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If BB Survives..


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I don't think the HOH should get to break ties. They already used their power to nominate. I think everytime there is a possibility of a tie (every other week) they should all (HOH, and nominees too) get to draw for a chip that says "extra vote" and they are not allowed to tell anyone that they got it. They would have to call all of them in to the diary (HOH and nominees too) for their vote. Someone could have 2 votes. Thought of this this week as option for HOPE in Pandora's box.

Also do not like past guests, or people that know each other, or pre-determined groups. Otherwise, love BB.

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I like redoing the house...I thought it was super fun the year that the house was new and they were discovering new rooms. I liked when they had to figure things out and work for things.

I also like making the HG earn priveleges...that would give more opportunities to work together or sabotage group efforts.

What if the weeks that there was a possibility of a tie America got to break it? Just enough input from us, without letting us overrun it. OR, weeks where there could be a tie, have 3 nominees!

I agree...no HG that know each other. That is the one thing that was great about this year.

Maybe have DR on live feeds? THAT would be worth paying for.

I like the hidden camera's too...I don't want HG mugging for the camera.

Slop is lame. I don't think many of them care what they eat anymore.

I agree with everyone playing for veto.

I agree with keeping them awake, too. Maybe a button like on "Lost" that they have to push every 108 minutes!

And I vote yes for less privacy. Make it easier to eavesdrop on each other and harder to sequester themselves.

Didn't one year they have something (that represented money or something) that HG could barter with? I'd like to see challenges where people could earn individual resources for use in campaining during the game.

And yes, everytime we have to hear "Cut it out!" "Stop singing!" or "I SAID get UP!" it is followed with..."You will have no air conditioning for 2 hours," "Everyone will be awakened an hour earlier tomorrow" or something.

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