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RW/RR Challenge : The Ruins


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OMG!! I'm sooooo excited the Challenge is back!! I'm supper happy to see some old contestents back for more!!

Twenty-eight competitors have been tapped to compete in an exciting new Real World/Road Rules Challenge. We're pitting grizzled and greedy former winners, henceforth known as "Champions," to do battle against a team of equally greedy newcomers and past Challenge losers we've dubbed "Challengers." They will meet in exotic Thailand to see who can face the rigors of The Ruins.

Although players will compete at teams, they will also bank winnings into individual bank accounts as they compete in nine intense challenges and a thrilling finale. There is $$300,000 up for grabs and, as always, the players will do whatever it takes to get their cut of the Challenge prize.

Not everyone will last until the end to earn a share of the wealth. After each weekly challenge, one man and one woman from each team will compete in "The Ruins" -- a head-to-head battle between two competitors, where one man and one woman will be eliminated. The winner of "The Ruins" not only stays in the game, but pockets the loser's bank account, making them richer -- as well as a bigger target in the eyes of the other players. The loser? Well, the loser goes home flat broke.

Avoiding "The Ruins" depends on how well teams do in the challenges. Before each challenge, each team will nominate six people -- three men and three women from their ranks -- to be eligible for "The Ruins." After every challenge, the winning team will split $$20,000 evenly. Then, the winning team's lucky six nominees will be "the match-makers" who will select which man and woman from each team will be sentenced to "The Ruins." The selected men will have their "Ruins" competition and so will the women. The losers will be sent packing.

As with any Challenge, the competitor who plays their cards right and forms the best alliances will find they have the power. Those who do not may just find themselves in "The Ruins." However, in Thailand, going into the elimination round is a risk that could pay off, as the winner ends up acquiring their opponent's bank account.

Only the players that make it to the end will walk away with the cash they've banked and compete in the finale. Plus, the winners of the finale will earn an additional grand prize!

Ultimately, friendships will be put to the test, hearts will be broken and battles will rage -- both on and off the playing field -- as players do whatever it takes to be crowned the winners of The Ruins!

Cast and Bios

MTV RW/RR Challenge website

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Oooh I haven't heard anything about this, thanks so much for posting! I'm super excited for this, I always love RW/RR Challenges. I am really happy to see some of my favorites back, and I'm happy that some of the newer people from Brooklyn and Hollywood will be on, too. The only person I don't recognize from that list is Casey. (she doesn't even look familiar to me. lol)

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Katie- Always shown as a "not so strong" comeptitor, I love her attitude, and personality.. she can be really sweet, and really Mean at the same time.. she gets the job done.

Johanna- One of my favorite people to ever be on RW.. Strong competitor, I'd like to see her make it to the end..

Suzie- Always at the bottom of the list.. I remember on The Gauntlet3, everysingle member of her team nominated her for elimation every time.. and she made it to the end anyways, and won! She is a great competitor.. I want her to win.Very smart too! (she has never not made it to the end)

Wes- Looks like your team wants you out as soon as you get to tialand.. Kick their Butts! I like wes, Too bad him and Johanna never worked out.. though I like his new GF Kelly Anne.

KellyAnne- I love this girl..she is halarious and fun to watch.. her entire team tried to take her out last challenge for being a newbee.. but she fought hard.. good luck!

Kimberly- The nicest girl alive? I love the accent, And I loved her on her Real World season.. New to the challenge, I dont know how good she will be, but I hope she does well.

Brad- Real World San Diego (If im not mistaken).. I like your drive, and your leadership.. He is my least "loved" on the list though..


Ibis- I use to really like her, but shes been out for a while.

Eveyln- I like her, she is really rough around the edges, But I like her drive.

Tonya- Most people dont like her, which may be why I do.. I like to see her do well.. it all depends on what personality she brings this time.

Derek- I dont like your "Im king of the world attitude, but you are a strong competitor,and I may like you depending on how you play the game, and if you go against some of my "love" people or not.

Johnny Bannanas- i loved him on his season, but has been really dumb on the challenges, maybe he can redeem himself.

Syrus- Come on big boy.. You havent ever done good before.

Casey- such a sweety.. I hope you do good.. I cant put you on my love list though, cause you suck at challenges.. Do work!

Sara- I didnt like you on your show, But the only reason you joined RW is to do a challenge, I like that.. Im ready to see what you can do..

Cohutta- Very nice guy.. not sure if he is challenge material though.

Chet- You will be out very early.. but I like you.

Danny- I dont like you, BUT i loved your wife.. take home the bacon to her!


Veronica- Every since her fight with katie (years ago, i know) I havent liked her..Very dirty player.

Darrell- Too boring for me.. He has never lost a challlenge before! Hopefully he will this time!

Evan- Biggest Dudebro ever! Cant stand him

Diem- Always the victom here.. Always.. I never liked her, I felt bad for her during Freshmeat, but She is dumb for going with CT... Hopefully first out.

Shavaun- Iditot.. get out of her.

Kenny- Nough said.

Brianna- I have only seen you on RW, but you were very drama filled. Keep the drama out, and you may be able to climb my list.

Adam- So old now.. about time to retire, hu?

Dunbar-Cockiest player to ever play.. I cant stand to see him..

Nick-I dont know you.. very short time on your season, early exit off your last challenge.. lets see..

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Lala, IM so glad you made this thread... i watch the seasons, Just to be able to watch the Challenges! I like this champs v. Unchamps set up.. Im glad they keep coming up with new ones (the ruins, the Island), instead of recyling the old ones over and over again.. IM PUMPED!

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I've been seeing lots of commercials for this challenge and it looks like it's going to be pretty juicy! Apparently Tonya's a drunk now and there's going to be lots of fighting, I can't wait!! :D

Yeah.. she was freshmeat.. Im pretty sure she was Wes's partner? possibly.

Oh! I remember her now. She was Wes's partner, didn't they come pretty close to winning that year?

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OMG how awesome was that?!

I'm said Chet left soo soon. He's very good looking and seems like a very nice man, from the couple of episodes I saw of his season.

I'm happy Diem left. I didn't even realize she was on the this show. She's been on so many challenges, so I'm glad some newer girls will get more air time.

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KING!!!! It's your fellow blonde lover and I missed ya!

Well let me start off with my own list like yours


Tonya - We should know by now that Trishelle is my fave but she isn't here...so yay Tonya!!



















The rest...indifferent

Time to kick off a season dammit!!!

I am happy...no Coral, no Beth, no Robin, no CT....a year I can enjoy!

I am happy...my sweet sweet Tonya is back!!!

I am sad...still no more Trishelle

This is gonna be a kickass year

sad already to see Diem go


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I am sooo rooting for WES!!! (Not positive about his gf yet but, this is the 1st I've seen of her.)


Wes - Read above. :lol:

Evellyn - She's tough and had the whole mob against her before for many seasons.

Derek - He use to be the Wes of these challenges so, I've always rooted for him because he didn't deserve it and had to fight like a gladiator to prove himself. (I noticed last challenge though that he started bowing to "mob" and if he does it this challenge he'll I'll think of him as big ol' hypocrite and not root for him anymore.

Suzie - It's always been obvious she's a good person and she's decent at the challenges too.

Katie - Don't know why but, I've always had a soft spot for her. (Maybe the underdog thingy.)

Cuhutta - He's just a genuine guy and I like that.


Darrell - He totally pussed out. Sticking his nose where it doesn't belong and then trying to be all bad-ass when he's afraid of Wes.

Danny - An arse originally, since and now.

Evan - I really like this guy once upon a time but, he's been a complete douche' bag for many challenges now. Ewww go away.

Kenny - Same as Evan except I've never like him. lol

Veronica - 1 of my top 10 most hated players.

Diem - Like her original challenge but, she's been playing the "poor me" card for too long and now she's considered a veteran... puleeez. GLAD SHE'S GONE!!!

Shauvon - Just... Just... oh brother. Please let her waste of space be gone soon.

Not much of an opinion on the rest of them because I either don't know them or they never left much of a good/bad impression. Except.......................................

Tonya is onto a league of her own. Gosh I hope this chick gets some serious mental help soon followed right along side of some serious drug treatment facility. I really have been pulling for her since she was on RW. Every time she shows up on these challenges I'm hoping for the best but, always get disappointed, not for me but, for her. This season, I can see in 1 eppy that she's never going to get better any time soon. She's a living breathing tragedy and if she survives the next 10 years I'd be surprised. I really hope she does though and that some day this girl can see the power of her story if she'd just take control of it and her life.

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Ok.. I just now watch it..


And Katie is very smart... Be nice to Wes!



Ha, looks like Tonya hits Veronica (dang it tonya.. i want you to do good!)

and looked like Brad gets dominated.. Biggest welp on a face I have ever seen.

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I think he is such an idiot...I love Tonya but I really think she needs to lay off the booze alot....

God what I wouldn't give to see Trishelle back...I miss her so much

she is like my Dani of RR/RW

Players I like...in order...

1. Trishelle

2. Tonya

3. Paula

4. Evan

5. Casey


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