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9/13 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:15 PM BBT

Jordan spilling the Jeff/Jordan plans. All three are having another debriefing on all the things that happened.

Natalie found a spider and Kevin jumped and then said no, it's just a cricket. [Maybe when the lapse back into silence we will hear crickets chirping for real!]

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9:46 PM BBT

Jordan convincing Kevin to try the cookie dough. He asks if he's going to get sick. Cam 1 on the bottles in the wall of the Recycle Room. Kevin tries one piece and looks, well unimpressed. She gives him a piece with chocolate chip in it and asks if it's better. He says ummm no.

[i'm out for the evening]

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10:10 BBT

All are in the kitchen, Jordan just called to the DR, she tells Nat not to forget about the cookies in the oven. Not much talk going on between Nat/Kev .

On Feed 1 they are giving us a little house tour. Now they're in the SS room

Kevin ask if Nat she has a F2 deal with Jordan. She says no and she really isn't going to ask her, because she says that her deal with Kevin is strong

Kevin then says "America, please vote for me over this wench"

Talk turns to Chima, and how they could have use that vote from Chima in the jury.


Kevin is making his plea to America for the jury vote, he says that he has been a fan since season 1. he knows is is homosexual and a minority, and hopes that America looks past his fabolosity. he also says that Natalie is associated with Jessie, so that we should vote for her.


Jordan comes out, and asks if the cookies are good. He says yes, and she goes to the BY.

Kev wants to start a debate in the living room about why everyone should vote for them to win big brother. Nat says no, and that she wants to play pool instead. Kev doesn't really want to, but he does anyway. When N/K go outside, Kev brings up the debate to Jordan.She says she didn't know America is voting already.

Jordan then goes n the bathroom to change into her bikini to go into the Jacuzzi. Nat says that Jor bikini is cute, and then they start talking about how much they snack here. Jordan says she has to lose dome weight when she gets home.


Natalie won the pool game. Nat has also washed her slippers, they didn't come out totally clean but they look better.


Jordan getting out of the Jacuzzi. Another round of pool going on between Natalie and Kevin


Kevin randomly decides to quit the game and go inside because he is cold. He turns off the oven because Nat left it on. Both Kevin and Nat are in the Kitchen. Kev is fixing something to eat.

Jordan is brushing her teeth.


Nat says the highlight of her day today was taking a shower, [she takes showers??] She says that they should plan Kevin's finale night outfit tonight, and Jordan's tomorrow. She then start talking about outfit possibilities with Kevin.

Kevin claims he should go to bed, and Nat said she won't go to sleep for a couple more hours because she woke up so late. She mentions Kevin woke up late also.


Nat in kitchen playing cards, Jordan laying down in Red Room, and Kev is not on the feeds.

(Also, Natalie is wearing the hoodie that Kev got in his HOH basket. Can anyone confirm/deny whether all the bugging Kevin for it actually worked and it is hers now??)

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11:03 BBT

Kevin goes to Red Room with a deck of cards. He gets on his bed and start playing with them. Him and Jordan start talking about how excited they are that they are leaving soon. Talk turns to jail, and now Jordan is saying it must be weird to work in an insane asylum. Natalie comes in and they start talking about they movie "Girl Interrupted". Nat leaves to check they dryer. She returns to the Red Room after checking on it

K/J start talking about the A&E show "Intervention". An episode in particular where there was a lady who would throw up and save the throw up in baggies. Then they talk about an episode with a lady from Charlotte area that was an alcoholic. Jordan says it was weird to see place she knows on the show. J/K keep talking about more episodes of the show

Nat/Kev playing chess while K/J are talking.

11:16 BBT

There was a good couple minutes of silence, then Nat says "It's so early still" .N/J talk about how Jordan wakes up earlier then everyone else in the house right now, Jordan says it is because she has to pee and then stays up after that. Then the room gets silent again.

11:20 BBT

Nat ask Jordan what is the first thing she is going to do when she gets home and Jordan says "call all my girlfriends". Then she says that she is going to hang out with her family until it get late, then go out.

Then the room goes to silence again.


Nat/Jordan mention that the first thing they are going to do on their way home is check their phone and make calls. Nat says that her inbox will probably be full and she won't receive a lot of her messages because of that. Jordan says that she had her mom call the phone company and tell them that she was on vacation and to turn it off for the time being. Now they are talking about when they will get their stuff such as phones and things BB didn't let them bring into the house.


Another random short conversation after a long silence

Nat: We should paint our nails

Jordan: We should do them the day before the Finale so they look good

Nat: Kevin, want us to do yours?

Kevin doesn't respond. Jordan was laying down, then she got up and went to the SS room to change her shirt. She went back to the RR, put her mic up, and is laying down, looking like she will fall asleep soon.

Kevin and Natalie still playing a quiet game of chess [for now at least]

[sorry, my internet went out for 10 minutes, but I don't think I missed anything important]


Still a quiet game of chess, and Jordan is still laying down on the verge of falling asleep.


Jordan appears to fallen asleep, and Nat/Kevin still playing chess.

the only comment recently made was from Natalie, which was "so much for the movie"

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12:10 BBT

Not much has happened since the 11:52 update. Jordan did open her eyes while she readjusted herself on the bed and then went back sleep. Kevin and Natalie have stay pretty quiet, though Natalie has said "check" once and has also said "This is the most I've played chess in my life"

12:15 BBT

Nat: It's an even game

Jordan props up and says "How do you even play chess"

Nat: It's hard, well, it's not hard but it takes a long time to understand

Jordan lays back down

Kevin mumble "this is gonna be a long game"

Jordan readjust herself again


N:Should I teach you a lesson because we are playing by your rules today

K: We're playing by my rules because when we played by your rules the game never ended.

N:I'm still gonna teach you a lesson with your rules

K: Well teach me a lesson wench.

They briefly start to argue about what Kevin's rules are. Kevin brings up the fact that with is rules the game actually ended

Jordan: I'm like craving candy

K: Well there is plenty

Jordan gets up and grabs the candy in the room

Natalie won the game, and she starts gloating about the win and all the other pool games and chess games.

N:Yes, America, I bet Kevin in chess again and I bet him in pool too.

K: That's okay, because I will beat you in Big Brother

they are now arguing about who rules are better, and Nat just keep gloating.

Jordan: I don't know why I'm craving candy.

They start talking about candy, Nat says she doesn't like chocolate.

"Jordan please put on your microphone"

J:That's all they've been telling me today

They now agree that Monday they will try to make BB say every pr-recorded message.

Jordan goes to kitchen to get some candy

Kevin says that if he wins big brother he might start believing in God


Nat tries to convince Kevin that if he wins BB he will get her a new car. He says no and all that she will get is a pat on the back

Natalie and Jordan start taking about God and predestination.

Natalie is still trying to convince Kevin to believe in God.


God talk has continue. Some of the topics were Kevin explaining some of the reasons why he doesn't believe, and that something like winning BB would make him believe again. Nat class that selfish, and Kev says oh well. Jordan then talks about how her brother always went to church and gave at least 20% of his paycheck to the church. At the time he worked at Sam's Club pushing carts and hated it. One day, a lady that they had known a long time ago ask him if he liked his job and if he wants he could work for her husband. Because of that, he was able to get a new car.

Talk then turn to Anatomy and Physiology. Kevin tells then that he use to work in the nursing department in a college, and that they used it as a class to weed out who really wants to be in that major. They then go into details about the difficulties of the class.

The talk turns to school overall. Nat says that she only liked English. Nat mentions that swimming was part of her P.E. class. Kev and Jor find it weird. Nat says she always got out of it because she would tell them she is on her period. They them all chime in and talk about all of their P.E. classes in high school.

Jordan says she got a D in aerobics. They continue to to talk about the horrors of P.E.

Talk then turns to horrible math classes. Jordan says she failed Geometry. Kevin said he was okay at it, but he just doesn't like it.

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1:00 BBT

They are now talking about how they use to cheat in school. Jordan has a lot of stories about cheating in classes such as physics and math.

Kevin says he would do things such as cover his test or write his answers small so people couldn't read it.

Nat thinks that that is stupid and you should let people see it because it doesn't matter. She calls Kevin a little bitch because of it..

Nat then talks about her cheating patterns. Jordan chimes in with hers.

Jordan got catch cheating only once.

Natalie claims she never get catch.

They talk about putting formulas in a graphing calculators to cheat.

More cheating stories continues.


They talk about the differences in community college, state universities, an Ivy league schools.

Nat them ask what Michele has a Ph.D in. Kevin says neuroscience.

N:What does that even mean.

Natalie starts saying that she doesn't believe that Michele is not as poor as she says she is.

Kevin says that she might have debt

Nat says she probably had a lot of grants

Jordan says that she want to marry a doctor, because he probably knows how to work a vagina.

Kevin says that he would hate to be a doctor and deal with lady part, but he wouldn't mind checking the guys

Natalie say that gay people aren't allowed to be doctors [yes, she went there]

Kevin says that gays are more likely to go to school, and get better jobs because of it

Nat them says that she has never met a gay doctor.

Jordan then talks about dental hygienist and dental assistance. She says that she worked for a dentist for a little while and she learned a lot. She is now talking about the things she would do at the dental office. She also says that her sister is a dental assistant.


Kevin is now talking about how he changed careers. He once worked in a hospital and did nursing. Now he works in advertising field in he loves it. He then goes on to tells stories about how he used to work for a doctor that he didn't particularity like and we get FOTH.

When the feeds come back, and he talks about how he hated being a supervisor at his old job and didn't like it.

He know foes into some of the things he finds challenging at his job. he says figuring out trends with young people is hard.


talk tuns to Donald trump and The Apprentice. They wonder how someone so ugly gets such a pretty wife. They start to go into detail about the last Celebrity Apprentice.

Jordan says she would hate to have an office job.

Kevin says that he would hate to be a manager at a retail store. he worked at Banana Republic and hated it

They start to talk about stores they like

Jordan thinks J.Crew is too preppy, but banana Republic is okay. She also like Hollister is okay but the music is too loud.

They are know talking about other places they shop.


They are talking about store they like. Kevin says he likes Armani Exchange, Jordan says she like to get little pieces at target.

Natalie is in her bed, not really participating in the conversation.

Natalie broke her twist tie engagement ring.

They start talking about their families, and Jordan start to described his brother.


Jordan talks about how her and her sister are complete opposites. She says that her sister is all about the drama. Jordan is excited to meet Kevin's boyfriend.

Jordan says that a lot of people think her brother is gay , but he's not because she asked him. She then tells a story about how her brother had a crush on this one girl, and then we get FOTH.

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2:03 BBT

We come back from a FOTH that lasted about 7 minutes. Jordan is talking about a grill her mom got from her boyfriend at the time. It got stolen because it was so nice. She would then talk about her and her brother would hang out in the back of wherever they live.

Nat ask if Jordan can she hook her brother up with one of her friends but none of then see him like that.

She then goes on to talk about how she ask him if he gay, he got really offended. She says that it is maybe because he grew up around women and their dad isn't really have a role in his life, which made him more comfortable around girls.

She then went to describe on of his girlfriends, and then we get FOTH

Jordan then talks about some of the girls she use to go to school with, and she describe then as "redneck ghetto".

Kevin says he wants to see that

Jordan also admits she went threw a "ghetto" phase (big fake flashy nails, nose ring, big hoop earrings)

Kev said he had a phase like that too (he use to wear all the baggy clothes and stuff)

She also said she dated a guy that she would describe as a redneck.

She then talks about people from home (including "Big Texas") and we get a lot of in and out FOTH.

She keeps talking about people she knows and we get another FOTH.

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Jordan talking about having fun at home. She brings up drinking and Natalie ask "Your mother lets your brother drink even though he's not 21"

Jordan says yea, but doesn't say anything else because she doesn't want to get in trouble.

She then talks about her senior year, and how much fun she had. She says she did alot of things she looks back on and did things that she is now embarrassed by, such as dancing on bars and letting people do body shot off of her. She also is talking about doing make-out contest during spring break.

More High schools stories from Jordan continue

(that's it for me, see you guys tomorrow)

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HG want to make a waterslide. They put down towles under the plastic bags to soften it so they dont get hurt for the finale. They wanted to use the pool rafts or the rafts from the pool room and BB told them "Stop that!!!"

Wind is blowing just enough to make the bags blow up.

Jordan saying its not working, you can keep going but she doenst think its worth it for just using one time.

They give up and Kevin says they have the biggest sunbathing blanket. Nat and Kevin lay down on the towels. Jordan in and out of the house.

Nat says calls Guienesse Book of World records they made the worlds biggest beach towel.

BB tells them a bit of trivia and Nat and Kev go off saying I wont remember, stop.

Earlier they wanted to make water balloons out of condems and BB must have told them no, Kevin wants to know why they cant use them.

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Kevin and Jordan roll Nat up in the towels, she screams and says she cant breath or see. Nat says that was fun for 30 seconds.

Debate is now going on weither to wash the towels or just fold them up. They decide they arent dirty and they wont need them anyway so they are Kevin and Jordan are folding them up.

Nat wonders what else they could do. Scavenger hunt? Hide and seek? Clean?

Kevin: you could grab some towels and take them over there.

Nat: I could kick you in the balls.

Jordan carrying towels over to the washer area, Kevin takes the last ones over. (Nat didnt fold or carry one towel)

Nat: we could jump in the pool

Kevin: wth our mics on?

Nat: calling Kev a pansy for not going in the pool all season.

They wonder if the ducky should be filled or does BB do that.

Nat wants to make their own comp in the BY....Who could climb up there the quickest? NO

Kevin: Who could knock Nat out the quickest.

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Nat gets on the elipticle and says she is going to work everday now. Kevin points out there is only 2 days left. Nat climbs off.

Kevin please go to the DR

Kevin: I am probably in trouble.

Nat still asking for a movie in the HOH. We dont even care about Popcorn Soda anything.

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Kevin going over jury votes while Nats in the DR.

Jordan takes a shower

Nat out of DR talking votes with Kevin.


Jordan out of shower and gets called to DR. She has a towel around her and is rubbing her hair with another towel. Quck change and fast blow dry of hair first and she is ready for DR.

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6:48 BBT

Nothing going on, HG chatted in BY, Nat cooking, Jordan looking at a craft they got.

(I am out for the night....Good Night)

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