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8/31 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:10 pm BBT

Jeff and Jordan alone for a bit. Jordan is trying to get him to make an effort to stay. That she'd rather be the one to go to jury so he doesn't have to deal with Jessie, Russ. Admits to him that he's done everything in the house and she's just been with him so he deserves to stay more than she does. Jeff is quiet. As Jordan begins to talk again, Michelle walks out with food and sits on the coach. Asks if she was interupting anything to which Jordan and Jeff say no. Jeff goes to play pool alone. Calls out " so none can stab me in the back" Michelle responds " what's that about? I've been cool to you?" Jeff answers: " It's nothing, I'm just being bitter." Michelle mentions to Jordan there's a hoh party upstairs. A minute or two later Kevin and Natalie go outside. Natalie plays cards while Kev hangs out by jacuzzi. No talking going on.

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10:00 pm BBT - House guests get a bottle of wine. After finding out who wanted wine Michele pours a glass for her, Jordon and Jeff.

Jeff gets out of DR and they call Jordon in... she giggles and asks him what he told "them." Jeff tells her to Just get out of here and then flashes her a smile.

Everyone but, Jordon in BY.

Michele sitting along edge of hot tub alone.

Natalie asks Kevin, "So this is how you always dress, yellow pants...?" He says, yes. She asks if his man dresses that way and Kevin does a hmpf and says nooo. Natalie complains about her back. (Maybe setting up for why she failed at a comp. next week???)

General chit chat continues.

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10:26 BBT

Natalie and Kevin playing pool

J&J head to the hammock...as he says "want me to throw you in" as they pass the pool..

They get on the hammock and are having trouble as their weight sags it to the ground "geez Jeff" as the redistribute their weight.."perfect"

Jordan and Jeff talking about not have eaten all day...talking about it being "wierd" about POV tomorrow...Jeff "after Thursaday we have only two more weeks no matter what happens"

Jordan still "has to get it all out"...Jeff says he knows what she's gonna say and tells her not to say it again and says she has something different and then the talk turns to ants...then to "Honey I shrunk the kids"

Jordan talking about "the eviction" the audience is "gonna make me so nervous" as Jef says "tat's the cool part" of getting evicted....Jordan says Russell applause was average.....as Casey was loud..

10:33 BBT "i know I can talk her in to it" Jordan says after Jeff tells her he doesn't think he has Natalies vote..

Jordan talking about her earrings and she gets to pick "the jewelry store" and is "definitely going to Hawaii" since she is giving up her chance..

Jordan says "want to talk about it later" and Jeff agrees...

10:35 BBT Jordan wants "$5000" earrings and to "$8000" as Jeff says "I'll cap it at $5000" as Jordan says he's getting "$5000000" and says she can get "a big house" that is in forclosure...as she talks about the house..."i don't understand how you get those properties in Forclosure" Jeff says

10:37 Talk about her dad's house went into Forclosure.."that is so stupid" Jeff says about her da..."that's why my mom hates him so much"

10:38 More forclosure talk...FOTH....

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10:39 BBT

"I have a million good points" Jeff says about talking to Nat to get her vote to stay......Jordan "i would feel bad if you didn't try" and fell "disappointed in you" and like her "gave up" and didn't try to get the vote "and know you could"

Jordan says she admitted she said she would have come after Jeff saying "I said it"....

Jordan says she doesn't want "my mom" to be disappointed that "I gave up" as she would bet her stipend money he "would win"

10:42 BBT Jordan going on how Jeff "is a good person" and he "deserves it the most" and that he was "cheated" saying "it wasn't fair" saying "i would be pissed" if the person left that did all the work and the worthless person stayed...

Jordan wants "to get in all out" as Jeff says "keep it down" and worries people will think she's "stupid" and maybe "i'm too nice of a person" as Jeff says he apprecciates it "you're so cute"...Jordan "as much as I want it and as much as I need it....I don't deserve it"...as she says "evin in the JH" I will "cinvince people to vote for you" and says "you need to start" campaigning......and Jordan says "I'll even say it in my speech" that she wants to go...

10:45 BBT Jordan says maybe she'll win...the Jury prize as Russell called her Fat ..Lydia called her "a fat hoe" and Jesse is "arrogant" they won't win...

Jordan says about her campaigning she's done...as Jeff talks about his campaigning....and all the promise of keeping Natalie safe..

10:48 BBt Jordan asks what Michele told him..."i'll tell you later"

Jordan "my earrings and Hawaii" if he wins and Jeff "for sure" as he laughs and J asks him why he's laughing...

10:49 BBT "I apprec"as he says I have to get "through this week" as he reiterates he's asked her ..

"do I look like a quitter" Jordan says as she worries what people will think "back home" as Jeff says she's sweet as Jordan says she doesn't deserve it...Jeff "you deserve it if you stay"

10:51 Jordan worried people ill think she's "whipped" Jeff "no because we'd be doin it"...Jordan "doin it? you mean sex"

10:52 Jordan talking about making Russ and Jesse her "new BFFs" joking...as Russ says Russell will try to make her hi firend and then Bash him Jeff says..

10:53 BBT Jordan says if he does "I'd shit on his pillow"

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10:54 BBT

Jeff says he will take "kevin out" as Jordan says Michele "won't turn on you"..as Jeff tells Jordan that Michele tried to get him "to talk to Kevin" by Kevins deadline to talk to him by tomorrow..

10:55 BBT "i'm gonna be miserable" in the JH Jordan says..Jeff says so will he if he gets evicted...

talking baout being sad and says "sometimes I feel like being alone" as Jordan says "tell me" as Jeff says not her.....and Jeff says he wants to give his speech Thursday to be fresh and doesn't want to overthink it..as Jordan asks about his speech..

10:57 BBT Jordan wants a "pinky swear" for her trip to Hawaii and earrings as Jeff says "not for 50Gs" only first place...Jeff has "upped the ante" and agrees to Hawaii and earring if he wins first place as he won't pinky swear......as Jeff says "we have to do it" and says "pinky swear on that" in Hawaii as Jordan says "why does in have to all about sex" as Jeff says "I'm getting me a Hula Whore"...

11:00 More sex talk as Jeff says "its seven days in Hawaii" as Jeff "I'm just joking" as Jordan tells him "how I feel" and says he doesn't want to hear her pychology...

11:01 BBT Jeff agrees to Hawaii and Earrings and if they go home "we're doing it on finale night"......as they talks about what they will do about finale night getting drunk as wonder how long they will have....as Jeff says "why don't you just stay in LA" for a "handful " of days .."3 nights" as Jordan "I'll tell my Mom and see what she says".....as both want to be home but might as well stay "on their dime"...

11:04 BBT "i feel like a fatty" Jordan says about tlaking about "working out" tomorrow.....

11:05 Talk about what they are wearing "black" as Jordan says "it looks more slimming" since she's "put on weight" as Jordan talks about being "nervous"

11:06 BBt Jordan talking about "paying for all her drinks" at the wrap party as Jeff says he'll "give her $100" for her drinks..

11:07 Jordan wonders if being the 5th person from the end "people will remember her" Jeff says yes..

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11:09 BBT

Jordan says the JH was in "Mexico"..."I swear"......as Jeff asks if she has her passport and she says no.....and Jeff says you're not going to Mexico..

Jeff says its a mansion in Malibuu as Jordan doesn't know where it is as Jordan knows since "its up the coast from Santa Monica"

11:11 Jeff "I think its North" on PCH {Pacific Coast HWY} Jeff says....about Malibu...

11:12 BBT Jordan afraid of a praying mantis...as she wants him to not let it touch her...

11:13 Jordan says she wants to "call my mom" if she leaves Thursday..Jeff "i want to call my mom too" as Jeff says "to relax" as she's probably staying..

11:15 BBT Jordan talking about Jeff going back on his promise of earrings/Hawaii...she'll " kill him"

Jordan talking about the JH and Russell..as Jordan says "Jordy..I hate that name"..Jeff says Jesse "he's going to murder me" as he says he is just going to his room and stay in there..

Talking about Jeff staying .."I can't beat Michele..I don't do good under pressure"

11:18 BBT Food talk "hamburgers"..."turkey burgers" what they should cook.. as they do their food log of their caloric intake of the day...as Jeff admits "we were out of control today"

Jeff says "i' smokded way too much" as Jordan says for him not to smoke as he'll kill "another lung"

11:20 BBT Natalie and Kevin playing pool..

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Jeff "i want something meaty" as they get up to go look for food...

"How bout toona" Jeff says no way its "gross" Jord says and asks him "why you so obsessed with tuna"

Jeff says that's what he's making...

Jordan "i'm not gonna eat" as she says "don't eat tuna". Jeff "why".....Jordan:"if I kiss you tonight I don't want to smell it"

Talk about how many times they've made out..

11:25 They bicker about tuna "i have a taste for it"...Jordan "i don't want to smell it"...Jeff "there's fajita stuff" and Jordan says "yay...eat that"..Jeff "you're lucky"

Jordan says "i feel like a fatty" as she doesn't want to eat..as Jeff tries to get her to eat something...

Jordan "will you heat me up a pizza" as she fell off the wagon.."will you get me the bean dip" Jordan demands ''Jeff says "Humus?'..and Jordan goes to town on that with chips...

11:30 Both J&J eating...

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11:32 BBT more J&J bickering....as Jordan complains Jeff has "no patience" with her...and admits she gets "spacey" and will "space out" but I do listen" as he accused her on not listening to himmmand she ends "i don't want to hear it"

Jeff "zip it" and Jordan: "Yeah..zip it"

after polishing off chips and humus Jordan declares "I'm full"...

11:34 BBt "why didn't I know that" as Jordan looks at the memeory wall and talks abot POV..Jordan "laura and Jesse's" was the "ugliest" Jordan says as her would be a cute alien...

{oh God} Natalie walks in..says something....Jeff polishes off the faita fixins "i wish there was more of this...who cooked it its sooo god" Jordan "you did"..Jeff "oh yeah"

11:37 BBT Kevin in HOH watching the spy screen..gets a closer look as he approaches the screen as Natalie talks to J&J..Kevin watching intently

Back in Kitchen...J&J talking about "wasted day" as Jeff saying he did not to "one productive thing"

In HOH Kevin still watching the spy screen very closely...

11:41 BBT Natalie preparing herself something to eat...as she talks small talk with Jeff...Jeff laughing and natalie says "what" and Jeff says "nothing'as he had a joke ...and Nat says "joke about what"..as Jordan comes in and announces Jeff will take he Hawaii as the asks Nat about "doin it" with her BF as Nat aks her "why don't you be his BF"

11:43 BBT

IN HOH Kevin is back to laying on the bed but is still watching the spyscreen..

11:44 BBT downstairs they talk about POV...

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11:45 BBBT Natalie eating slurping her soup....she says is "good"

In HOH Kevi still watching his spyscreen as Natalie socializes with J&J....Kevin looks like he's thinking/paranoid.....

11:48 Jordan says "i have been more sweeter this week" she tells Jeff he says "yeah I wonder why" Natalie still slurping away.....as J&J talk about food..Jordan saysing she just ate a lot "because I'm so bored"

Kevin mumbling to himself.."jeff is coming after me" and other inaudible gibberish........in HOH...

11:51 BBT...Kevin now staring strait up at the ceiling.....in deep though or paranoia {take your pick}

Downstairs More food talk as Natalie wasn't satisfied with the soup...J&J head outside.....to hammock as Jeff gets mad "why you fucking with it" about his pet praying mantis....as Jordan wants to kill it with the ball...they bicker...Jordan "calm down" and ends it with she feels like she's "gonna barf"

In HOH Natalie gives her report...J&J in Hammock.....Michele in GR as Kevin "it must suck to be Michele" as Kevin says she doesn't care..."next week she'll be paired up with Jordan" as Ntalie says she is a better partner and better they are paired up then him with Jordan as Kevin says "mmmm hmm"

11:56 BBT J&J talking about who's going home this week as Jeff says not "unless Pandora's Box has something to do with us" as Jordan realistically says "its gonna have nothing to do with it"..Jordan says he's getting his hope up and Jeff says he's just being "positive" as Jordan "don't yell" as Jeff raises his voice...

In HOH Kevin tells Nat he thought of making a calendar with saran wrap..as they place chess in HOH on the bed...

11:59 BBT J&J looking into each others eyes and seiing what they can see in "the black part" as Jeff gets excites watching Jordans eyes getting "Big and small"..Jordan gets excited too "wow..that's wierd ..did you know that" as I guess they don't understand dialation of the pupil...

12:02 "you're disrupting the balance of the hammock" Jeff bitches..."please stop bitching" she tells Jeff....Jordan wants to go to bed..Jeff says "to fool around" Jordan "NO....you know we're not going to" as he says "don't lie"

12:03 BBT J&J talking outside on the hammock..

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12:06 BBT

J&J on the hammock as Michele is playing pool..."that's michele...are you serious" as they talk ......J&J talk Malibu...Jeff saying he wants to go "fishing here" then go home and go to a "football game"...as Jeff says on the way home they'll be saying "this summer went so fast" even their days "are so long" as they talk appreciation...

12:09 Jordan wants to go to bed..as jeff says he'll "lay down" but will just crack jokes...as the laugh about the peto bismol commercial and sing.. " indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea " as they laugh and FOTH

12:12 BBT Jeff says he has "a lot of questions" when they get out of here that they are not allowed to talk about..."like how they found you" for the show...

Talking about getting back into the real life and hard it will be..Jordan says she needs to "figure out a lot of stuff"...Jordan saying she wished she would have won money prize...as Jordan wonders about taxes..on her money she's made...Jeff estmates "7 -8 thousand" after taxes as Jordan says she'll "pay off her car"..the "rrest I'm going to give to my mom" and ber bro who's been "making my car payment" while she's been in the BBH..

12:17 BBT "you wann go rock-n-rool" as they get up to go to bed..

Michele in the kitchen as J&J say nothing to her...as Jordan heads to the BR...and Jeff goes brushes his teeth

12:20 Jordan heads into bathroom as Jeff gets ready for bed...

12:22 J&J still getting ready for bed as Jordan talks about her boobs and Jeff about his "gas problem"

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12:27 BBT

K&N in HOH playing Chess..not really talking....

In BR Michele talking to Jeff talking about sleeping all day....telling her "tomorrow I need to do more productive things"..saying "i'll make a little Jeff tomorrow" out of play-doh..Michele "ooo"

12:29 BBT Jeff leaves the BR and heads into the darken SS room..as he complains he was finished plucking his brows 10 seconds after she left....Jeff hops into bed..talking how "cool" it would be to go to "disney world".."ride some rides and shit" and says nothere and says "Universal Studios" as Jordan thought it was "in Florida" as Jeff says it "might" be in there..as he explains there are rides there and is right by where they are at....

12:33 BBT mostly silent as they have seemed to really are trying to go to bed..

K&N still in HOH playing Chess

12:34 BBT Who knows where Michele is ..{Probably walking aimlessly around the house or crying in some corner somewhere}

since nothing more interesting is going on..

{i'm out for tonight...be back tomorrow}

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1:10 am BBT - J/J make-out for a lil' bit.

1:30 am BBT - K/N refine their newest lie about Michele. [Nat going to tell Jordo she heard that Jordo wanted her up as a replacement nominee... inferring that Michele betrayed Jordo by giving Nat this information.) Nat says if she has to, she'll go balls to the wall attacking Michele, if she denies.

2:00 am BBT - House guests asleep.

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10:18 AM Jor talking to Nat about her attempts to get Jeff to campaign to stay over her. Meanwhile, Mich and Jeff in the SS room, Michele says she is actually considering using the veto to take Jeff off. She says it has worked in the past (yikes!). Michele thinks that if her plan fails, maybe she'll get some sort of jury prize for being a nice person. Jeff: I would sh*t my pants if you took me off the block. Jeff saying that it's too bad they can't convince K to put up Nat.

10:20 am - Jeff says he told Nat that if they keep Jeff that he could "talk Michele down" about going after Natalie.

Jordan now in SS room with Mich and Jeff.

Jordan is in jeans and a cute top. Says she wants to be comfy. Jeff says she looks cute. Jor asks Mich to leave the room.

Jor: I was outside and I was talking to Nat. (whispering...I can't hear.) Jordan goes to find Michele says something like "...so there is no awkwardness." Jeff calls her back so she doesn't get Mich.

10:25 am (back outside with Kev and Nat). Kevin: "He doesn't know it was both of our plan" Nat: I told Jeff that Kevin has my word, integrity, etc. Nat telling Kev that Jeff told her she will go out next week if she doesn't take the deal he is offering. Nat telling K that Michele asked what she needed to do for them to trust her, "use her veto on Jeff?"

10:27 am Mich and Jor in WC "hugging it out."

Kevin asking Nat for her word and she says he doesn't need her word. (uh huh) Nat just told K she "isn't a selfish b*tch".

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10:29 am Kevin wants to "call them out" but Nat shoots him down because "Dude, you gotta let me keep getting shit from them." Thinking that if Kevin confronts them they will shut down the info with her. Nat wants to know if she looks okay for Veto ceremony - she is in the same clothes as yesterday, boy shorts and lt blue tank top while both Michele and Jordan have dressed nicely, done their hair, make-up, etc. Nat's going to put on jean shorts.

10:31 am: K called to DR. Mich outside. Jeff in SS room

Nat, Jeff, Jord in SS room talking about Michele's offer to use the veto on Jeff. (whispering, can't hear). Jordan says that she knows she is about to be put on the block and go home. Jeff tells her to stop. Jordan talking about how she doesn't think she looks good, Jeff compliments her. Tells her she looks good, calls her over. Jordan using her hands to make the "crazy" sign.

10:34 am J/J talking about Michele possibly using the veto on him. Then he would "f-ing have to drill her right in the back." Jordan says if it happens it's "God's plan." Jeff excited at the prospect of Michele using the veto on him.

10:36 am: Jeff says he told Michele she'd have his vote if she takes him off...Je: I just f-ing sold my soul.

Nat playing pool and mich sitting on a chair nearby. Mich: all I can say is that I'm not going after you next week. Kevin is at the bottom of the HOH staircase leaning out watching Nat and Mich.

Nat says she told Jeff she can't keep him. Nat thinks if Russ had stayed and won HOH he would have gone after Jeff this week. A big bug sends Nat running inside.

(all of this scrambling right before the veto is hard for a newbie like me to keep up with!)

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10:41 am: Kevin outside, Mich and Nat head back inside, Jord and Jeff in SS room.

Jeff's armpits smell like fabric softener. Jeff said they slept a lot yesterday and he is turning into Rumplestiltskin...or is that Rip Van Winkle? (to Jordan) Oh, you probably don't know, right. Jord: right.Jor says she is ready to go home. Je: I'm not homesick, I'm society sick. Wants to see the news, go out, etc. Jord wants to see her mom. Jeff, too. A week out and they could come back. They just want a weekend break and then come back.

Nat is going to finish off the fruit salad.

10:44 am Jordan says she doesn't want to be in the SH with Russ and Jess she'd rather shoot herself. Hopes she can go sit on the beach and isolate herself.

Kev and Nat in kitchen just random food talk

Jeff tells Jor don't start that whiney sh*t.

10:45 am: (Nat is talking to us, alone in the BY) Nat says they stabbed her in the back with Chima and Jessie. Taking out Jeff for Jessie or Mich for Chima. America, it's a great week for me. I didn't even have to win HOH and I still have all the power. What a great feeling. I don't have to stab no one in the back this week and I still have all the power.

Kevin to Mich: "I just wanted to throw that out there" (sorry I missed the first part of what Kev was throwing out there).

10:48 am: Nat telling Kev that Mich told her that Mich wants Jeff to stay to take out Kevin because if Jeff doesn't stay it will only be Mich going after Kevin. Nat/Kev talking about Michele flip-flopping about who she wants a F3 deal with and telling different stories about why she wants F3 with each of them.

Nat (alone again the BY): "This is so great." (chomp, chomp, slurp, slurp)

10:51 am: Nat to Kev: during the earlier convo with mich about using the veto on Jeff...Nat lead mich to believe she might vote to keep her and Mich went in and got Jeff's reassurance he would keep her. Mich came back outside and said that Jeff said he'd keep her. Nat said are you sure, over Jordan? Michele thinks yes, because she is a stronger player than Jordan.

N: The funny part is that WE put both of them (Je/Mi) up and they actually think they are both going to stay. They were planning this last night.

Nat and Kev think that Mich woke Nat up early to hit her right before the veto to catch her off-guard. Nat saying she told Mich that Jord was going up today and Jeff is going home.

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10:40 am BBT: Nat and Michele in BY... Michele is finalizing a deal with Nat to save Jeff.... Michele says that she only told Kevin what she said about wanting Nat out because she didn't think she had a chance with Nat to persuade her... Nat says so if things stay the same, Jeff goes home, you still want me out next... Michele says no, she wants Kevin out... She really wanted Kevin gone instead of Russell... Michele says backdooring Russell was a big mistake... Nat says if Russelle was still here, I think he would have gone after Jeff...

10:53 am BBT: Nat is out in the BY telling Kevin everything that has been happening... Kevin said that they offered a BS deal for them to vote out Russell and they fell for it, and now they are trying to do the same thing to them and think that they are stupid enough to fall for it... Nat laughs and says this is going to be a great week...

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10:56 am: K: You know how we look at Mich/Jeff as equals? They are looking at us the same way. Jeff is playing the "Kevin screwed me card" and this week it is all about numbers.

Nat says Jeff asked her about her committment to saving him? She says she only promised to not put him up. Jeff asked Nat to keep him safe this week because he kept her safe two weeks in a row. Saying that Jeff took Kev off instead of her and said it was a random draw and it wasn't.

Nat says that a F3 is worthless, she wants a F2 deal. F3 means she wasted her summer. Nat says that part of the game is that you make alliances and you gotta stick with them. Jessie said she is a "ride or die chick" and she is sticking with her plan. N stresses to K that he has to stick with his part at getting rid of Jeff. He says, Yeah!

Nat and Kevin don't think that Michele will use the veto on Jeff. But if she does they will easily vote her out. They think we are stupid because we would get rid of the weakest player (jordan).

Kevin: they are desperate. Their backs are against the wall like ours were. We aren't stupid enough to take their bait. Nat doesn't want Mich to use the veto on Jef because she wants him gone and next week she can beat Michele. Nat: I or you can beat Michele at endurance. They think that Jeff is stronger than Michele at physical and questions comps.

11:02 am: Nat: They think I'm young and dumb. I'll show them how dumb I am this week by getting rid of one of them. Kevin thinks this is why they are approaching Nat and not Kev.

11:04 am Nat is telling Kevin not to call anyone out on what she is saying. Kevin thinks he needs to "act concerned" that he doesn't know what they are saying to Nat and what is going on in her mind.

Nat telling Kevin: Remember the only name that should be in your mind is Jordan, Jordan, Jordan (chanting). Talking about what he is allowed to say when he makes his replacement. Nat wants to know if she should take a shower before ceremony, then talks herself out of it because everyone's getting called to DR.

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11:07 am: Nat/kev on all 4 feeds. Not sure where J/J/M are, although Jeff was just called to DR. Nat is swatting at bugs with a pillow and Kevin goes to get the raquetball raquet. Jordan is outside getting something to drink. Nat: Jordan you got all cute today." Saying something about shopping at SuperWalmart where you can even get groceries and cute clothes.

N to K: do you fart in front of your bf? K: not intentionally. N: are you kidding? me and my bf rip 'em in front of each other. Kevin says they don't intentionally rip them but they will do it if they are in the same room and it happens.

10:11 am Kevin was hoping they would evacuate them this morning so they could see the outside world. Nat says that's not happening.

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11:10 am BBT: Nothing really going on... Kevin and Nat sitting in outside, and all four cams are on them... They aren't really talking about anything... They talked for a few seconds about farting in front of their boyfriends... Kevin says they don't do it on purpose, Nat says they do (her and her boyfriend)... Kevin is called to the DR and feeds change to Jeff and Jordan... Jordan and Jeff keep telling each other how nice they look today... Jeff says he's getting more and more mad everytime he sees Kevin...

11:30 am BBT: Still quite on the western front... Nat called to the DR...

11:55 LD was called, then we got FotH... It wasn't said if it was indoor or outdoor lockdown...

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