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Episode 4.08: Chapter Seven 'Once Upon a Time in Texas'


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Courtesy of; SPOILERFIX

Episode 4.08: Title Unknown

Airdate: November 2009

  • 09/06 - One-time Law & Order prosecutor Elisabeth Rohm will be back on NBC in the fall, courtesy of a guest appearance on Heroes. NBC confirms that she'll appear in the season's eighth episode, playing a character named Lauren Gilmore. Source: Zap2it
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Courtesy of: SPOILERFIX

Episode 4.08: Once Upon A Time In Texas

Airdate: November 2, 2009

  • 10/11 - When Hiro travels three years into the past, he has a second chance to save Charlie (guest star Jayma Mays) from the hands of Sylar. However, Samuel's presence serves to complicate Hiro's mission even further. Elsewhere, H.R.G.'s past with his Primatech partner (guest star Elizabeth Rohm) is revealed. James Kyson Lee, Hayden Panettiere and Sendhil Ramamurthy also star. Danielle Savre, Sally Champlin and Dawn Olivieri also guest star. Source: NBC
  • 09/06 - One-time Law & Order prosecutor Elisabeth Rohm will be back on NBC in the fall, courtesy of a guest appearance on Heroes. NBC confirms that she'll appear in the season's eighth episode, playing a character named Lauren Gilmore. Source: Zap2it
  • 09/05 - [Jayma] Mays will reprise her role of Charlie, Hiro's ill-fated love interest. As the dying time-traveler zips back and forth through the ages to accomplish his bucket list. Source: The Ausiello Files
  • 08/30 - Sources tell us the original plan (which could, of course, be changed at any time) for Jayma Mays' return to Heroes was this: Hiro jumps back in time to the diner where Charlie works, and this time successfully kills Sylar. This jacks up the Heroes timeline (obviously), but the upside is that Hiro then is able to meet with alive-and-well Charlie at a bar in Japan. Source: Kristin on E!Online
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Heroes Episode Recap: "Once Upon a Time in Texas"

Nov 3, 2009 12:03 AM ET by Adam Bryant

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In this episode of Heroes, Hiro travels three years into the past for his long-awaited reunion with lost love Charlie. Not only must Hiro once again prevent Sylar from splitting Charlie's skull, but he must also heal the blood clot in her head. While in the past, Hiro receives guidance from carnival leader Samuel about how to tie up all possible loose ends without drastically altering the future. But, of course, Samuel's intentions are not exactly what they seem. Elsewhere in the past, we meet Lauren, one of HRG's old partners who is as interested in bedding Noah as she is in bagging and tagging baddies. So do Hiro and Charlie get their happy ending? Let's find out.

"Don't Haitian me, bro!"

Before we get to the Hiro-Charlie love story that dominated the episode, let's discuss what we learned about HRG in this episode. He's a drama geek, who's particularly partial to Shakespeare, and he once had a partner named Lauren Gilmore. They meet for breakfast two days a week way out of town at the Burnt Toast Diner, but Lauren wants more than pancakes from HRG. She books a room at a local motel and slips him the key. Before HRG can answer, however, he is called away to deal with stopping Sylar (who was sitting in the diner with him!) from cracking open the head of HRG's Claire Bear.

Hey, look, Eden! And Isaac Mendez! (Someone with a better memory, was this an exact scene from Season 1?) HRG shows how vulnerable his little girl makes him, something Lauren capitalizes on. She tells HRG that she will help him nail Sylar and save Claire, and before you know it, they kiss. She apologizes for losing control, and says she will get the Haitian to remove the smooch from his memory. HRG, however, says he doesn't want to forget that moment.

When HRG talks to Claire later, she asks him if "selling paper" really makes him happy. After quoting A Midsummer Night's Dream, he tells Claire he is indeed happy with his life, even if he's not teaching high school English. Despite the cracks already forming in HRG and Sandra's marriage, he shows up at the motel only to tell Lauren that he can't pursue a relationship with her. She insists this isn't a typical sex-in-the-storage-closet office romance and that in their line of work, they deserve a little happiness. HRG is steadfast, however, that he needs to keep the possibility of one day coming clean to his family alive. (Oh, how much we know now about how it won't really matter at all.) In the end, Lauren has the Haitian wipe her memory so she can move on. My understanding is that Lauren will return as a CIA agent in future episodes, so it will be interesting to see what happens between them with the one-sided knowledge a now-divorced HRG has.

Brain Man vs. Butterfly Man

After Hiro exposits the history between he and Charlie (boy meets girl, boy falls in love, girl dies, boy travels back in time, etc.), he sets his sights on stopping "brain man" Sylar from getting his index finger on Charlie's skull. But before he can do that, "butterfly man" Samuel pops up to warn Hiro that this mission is much different than stopping a falling Slushee. Samuel tells Hiro the diner is a minefield of possible time-space continuum-wrecking disasters, and that one misstep will make the future go kablooey. He's there to guide Hiro, to make sure he dots every "I" and crosses every "T."

First things first, Hiro stops Sylar by freezing time and putting him in the luggage compartment of a Greyhound bus. But Hiro realizes that if Charlie never died at Sylar's hand in the first place, he never would have gone back in time and fell in love. So, future-Hiro tells diner-Hiro to go back six months in time, and once the picture from Charlie's birthday is restored, he unfreezes time. Charlie is thrilled to see Hiro, but soon she turns into one of those people from the Bing commercials, as her overpacked brain begins spitting out random facts with no rhyme or reason. Her aneurysm is rupturing, which leaves Hiro with one option... finding Sylar?

Because Sylar knows how to fix things when they are broken, Hiro

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