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Evel Dick call contest


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Remember you must get me as many questions as you can as quick as you can sent to yana@mortystv.com, by Thursday midnight EST... Tie breaker will be person to get me the most correct answers the fastest, answer may be found here at Morty's or maybe not, but they are on the internet somewhere... There can only be one winner, there can't be any sharing of answers or phone call...Good Luck, On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!!!

1. How many times per week did Big Brother air in season 1?

2. Who was in the " couples alliance "?

3. Who was the oldest house guest to ever appear on Big Brother as a contestant?

4. Who were the first people to have sex in the Big Brother house?

5. What was the name of the power that Mike "Boogie" won in season 7?

6. Two weeks before this seasons finale Big Brother broke the rules about outside information, and told the house guests about 9/11. Big Brother told contestant Monica her cousin was missing. What was her cousins name?

7. Name the names of the three (3) alliances in the house during season 6.

8. What season was America's player intorduced?

9. On what date did Russell hit his head on the bottom of the pool?

10. What was Janelle's famous words to Jennifer and Maggie when she put them on the block during the double eviction?

11. Who left the house due to personal matters that to this day remain undisclosed?

12. What did Jessie tell the other house guests the banner that flew over the house said?

13. Who was the first person to ever be voted (evicted) out of the house?

14. What was Dana's nickname, given to her by fellow house guest Jack?

15. When was the first season that had a double elimination week?

16. Who hid in a large vase to spy on the other house guests?

17. What did Chima refer to herself as when talking about Russell being a terrorist?

18. When this house guest was evicted it was revealed that they were a member of the Black Panthers, name this past house guest.

19.What was the name of the first "true" alliance in Big Brother history?

20. Has there ever been a season that every evicted house guest got to vote?

21.Who were the four (4) horsemen?

22.What did Evel Dick pour over Jen's head?

23.What did Jerry call Memphis that made Memphis irate?

24. When Casey left, he had some comments for Jessie, Natilie said some things back to Casey in Jessie defense, and Casey asked "What are you his _____________?" Fill in the blank.

25. In what season was Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches replaced with slop?

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You must have missed it Sugar... MadMarty and I are doing a radio show, and this contest is for the winner to call in this Saturday when Evel Dick is our guest... If Morty feels like it, he will also be on for the call...

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Please click here; http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showtopic=39901 if you have any questions, comments or discussion regarding Evel Dick Contest.

Good luck to everyone participating!!!

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