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8/30 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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  • 2 weeks later...

920 BBT ..Jeff is being very grumpy an is on his negitive train...M is sitting in the back yard in the corner all by herself

925 BBT Jorden is on her 3rd glass of wine an Jeff asked her if shes going to drink it all...an Jorden asked M if she would like some M said sure ...she went in to get a glass..an Jorden poured more wine in her glass an said there she can have the rest...Jorden said this is the first time the cameras arent on them...lol..an jeff an m laugh because they are on them...Jorden is called to the DR an Jeff said this should be a good one...jorden said I cant go my teeth are red from the wine

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930 BBT M is telling Jeff her goal is still to have Jeff there...Jeff said WHAT she said ya we can still do this M said she thinks she can get K to put N up.....she said she can tell K MF if you dont keep Jeff Iam coming after you next week...

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951BBT ...M is all on team Jeff right now..she wants him there...she says her vote is the one that counts ..she is all giggly...I just want you here Jeff...the bad thing is maybe Jorden has to go....she wants her an Jeff final 2 ...she wants K out an N

( Iam out if someone wants to take over this positive train ride....J/M)

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10:13 BBT

Michele givin Jeff hope in staying if they get Kevin to convince Jeff to stay..."no she's not bluffing this long" Jeff says about Natalie not winning anything the whole season..

Jeff says he doesn't care to "take second"....Michele hoping Kevin has a "sense of pride" of winning past comps to think he could beat Jeff and Michele head on...

Michele "i can't go home and he can't come after me" about Kevin...

Jeff says they'll talk and Jeff says it "would be a good thing for him"...

Kevin comes out and so does Natalie...Michele and Jeff let Kevin know Jordan has drank most of the wine..

10:17 BBT Natalie plants it at the couch with her cards as Jeff goes back to the quiet depressed mode....

Michele giggling ........as Kevin offers his "Mikes Hard lemonade" ..Natale says no "don't be giving away my Mikes..that's all I drink"...Kevin "there's only 6"

Jeff and Natali talking about the game she's addicted to..Solitaire..

10:20 BBT Jeff telling Nat what he drank today including the whole bottle of wine after the POV earlier this morning..Jeff "i wish I had another 12 pack"

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10:18pm bbt

F1-Jeff and Michele in the backyard getting serious about possibility of Jeff staying. Idea is for each of them to go to Kevin and promise not to go after Kevin next week, if Michele votes for Jeff to stay and Kevin breaks the tie for Jeff to stay(assuming Natalie still votes to evict Jeff). Jeff keeps asking why Kevin would agree to this. Michele says otherwise his only hope is in Natalie winning next week for him. Jeff says for Michele to talk with him and see where his head is at...

Kevin/Natalie come outside and join them...

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10:22 BBT

Michele and Kevin talking in the HT....Michele wants to do "some crazy stuff in here" like "truth or dare" as they recount the time with Casey and his Ronnie hug...Michele "i was hiding in the kitchen the whole time"..Kevin says "now he thinks its hilarious"

Michele talking the time she was drunk and she "sat on" Kevin while he slept....he says he remembers "i wasn't totaly asleep"

10:25 BBT "the toture is done" about havenots......Michele said "28 days" was how long she was a have not....Michele says it was OK as BB hooked them up "with some cool shit" like "money falling from the sky"

10:26 Michele really giggly talking about how "hot' she thought she was in her "astronaut suit" as Kevin said he tried to "moonwalk" after POV because he thought "i did good" but was "second to last"

"i was spilling my heart out for an hour" as a "drunk as fuck"{Jeff words} Jordan comes out....she professed her love for Jeff...saying "I did" when Nat asks her...she spilled her wine all over the blanket muumuu she wears..

10:29 BBT Jordan wants to talk to Jeff in the green room and he goes...

Kevin telling Michele he feels Natalie "might get rid of me" as Michele goes "i know she doesn't like me" and Michele says she has a lot of friends in the Jury...

10:32 BBT Jordan crying saying she was so bad under pressure....as she tells Jeff "you got out all the big players" and she tells Jeff he deserves to be her "over me"...."I should leave"...."yoo need to talk to Kevin"...

Jeff saying "I don't think they want to keep me" and tells him she will be mad if he "doesn't campaign for votes"

10:34 BBT Michele telling Kevin "she" {i missed it }is my target next week...as they talk about jury votes...Michele says Jordan is a threat for me because she hasn't done nothing...and might make it to the end...Next week Michele says about HOH..."i play to win" as Kevin says it would be a "toss up" saying it would play out "4-3" rather a blow out...and says even with Jeff it would be a toss up "as well"..

10:37 BBT Michele says "i'm pissed off at Jeff for sending Russell home"..she lies as Kevin says between him and Jeff "it would be a toss up too".......Natalie picking Jordan at the end "is a high probability" Kevin says...

Michele asks "nothings a done deal" about Jeff eviction and he says no...

10:39 BBT Michele playing up the Kevin.."its all up to you"....."since I can't be sent home"........and she gets to play HOH and givs him a final three deal if "you send Jordan home"....

Michele says Natalie has to know "i'm not on her side"....and has promises the her or Jeff will not come after him......Kevin says "its concerning" he looks "beyond broken".....as Michele says to give him some days.."he's a strong competitor" Michele says "but he has his weaknesses" as she says there are a lot of "mental" comps...

10:42 BBT Kevin thinks Jeff would win round 1 as Michele says there are tricks to making people quit endurance...

10:43 BBT "you are in a bad spot next week" Michele tells Kevin.....he says "i know"

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10:44 BBT

Micheleas if he wants someone is disposable aor someone who wants to take you...as Kev sats Jeff is broken over his betrayal....as they both says "its big Brother" and you're suppose to go back on your word...

Michele really pulling Kevi in making sure his options are few with Natalie...."if Natalie takes Jordan to the end" ..I will "vote for Jordan" Kevin says as Michele convinces him Natalie will still win...even Lydia will vote for Nat..as Kevin concedes that..

Kevin says all his scenarios has Michele in the "final three"

Kevin assures her if he wins veto Michele will be safe...

10:48 BBT Kevin "have no fucking chance" as they talk about Natalies strong points in the game...

Kevis says "i never thought of you as a uber villian" about Michele talking about all the people that hate her and Kevin calls them "haters"

10:49 BBT talking about how glad Ronnie isn't on the Jury..

Michele talk about natalie giving her stuff..and Kevin "she's working Jordan like crazy"

10:51 BBT "there 5 days to think about it" kevin says as Michele says she will vote for Jeff to stay...as Michele says he chances are slim and Kevin says his "are slimmer" and talk about getting in a "lifeboat" and get off that ship..

Kevin telling Michele Jordan "wants to go home"....as Michele reassures him he has her vote as Jordan doesn't "talk to me" and "lies" to her..

10:53 BBT Michele says she always pushed for Natalie to go..Kevin saying him and Natalie never were "a duo"..as she understands he had no choice but to team up..

10:54 BBT Out come Natalie..."what I miss"

Jordan says she will be pissed if Jeff wins she better get her earring and her trip to hawaii

10:55 they leave the Green room..

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10:56 BBT

At the HT talking about J&J kissing tonight but no sex as Jordan wouldn't do that .....

10:57 BBT Kevin and Natalie are at the HT alone talking about the booze she drank.....Jeff comes out and says he checked the SR for booze..there's none

Come on...."I'm not plastered enough" Michele says.....Jeff says Jordan "is platered'

10:58 BBT "its so Girly" about Mike's HL..as natalie says she might drink it tonight..

natalie says they won't find out about there money until "monday" as "accounting is closed" on the weekends...as Jeff wonders if there more to it than just getting a check.....

Jeff says what was the point of finding Kevin and just take money... as michele says the HOH could says "i nominate this greedy bitch..and that greedy bitch" as Jeff hopes there is more to it with the Key he found ..like "safety"

11:01 BBT "who the fuck" is not gonna get him >Natalie says ":greedy people" and Jeff says if it happened now he would says "fuck" him and get more money

11:03 BBT Natalie hoping the money isn't a "luxury" competition.....Michele being silly saying she wants to win a "penguin suit" and says she wouldn't be able to swim but will have 'to live in the freezer"

Natalie says Jeff should try to convince Michele "to use the veto on you" as Jeff asks her for a vote and says she would as long as Jeff takes her to the "final 2" asnd het Michele to vote...

11:07 BBT...Jeff says he has options about what deal to take....natalie tells him that the person who wins the veto "has all the power"....HOH gets "saftety and a room"...Jeff what would be the incentive to keep me..and Natalie says not to "send me home" next week for a vote..and says he has to promise michele the same...

Natalie "i don't trust Michele" and Jeff saying he doesn't either....

11:10 BBT Jeff saying Jrdan p[ushing for him to campaign.."she is too nice"...Jeff saying taking him to the finals "anyone's best chance"...as Natalie says Michele says the same thing if she stays..Jeff "well she's staying"..as Jeff discusses his few options...

Natalie says his options are bad for either Michele or Kevin to keep him...Jeff "i think I have a shot with Michele...I think" Natalie "do you"...

11:12 BBT Michele comes back out...as she is in her bikini to go "deep sea diving" as she sticks her feet in the HT as Jeff says "what about deep sea fishing"

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11:17 BBT

Jordan slurring as she walks through the house with her towel on sayiing "it feels so much later" than the actual time.

Kevin preparing himself something to eat..while outside Ntalie and Jeff play solitaire and Michele plays in the HT..Kevin joins them outside..

11:20 BBT Michel jumps into the pool....as Jordan saunters around the house..

No significant convos going on...

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11:23 BBT

Natalie trying to convince Jeff Michele doesn't want to keep him {unaware of Jeff/Michele convo from earlier}

Jeff saying he has a better chance at HOH than Jordan to keep Kevin safe...

11:25 BBT Jordan makes it outside..Jeff "you feel alright" as she slurs "you guys playin' solitaire" ...Jeff "michele went swimming" as Michele giggles "he he he"....

Jordan clutching her blanket muumuu like a security blanket as she stares at Jeff playing solitaire...

11:27 BBT Michele's back in the HT as Kevin is mostly silent looking like he's thinking...

11:29 BBT.."Michele please treat your microphone with respect" as Michele laughs...Michele is back in the pool...

Jordan goes back in the house......"where you going Jordan" as Jeff goes into the house....

Natalie to Kevin "it started" Kevin "what?" ..Natalie "campaigning has started" as kevin says "you want to play pool" and she says sure...

11:32 BBT Jordan back out as natalie says she'll drink the Mikes when they drink....but won't do it now because she doesn't like drinking alone..

11:34 BBT Kev/Nat playing Pool..Michele Playing in the pool and Jordan sitting drunk on the couch...

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11:35 BBT

Natalie saying she only had trouble "on Casey" but not on the rest about POV MOrph..saying "i would have won" had she not wasted a "minute and a half" as Natalie is just beligerently saying she would have won...."i wanted that entertainment set dude" Natalie...

11:37 BBT Natalie still going on "i would have won" to Kevin as she starts out loud again { this girl always has a million excuses for her many comp failures when a simple "I suck" would suffice}

11:39 BBT Feeds are FOTh while Jordan is scolded for talking about production...

11:41 BBT Jordan is laying down on the couch as she says "you wanna cook somethin" Jeff "what'da you want" and asks Michele if she wants some too and then Kevin and Natalie...everyone says yes....

11:43 BBT Michele has exited the water

11:44 BBT Jeff asks what she wants and Jordan says "Pizza?...that's it"..as Jordan pulls out the Digiorno as Jeff asks what else she wants on it..as Jordan "don't yell at me" as Jordan starts putting stuff away in the kitchen....Jeff asks what they want as Jeff says "i want to make it fun" as he asks 'what'd ya want" olives....extra cheese..

11:47 BBT Kevin/Nat play pool..

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11:49 BBT

Natalie wants to make a final three with Kevin and Michele..Natalie says "its either a yay or nay" and Michele says "nay"

Michele goes in.....Kevin tells Michele wants Jeff to stay to get Natalie out.....as Natalie ays "she told Jordan the same thing" about Kevin needs to go...

Kevin tells Michele told him she might vote to keep Jeff...Natlie "don't fuck me" if she votes to evict Jeff and he keeps him...

Natalie goes on about Her and Jeff's convo...as Kevin "they had already talked about it..guaranteed"....

11:53 BBT Kevin and Natalie talk about their respective convos with Michele and Jeff....Kevin says michele said "is 100% gunning after to you" about Natalie...."i want to get Natalie out"....

Kevin they are trying "different angles" to keep Jeff as Natalie "100% Jeff's gone" and Kevin says yes...

11:56 BBT Natalie mad she looked like "a jackass" because Michele wants her out as she tried to make a final three deal..."why didn't you tell me"...Kevin "who cares"

11:57 BBT talking about getting Jeff out as he says "you need to win HOH" {Just like Jeff told Jordan last Thursday..good luck with that}

11:59 BBT Jeff preparing the pizza....

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12:03 BBT

Jordan seems to be in a bad mood as Jeff says "you're going to town on those chips" as Jeff stares at her.."what"....

michele: "you looked bummed Jordo"

12:05 BBT...Outside Kevin/Nat talking....about Jury votes "michele will win" Natalie says and if Kevin gets evicted next week Natalie says she is "taking Jordan"

Natalie says she will "deny deny" if Michele tells Jeff and Jordan about the final three deal..Kevin "we were kidding" is what they should say....saying "bitch there is no chance" for a final three and were kidding...

Natalie says "i think I'm going to be straight up" she is voting him out...."i can't vote for you" because "you're a strong competitor"...saying Jordan will feel "super betrayed"....Ntalie says she'll tell Jeff soon..

12:09 BBT Back inside..Jordan....saying Natalie will win and the lightbulb finally goes on Jodan babbles on.......as Jordan thinks Natalie will vote with them as Michele says there is not chance of that...Michele says the only thing she knows "i'm not going home"

Jordan asking Michele why she felt betrayed by J&J as Michele says she "heard shit" as Michele says Jeff speech at POV last week as Jeff called her and Russ as liars..Michele says the whole situation "was awkward"....as Jeff gets defensive.."the whole house knew".........as Jeff still going on he has no answers..

12:16 BBT Jordan blabbering on about betrayal....saying "i've been the nicest person"......Michele says she told Kevin to put you up not she would put HOH so she could win POV to take one of them off.......Jordan saying "keep" Jeff and "go to the final two" and "win this"...Jordan "i'll fight for HOH but I don't know what'll happen"

12:19 BBT Jordan going on like a drunk {idiot} person...just going on and on....making no sense....Michele says "kevin's a smart guy" and knew that any other move would put Natlie in danger..as Jordan going on about Kevin said she put J&J up..Jordan slurring "it was like a slap in the face" {a slap in the face is extaclty waht Jordan needs}

12:22 Kevin comes in Jordan "talking about the big brother game" she tells him

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12:24 BBT

Natalie telling Jeff "i can't keep you" as Jeff says if he stays he'l have her back and will convince Michele to vote out Kevin "next week' as Natalie doesn't want to "fuck" Kevin...

Jeff says "it makes no sense" to keep Kevin..as Natalie says she can't get michele's assurance.....as natalie is worried....Jeff says "if I win..he gone' as he says "do you want Jordan playing for you...don't think so" as natalie goes on about how afraid she is of Michele...as Jeff says he and michele will have her back next week.

12:27 BBT Jeff says they will talk outside later..

"you have all week to think about it" as Jeff says "the odds" are the same...as Jeff says "100% bullshit" that he's coming after her next week...

12:30 BBT still in kitchen as Natalie says michele is crazy saying "making a final three" with them as Jeff says "that's what you guys said"....as Natalie tries to lie.......saying it would like "making a deal with the devil"

12:32 BBT Kevin comes down....gets some pizza...as Michele comes back in...as Jeff and natalie head outside...

12:33 BBT...Kevin and Michele in the kitchen.....talking about the awkward deal of final three offer and her denial...

Kevin saying she problem started a night of scheming and her refusal of the final 3...Kevin "i don't even know if she was serious" about Nata's final three offer..

They are talking about twitter as Kevin says she doesn't really use it and doesn't know what to say...

12:37 BBT Michele goes on about possible twitter Q&A....and some of hers gets BB warning..

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12:39 BBT

Kevin and Michele talking...as Kevin says its a "toss up' and why think to be about winning..as Michele says Natalie knows I'm going for her so she's going for me....

12:41 BBT Kevin thought people were coming after Natalie as Michele wanted her to go but never "got my way"

12:42 BBT JH talk...."russell or the character that's playing Russel is in te JH" and Michele "who is Russell"

Michele saying in real life "I'm is way more dorkier" and Kevin says he's dorky and likes dorky people as michele says her husband is a "total geek" and "i love it" as Kevin talks about his brother being "super smart" a computer programer...and says "i can ask him anything......" FOTH

12:45 BBT FOTH

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12:48 BBT

Feeds return as Michele talking about learning different languages...as Kevin says his mom tried to teach them but gave up as it was "too late"...by the time they asked..

12:49 BBT Michele says this was the first time she had the Di Giorno pizza because she has been on slop so much..

Kevin heads outside to where Nata and Jeff are talking...

12:51 BBT Kevin and Natalie telling Jeff to get Michele to use the POV on Jeff rather than herself.....Jeff can't even believe they are even entertaining the thought.."are you crazy"...and Jeff says "that's not gonna happen"...as natalie says "we'll be hereos" to get her to do it...Jeff walks in ...as Natalie says "give her the talk" as Natalie goes on how to do it {not even J&J are that dumb}

12:55 BBT Jeff telling Michele...Jeff saying kevin think it isn't an option as Jeff says he would play for both of them...as both would not be my target...as Jeff says "if I won" 100% would not be a target...as Jeff says both would have to go against Kevin..."what ever option keeps you here is the option I'll go for" Michele says..

Michele says "yeah" when Jeff asks if she wants Natalie out...

Michele "my target was never" Jeff or Jordan....

12:58 BBT Jeff campaigning saying both would have to vote "keep it out of Kevins hand" and says he has a good chance of winning HOH/POV....Jeff says Natalie told them she made final three and Michele says "no" they made it and told them "no"....

Michele agrees she'll give the nod to assure she won't go after natalie..Michele agree whatever....to keep Jeff inn..

1:00 Jeff gos back outside and says "she agreed to give me the veto but I have to give her my hawaiin vacation" he jokes..

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1:02 BBT

Natalie and Kevin talking about getting Michele using the veto on Jeff..Jeff "i don't think she's that stupid" as Kevin "it could work"...as Kevin believes she will totally do what he wants..

Jeff calling them" cuckoo for coco puff" about their stupid plan to get Michele to use her veto on him....

1:04 They continue their stupid plan about getting her to use their plan to use the veto on Jeff {this is so stupid i refuse to even type anymore}

1:06 BBT Inside Jeff is changing clothes..in SS room...

Jeff heads back outside to listen to the morons....this time they have Jordan....as Jordan calling Michele "a crazy bitch" as they go over the plan to use the veto on Jeff....

1:11 BBT "you think she'll go for that" Jordan says as Natalie says Jeff needs to kiss her ass "kiss her" do whatever he needs to do..even Jordan {the dumbest person in BB} says it won't work...

1:15 BBT they keep talking about the plan...

Jordan telling Kevin and Natalie not to trust Michele...

{I'm out ........be back tomorrow}

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1:15am and after.... Kevin, Nat and Jordan are all on outside couches and Jordan telling them that no matter if her or Jeff goes that they cannot trust Michelle and that Kevin needs to talk shit about Jordan to Michelle and tell her that her using the veto on Jeff is a top secret deal, they are laughing and saying if they pull this off it will be the best move ever in bb history... Nat telling Kevin that he needs to tell Michelle that this is her good faith to show him she really wants to be in the final 3 with him and Jeff, Nat says and then Kevin will put me up and Kevin will tell her how Jordan doesn't know anything and we will make Michelle think you (Jordan) going and you and jeff can vote out Michelle. 15 minutes later they are all still talking about Michelle and Jordan telling them about how she thinks Michelle likes Jeff and Kevin saying she is in love with Jeff and she has some jealousy towards Jordan... Jordan had told Nat that Michelle said she wasn't trustworty and Nat gets pissed, "you fucked chima over and I'm not trustworthy? You talked shit about everyone and I'm not trustworthy?" They are all swapping stories about all the stuff Michelle has told them, like how she is playing the "take me to the end cuz no one likes me on the jury" game.... Jordan says well she did tell me that Russ told her before he left if she made it to the end she would get his vote.

Jordan changes the story to how Jeff has grown on her and Nat says are you gonna make out with him tonight it may be your last chance, Jordan just laughs and smiles and says "I told Jeff don't get mad if I'm up your ass this week, I am just gonna miss being around you" Jordan says no matter what I have made a very very good friend.... Nat trying to tell Kevin to go inside and talk to Mich and Kev saying I am not going to talk to her unless Jeff is on board... Nat is saying Jeff will be on board, Jordan says he will be, Nat says Kev is just saying that Jeff is acting like he doesn't care so why should Kev, Jordan says Jeff is just depressed right now both kev and nat says well it has to happen now, its now or never... on cue, Jeff comes out and Nat says Jeffro and Jeff says don't even start... He says to Jordan "you stole my cup" Jordan says your not gonna even try, Jeff says no what for, it's pointless, Jordan says why, jeff says cuz it's just pointless, i'm not russell i'm not gonna bend over backwards, i've got enough shit up my ass and i'm not gonna take another one... jordan says your gonna piss me off if you don't, Jeff says I'm not gonna do it, I've done enough dumb shit in this game, I'm kind of exhausted and then says like he is talking to Michelle "ok use the veto on me" are fucking crazy as he looks at Jordan... Jordan says "well then your a sorry loser" Jeff says "dool, then I'll be a sorry loser, are you fucking out of your mind, use the veto on me?" Jordan says yeah she probably would Jeff, Kev at the same time says it's happened before Jeff, Jeff says then you fuckin tell her to do it, Jordan says "no Jeff because she likes you" Kevin says "she's in love with you" Nat jumps in with Kevin will say it first but then you have to be on board with it jordan says "she likes you" Jeff says in a very irritated voice "she's not gonna fucking do it, she has said it fifty times, she just told me in there well i'm obviously gonna keep the veto, i'm not stupid i'm gonna keep the veto and I didn't even say anything, she just keeps saying that" Jordan says yeah but if kevin talks to her... Jeff says go ahead, kevin can do whatever he wants... jordan says kevin isn't going to do it unless your on board... Jeff gets animated and says of course i'm on board, give me the fucking veto, what you think i'm gonna say no? Jordan says well then let kevin try, jeff say go ahead do whatever you want to do, jordan says well then you need to start flirting or doing something because you know she's like "jeeeeffff... blah blah blah" (nat in backround saying yep, yep) and Nat says and you need to be like "oh michelle, you look so pretty today" jordan saying yeah, yeah... jeff says hmmm uh huh, jordan says you need start kissing her ass, make her laugh, make her think she has your trust.... jeff says "cool so trick her, take the veto, evict her, another big player and then take it up the ass next week and i go home huh? I mean why doesn't somebody else evict somebody?" jordan says ok were not on the negative train right now, jeff says i'm not either but i'm not on Jupiter either, i'm on Earth, you should try it. (fyi... meanwhile michelle in ss room in deep thought) Jordan gets loud and says ok Jeff listen its either me or you going home ok, jeff says i've come to terms with that, jordan says yeah but it doesn't hurt to try, but if your gonna sit here and be negative about it, jeff says negative? lets do an option that is from this fucking planet. jordan says we are not gonna be able to, jeff says someone is gonna give away their veto, jordan, nat and kevin say its happened before almost in stereo, jordan says fucking kiss her ass, nat says yeah if you make her think your in love with her, jordan says yeah you remember he telling us she has more guy friends then girl friends, nat says dude anytime you have told her to back off she gets like real upset, kevin says she has told me that she has been crying in the DR, nat says yeah me too, she said she has been because she doesn't feel i'm as close to jeff, jeff says ok so i'm gonna get the veto from her, save myself and make everyone else happy and stick it back in her ass? they all three yes and you stay, jeff says yeah i stay and she goes home? nat says would you rather it be you then her? it gets quiet for a few seconds and jeff says i don't know, i don't know if i want to pursue that avenue.... Jordan says why??? it's dumb if you dont...

jeff says is it, jordan says YES!! jeff says number 1 it will never happen, nat says it has in another season, jeff says and if she was nice enough to do that, i wouldn't stick back up somebody's ass, other people might, i wouldn't do it... jordan says... jeeeefff trryyyy.... jeff says i don't give a fuck for 10 million dollars i'm not gonna do that to somebody, money doesn't fucking mean everything to me, im not gonna be like sell myself out give me the veto then stick it right back up there ass, that's not who i am (i just got a little bit of a crush on jeff) you fucking do it, i'm not doing it... Jordan said I would do it but it wouldn't work if it was me, it only works for you... jeff says it's not gonna work any way and if it did im telling you right now i would not do that, im not that person and i'm not selling out, i keep my fucking word, im not gonna sell out, someone gives me a nice gesture and says heres the veto i'm gonna use it on you and put it right back up their ass?? no, i don't need the money that bad, so i look like a fucking complete asshole?? jordan says no its part of playing the game (btw.. kevin chewing his lips off and getting uncomfortable and nat just playing cards the whole time this is going on, two other feeds on michelle in ss room chewing on her thumb and staring at ceiling in deep thought)

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continued..........1:38am bbt.... jeff says its not part of the game, it part of being a huge asshole.... so everybody else is happy? i should have won, thats all, that would have been the better option. i didn't, it hurts. jordan says i still think you should try kevin, nat says drop it jordan its not happening, kevin says not happening. jordan says to jeff you don't think you would like to see what might happen... jeff says you guys can do whatever you want, nat says it doesn't matter he doesn't want that, kevin says if he's not on board then i'm not gonna do it ... jeff says she would not, you guys are crazy... jordan whines, you don't know that jeff, nat says marcelles did it, jordan says she's been crying in the DR because of what you said, don't you noticed that before and the other times she always cares about what you said, nat says when you told i'm sorry last night you were just upset and congratulations you won fair and square, she was so happy cuz she was like oh yeah, he likes me again, kev says remember when you told her you look like a model when shes all skinny, she was fucking skipping through this house as if she won 10 thousand dollars... jordan says seeeee, why don't you just try it just to see... jeff says just to see what, that i can influence someone else's mind to fuck over, kevin sayin yes, you need to fuck her over is what we are saying, jeff says no i have already fucked over so many times in this game, i don't want to do it to somebody else... jordan says she's gonna fuck us over, kevin laughs and says guarantee, guaranteed.

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1:41am bbt... continued.......... jeff says well you know what we all got fucked over when we didn't win, nobody won, we lost, i lost, not we..... jordan says you honestly wouldn't do that, jeff says no i wouldn't.... jordan says even if you knew you would stay another week for final four you wouldn't do it?... jeff says no, i persued other avenues to make final four, it didnt work out, they didn't work out, i'm not gonna use some kind of influence on her to make her give me a beautiful gesture, and heres the veto so you can stay and then fucking send her packing.. nat says you wouldn't have to vote for her to go, only jordan would have to vote for her or only I would have to vote for her, jeff says first of all she is NOT doing it.. jordan says you don't know that, nat says you wouldn't even have to vote for her jeff, jordan says you never know what could happen, don't you think you would be hitting yourself over the head if you didn't know that? jeff says no i don't, because she told me 5 times already before we even talked, jordan says yea but you don't know if kevin talked to her, she'd make a final 3 deal with you and kevin, she wants it to be you and kevin and her in the final 3 and me and natalie out cause i'm basically dead weight.... jeff says well i'm fucking out too, kevin says she basically wants me to vote to keep you in and i'm like oh that's an interesting option and before i knew about this idea i told michelle that my only concern is that jeff is so pissed at me for even nominating him that the first chance he gets he's gonna go back on it, so then Natalie has this idea of well unless we can give like a gesture to jeff, like getting you off the block, then thats the only way i would feel safe enough to go thru with the plan of keeping jeff in the house..... a long silence ....kevin says it's just an idea, you don't have to do it, we are just ... jordan says why don't you just try... nat says "jordan" (like a mother to a child)... jeff says to jordan why don't you try, why didn't you try harder yesterday? why don't you try, i could tell you the same thing, jordan says i did try, jeff says why didn't I try harder? Why don't we talk about "what if" situations jordan says i would have, i would do it if i knew it would work for me, buts its not gonna work for me, its would work for you... jeff said that good and i can get some more blood on my hands, i've fuckin sent home enough people, you guys can fuckin deal with her now, im out, good luck

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1:44am bbt..... con't........ you guys got it this easy now, you guys should be fucking thanking me not fucking making me make more people bleed as he gets up and walks away, jordan says your pissing me off jeff says well everyone else should be fucking happy cuz i sent home the strongest people in this game... as he goes inside the house. kevin says thats the end of that, nat says that aint happening, jeff is going home jordan.... jordan says why is he being such a fucking asshole, kevin says he just doesnt want to do it....nat says which is fine it just means he's going home, that's all it means jordan, spend your week with jeff wisely cuz he is going home... at this point they all start talking about how they know michelle would do it and why

jeff goes into the ss room asks michelle what she is doing, she says napping, he says i did that today, she asks what he is doing, he says smoking as he walks out

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1:47am jeff comes back out and says he doesn't want to hear anymore, both nat and kev say they are dropping it, jordan says she's not, jeff tells jordan she wouldn't have to balls to do that to some guy who liked her so quit trying to tell him to do it...kevin goes inside and into the hoh room and puts on headphones........ jeff tells nat that kev is where he is because of him, kev is sitting pretty because of him, nat tries to tell jeff kev just did this to make her happy, jeff says people need to quit trying to make other people happy, nat says she just means that he didn't want to do anything to upset her, jeff says that is kevs problem he doesn't do anything, jeff says he has never done anything to fuck me but then he gets a chance and he fucks me over? nat says well i am loyal and if i would have won hoh i would have stuck with the plan (liar) and that she came up with this to try to get jeff to stay... jeff says like you would do that, you would be nice to some guy and get the veto from him and stick up his ass, nat says, again, you dont have to stick it up her ass, just get her to use the veto and kevin will vote her out in the tie so your really not doing anything... jeff says it's a great plan if someone else does it but you guys wouldnt do it, jordan keeps trying to tell him it will only work with him, nats says if you don't care then he's not gonna do it, jordan says then he will go home, jeff says or i wont, jordan says then i will, jeff says one of us is, pick your poison... jeff says then work her for her vote to stay here, i did what i could, it didn't work, i can't do anything else, the options are not in my hands, i have no control, its not in my hand.... jordan says you might be able to get her to do this, jeff says yeah that is great, in a perfect world, jordan arguing the point that michelle does not want her or nat, just the boys...... nat says are you saying if its down to you or her you would prefer her? jeff says im saying its not in my hands is it, who would you prefer? nat says if it was between me and someone i would prefer my ass to stay, jeff says i would screw her in the game but im not working someones emotions and stick it up their ass, nat says i will vote her out and you vote to keep her and kevin decides.... jeff says she is not gonna give up the veto, jeff says you could have tried harder and you didn't, you didnt, i didnt so thats it..... geez how many people you want me to take her out, jordan says kevin would decide.... jeff says there is other avenues, nat says if you do this you have 2 chances, kevin only has one chance, jordan says why dont you try???? jeff says i'm not doing it, no way, kevin can sell the story without me, nat says he wont do it without you, jeff says go yell at kevin to ask michelle if she says go fuck yourself then fine, why dont you yell at him to at least try to ask her, nat says not without your being on board, jeff says i am on board give it to me, you dont need me, get him to ask her and ill say yes when she gives it to me. (they are beating a dead horse)

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