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9/4 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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  • 3 weeks later...

8:58 PM BBT

All the girls trying on their stuff and trading it off if it doesn't fit. Natalie gave Jordan the black and white dress. Natalie trying on a cute blouse but it's too big for her. Jordan telling her how to try and make it to fit. Everything Nat got is too big on her. She needs an extra small. Michelle telling her to take the stuff to a tailor to get fixed.

Jordan found two bottles of wine in the SR and says they are for her.

Natalie trying on a white shirt. Michelle tells her to use it for a Hallowe'en costume. It's super frilly and cost $138.00. Michelle calls Jordan in to look at Natalie's "Pirate Clothes"

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9:32 PM BBT

Jordan has a big glass of wine. Natalie tells her to drink up - she's got a whole other bottle. They are sitting at the kitchen counter - Natalie in her bikini while the others discuss the HOH game. Jordan can't believe she put 24 as her total. She feels like a Yo-Yo. Jordan is downing that wine.

They are telling Natalie about how Lydia was always feeling up Jeff. Lydia jumped up in bed with them one night and felt him up. Last night Jeff mentioned it and told JOordan that Lydia kept trying to touch his thing. Jordan nearly falls off a chair (Near miss) and BB zooms in on her wine glass.

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9:37 PM BBT

Jordan saying that Lydia 'gets around' and that her and Jessie don't even match. Jessie is so clean cut and Lydia is so not. Jordan telling them all that they have to clean their dishes. If they don't these little flies start to buzz around. Michelle saying how in BB DR they asked her about her plan to not wash dishes for a day was going and she said it was fine, it was only one day. They both 'hint hint' a Natalie about not doing dishes.

Pizza ready. Nat says grace as Jordan makes a fist and smacks a fly - almost knocking over her wine bottle.

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10:01 PM BBT

Jordan getting all tipsy and explaining why Jeff went after Russell. Jordan telling Mich and Nat that she wanted to go after Natalie. Jordan telling Natalie how she thought Jessie was super arrogant. She is asking them when they first met him, did they not think he was an asshole? Natalie said she did but after the first night of talking to him she liked him. They are clearing the air about the Russell/Jessie stuff. Jordan says she thinks she'd like Jessie outside of the house. She'd talk to everyone in the jury house. Says she thinks it's different in the game than in reality. Jordan said she didn't like Natalie at first and now she does. She brings in Michelle - says I think Michelle was the same didn't like you either. Michelle says " Oh but I knew Natalie way earlier" [damage control - lol] Jordan saying that she used to think Natalie wouldn't have a boyfriend when she gets home look how wrapped up she is in Jessie. All of this is Jordan's "honest-to-god-jeff-will-back-me-up-truth" that Jeff thought Russell would get more into Natalie's head than Kevin would be able to. Michelle went looking for Kevin - couldn't find him came back.

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10:13 PM BBT

Natalie called to DR.

Michelle saying they should all play spin the bottle. Kevins face is priceless. She was kidding because Kevin has trailed off in a sentence... tonight we should play......

Apparently Jordan's boob is the first one Kevin has seen - he asked if Jeff saw them. She says no. He says "You two never did nothing? Not even a peeky peek?" She says no. And tells how him if he takes her to Hawaii.. Jeff would get mad at her and say "You won't have sex!" And she says she said she would there.

They are talking about the jean sizes. The pair Jordan picked out were a size 30. Michelle can't get over her $300 capri pants. They were a size 26. Jordan says at the beginning of the luxury competition she was concerned because no one was really communicating. They are arguing about about communicating with their 'boy' Jordan was with Jeff and Michelle was with Russell. Sounds like they had to get clues from a partner to win. Jordan knocked over a rack of clothes, she was trying to rip stuff off the rack. The competition had something to do with communication skills. Kevin says the goal was to pick the right stuff. Michelle says yeah like Yellow shit - there has to be a pair with yellow. Some of the outfits had shoes and belts. They had so many seconds to grab stuff on the couch. Kevin was looking for boy/boy/boy stuff. The dresses were tied up in knots.

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10:21 PM BBT

HOH Room Reveal

They walk in and see her boyfriends picture. Everyone just saying 'awww" and Kevin saying Thank you Big Brother. There's a picture of her Dad.

FOTH on feeds

Natalie got some canned fruit, her slippers, her hair products, Cheddar Jalepeno chips. She got a Teddy Bear and her blanket. There's a picture of the girl Natalie graduated high school with and Jordan says the one that got married? She looks older.. Nat says no she doesn't Jordan says yes she does.

Natalie asked for corn and got it. Mr. Noodles bowl, bagel bites. Jordan says I can tell your boyfriend is older. Michelle says you'd think he was a model in that one photo. Jordan says he's so cute she could squeeze him. Natalie says Jessie would be jealous. There must be a picture of Natalie from her taekwon do or something because she keeps saying that must be photo shopped - I have no idea where that came from.

CD is Alicia Keys

Excerpts of Letter

If you're reading this letter you have won HOH so congrats I want to remind you I love you very much.... The fact that you were chosen means you are special, make good decisions and not bad ones, don't cheapen yourself for anything. Your family and all of the boys at my work are watching and the latino community are watching and cheering you on .... I"m sure Anita will be watching if she is allowed to watch.

Natalie thinks it's an old letter because they wold know if 'Anita' was able to watch by now. Natalie got her Arizona Ice Tea. They gave her Two Mike's Hard Lemonade as well. Natalie says they are the two left over from Kevin's stash.

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10:19 BBT

Natalie in DR while Kevin, Michele, & Jordan talking about their clothes...and ripping off the racks..

Booze flowing..as they talke about their new clothes....

10:22 "who wants to see my HOH room" as Natalie takes the gang up to her new room..

"what cd are you expecting' and Nat says Nsync or JT

picture looking starting...

Michele drunkenly saying "you look beautiful there" in one of her pics.{she must be wearing paper bag over her head}

10:24 Natalie looking at the goodies she got......"i go my red vines" Nat says...and "canned fruit"....

Michele "cheddar jalepeno" Chips Natlie says she got "from my dad"...Jordan looking at one of her friends "she looks older"...

Natalie excited about all her junk food she got "cookie dough that's for you Jordan" Natalie says...Finally something healthy.."CORN!" Nat declares..

Jordan "I can tell your boyfriends older" as Michele who's propbably deleriously drunk saying "you could be staight up model" {laughs} as she says about one of her pics..

10:29 BBT "does she not look like she's 20 something" Jordan says about her friend as Kevin "you look older " in the pic..

Natalie decalres her HOH is an "open door"

10:30 the letter............from her "daddy"......"congratulations"..Miss you very much" "proud of you"..."make good decisions"..........friend cheering at home....."make us all proud"..."love Papa Jorge"...

10:32 BBT "it doesn't say anything about my boyfriend" Nat says as it must be "an older letter"

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10:34 BBT

BB gave her "mike's hard lemonade" Jordan notices...as natalie says they were the left over from Kevin's HOH..

Natalie telling them to feel her blanket from her BF as it was "the first thing" he ever bough/gave her from "linen-n-hings"

Michele "congrats Natalie"

as Kevin says "the last HOH"...

Natalie talking about her lasik surgery.....

Kevin saying "you look a little older" in one of the pics...Jordan says her hier slicked back makes her "look like a boy" as Kevin tells her she would look "sophisticated"..

10:38 ..Kevin wants to do a "fashion show" as Michele "fuck yeah" to show off their new clothes...

Michele starting to enter giggle mode...

10:40 Kevin talking about his JC interview..he declares "jullie Rocks" as Michele says her nickname is "The Chenbot"

Natalie declaring again "open door" as Kevin digs into the cheetos..

as junk food talk ensues......

10:41 BBT Still in Nat's HOH

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10:43 BBT

Natalie talking about her pics and her "big" glassses she used to wear..

Natalie wishes her letter would "have been updated"...as her BF is not mentioned "at all" as she reads excerts "don't cheapen yourself" for the money {oops too late for that}

10:45 BBT more fashion show talk as Michele wants it to get going...

thet try to figure out where "the runway" is going before Jordan is called to DR as Michele finishes the last bottle of wine "he he he he" she giggles as she fill her glass...

10:47 BBt Kevin hugging his clothes in GR as he declares his love for them...happy BB got "my size" as Kevin wants to wear some thing "cute" as Natalie threatens them "first I'll rock the bikini" {no..please... my eyes}

going through the clothes Natalie "look you got a straight guy shirt"

10:50.."you got a lot Kevin" as Natalie says she didn't get that much as they look a the price tag "$120"...."capitol E these are expensive....$150"....

Natalie going on how much Kevin got as Kevin says "$300 for these pants" as he says "let's total up the cost" as he adds the price tags of his new clothes......

10:52 BBT Kevin still adding as Natali still trying to con Kevin of his hoodie.....Natalie "so $1500 bucks in clothes" as Kevin "geez that's hooked up"

Kevin wants to start fashion show as Natalie says on THursday "I'm dressing you up"....as Nat wants him to go "hetero"..

10:54 BBT still fawning over their clothes..

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10:56 BBT

Kevin talking about taking stuff back if it doesn't fit as he tells Natalie "Nordstroms" will exchange the clothes...

Kevin "that was a good luxury"

10:58 Natalie still trying to get the hoodie from "my man" kevin says....."can I have the other one" she begs...Kevin gives "no answers.."

Jordan being mostly silent..as she listens to Ntalie beg for the hoodie..

Kevin saying he feels so relieved as he asks if they had "clothing orgasm"...

11:00 FOTH...

Kevin and Natalie in red room..."Jordan is going to be completely smashed" as Jordan on the other bed..says she's done..as Kevin says BB will be doing long DR as Kevin says "isn't it wierd" that the Luxury was today....as maybe..."there will be another one tomorrow" Natalie wishes...

11:04 Kevin advising natalie "to open Padora's box" if given the oppportunity...

Natalie now saysing she wants to do "the fashion show tomorrow"...Kevin "really?" and says she doesn't care..

as Kevin still going on about his clothes.."this is so me" as Natalie conning more stuff from Kevin...

11:06 BBt Natalie checking all the sizes seeing what she can keep of Kevins as she keeps going on about the hoddie as Kevin tells her she's not getting it...

Natalie excited about the "basketball shorts" they wore than the clothes she got..Kevin observes..

11:08 BBT Natalie showing her clothes......as Natalie puts on a shirt as Kevin declares it "very Sex in the City" as he says "its not your style"...Jordan "it doesn't look bad" as Kevin chimes in "it doesn't look good"

11:10 Natalie ugly shirt cost "$138" and wants to "get it fixed" at a dry cleaners..

11:11 Kevin sporting his pale yellow scarf...

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11:12 BBT Nat declaring she's never "heard of BCBG" clothes...as most of hers are from there..Kevin says to go into any mall as Jordan tells her their clothes are nice and expensive...

Natalie "do you think these price tags are real?" as Jordan says "yeah" as BB goes "all out"..

11:14 BBT more clothes talk...

11:15 Natalie going through Michele's clothes "what did she get..let's see" as Natalie digs through Michele's goods..

11:17 BBT back in red bedroom as Natalie wraps herself in her linen-n-things blanket as she says "you can spell the tide"

nat pours salt in Jordan's wound "you have to sleep alone tonight"...

11:19 Hoodie talk from Nat's mouth....still trying to mooch it...."there's no chance in hell"....Kevin says on his "chance scale"..

11:25 Natalie says she can't wear her clothes next week as its "endurance"

Clothes talk...

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11:31 BBT

"she got more than I did" as Natalie still looks through Michele's clothes.....

11:32 BBT Kevin trying to get into a pair a pants and he does..as Natalie "once you wash them..you're done"..he picks up the next ones "these are from Macys...these are five ten"

11:34 Jordan must have passed out as there hasn't been a sound out of her for several minutes....

"are there anytimes in your life you have to dress like a sraight boy" Natalie asks and he says are there times in your life you have to dress "girly girl and wear make up"

11:36 BBT as Natalie goes on about her blanket...

K&N whispering about Jordan being passed out...

11:38 BBT Not much going on N&K wondering why they are on "lock down" as Natalie thinks they need to finish "Pandora's box"..

Jordan passed out and Michele in DR..

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11:44 BBT

Kevin and Nat in their roost as Kevin decalres his love cheetos...."can you be femine" fro longet than an hours as he notices she's wearing "all boys clothes"

Kevin says Fashion show isn't going to work....as Natalie says they can "do it tomorrow"

11:47 BBT K&N doing a blanket test to see if she can really see which one...she knew "i love this thing"

Natalie offers him anything to eat out of her food.."I freakin love bagle bites"

Kevin "jordan seems sad" as Nta "sge is sad" like she was "when Jesse left"

11:50 "what do you think of my BF".."he's cute"..."he's white boy...he's cute" as Kevin "I like latin boys"

Kevin "who should you nominate" he jokes....Natalie "in all seriousness..you and Michele"...as to show Jordan they are "not together"

11:52 BBT Michele out of DR and is alone....

Kevin saying "you can trust Jordan to vote they way you want" Kevin says...Nat says "both of them want you out"...as Nta goes over her speech about her nom..as she will use chess analolgy..as she try to use the "i need you out"....way to go....Kevin nervously.."yes"

11:55 BBT Michele comes in wine glass in tow...as they talk about pics..

michele declares "this whole tomboy thing" might not be true..

Michele asks if the "fashion show ever happen" and they says no "jordan's knocked out"

11:57 BBT pic talk...

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12:01 BBT Nat called to DR as she offers anything to Michele and Kevin...

Michele declaring "This is the new Michele" about her clothes...

Michele declaring it was an amazing day...as Michele apologizes to Kevin about being threatening about keeping Jeff......Kevin says Jeff was promising a lot of things as Michele says he didn't promise me anything..

Kevin talking about Jeff "coming after me"...

12:04 BBT Michele talking about her word doesn't mean nothing that's why she voted for Jeff as proof she did as she had a promise to "never vote him out'

Kevin says Jeff didn't give a shit about her..as Kevin says Jeff wanted him to do it...

Michele "ideal" situation would have Jeff/Russ to fight over to take her to the end...

Kevin lying that he would have considered keeping him had he just talked to him...

12:06 BBT Kevin talking about he needs to start "making decision" that "are only good for me..and not for us"...Kevin "i don't see myself winning against Natalie...I have to get rid of her" as Michele "at this point we are all enemies"

Michele saying her strongest "allies" are out "in a row"

12:08 BBT Kevin "if I make past POV"..."no offense to you...you created enemies in the jury house" as Michele agress.....and Kevin says Nata "hasn't been reponsible" to send anyone home...Kevin "jordan has made no enemies either.....she has no blood on her hands",......as Kevin saying she got the Jessica Simpson edit..

Kevin saying the only way he can win it is to go against someone who's made a lot of enemies....Kevin "what if we were to pair up to get Natalie out..us two would strong competitiors" as Jordan won't be bale because she's not a strong competitor..

12:12 BBT Kevin saying her wins by Jordan wre given to her ot luck as Kevin says his "better chances" are with Michele than Jordan....Michele says its a "toss up" as she would most likey lose to everyone but her best chances are with Kevin..

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12:14 BBT

Michele asking what did he tell Ntalie about the deal she offered last week...

Kevin going on about Jeff saying he did the same thing he did to me...as Kevin says the "night before" he "followed Natalie everywhere" the night before...to make sure she wasn't being scheming...as Kevin worried about "last minute deal"....as Michele "she strug us along for a couple days" about their last minute deal...as Kevin asked "when did you find time" to talk to her...Michele when he was in the DR..and says :i nknew it" as he told them to hurry up as Ntalie was scheming..

12:17 BBT...Kevin says "i would have been an idiot" not to put up Jeff.."i was forced to..there was no option"

12:18 BBT Kevin "you were you third place" with Jeff as he says so was Jordan "he was campaiging against the bitch" as Michele says Jordan told her "to vote for him"...as Jeff wanted to take her to the end "because he could beat her"..

12:21 Kevin says he made sure to attach myself "who are louder and more obnoxious than me"

talking POV......"if I go home this weeK" she'll "kick myself in the ass" over the question of Lydia and Jesse talking...in HOH...

Michele saying "she has no commitments' as Kevin says the same and is open to all offers..

Both are worried about taking "Jordan to the end"...as Kevin says she has Jeff/America..Russ and Jesse...

Kevin saying he needs to take "somebody hates"....

12:25 Kevin says "jeff wasn't trying" in egg POV.....as Michele says if Jeff was smart he would have thrown the can POV and let Kevin take out Ruseel and Kevin would have not been able to play the next week..

Kevin says about Russ "I think him and Natalie had something going on" saying he caught them talking when they were suppose to not be talking...Kevin says Russel had no "tact" or he made it obvious he wanted to talk.....

12:28 BBT Kevin "had Jeff offered me something I would have strongly considered"....as Michele said "it was whacked' Jeff was campaiging against Jordan...Kevin "i didn't get it"

Michele goin on about not having allies...saying she is "keeping everything to myself"

12:30 Kevin saying its all about winning POV...Michele "another enemy if I won that damn thing"as Kevin "it would be amazing"

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12:32 BBT

Talking about clothes now in HOH..Natalie in DR and Jordan is passed out in the red bedroom..

Kevin "it was a dream come true"...

12:33 BBT FOTH..

Kevin saying "we all lost a partner" and another FOTH...

Now they are talking about Ronnie being a "uber fan" as Kevin mistakenly thinks Ronnie will line up votes for Natalie...and that's why she gives Ronnie "shout outs" and with Chima who she thinks is "super connected"

12:35 BBT Kevin says he didn't understand why Chima always stood up for her as Kevin "she was all about girl power" as Kevin says "she looked at me as one of the guys" and she genuinely believed in the girl power thing...saying "that was her downfall" saying you can't play BB by gender...

12:37 Michele saying she was at the bottom of Chimas circle..and would have to get rid of so many people to get near her..

Kevin says Jeff was "the generator" of this plan as much as they were...

12:39 BBT...Kevin says all they did was "what can we do to stay" and that's all they did..{no mention of lie}...saying "he already had this shit planned" and "use me to get rid of you" Kevin says "he doesn't like to get his hands dirty"....Kevin trying to defend why he put Michele up last week...

12:40 BBT...Kevin says Ntalie could probably win final three since "she's been throwing a lot of shit"as .....says Michele has "a toss up with Jordan" as Kevin..."you and I can work together" and those two can get to the final two...withy Jordan "you'll be working alone" as Kevin "i will beat that bitch" in anything physical...

12:43 BBT Kevin talks about getting Natalie out...saying Jeff was right in his speech "it was true" that they can't win gainst Natalie.."all her friends are in the JH" as says he can't work with Jordan as it like working with "1/2 a player"...

12:44 Michele says she wants "to lock it down" as she worries Natalie comes back "and you tell her everything"..Michele hedging as she says she doesn't have a deal with Jordan as Natalie would probably want to take me to the end since she'll beat me as Michele says even in the end "50K' is "better than no K"

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12:47 BBT

Kevin asks Michele "you want final three" and FOTH....

12:47 BBT feeds come back talking about Braden as Kevin says he feels bad "I never gave him a chance"..as Kevin says he doesn't know why he was Ronnies hit list' as doesn't know how he got on it...

Natalie comes in "what'd I miss" as Kevin is called into DR..he tells her they were talking about why he was on Ronnie's hit list..

12:49 BBT FOTH..

12:50 BBT

Michele and Natalie talking about sleeping....as they talk "final three" as Natalie says "i want final two"

Talking about final HOH....as she says "saturday is what is important" about POV...

Natalie saying its exciting.."the final four"..as Michele says she's sorry if she's bummed and Natalie says she's not coming off that way as they talk about HOH comp...

12:53 BBT talking about casey as Natalie says "that's the best think to happen" to Casey saying he's probably getting money for it...

the awkward convo continues...as Ntalie talks about her food and what she is going to eat and gets to use "conditioner" in her {rat's nest} hair.....

12:55 BBT Michele tries to figure out what to talk about as she jumps from one subject to another..as she talks about the way she acted about last night...Natalie "i was just playing around"......Michele "I didn't cry"..even though "i cried over Russell" and not over him as Natalie called Jeff "ungrateful"..as Michele says he was yelling "why didn't you guys run faster in the HOH" as both Jeff bash..

12:58 BBT

Natalie talking about her pics..as the just are having a hodgepodge conversation....

12:59 Natalie saying her and her BF "look odd together...but we work"

1:00 Michele talk about old BF "pakistani guy" and 1/2 mex 1/2 german who was a "hot" surfer...

Natalie disappointed "on my letter" saying "it was from day one".....Natalie doing her usual making up excuses why her letter was so short...

1:02 talking about being so close to the end..as Ntalie says "if I win POV" she can say "experience it all" as she wants to "win"

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1:04 BBt talking about all luxuries and compa are over except POV and next week's final HOH...

More awkwardness as they talk about how the "place was packed"....as "nine people are gone"

Natalie saying she likes watching this show and plan "my work schedule" around her shows...saying "i watched every episode"..since "season 8"...

Michele talking about "loving the show"..early in the season....but lost track as she was in graduate school....and says she had to wait until she graduated or she would have been kicked out and talks about "my brother passed away" and FOTH...

1:08 BBT FOTH..

feeds back at 1:10 BBT as they talk about comps...

Michele asks about noms as Kevin walks in...

1:12 BBt Kevin talking about clothes..

1:14 BBt Kevin,Natalie and Michele in HOH..talking extensions and weaves...as Nat keeps asking what Kevin said in D about "my BF" and FOTH..

1:16 BBT FOTH..

{ well I'm out... for the rest of the season....I'm taking my son who's been with me since I was 15 off to Stanford University to help get him moved and settled in.. and I'll miss the rest of the BB season..Wow I guess there are some things more important than BB..Thanks Morty for letting me do the Night Owl Report for the best BB site on the net}

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1:35 BBT

K/N talking about who won what chess game. N claims she is way ahead. Now they go back to talking about the clothes they got.

M then decides it's time to go to sleep, says goodnight to K/N.

K: Did the tell the bitch about the deals you told me?

It seems like both K/N are trying to work M and build trust with her. It seems like K/N are trying to get M to take them to F3. Kev tell about the convo he had with her a couple nights ago about how N is withholding info and her

can't trust N

N now proceeds to tell K about the convo with M she had last night when she claimed she no longer had an alliance with K and needs to get him out.

K says that N should work on Jor because she is more gullible. They both think M isn't falling for the bait.

K talking about more of a convo with M about the both of them trying to get N out. Saying N has been throwing comps and she is a really strong competitor.

K: M is so gonna take J to the end, and so wants to get rid of U (nat)

N: and u

K:well both of us

N: You better not screw me Kevin in the end

Then FoTH


Feeds back, K/N still talking about M and trying to trick M/J into evicting each other.

N claims that in a convo with J/M she told that she is not going throw K under the bus, it's just that point of the game where you have to put up friends.

They see M on spy screen in the dining room

N: Do u think she is listening to us?

they continue to talk about deals they got to not keep each other around.

K thinking about giving up on trying to persuade M, says N had J wrapped around her fingers. Nat doesn't think that is the case because she doesn't talk alot of game with J

(feeds are real choppy tonight, I'm calling it a night)

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House Guests this is a lock down. Please go outside and close the sliding glass dorr.

Kevin, and Nat were on the outside lounge, Jordan was in the pool and Michele was in the WC. They think the table will be changed.

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