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9/12 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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10:15 BBT

Random talk going on. Some of the topics Survivor, other BB HGs, and how they ended up on BB. They are now talking about "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here". They were talking about how Heidi and Spencer Pratt made that show. Now they are wondering of Spencer got on The Hills.

Now they are talking about the comforters that BB provide them with. They wonder what they do with them after the season.

Kev says he thinks he wants to go to bed. Jordan brings up the unwrapped muffins in the Kitchen, Nat tells Kev to do it because he is already up, so he does.


Kev is now wondering around the house. He went to the HOH room to see if it is open and it is. He tells the girls, and Nat tells him to feed the fishes. He also sees a molded cup with ants in it on the sitting area next to the HOH room. The girls wonder why it would be open and ask him if he is lying. He grabs the cup and and the chess board puts the cup in the sink, then brings the chess stuff to the Red Room to play chess with Nat. Kev says that he wants to sleep up there and Nat keeps telling him to feed the fishes. Kev says he doesn't want to and doesn't care about them.

Jordan proceeds to tell how she would by fish from Petsmart and would poke a hole in the bag and watch them die.

Kevin now tells a story about dropping little crabs he finds from the beach and drop them from the 2nd story from where they use to live.

Kev calls crabs and lobsters roaches and disgusting

Kev/Jordan continue to tell stories about bad things they did as kids (like throwing water balloons at cars)

Kev/Nat playing chess while they are telling stories.


No talking is going on, all of them are in the Red Room, and Kev/Nat are playing chess while Jordan just lying down.


The only thing to be heard on the feeds is the moving of chess pieces. Oh, and Nat just said check.

Oh, they just discovered an ant on a chess piece. Nat blew it off after Kev said "eww"


The camera just zooming into Jordan. Her eyes were shut, and now she opened them again.

Kev/Nat have hardly said much of anything throughout their chess match.


Nothing has changed, excepted for Nat occasionally munches on some kind of snack while she plays.

Jordan just took off her microphone, and appears to actually try to fall asleep.


Jordan no longer being shown on any of the feeds. Nat just won the chess game. Now her and Kevin are talking about mistakes they made in the chess game and overall chess rules. According to Natalie you can have up to nine queens in the game (I have no clue what they are talking about, because I don't play chess). Kevin saying that he has never heard of this rule. They are going back and forth about this rule. After arguing over that rule, they continue another round of chess.


Jordan up and going to use the bathroom. Kevin and Natalie still playing chess (They really need to give these hamsters some more exciting games to play)

Jordan is now in the kitchen, looking for something to munch on.

Nat ask Jordan what time is it, she says 11:18. Jordan then goes back to the Red Room with something to eat and drink. Jordan then gets instructed to put on her microphone.

Nat: 4 more days till no more microphones.


Nat ask what are they going to do tomorrow. Jordan responds "there's nothing". Jordan decides to lay down again.

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11:33 BBT

(OMGosh, someone speaks!)

Jordan: I want to meet Renny

Natalie: Maybe you will, they have past hgs in the audience.

Jordan: Really?

Natalie: uh-huh

then silence

Natalie: Gosh, I wish it was Tuesday already

everyone agrees

J: Imagine if it were only 2 people. It would be so boring

and more silence

Natalie says that she wish they would bring a family member or something in the house for everyone to talk to. She says that they are done with production.

Jordan is worried that no one will like her and she will get booed. Nat tells her that the audience is not allow to boo people.

Nat brings up that she ask for a pair of black heels. If not, she will just wear the shoes she wore when she first enter the house.

and then silence again.

11:57 BBT

Nat thought she had checkmate, but she didn't. They chess game continues.

Meanwhile, Jordan is just laying in her bed, occasionally biting her nails, and also occasionally smiling (I guess she is remembering happy/funny things that have happened in the house).

Nat and Kev are now arguing about chess rules again. Something about chasing a king.


Nat: Can we do something, cause I'm gonna go insane if we have 3 more days like this.

after a bit of silence, Nat and Jordan start talking about how they bite their nails

Jordan says she never clips her fingernails because she is always biting them. Nat says she always gets manicures, so she doesn't personally clip them either.

After Kev makes a move on the chess board, him and Nat start arguing again

Jordan goes to the kitchen to put her cup in the sink, then go to use the bathroom. Then she goes back to the kitchen. Then she goes outside to drip her feet in the jacuzzi.


Another round of arguing about chess moves begin between Natalie and Kevin.

Meanwhile, Jordan has taken her feet out of the jacuzzi, grabbed a towel, gone to the bathroom to get a hair tie, gone back to the jacuzzi, taken her shorts off and has gone into the jacuzzi.

And K/N keep arguing about the chess match (Something about cat and mouse, checkmate, and reversing, and the same game going on for hours.)


The chess argument continues. Nat claims that she will ask someone in the audience on Tuesday about one of the rules of the game and she will be right and he just got schooled by and 18 year old. Now they are arguing who has one the most. Nat is now talking directly to America now, telling someone in the audience on Tuesday bring a chess rulebook so she can prove she is right.

12:37 BBT

Jordan comes back in from the jacuzzi. She is going into the pool room to change. Nat tells Jordan that she would have gone in with her.

Kevin says that this is the game that will never end. They have continue to bicker since my last update.

Nat is trying to get Jordan to go into the DR to ask about chess rules.

Kevin went to bathroom.

Kevin returns and Jordan finished changing.

Jordan claims she bought the shirt she is wearing when she was drunk.

Jordan said that they should ask the DR to rent a movie for them to watch in HOH room tomorrow. Jordan is now going to ask. Nat told her to also ask about the chess rule. Then we get FOTH.


Feeds come back, and they start talking about movies, and then Jordan talks about how she is worried that people won't like her and they will boo her. Kev says that the didn't boo Ronnie (that's so true).

Talks turns to what Pro athletic teams they have back at home.

Jordan says that she wants to see a Lakers' game.

Talk turns to Kobe Bryant and his alleged rape and we get FOTH again.

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12:52 BBT

When the feeds comes back, they start talking about Michael Jackson and his many looks.

then Nat ask "Well since he bleach his skin, if he was around when their were bus restrictions, would he be able to sit in the front of the bus"

Kevin says no

talk then turns to their own skin tones. J says she likes Nat' n toneskis. Nat claims she is caramel color. Kev says that J is french vanilla, N is butter pecan, and he is cinnamon.

they then start to talk about what else has happen since they have been in the house. They wonder if there was a fire near bye.

They then jump back to the whole Michael Jackson death again and all the press surrounding it.

Jordan now talks about how she was scared to go on the plane because she knows someone that has died in a plane crash.

they now talk about plane safety. K claims that you are suppose to count the rows in case the a the cabin feels with smoke so you can get to the exit. Nat claims that always tries to sit at the emergency exit. But K says you're so small. N says that they let her.

plane talk continues.

1:05 BBT

Talk now turns to the prize money.

Kevin hope that they might bump the prize money up to 1 million (He wishes)

Talk turn to Jeff. Kevin says that when J/J finally "do it" that she should text him and then rate how it was.

Talk turns to the Hawaii trip Jeff won.

talk turn to the OTEV POV. Nat says she is the reason that Russell lost because she threw him off track, which caused Kevin to get up there instead of Russ. They claim that they even reviewed the tapes, but continue the game.

They now talk about what if in the game. Some Russell bashing going on.

convo switches to how weird it is going to be outside of the BB house.


A lot of small talk going on. Topics such as what they are most excited to do once they are out of the houses, Ross and the Inside Dish interviews (they all like him), other interviews, and when BB send then back home after the finale. They start talking in detail about some of the interviews, and we go to FOTH.


After a small FOTH, they talk about how they thought that Kevin was going to be one of the over the top gay stereo-types. Talk turns to Kevin's overall style. They try to help Kevin decide what he will wear on finale night. Then J/N talk about what they might wear. Clothes talk continues.


They are still talking about clothes, mostly what Natalie is going to wear on the finale night. She is trying things on, Kev mentions that she has small boobs and that her never knew that Nat had a big butt. Jordan even finds a shirt of her to wear pre boob job. All the clothes Nat got from the luxury comp are to big.

(that's it for me tonight, see you guys tomorrow)

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3:28 BBT Nat just grabbed a pair of shorts, a shirt and a bra from RR, also lotions and possibly shampoo & conditioner. Several bottles of something, so I can only assume the contents. No panties.

She set it all down in BR, then went to Kit

Kevin has a bowl of food and heading to BY. Nat fixing bowl of cereal and mixed fruits and heads to BY

Kev complaining how he's never slept this late in his life. Nat - "Really? I have"

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3:39 BBT Had to step away for a second. Nat saying if she was single she would hook with "him"

Kev - but he's unemployed

Nat - No he's not, he's a body builder (Guess "him" was Jessie)

Nat now headed for the shower.

Kev still in BY, shaking first his left leg, then his right leg, now both legs. He appears to be deep in thought.

(There really isn't anything to report, so I'm out. If I see or hear something worth repeating, I'll be back.)

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5:46 PM BBT

Jordan wants to go hunting and hold a gun, Kevin wants to go to the shooting range. Natalie goes shooting with her BF and Dad.

Jordan would have a fear of the desert - she thinks of snakes and "what are those things that can kill you?' scorpions! and being alone and hot and having no water and dying alone. (where that came from I don't know)

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5:55PM BBT


6:00 PM BBT

Jordan talking about Lydia and her hair and how the roots were orange when she did her hair pink. If that had happened to Jordan she would have asked for a re-do. They are discussing Rock of Love. Kevin says Brett Michaels is so ugly. Jordan says she thinks he's sort of cute. Back in the 80's oh yeah, she'd do him.

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6:29 PM BBT

Kevin talking about the first time he saw Chima. She had her ghetto doo-rag on and was wearing all pink. He thought she was a ghetto diva. Kevin liked Lydia once he found out she was bisexual and into pop culture. Jordan says Lydia woke her up rubbing her arm one night. She said it felt good but Natalie has to pipe in "Hell no, that would freak me out" .

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7:25 PM BBT

Natalie goes rooting through Kevin's suitcase for his new hoodie. He is throwing stuff at her to get her to stop, says he hid it on her. She finds it and says it's hers - she won it.

He tells Jordan it's hammock time however she is busy cleaning the supper mess to join him. She's really like to watch some movies.

Natalie hopes that no matter what happens, she hopes they will stay in contact - for over half the game they never really talked and now that she knows her she really likes her. They have so many things in common. Jordan is just like one of her Girlfriends at home.

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7:43 PM BBT

Jordan discussing with Natalie how she doesn't mean to put down blond girls with big fake boobs but they can look typical. She thinks hers suit her not like the girls on "Rock Of Love" who look trashy.

She had to Google Julie Chen's name before coming in the house.

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8:04 PM BBT

BB has given them some markers and disks to make arts and crafts with. They are drawing on them and chatting. Jordan says it feels so weird to write again.

Kevin called to DR.

Jordan currently has really long leg hairs and hates it when people have bushy eyebrows. Kevin likes it when men are 'natural'.

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