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John Fincher


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John Fincher (25)

Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.

Occupation: Rocket Scientist

John Fincher claims

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I see a lot of "Dude" coming from this guy and an instant attempt to get close to the 'beautiful ones' I predict this 'introduction' being a portrayal of a few things he said in interview. Here's hoping he has a life changing experience on Survivor if he is as annoying and vain as they make him seem.

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My DH and I were just laughing over this guy. He is typical Governmental type. I know, I married one! :mbabe:

It will be his downfall in this game. Overthinking and dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's won't get you anywhere in this game. You have to be flexible and this guy is not IT. Counting all the parts to build a hut or as my husband commonly says, "measure twice, no throw in an extra measure to be sure, and cut once!", just makes people irritated.

I also did not think he was all that good looking. I prefer the clean cut all-american like the the leader of the group that one reward. (Sorry, not up on names yet!)

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