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July 28th LIVE TV Show Coverage

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Think you can't help us out because you don't get the Live Feeds?

Then you would be wrong ...

We are trying something new out this year ...

We need people to write what they see on the televised show, preferrably as you are watching it, but even within the hour later ... then Ranster (me) will swoop in and gather it all up for a neat upload for the BB page.

Wanna Help? Volunteer here!

Watching the show? Post what you see here in as much detail as you can!

This is all a part of Morty's Team Coverage ...

Any takers?

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Guest ranster627

As you all know, we have had active boards lately ... before trying to submit your recap, make sure you have it saved somewhere ...

If you have trouble getting on the boards, post it all later as one large recap ... Due to the heavy traffic, this thread will be left open for 2 hours after the show tonight!

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Guest ranster627

in just 5 minutes we head into the live show ... tonight is the next eviction ... will it be the expected Eric or a surprised Maggie?

Then comes one of the most anticipated HOH contests in BB History ...

as long as the boards stay up, we will be here posting!

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Guest ranster627

previously ... house shift ... nominations ... veto and veto ceremony ...

the new alliance of 6 ...

with the house divided ... who will be the next head of household ...

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Previously on BB6

Erics alliance controls the house

When Kaysar won HOH - the power shifted

Kaysar puts up Maggie and James - wanting to expose the pairs

James confessed to Kaysar about knowing Sarah

A new alliance was formed - final 6

The new alliance took down Maggie with the POV comp

The final blow was struck when James uses the POV to save himself and Kaysar puts up Eric

Who will be the next HOH?

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Guest ranster627

Day 26 ... explosive week inside the House ... they will confirm what they have suspected that they all have a partner ... and the larger prize

Julie catches us up just like the recaps ...

now up is Eric and Maggie ...

reaction to veto ceremony

K: cause a revolution in the BB6 Household

Eric wasn't surprised in the least

Maggie: either way we are leaving each other

Ivette's heart belonged to Eric and will stay there

discussion of Maggie being stronger and smarter

Maggie would give up the money to keep Eric and her to leave

Maggie is very upset ...

LR: James, roller coaster week for you

April: entire house on PB --- what food --- any kind of seafood ...

Beau: who has best fashion sense

Beau says Ivette

need --- tie between Eric and Howie

Howie ... spell rhubarb

howie spells it right even though he never ate it

coming up Janelle and Kaysar and their families thoughts

DR Jan, Jen Apr Sar

Apr and Jennifer vote to evict Maggie

Janelle and Sarah vote to evict Eric

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Julie Chen - its day 26

Tonight we will tell the HG that each HG has been playing with a secret partner. The HG will find out what the prize will be if the partners get to the end two spots.

recap from previous shows

For the first time secret partners have been pitted against eachother.

How is this pair handling the inevitable, being split apart

Black and White

Kaysar nominating Eric

Eric- it didn't surprise me in the least that James took himself off

It didn't surprise me that Kaysar put me up

Eric tells Sarah please give me the respect - dont piss in my ear and tell me its raining.

Sarah - they haven't wanted anything to do with me. They are being very immature about it.

Eric - I hope he can live with his decision

Maggie - I know that Eric is leaving, or I am leaving. Either way, one of us are leaving.

Eric to Ivette - please tell me you didnt have anything to do with this. Ivette says she will pack her bags right now. No. She didn't. Eric says they played it good. Tells Ivette to stay in this game that will be the greatest revenge of all.

Eric and Maggie - Maggie doesnt want Eric to burn any bridges before he leaves. The games not over. One of us is going to stay. They better warm up to that fact. Maggie believes she has a chance to leave this house.

The final 6 team talking in the HOH room - they believe if Maggie wins HOH James is going home.

Maggie tells Eric - dont give up, play this game until Julie tells you, your going. I think your going to stay. I need you to play it like you are going to stay. Maggie asks - have I been wrong in this game? Maggie says it will be a huge loss.

Julie Chen to James

James its been a roller coaster week for you. James says take one week at a time

April if you could have food flown in from home what would it be? Anykind of seafood.

Beau - you make your living as a personal shopper. Which hg has the best fashion sense? Ivette. Who is in desperate need? It would be a toss up between Cappy and Howie

Howie - How do you spell rhubard? hahahaha he got it right. Julie is laughing

What do the families think of this unordinary pair? Janelle and Kaysar (stay tuned)


Janelle - I really dont like Maggie

Jennifer - maybe he would help me with his group but I dont like him

April - Eric is a wonderful man, for him to put himself out on the line each and everyday says alot about the man.

April votes to evict - maggie

Jennifer votes to evict - maggie

Janelle votes to evict - Eric

Sarah votes to evict - Eric

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Guest ranster627

Kaysar ... the son of Iraqi immigrants and Janelle

How do their families feel about them

Kaysar's family says culture shock

Janelle's family

Janelle doesn't let a whole lot of people get close to her

Kaysar's sister says Janelle is likely not the person he would have been with

she is drawn to him because he is different

HOH Talk ---

you and Janelle are a team

This alliance was sprung from circumstance because we lost our partners

I began to trust her ...

Eric put Mike on chopping block ... are your noms payback?

in a way they are



DEFINITELY MAKE ME A TARGET next week, if they know what's good for them

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what do the families think of this odd couple working together? Jamelle and Kaysar

Kaysars mother - its totally different with Kaysar in a house around women in bikinis. Kaysar is different. Everyday of every second I pray for him. Father was there also

Janelles sister??? Janelle was a very strong willed child. She is very well read and very intellegent.

Kaysars mother? Jaelle isnt the typical person that Kaysar would be with although shes very intellegent that is probably why they are attracted to eachother.

Its time to go to the HOH and talk to Kaysar

You and Janelle have teamed up inside the house. What can you tell us about your alliance? Naturally they came together because they each lost their partners. She listens to me and that why. (hahah) Are your nominations payback for Michaels eviction? In a way, he wanted a ripple in the house, it is revenge. Do you think this will make you a target? He said if they know whats good for them, I will definatley be a target.

(I appologize for not knowing the relationships of the interviewed family members, I have severe weather warnings scrolling the bottom of the screen)

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How are the HG handling the secret pairs being revealed? Stay tuned

Secrets are being reveals, pairs are stepping forward. What is it doing to eachothers strategy?

Howie - I thought Rachel and I were the only pairs. Once I got into the house, I started thinking there were other partners.

April - out of everyone, James has lied the most. He has lied about his age, his profession, sarah

Howie - we should have known.

Ivette - I was absolutely shocked that everyone had a partner

Eric- Kaysar how do you know Michael? We met in a coffee shop

Rachel and Howie knew eachother for about 10 years.

April - Jennifer and I do NOT know eachother

Howie - going down the list of partners that know eachother but he doesnt believe April/Jennifer, Beau and Ivette stories

Beau was liking Ivettes story that they didnt know eachother, they are at a huge disadvantage. Keep it up girlfriend

Jennifer - I dont know April, why would we lie. April - I would not sit here and lie. Jennifer tells April - they are going to figure it out anyway, we need to tell them. They come up with this story that we barely know eachother. April says to Eric we know eachother but we dont know eachother. Eric says - see why I cant trust anyone now. Ivette - says we dont know eachother, we were put together.

Eric says - Ivette had a shit eatting grin on her face, changes the partner subject to the fact that shes gay. Eric says he needs a drink.

Will it be Eric or Maggie going out the front door? The vote now is 2 - 2


Ivette - I want to keep my cappy

Howie - who wants to keep this guy, lights out, clean the dishes, whatever

Rachel - I like each of them equally

Howie - I really dont appreciate that (talking about Maggie)

Ivette votes to evict Maggie

Howie voted to evict Eric

James voted to evict Eric

Rachel didnt vote - bottom line she saving herself

Beau voted to evict Maggie

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Guest ranster627

secrets are being revealed ...

April ... out of everyone, James has lied the most

the couple's reveal

Ivette was shocked to find out

April and Ivetee denied

Ivette's drama pretending she is alone

and the Oscar goes to me ... Ivette

all about April's lies ...

part of truth told ... they lied about how close they were

Ivette gave half of her story

Eric figured out Ivette was gay

Beau James How Iv and Rachel

he's a cult leader ... James

Howie and James vote to evict eric

Ivette and Beau vote to evict Maggie

Rachel: It's not personal, bottom line is I'm looking out for myself ... her vote not revealed ...

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Guest ranster627

time to talk to nominees:

Eric: want to thank BB for the opportunity of a lifetime ... new friendships along with my own set of morals and standards ... so lights out fishes

Maggie, thanks ALL the HG's ... blessed to go home to what I have

votes 5-4 --- Eric you have been evicted

"no tears guys ...

Eric's group said good bye ... rest respected his wishes

houseguests changing into shirts

interview with Julie:

last week you were HOH

this week you're out

quick ride from first to worst

deals broken

torn with first loyalty to Maggie over James

did you underestimate Kaysar

he played shy quiet religious guy

what will you tell your kids

father is still a man of his word

that money is not everything ...

Maggie's message ..

don't worry there is another side to me that they haven't seen

she is in tears

you mean the world to me

he says they have way underestimated the strength of Maggie ... she was a better player than I was

next this weeks HOH competition ...

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votes so far --------------- 4 to 4 (Rachels not revealed)

(got pre-empted by severe weather)

HG the votes are in. The evicted has one minute to walk out the door.

By a vote of 5 - 4 ERIC IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

walks to the door in a big hurry, goes back into the living room, hugs to Beau, Ivette, April, Jennifer, Maggie - tells them no tears. Tells maggie to win. The other houseguests pretty much stay clear of the doorway.

Hi Eric -

Erics team- mates, group hug and set out with a mission to get HOH. Have looks of determination on their faces. Maggie is trying very hard not to cry. Shes shocked

Eric says it was a quick ride from first to worst. (HOH to evicted) When Maggie was put on the block, he had to lobby to get out James to save his partner. With those variables he was pretty much done by the situation.

Eric doesnt believe Kaysars religious beliefs for a minute. Its part of the game. If you saw King Kaysar this week, hes not believable. What will you tell your kids? Money isnt worth it. Your partner maggie taped a message for you.

Maggie - dont you worry about me. Theres a part of me that this house hasnt seen and they will if you are gone. You are an awesome awesome man, you mean the world to me.

How do you think Maggie will do now that you are gone? I think they thought they got rid of the stronger player, but in all honesty she was the stronger. See Eric on the early show tomorrow morning.

See Eric live on Housecalls at 1:00 est. Who will win HOH, shows the houseguests lined up against the wall in front of the same game we saw on the feeds last night, doubled in size.

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Guest ranster627

the HOH ...

yesterday they practiced ...

Kaysar cannot play

Power Roller

each step up to one of the lanes, one roll, the goal is to come closest to hole without going in ... if ball falls in any hole you are out


on field


Howie rolled off


rolled off


barely on ... Janelle in lead




on board but out Janelle in lead




takes lead very well done!!!





Maggie is HOH

Howie furious

when we return we confirm biggest secret

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(note that Julie has not confirmed the partners yet)

Power and perks all part of the HOH

Yesterday the house had the opportunity to practice. Who has what it takes to win the HOH. Kaysar can not participate. Tonight we are getting things rolling with a game called Power Roller. One roll of the ball. Get closest to the hole will out falling off the end. If your ball falls in any of the holes you are out of the game. Good luck

Janelle - still on the field, not within the circle though

Howie - Off the end - out of the game

Ivette - of the end - too much strength

James - not off the end but Janelle is closer, removes James' ball

April - in the hole, shes out

Beau - not off the end but Janelle still closer

Jennifer - lets see what you've got - in the hole, out!

Maggie - Maggie is the new leader (oh no!!!) Janelle off the field

Rachel - too hard, off the end

Sarah is the last person to roll - in the hole, out!

Maggie wins HOH!! Alot of cheering as expected. Kaysar gives her a big hug. Howie looks really concerned. Showing sarah with James, janelle (they know whats going to happen)

Next we will reveal this summers biggest secrets.

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