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8/27 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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10:44 AM BBT

HOH Lockdown

Jeff, Jordan and Natalie in HOH bed. Kevin on the floor between the bed and the wall, Michelle still curled up on chair and Russell laying on floor between bed and table/chairs staring at the ceiling. Jeff staring straight listening to music ahead wiggling his leg.

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10:45 BBT

HOH lock down underway. 3 in HOH bed, 1 on the round chair, Russ on the floor and 1 not on camera.

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HOH LD over and Russ is first out of HOH. Jeff and Jordan pack up stuff to move out of HOH.


Picked numbers for HOH order Nat is 1, Russel is 2, Jordan is 3, Michele is 4, Kev is 5, Jeff can't play.

Jeff says its weird that they did that, something is up.

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1:15 BBT

Russ is shaving in the BR.

J/J/N/K talking in the RR. Michele may be in there, but she's not on camera. Nat mentions Prison Break and how she never misses an episode.

1:40 BBT

Russ packing in PR. Jeff, N/K still in RR. Nat says BB just refilled the slop buckets, so there might be one more week of it.

Kevin asks if the RR will be closed and Nat says they can never close the RR and laughs at him. Kevin thinks the Hippy Room from last season was open until the end (which it was) but BB Know It All Natalie says no.

Michele is getting ready in the BR.

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2:02 bbt

Jordan putting on make in bathroom. Jeff is making tacos. R is ironing his pant. N goes to Russell and is whispering that she is putting up Michele and Jordan no matter what. She says if she puts up Jordan she is honoring her deal with Jeff.

N now talking to Jordan in the bathroom telling her what M has been saying. Jordan yells why does everyone think we are all dumb. (N sure is making her rounds today IMO).

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3:28 K/R in RR Kevin asked R if he asked M how she was voting. R seems to think he still has a chance of staying. (I think he is trying to get K to vote for him.)

3:31 R tells K he is going to try and make an "eloquent" speech that will sway M's vote. He is rallying hard for K's vote. K is humoring him, says I want to make sure if I commit to you that your speech is good enough to sway M. (risky)

3:33 BBT K doesn't think that M is going to vote to keep R bc she hasn't come up to him and said anything. R says he is going to talk to M. K tells R he has an hour and a half. K said he is ok with the plan to keep R, but doesn't want to get burned by sticking his neck out.

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3:49 BBT R/M in kitchen eating. N just told Jeff who is shaving that he gets to see her in her gray pants, which she loves, today.

3:51 BBT R now in living room laying on couch (thought he was going to talk to M?) M cleaning/making food in kit, Jeff in shower.

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The HoH competition is running back and forth like human shuffleboard pieces with an 8oz cup in which they must carry hot chocolate in to fill up a giant fish bowl. Julie said w/o spilling a drop they will travel 4 miles to fill the bowl. Once the bowl is full enough to where they can get the marshmallow that is floating around in it they will be the next HoH.

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6:10 PM BBT Feeds return. Kevin is in the lead. It appears Michelle is a close second followed by Jordan and Natalie. Natalie pauses for a drink of bottled water. Michelle says she is afraid of falling. Jeff "Who cares if you fall, everyone is falling." Michelle "I hurt myself when I fall." As if on cue, Natalie falls and her cup flies off the graham cracker and she has to retrieve it.

Kevin is keeping a light jog pace. Michelle is next. Jordan and particularly Natalie are practically walking. Natalie being the slowest. Jordan and Natalie encourage each other by telling one another Good Job.

6:15 PM BBT Natalie falls again and the cup flies from her hand. This time she doesn't see where it landed and has to look for it losing valuable time (But it appears she could care less as she is laughing about it-Goldylucks)

6:21 PM BBT Kevin is at most 1 to 2 inches shy of halfway. He is maintaining his pace. Michelle is as well but not as sure footed as Kevin is and her bowl is about 1/3 full. Jordan appears very winded and Natalie looks like she could care less that she is in last place. She jokes "I quit".

6:25 PM BBT Jeff is giving everyone words of encouragement and they all act impressed by Kevin's solid lead. Natalie jokes "why can't we hang from a toilet seat or something" Jordan falls again, pretty hard. Kevin is well past the halfway point. Michelle is still an inch shy of 1/2 but seems to have picked up her pace.

6:30 PM BBT Natalie is solidly in last place, is whobbling all over the place with a huge smile on her face. She tells Jeff he is lucky to get to sit this one out. At this point Natalie and Jordan are just going through the motions. Michelle is wobbly, falls, but gets up quickly. She is the runner of the house after all. Kevin looks as steady as if he was on a treadmill.

6:35 PM BBT The status is the same. Kevin in the lead with Michelle in second. Jordan is third and Natalie (who seems quite happy with Kevin's lead) is in last. Natalie says "here's the slip and slide we wanted" and Michelle falls again hurting her knee. Like a trooper, she jumps up and soldiers on. It's clear Michelle and Kevin are in it to win it. Jeff has also announced to the HGs that he has to pee really bad.

6:40 PM BBT Michelle is reaching the halfway point as Kevin is reaching the 2/3 point. Jeff is again giving everyone encouragement. "Good job, keep it going." Natalie keeps sliding and spilling her hot chocolate, having to go back for more. You could almost combine Natalie's and Jordan's bowls and Kevin would still be in the lead. The shower of chocolate comes on and off for a few minutes just making the graham cracker that much more slippery. Every lane has huge puddles. Natalie pauses and wipes her face with a towel because she got some chocolate in her eyes. All is quiet for a moment and Jeff breaks the silence "Anyone want some smores tonight?" Natalie asks him if he is thirsty. Jeff "no man, I gotta pee."

6:45 PM BBT Kevin has not slowed a bit but is just breathing a little harder. He is nearing the 3/4 mark as Michelle, also maintaining a rigorous pace is reaching the 2/3 mark. Natalie, at barely 1/3 full has dropped her cup inside her barrell of chocolate and can't reach it. Kevin "jump in there and get it" Natalie "I can't" Kevin "yes you can, get in there." FotH. When feeds return either Natalie has retrieved her cup or been given a new one.

6:48 PM BBT Jordan falls forward HARD and lands flat on her stomache and chest. She lays there for a moment. Jordan "Ow, my boob." Jeff "you alright, did you pop it?" Natalie "Really, did you pop it?" Jordan "No, you can't pop it like that." Jordan is ok. Kevin is only about 3 inches shy of a full bowl.

6:52 PM BBT Natalie slips and lets her cup fly off the platform again. Jeff "why do you keep launching that cup?" (AKA Why are you throwing the comp-Goldylucks) Natalie "It just does it. Jeff "You never know what's in store for last place." Natalie "Never quit."

6:55 PM BBT Natalie gives Kevin more encouragement: "Great job Kevin, you are just 10 minutes away from being done and seeing your boyfriend." Kevin still looks like he's on a treadmill and Natalie looks like she is walking in quick sand. Jordan couldn't possibly sweat anymore and Michelle is finally starting to look defeated.

7:01 PM BBT Kevin seems to have less than 2 inches of the bowl left. Natalie has yet to reach the 1/2 way point. Jeff encourages them all to keep on going, especially to Kevin "You're at the home stretch." Natalie "You're almost there Kev-O"

7:05 PM BBT FotH

7:10 PM BBT Still FotH (It doesn't appear that us feedsters are going to get the winning moment live AGAIN-Goldylucks)

7:25 PM BBT Feeds return, comp is over, and both Jordan and Natalie have both already taken showers and are in the BR wrapped in towels. Kevin is seen in the BR washing his hands and he is wearing the HoH key. Michelle is in the shower. Jeff is making a snack. Kevin jumps in the shower. He and Michelle talk. Michelle "No offense to you that I tried that hard, I just really want to be here."

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