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9/4 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Kevin and Nat were talking about Nat's BF owning a Jeep Rangler. They go off roading. Kev asks if its a Sahara and says those are expensive. Nat says he bought it used and its a '90, very low on mileage. Michele and Jordan in the pool.



Tiny table. Talk of how overbearing the big table was. Kev says that was the lazy susan. Then changes his minds. Kevin to DR.

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11:23 AM BBT

BB changed the table. Kevin picks up that it was the lazy Susan piece from the big table at the beginning. Natalie arguing with him. Michelle saying "I dunno" Kevin off to DR.

Apparently they are doing to fashion show today.

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11:45 AM BBT

Jordan and Natalie talking by the pool. Jordan saying that she's not mad, she just misses Jeff. Natalie says that they probably don't want to be so close anyways.

Kevin and Natalie figuring out where they will lay in the BY. It's very hot out. You can hear a saw cutting something or maybe it's a siren of some sort outside. Kevin putting on his sunblock. Natalie paying solitaire. Jordan in the pool.

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12:25 BBT

Kevin in bathroom. Jordan and Michele chatting in the pool while floating on tubes. Michele hopes no one will have to record a goodbye message for her this week. She says no one has had to before, b/c she's always taken herself off the block.

Michele says the mistake was Jeff winning the can HOH, when he should have thrown it to Kevin. Jordan agrees.

12:30 BBT

Upstairs, Nat tells Kevin (word for word) what she'll say during the nomination ceremony (it's quite long). She goes on to say that she's not going to wimp out on her speech just because one of them may or may not vote for her in the end. Nat says that she considers Kevin's game the game of chess, where Nat is the Queen and Kevin is one of her Pawns and the time has come to sacrifice one of her pawns, but hopes they can still be friends afterwards.

She then pauses before giving her Michele speech, so she can turn on the spy screen. She continues that she nominated Michele for strictly personal reasons, unlike her strategic reasons for Kevin. She'll blame 100% for Chima being expeled, b/c even those Chima threw her mic in the water, she ultimately did it b/c of Michele. Michele claims she's a Christian, but left her morals at the door. Nat is also a Christian and the reason she did not except Michele's offer the other day for F3 was b/c she'd be making a deal with Satan himself. As her dad would say, half a million would be nice, but not worth losing your soul.

Her speech approx. will last 10 minutes (but who knows if BB will allow it) She then repeats her Michele speech AGAIN word for word, adding that Nat had the worse week from Hell 3 weeks ago when Jessie went home and Michele backstabed them and put Chima up. She repeats the offer Michele and Jeff brought to her for F3, and how that'd be a deal with Satan herself (so she hates Michele for it, but not Jeff?) She then says she'll say that Nat got herself to the F3 without losing her integrety or lying. (Which is a load of CRAP.)

They now discuss what Kevin's reaction should be after he gets nominated. She then says she told BB her speech would be longer than usual, and BB was okay with that. Kevin says he'll flip the dining room table b/c it's so tiny. Kevin was upset last night for Nat actually thinking he'd betray her.

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12:50 BBT

Nat wants to tell Michele that she may be 18, but she's not dumb, so she'll 'jab' Michele, saying she's made it to the F3 but everyone else (Michele mainly) is still fighting for their spot. Nat is very mad that Michele thinks she's so dumb,

Nat wants to write down her speech so she doesn't forget. Kevin tells her it needs to be flowing, not exact. Nat says she wants to do the fashion show, but the girls are still in the pool.

She's STILL coming up with more things to say to Michele. She wants to make Michele feel dumb, b/c she put Chima up for Jeff and Russell, not b/c Michele really wanted to, and how Michele has been playing the game for other.

(more bashing-I'm out for now.)

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1:17 PM BBT

Michelle still practicing her speech. Kevin is telling Natalie that she should say "What America may not know..." instead of what America doesn't know because she doesn't want to insult America. Now she practices her POV speech for when she takes Kevin off the block.

Jordan and Michelle in the pool with general chit chat. They are talking about getting married and having kids. Michelle knew when she met her husband that she wanted to marry him. Jordan is not sure when she'll be ready for marriage and kids. She says she hasn't met anyone who makes her feel like that yet, that instant perfect feeling. When she asked her friend she said "You;ll just know" And Jordan doesn't get how she'll know? What if she neevr gets the butterflys or the tingly feeling or whatever. Michelle says well it wasn't instant. Jordan says Oh Really? Because there were people that made me feel really good but I knew we weren't getting married. SHe wants someone funny, someone not mean who calls you names, who you can cut up around, who doens't care how you dress, you can just be yourself around you, she doesn't want someone who will stare at other women sayign how hot they are, someone who has their head on right, someone who has a job - a good job, not rich but makes steady money, no debt, (Michelle's husband is a teacher and not rich so she says), Jordan gets turned off by a guy who keeps changing jobs, doesn't havea strong work ethic. Jobs are impirtant because what if you do want to have kids. When the kids are little it's important that someone is home with them because her MOm stayed home with her kids and played with them, didn't shuffle them off to a nursery.

Natalie walking around with Kevin's orange crown and a a stick - props for her nomination speech.

Michelle and her husband want to adopt or take on Foster care because she wants to take care of kids that other people have given up on, like their parents didn't even care. Jordan would only want younger kids because it would be easier to discipline them. Michelle says that she;d like to give a kid like that a chance because if you don't - who will?


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1:27 PM BBT

Natalie in a robe, her crown and a scepter Natalie going through her speech. Saying She was the Queen and Jessie was the King. Kevin taught her that the queen was the most powerful piece. Kevin was a pawn this whole game. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the pawn to win the game and you are being sacrificed today. Michelle is a habitual liar, what she did to Chima was awful. Three weeks ago was the work she had here.... What America may not know is that Michelle caused Chima to throw her microphone in the hot tub. [what America knows Natalie is that Chima made her own choices in the game and blames BB - not any one player, for her actions] On and on through her speech - back to the deal with the devil stuff.

Over and over she goes through it.

1:34 PM BBT

Kevin breaking up saying he should grab the stick and say "I'm the only Queen here bitch!" and go away in a huff. He says this whole thing is like, theatrics. Laughing at the plan.

FOTH again

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2:13 PM BBT

Michelle and Jordan having a laugh in the pool over the first week antics where Michelle voted against her clique. She wants to know who Braden really is, what he really does. They are laughing and reliving how 'horrible' Michelle has been and how 'disliked' the whole game and how everyone wants her out all the time.

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2:28 PM BBT

Kevin clipping his toenails outside. Natalie and he discuss how he can't mess with the contacts. Natalie accuses him of fing with the cards. Kevin says "We have Trust issues" They are back in HOH room.

[ Out for a few hours ]

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Whatever happened has to do with Pandora's Box but feeds came back in the middle of a conversation between Kevin, Michele and Jordan. Natalie was in the DR. She came out and asked them not to ask her about Pandora ... she doesn't want to talk about it. They have not had nominations yet. Kevin said something about a mystery power. Michele said something about Natalie walking out. As I said nothing makes sense

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5:56 PM Feeds back for a little while. FOTH was for Pandora's Box part 2. The only details I have caught so far are: Natalie cannot play in the POV and there was a "smelly" person dressed as a baby following Kevin, Jordan, Michele around. Natalie has also mentioned that this Pandora's Box is BAD.

Two boys and a girl - one was a baby, one was dressed as a roach and was spraying something on Jordan.

They were told by Natalie that the PB gives Natalie some type of power that has to do with final 2.

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6:00 BBT

Kevin is walking around, spraying stuff in the air (to make it smell better?)

Michele sitting alone outside. Jordan joins her. Jordan thinks the Pandora box was good for Natalie and she's obviously lying about it being bad. Michele agrees. She looks very worried.

Kevin is upstairs with Natalie, saying she's obviously lying. That if BB seriously told Nat she can't win $500,000, then she'd be breaking windows and asking to leave and tells her to come up with something better. Nat tells Kevin to help her with a story. Kevin says if he was told he couldn't win, he'd be flipping out, so he knows Nat got something good.

Nat says she'll go downstairs and tell everyone they got got, the box had nothing to do with F2. Kevin says to tell them it's a trip to Hawaii or something and how Nat made up that Pandora box had something to do with F2 reversal. Nat tries to get Kevin to help him with a story.

6:07 BBT

Nat tells Kevin, honest to God's truth, that for the first time in BB history, she could spend time with a loved one in the house. Nat says she saw her BF on the screen, and could spend time with him for 20 mins if she gave up the veto comp tomorrow. She agreed, spent time with him, and he proposed to her and gave her a twist tie ring. She promises to Kevin, on their friendship and everything, that she's telling the God's honest truth to him.

She tells him to go downstairs and she goes into the bathroom to get her ring. She joins everyone outside.

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6:10 BBT

Nat says everyone got got by an 18 year old and how everyone believed her. Michele says she didn't believe Nat and Nat says come on, at least give me credit that I got you. She proceeds to tell her story, but first makes Jordan and Michele tell her that she indeed tricked them and they believed her.

She relays the same convo she just had with Kevin.

Nat says she didn't know what was going on in the house while she was with her BF, but she can't play in the veto.

Nat swears on everything that she's telling the truth. BB even zooms in on her engagement 'twist tie' ring.

Everyone is shocked, but weary.

Nat mentions they went to a friends wedding last year, where she was a bridemaid in a red dress. Her BF wore a red shirt to match, and he wore the same shirt today and proposed on one knee. There was also sushi in the room, but they didn't eat it.

Nat pats herself on the back AGAIN, saying she got everyone and they better say she's the prank queen of the world, or she'll do another prank, so Michele says it, to appease her.

6:20 BBT

Nat says her BF asked her dad on premiere night for her hand in marriage. She says she doesn't get along with his mom or sister, but hopefully they will in the future b/c he'll be her husband. She says that her BF and her dad are the ones who get their HOH baskets, b/c he told her that they went shopping and got all the stuff in her basket for them.

Nat says she really wanted to bring her BF downstairs to meet everyone, but BB wouldn't let her.

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6:28 BBT

Nat says there's still pranks to come. She says her BF said a short engagement, which she agrees with, and they're thinking March of next year.

She says there was a makeout session. Nat says her BF is watching the live feeds and watching everything, including Jessie confess his love to her. Jordan asks what her BF said and Nat says he said that who could blame a man to love Nat. Nat says how she used to call Jessie by her BF's name, Jason.

Kevin looks quite pissed off over this whole thing, either b/c Nat lied to him or b/c he didn't get a chance to play HOH and see his boyfriend.

Nat repeats she can't play in veto tomorrow. Kevin asks everyone to come outside b/c it stinks so bad inside.

Nat says her BF told her she's played the game with loyalty and integrety and make good decisions.

6:35 BBT


6:45 BBT

Nat is just repeating her story over and over again.

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8:00ish BBT

Kev and Mich nom.


preparing for the fashion show. Michele and Kevin move the coffee table and get told "stop that"

Kevin explains what they are doing. He puts down red towels for the redcarpet between the livingroom couches where the coffee table was.

"Kevin please go to the DR."

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8:25 BBT

The HGs are getting ready for their fashion show. There's a long red carpet in the living room. J/M are still questioning Nat. Nat asks why she would lie on national television about this. It'd be like saying someone was pregnant but not.

Nat says her BF proposed right away and Michele states she didn't realize that. Nat says he told her that she has a lot of haters b/c he reads the message boards, but then says he couldn't tell her what outside people have said.

Nat keeps talking about her BF, saying that BB had to make the Pandora box interesting enough for her and Kevin to open it, otherwise it would have gone to waste and Jordan says then her BF would have been there for no reason and Nat agrees and then she wouldn't have been engaged. J/M continue questioning about her and her BF and Nat starts talking about his mom/sisters that don't like her, causing FOTH.

8:28 BBT

Nat tells them that now she needs money for a wedding and that's why J/M should keep her in the house. Kevin is still in the DR.

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Kev still in DR.

Fashion show has been put on hold until Sunday. Making dinner.

Kev out of DR.

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