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Yasmin Giles


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Yasmin Giles (33)

Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.

Occupation: Hairstylist

Yasmin Giles is nicknamed

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She may wind up pissing off A-holes like Russel and John by telling the truth, and that would get he booted early.

If she didn't refer to herself in third person she may be an early fav, but I just can't do that.

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Was she the one at the beginning of the show that Jeff said something about her shoes ???

One of the ladies was wearing some kind of high heeled shoes ... and I was thinking....

WHAT was she THINKING wearing them on an island with hard core competitions ???

lol... I'll be looking at her feet

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As far as the high heels thing goes consider this. They do several "promo" bits before they start the game. She was caught off guard when the promo trip became reality. No person in their right mind starts the game in high heels so I will give her credit for that

As far as the way she behaved when sent to the other tribe was simply stupid.

I see a train wreck in progress

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She definitely didn't do herself any favors tonight. Wow, she is way over the top. But, Ben still sucks and he was a jerk calling her the names he did.

She got off easy. If I were on on that tribe she wouldn't have been sleeping in the shelter. I hope Russell makes her look like an idiot.

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