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Erik Cardona


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Erik Cardona (28)

Hometown: Ontario, Calif

Occupation: Bartender

Proud womanizer, Erik claims that he can date four to five women at the same time without any issues. He has no qualms about chasing after a taken woman (as long as she is not married) just for the fun of the chase. He says,

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Erik holds two degrees from Pepperdine University in Psychology and Sociology but has chosen a career as a bartender.

In other words, no one would hire him on account of his obnoxious douchebaggery tendencies.

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He says he's always thought about every single thing he's done since he was 8 years old and tells a story about a teacher that influenced him. And his Dad influenced him. Interesting... sounds like he has some women issues... undoubtedly all related to the mother he doesn't mention. The 'ladies man' antics no doubt stem from this.

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This was all I read, then stopped. That alone makes me not like him. I hope the marine chick kicks his @ss!!!

LOL Another one of 'those' guys who thinks they are God's gift to woman...UGH...Hope the "girls'" kick his ass

OMG what a tool. He has a Jessie ego.

Very well put.

Will this be the biggest villian in Survivor history?

Cpuld be the biggest jack ass /jerk

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Jeff mentioned in this weeks blog that Foa Foa needs a miracle to stay in the game. I think that miracle's name is Eric.

Eric realizes that there are an equal number of men and woman in their tribe so the guys need to get a girl out next to maintain power. No biggie.

A few days ago (last week for us viewers) Shambo was the target by the guys AND girls. Get rid of her and your girl/guy problem is solved. Easy.

But no, Eric has a better idea. Let's elect Shambo our new leader (behind the girls back) and she will be on our side and help vote the other girls out.

One little problem. You just showed your hand to Monica, Laura and Kelly. Wow, they want her gone a few days ago and now they vote her the new leader.

He just created a huge crack in his tribe for no reason. When the merge happens (next week) and if Russel H. gets wind of it all hell is gonna breat lose.

Just my two cents.

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