - To see if he will gain intelligence between now and then.

Michele - She's a good game player. Would be fun to see her with a true alliance next time.

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