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8/29 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

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8:45 BBT

Feed 1/2- Nat and Kev playing Chess in the HoH.

8:48 BBT

Feeds switch...Splish Slash room.Jordo comes in to tell Jeff that her and Mich were washing dishes and that and two aliens came out and and scare her

Jeff believes it because they open Pandora's box. Jeff said that it is because he heard noises and didn't pay attention to him. Jeff claims that he won't look at any of the mirrors so he won't get scared. Talk turns to veto

Jo: If your gone, I'll die

Je: Yeah keep thinking that way so maybe you'll try.

Jo: but you're my BFF

Mich comes in:

Yeah, I saw it in the BR. It had a green face and i said hi

Je: It because of pandoras box

Jordan went to tell kevin

Jeff is convinced it is because of "pandoras Box"

(lol...haven't we seen this before...If I were a HG, I would really start paying attention)

Jeff said that he wants to see one of these things...they agree they can't take a nap now.

8:56 BBT


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8:58 BBT

Jeff goes to HOH room, they talk about how ppl are seeing faces

One just popped out in HOH mirror, Kev sees, jumps and screams, the Jeff does

Nat said she is not scared.

( sorry for the break in writing, I was watching the space shuttle launch)

9:03 BBT

All but Mich in BR, Jeff said he saw the two aliens. Kev leaves

They all think that the box had something to do with the aliens

Jeff keeps saying he needs to win

now talk is turning to the scenarios, then an another sighting

Jordan sees them again, she is the only one that seems to keep seeing now.

they keep thinking about the box.

They seem to be excited about the aliens


Jeff to Jo in BR: We need to win cause we can't trust anyone else"

One pops up in BR mirror again, j/j get kev, he sees one and jumps again.

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10:12 BBT

Splish Splash room Kevin Natalie, Jeff and Jordan talking about the "padora's Box" comp..Jeff accusing Natalie of lying to him about the HOH being lock and she "put things in my head" and says "its over" if he gets penalized ....

Paranoid Jeff in full effect as he says 'as soon as I found that key" she was on his ass......Talking about during "the competition" Natalie sais they would split the money as Jeff says he was looking for the key as she says she "couldn't tell" about the comp....

Jeff talking about how Natalie wanted them to split the money while she "looked for the key" as Jeff said "I didn't know what it was"........

10:18 BBT Kevin eneters from the DR as the hound him for clues "i don't know anything" he whines...

"Alien abuduction"....Kevin says maybe it means a "trip" as Natalie whishfully thinks its a trip "to the final four"...Jeff called to DR as Kevin says "jeff is so paranoid"

Jordan says she gets a kick out of Natalie and Jeff bickering..

Kevin said if he saw that much money around.."i'd be scrambling" as they try to figure out "padora's box"

10:21 BBT...Kevin says this is gonna have something to do with something like a "have not"..as Jordan says they will "be a price to pay" as Natalie says "you're reading too much into it" as they discuss the "box" as when he said he stuck in in "I screamed like a bitch" Kevin says "like a 12 year old school girl"

10:23 BBT Jeff back.."they told me something too..now were on the same page" he bullshits..

Jordan "they haven't told me nuthin'"...

10:24 natalie "he doesn't know jack shit"

Michele in Green roon all my herself..

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9:53 bbt K and N studying the faces on the memory wall. Kevin covers up different parts of the HGs faces to isolate what people's eyes, noses look like.

Meanwhile J/J talking about upcoming comp Jord hopes it's not a puzzle since she is not good at those.

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10:25 BBT

Natalie saying the workers are "so loud" as Natalie heard "hey mike or hey mark"....

Jeff stomachs growls and can be heard..."wow" Jordan says as Jeff says his stomach is "doing cucarachas"

Jeff hoping the POV will have "stun gun" and fly asteroids..

10:27 BBT Michele looking really sad in the GR...

10:28 BBT "where's Michele" natalie asks.....no one answers..as the lay on the bed in the SS room....Jeff "i think we're gonna get funky ass costumes" as Jeff is worried about getting "penalized".......as Know it all Natalie....tells of the Dan helicopter Ride as Natalie insists BB does Random comps...

Natalie saying she's "devil advocate" as she bitches "I can't win" when she gets into in with Jeff...

10:31 BBT Jeff complaining after being on the block when he was promised he wasn't going to be...Natalie says she was on the block for 4 weeks and says its different "I reassured you you were safe" and Natalie and I haven't ..and Jeff says "that's not the point"

10:33 Kevin says toninghts night pov "will be so much fun" and Jordan nods in agreement..

Natalie asks Michele what are you doing in here as she eneters the GR and Michele says "getting my game face on"

10:34 BBT Jeff gets up to brush his teeth......Natalie goes in...and washes up..

Michele talking and smiling to herself as she lets out a belch or two....finally gets up and leaves..

10:37 BBT Back in sSS room as Natalie says Michele's "clothes smell because she doesn't wash em".....as talk turns to candy.....Jeff says "i'm dying to know what's up"

Kevin saying he was only one scared about the aliens.."i almost jumped into Jeff's arms"

10:40 POV talk

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10:12 bbt (just wanted to add) Jeff and Natalie bickering about what happened during the HOH twist event was VERY funny... reminded me of Abbott/Costello Who's On First skit... worthly of a Flashback if you missed it... they both are saying they are right about whether the HOH door was locked or not... Natalie tried the door, it was locked, she told Jeff it was locked, but when he went up it was unlocked... He is now trying to explain why he felt she was lying, and she is trying to explain that she was not lying... On top of that, Natalie started following Jeff around during the event asking if he wanted to split the money... now he is reliving his thought process, in classic Costello saying he didn't even know what she was talking about splitting the money...

10:34bbt while Jeff was brushing teeth, Kevin was alone in pool room with Jordan

K: Jordan, I just want you to know there is no plan to back door you

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10:27PM BBT: During the Showtime Afterdark show Big Brother mistakenly gives us a glimpse of what will most likely prove to be part of the veto competition set. Jeff, Jordan, Natalie and Kevin are laying in the pool room hanging out and discussing possible competition scenarios. One guess is the comp will have something to do with space since they
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10:42 BBT

Natalie leaves because Jeff is "driving me insane" as her and Kevin leave..

J&J alone..on the bed in SS room...Jeff still hoping he will get something "for finding that key" as Jordan says "it wouldn't be fair" to get a head start...as Jeff says because she didn't go up because "you were greedy" as Jeff is "acting like Russell" with with fake paranoia...

10:45 BBT Jordan "you have no faith in me" and hopes she wins it so he can "kiss my ass" about her winning...Jeff says "don't be a smart ass" and tells her to "get focused' and Jordan whines she is...

10:46 BBT Jeff not really listening to Jordan as he asks Jordan to rubs his back and Jordan says no because he wouldn't rub her arm...

Jordan "no communication...all we do is argue" about them being a team..


They hear Michele and start whispering..Jordan whispers in Jeff's ear...inaudible....

10:50 BBT Jordan thinks Jeff liked her "more in the beginning" and says he's "getting nervous" and has less time to "fuck around" with her.. as they argue over who's using who and Jordan "you're my BFF" and says she disn't using him..

Jordan rubbing his back as the joke about their POV wil be like....."you look tan" Jordan says...

10:52...Jordan does a childhood rant...on Jeff.....

10:53 BBT Upstairs Kevin "natalie you gotta win veto" as he tells Natalie "you need to start winning shit".....as they talk about going to "final three" and if both are final three together..we'll be final two"

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right before 10:50bbt when Jordan was whispering in Jeff's ear... she was updating Jeff on what Kevin told her earlier, saying Kevin said there is no plan to backdoor Jordan



(I am truely LOL here)

Jeff laying on his stomach with his shirt up, Jordan rubbing his back... but she is doing some sort of kids rhyme thing while rubbing his back, says her and her sister would do it at night before going to bed...

x marks the spot, circle in the dot, comma comma coma comma snake runs up and bites you down runs the blood, tight squeeze, cool breeze, now you've got the chill'es

she starts another one while pounding on his back saying...

people dying, children crying

Jeff freaks out, asking if she's doing some sort of voodoo chant

She tries to explain they are sayings her and others would do when she was in elementary school. He says don't be doing that right before POV, she needs to do something positive(it's funny to see and hear his reaction, he's so paranoid!)

We get some FOTH, come back to Jordan drawing a picture with her finger on Jeff's back. He guesses it's a day at the beach, but she says it's a sunflower, and asks if that's happy enough... she continues rubbing his back

meanwhile on F3/4 in the HOH, Kevin and Natalie are playing chess while Michele zones out on music

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BBT Jeff and Jordan playing around with risiculous games in bed..as Jeff thinks he's "cursing " him and BB gives a warning about her singing..as Jeff really believes they're Curses...Jeff wants an anti curse one..

10:57 BBT

Kevin and Natalie still upstairs playing chess..

Jordan still playing with Jeff's back...

11:00 Jordan asks 'why do they have to check you're balls" during physicals..Jeff explains what and why they check for herinia to numbskull

11:03 BBT does more relative talk tonight creamation, burial and death..as Jeff says he doesn't want to hear stories about"death" or "negative shit" as he gets mad.."tell me something positive" he snaps at her...

Jeff demands a postive story as Jordan goes on about 8th grade art class and her "Egyptian" art project that got "1st place" as Jeff says "that's what I'm talking about"

11:06 as Jordan goes on about all her achievements.."homecoming"she didn't win....'I was on the court" as Jeff asks about why she didn't win.."i don't know...didn't have enough votes"

Jeff doesn't want t talk about his achievements..just saying he's going to win tonights POV...

11:08 Jordan now talking about her tennis achievements...and the fights and "went psycho" when she was called "a bitch" she said she told her "she looked like a dyke" as her story goes negative...and say she had a run in at "Chick-fil-A" and had to go to managers's office to simmer down..

11:11 Chess game continues..upstairs...FOTH feeds

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11:13 BBT 47 minutes to POV if what they say is correct that it starts at 12:00

Michele talking to K&N as she talks about the music and her "enrique videos" her husband made on youtube...that got taken down..

J&J continue to prepeare for POV as he pulss her close.....as they tangle each other on the bed...

11:15 BBT.......talking about "motivational" songs as Jeff starts singing.."that's not motivation" Jordan says as feeds go to foth..

On BBAD Natalie and Kevin playing Chess as Michele is out of camera shot listen to Enrique Iglesias..

11:18 BBT feeds stil FOTH

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11:21 BBT

Feeds back as Jordan talking about watching the DVDs as she hoped "we had a Renny" and says when she "first saw Lydia ..wow"...as they talk about their first day.....as Jordan "none of these people" she thought she wou;dn't be "friends with"

Jordan says "i was the first one out" as Jeff didn't remember her...saying he was "nervous"...

11:24 BBT

Jordan Jesse bashing...."they had a cool cast" Jordan says about BB10 cast..

Jeff making fun of her about not being to tell time on an analog watch as Jordan gets mad and tells him to stop...

Jeff starts talking about Tony and some "dirty whore" and triggers another foth..

11:28 BBT BBAD Natalie and Kevin still playing chess...no convo..

11:30 BBT Feeds return as Jordan talks about her and a friend "got drunk in a bar" and another foth

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11:33 BBT

Natalie worried about things in a box as Natalie says "I can't do that bug shit" as Natalie says Jordan will give up her money for the POV for Jeff...as Michele "its not you're ass on the line" so she "understands",,,,as Micchele says :i was a little freaked out before..but now its on" as Natalie reminds Michele if her or Kevin win the veto.."we're not using it"...

11:35 BBT as Michele says she sending his "ass home" about Jeff as Natalie gives encourages her to go for the veto...tonight..

Michele says she asked Jordan id she won the POV would she "not vote me out" and I guess Jordan brushed her off...Michele about Jeff "he'd have a bad time in the Jury house" as Natalie agrees "he really would"

11:37 BBT Jeff getting his shoes on and stretch out as "you never know".....Jordan gets up to use the bathroom...

Jeff stretching out..

11:40 BBT Michele about Jeff "if he leaves I'll resume cooking duties"..as Michele offers to cook clean and do anything...

as Michele says she stopped when Jeff and Russell took over the cooking..and didn't mine being cooked for...

11:42 BBT Jeff complaining about "ant central" in the SS room...as Jordan hops back in bed..

11:43 Not much going on..J&J downstairs and K<N&M in HOH either playing Chess or Michele watching..

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11:46 PM BBT

Jeff putting his 'money shorts' away. Says he'll always remember walking around with them stuffed with cash. He's stretching and thinking about what the competition could possibly be.

Nat, Kev, Mich same quiet chess game. Michelle asks if they need anything , heads to Kitchen. Jeff kicking the ant thingy away from Russell's bed near his "He don't need it no more"

Jordan says "I hope I don't ever see him again, ever." Jeff, "I hope I don't see him next week, he'd be all Ha ha ha buddy - they got you out".

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11:58 PM BBT

Natalie trying to explain 'stalemate' to Kevin. She says you have to have more than 1 piece that is movable otherwise it's just a chasing game. Kevin says it's not chasing if I can still win. They discuss how with 2 kings it'd be stalemate. Stalemate means there is no options according to Kevin. Natalie says it's when you have only 2 pieces you can't move. Michelle comes back and Nat says, "I'm the 18 year old and I'm telling older people how to play" She yells out for production to interfere to tell Kevin what the rules are.

Jordan wondering if they will get outfits. Michelle thinks it's going to be glow in the dark creepy and Kevin says he's freaked out. The trio leave the HOH room. Michelle reminds them that they said POV would be after midnight not 'at 12'.

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11:45 Jeff telling Jordan she's "throwing us under the bus" about Michele in HOH... as Jeff says they have to win..as they say now worries as they have Natalies vote...

Jeff now getting antsy as he says "i had these stuffed with cash" about the money from earlier..

Back in HOH Michele just watching K&N playing Chess now....

michele leaves to get "coke"...as she offers to get them something...11:50 BBT

Jeff pacing around in SSP room chomping his nail as Jordan fidddles and strokes her hair...he leaves to go get water.as Jord says "no"

11:50 BBT Jeff goes back to SS room and warns Jordan with his hand that Michele is in the Red Room...

11:53 after messing aroung with his broken cologne bottle he hops in bed with Jordan..

Kevin and Natalie arguing about Chess...as Natalie insists its "a stalemate" and as Natalie wants someone from production to "interject"...

11:55 BBT Natalie and Kevin laughing..Michele looking confused from the side...

Natalie "its about time" as Natalie should we do one last "walk through" as Kevin says no as they have been driving themselves crazy...

Michele thinks costumes for POV are over as Kevin says if its in the dark shit will be "glow in the dark" as the head downstairs..

Michele says "they said its after 12:00" as Kevin says its close to 12 and says he needs to go change as Natalie says to ask Jeff "for sweats"

11:58 BBT Jeff talking about BB5 POV when they helped each other as the talk POV..."Focus" he tells her.....as Jordan things "money" had to do with "temptation".....as Jordan will "give it up" her 10,000 for her..

Kevin "you have 10 seconds to Run to have not"s and they do and its a joke...and laugh at him..."that was Natalies idea" kevin says laughing...

12:00 BBT "i'm ready to go" Jeff says

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11:59 PM

We can hear Kevin yelling 1 minute outside let's go - Jeff yells "what?" and it goes to FOTH.

When it comes back - Kevin is laughing saying he had to do it, Jeff was so wound up he had to do it. It was Nat's idea... They are laughing and the tension is a bit broken. Kevin is still laughing about what he did, jef was like "Come here you little shit" He came running like a shot.

12:03 AM BBT


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12:01 BBT

natalie and Kevin laughing with Jeff about their little faux POV joke...

Everyone ready to go....as Jeff says it's not cold....."its humid as hell" {its 79 here so its quite warm}

Jeff wants them "to hook me up" if its a POV like drews in BB5

Natalie says "of course"

12:04 BBT FOTH POV????

{i'm out have fun waiting around..be back tomorrow}

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