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8/27 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

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9:30 PM BBT

Natalie talking about how Michelle works out into a sweat and doesn't take a shower, how she is ripe. [ I cannot let this slide - REALLY? REALLY?]

Jeff still going on about tomorrows speech - he's now misquoting what happened when he went to DR earlier and Russell was yelling at him as he was heading up to HOH.

Downstairs Russell and Michelle eating like it's been weeks. They are enjoying the steaks Russell prepped earlier.

Jordan back from DR and she says it was good in there, they didn't talk about anything negative. They get the DR warning. She asks what Jeff is up to. He goes on about if Russell says something to him on live TV he's going to say something back and it's going to look bad on live TV. He asks what should he do? Sit there and eat it? Kevin says he should think about it. Jordan says she thinks he should a little bit. They are coaching him through what to do for tomorrow's live show - try and prepare some comebacks to his stuff. Then he'll be ready.

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9:39 PM BBT

Jeff just said he hates the person he's becoming in this house. Hanging out up there acting like he's better than everyone.

A ball just dropped in the LR from the arrangements on the wall - Russell put it back.

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Michelle sitting in the HOH with J/J bashing Russ....Michelle: "I dont know what Russ and Nat are up too in the kitchen"...Jeff playing solitair....Michelle to Jordan, "why are you smiling, this is the first time Ive seen your smile" Jordan, "I have a headache"

Kevin and Russ talking in the RR, saying Michelle is a lier....

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Michelle in HOH saying, that she wasnt voting for Russ to stay the week that Jeff had the power.....Michelle is saying, Russ is telling Nat not to believe anything Michelle says...Jeff: "Why is anyone listening to Russ, he fing said you were crazy, it is only one more day" Michelle" I have been listening to a lot of bullshit in this house" Also, she asked Russ what was he going to do with Jess in the JH, saying Russ is in denial, he doesnt think he is going to the JH

Production "Jeff please go to the DR".."Michelle, please stop playing with your microphone"......Jordan" Im in a bad mood" Michelle"this day was shitty, these last couple of days were shitty"......Michelle"you guys have not worries, if Im HOH you have no worries, so put that out of your mind".....Jordan"I just dont like him!"

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9:55 BBT Michelle" He's fing lucky I didnt put him up when I was HOH, I put up Chima" Michelle, "If either one of them get HOH, its me and Jeff going up" Jordan"no, its me and you, she flat out told me that" Michelle"she told me that she said she was putting up me and a player, BITCH!" Michelle"we just need to win, you or me take it this week, Jeff next week" Jordan"we have to win, my stomach gets upset talking about it"

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Nat talking to Russ saying if Michelle wins, we are fucked....We have to win....Nat, "taking a poo"...back in the HOH, Jordan and Michelle spying on everyone, getting paranoid.

Russ and Kevin in the RR, saying to go off on Michelle if is spill the beans (?) just tell everyone she is a fing liar....I made her look like a liar in front of everyone" Russ in the kitchen

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9:45 PM BBT

Russell giving Kevin and Natalie the lowdown on what Michelle has been up to perhaps to help them get the upper hand. Kevin asks him why he's being so nice, Russell responds that he wants them to win. Russell has some extra steaks made up and put them in the freezer for Natalie and Kevin to enjoy later. Russell says the best part about knowing how she (Michelle) spilled the beans is that it proves she is a liar, just a big liar. Russell yells out Cochino and Natalie says "Dirty, dirty boy" (it means filthy in Spanish). Russell says he doens't feel like doing dishes though and Natalie says to leave them there , they will get done.

Russell says "She's so set up it's not even funny, you two can totally play that".

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10:16 PM BBT

Jeff playing solitaire while Jordan lays beside him over thinking everything. He tells her to go take a bath to feel better.

Russell, Kevin and Natalie playing cards in the RR. The Black crows are 2, the annihilators are ? and the skittles are 5. The assigned poker chip values to their candy.

Jeff saying he's embarrassed for himself. Michelle telling him not to feel so bad that so people didn't have character before they came into the house.

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10:20 BBT: Jeff is telling Jordan to "relax" because she's a "little edgy" and to stop thinking about this "bullshit"...Jordan who's "edgy" because Natalie told her ealier she would nominate her with Michele reneging on her deal to put up Kevin..

Jordan descides to take a bath...

Michele talking how people exit the BB house...saying "it should be very obivious" when a HG doesn't have tehe votes the realization should be "I'm done" and it "sucks" but that's life as they bash Russell and his tactics of the day...Michele on the no Character band wagon..

"jordan so fucking stressed out" because of "one fucking asshole" as Michele "he has no votes to stay here"......"he's leaving"......and says whatever he has to say "just walk out the room"

10:24 BBT Michele tells Jeff that she's good and will not put J&J up...Jeff not to encouraged.....as Michele says he's a good BB player and all his achievements in comps.....

10:25 BBT Jordan in the bath trying to destress {from the realization that Natalie isn't the trustworthy person she thought}

10:26 BBT Michele talking about her "fake" partnership as Jeff asks questions "there had to be something" and why she cried and "because 1 less person who had my back"...........as Jeff says he wouldn't have save "no one" as she says he thought he had the "best shot" with her....

Michele said "if he ended up fucking around and put you up" Michele would have saved Jeff as Michele says he reassured her he was sticking to the plan....."I never wanted to come after you"

Jeff wonders why she didn't "blow him out" when he mentioned coming after Jeff.....Michele says "i'm bad at confrontation"...as Michele saying she didn't want to call him out until she knew he was "going home" as Jeff accuses her of their "final two" and that's what prompted her to get rid of Russell..

Jeff asks what she bought what russ said "i didn't buy anything" Michele says ..as she says she worries "you don't trust me and I get sad" as Jeff says "you have a great opportunity to show me tomorrow...if you want to show me"

10:32 Michele talks about her gushing blog about J&J as Jeff says "i never talked to them the whole game" and tells her "I don't trust them" as Michele says they will have no problems lying to them "or coming after us"

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10:34 BBT

Jeff bashing about Russ' behavior as Michele wonders "what universe" does Jeff believe that she would keep Russell in the house...

Jeff acting like he's King {douche} ..as he hopes Russ doesn'r say some "stupid about her' as he doesn't care what 'he says about me" as Jeff saying "he has sisters" and hopes he doesn't go "classless" ..Michele "he's scum" and Jeff says "he's fucking scum....tha'ts fo sure"

10:37 BBT

Jeff admits "i'm bitching like a little bitch" as he says he's almost at his breaking pointand hope he's not in a hotel room thinking "what the fuck" did he do and says Russ will "push my buttons" as Jeff tells Michele Russell will plagerize what he's said and will be suprised if his speech "is original" and says "i'll laugh in his face" if Russ uses his words...

10:39 BBT Jeff going on about Russ saying "he'll go out like a fucking chump' as he complains some people "gets to me"...as Jeff says 'you know nothing is going to happen' and he just "keep pushing my buttons' and it "always" got to him.."i always hate people who talk shit"...saying "it drives me bananas" now that he's older to keep his mouth shut..."i hate growing up"

10:42 BBT Michele reassures him "i'm keeping you here"......Michele using the "motivation' to not end up in the JH with Jesse, Lydia,Russell as she says "fuck no" don't send me there as Jeff "i'll go drown myself in the ocean" and encourage a self inflicted "shark attack"..saying those people are people "i never want to see again in my life"

10:44 BBT Michele tells him they need to "chill" as Jeff says "its everything"

10:45 BBT "i hate the person I've become" in the BB house "trash talking" "spiteful" like a "little girl" Jeff says..

Jordan out of her tub...Jeff says "you want to rub my feet" as he asks if she feels better..she says she does...

Michele talks about her eating binge after her have not ended..

10:47 BBt Jeff offers Jordan something to eat and she says "no" {she really did}...

Jeff playing around not knowing what the word "grody" means

10:48 BBT Jeff worried about being a half not and so is Michele...

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10:49 BBT

Jeff more relaxed around Michele than he's been in a few weeks as Jeff tries to stuff food down her throat..."i don't want any'as he accuse her "why you don't wanna"..."you look great" he tells her as he offers different was to entice her for pizza.."pizza off my chest" he offers..

10:51 BBT michele talking about" Kanagaroo Jerkey" he friend brought her from Australia...saying eat Kangaroo"its just wrong"

10:52 BBT

Jordan a lot more smiley as Jeff is being extra nice to her..as Michele wonders if it had "red dye" and was scared for a second and jokes "it was nice knowing you" as Jef asks about "a pill" for it as Michele says "there's an EpiPen" downstairs for anyone with an allergic reaction except no one knows where its at..

10:55 Michele explains anatomy to Jeff...

Jordan talks about Movies..

Downstairs Russell is in the red BR playing poker Tex Hold em with natalie and Kevin......

10:56 BBT Back in HOH Jeff and Jordan talking about what they will keep of each others when they leave.."panties" "ucla hat" "ratty old Mardi Gras shirt" as they are back to bickering J&J..as she says "its not in a bad way" when she makes fun of him..

"are you hungery Jordan" Jeff says ..."you are so mean to me........no" as Jeff says why are being testy and mean....Jeff telling Jordan she's "balding"and drops her jaw as he admit he's joking...

11:00 BBT Downstairs Natalie says "we should teach him 31"

Jeff says "do you want to make pancakes".."banana pancakes" Michele on board for it..."why am I so hungry right now" Michele saying Stress and says he's "over it" and that's why..

11:01 BBT Michele says "did someone really throw out your cookie dough" Michele ask and says "i don't see it in there" and Michele "that's bullshit"

11:02 back to Russell bashing.....saying this is there "last day""night" with Russell...saying he would rather kill himself then spend another night with RUss

11:03 Michele says if she was a Lesbian she would totallly "hook up" her.."because your hot"

The three talk about their Vegas Vacation together.....

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11:06 BBT

"strawberries and coolwhip sound good" as Jordan's appetitie is making a comeback...

Russell bashing...

Jeff heads downstairs....

Michele talks about being in the JH "i'd die...serious" Jordan says..

Michele apologizes for causing them stress and "being a mess this week" as she attributes it to have not..

11:09 BBT they think the HOH will be endurance fron the building that went on....Michele hopes "bugs and water man"....saying "i don't like bugs but what I don't like more is having Kevin and Natalie win the money"...Jordan says she doesn't like "hanging"...as Michele says she's been working on her "meditaive zone" just in case its a concentarion type HOH..

11:11 Michele hopes theres anoth "$5000 prize" so Kevin will drop "oops I was gonna drop anyways" she imitates him..

Michele again "i'm not gonna put you up" or "jeff up" unless the POV dictates her to...

11:13 BBT Michele talking comps "luxury comps"..Jordan "really?" as Michele talks about "clothing spree"....Jordan "wow"

Michele "i'm not throwing anything this week because I have to look out for you guys"...Jordan "we have to look out for each other" as Michele hopes the following week they will have her back..

Jordan "do you think I need to go over anything"

11:16 BBT Michele says K&N would try to target Jeff unless they have a final two "they will try to knock out Jeff" as he's stronger than them..."to late in the game" to play personally..

Jordan "it would be so awesome we all make it to the final 4 me you and Jeff...and one of them" as she says her stomach gets sick thinking how close they are to the money..

11:18 Russ scheming with K&N

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11:19 BBT "she tells me everything" Russ says about Michele....as BB interupts their game by calling Russ to the DR.

Back in HOH they are talking about Russ' speech as Jordan is worried he'll call her "dumb"...Michele says says Russ has been "clueless about us" and says she would have never brought him to "final two" because he doesn't deserve "$50,000" prize the way he's treated people in the BB house..

Jordan "i don't care 1st place or second place" saying its a lot "more money I have now"....Jordan says "i'm gonna have a lot of enemies" so anyone will win against her..as Michele said they are all hated equally and "america will decide"

Jordan would be even happy with the $25,000" jury prize {if they have it}

11:24 "it can be the turning point of this whole game" Jordan says about HOH tomorrow..

Jordan seems to be back on the Michele bandwagon as she would be pissed in her of Jeff leave as she's been with them so long in the game..

11:25 BBT HOH comp talk....

Talking about Chima"she was only nice when you were kissing her ass" Michele says and recounts us with the Chima toilet tell off..

Jordan tells her she didn't believe that she didn't betray them at the first eviction as she believes Ronnie....

11:30 BBT Michele and Jordan head downstairs as Jeff is in the kitchen cooking..

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11:33 BBT

Jeff heads back to the HOH with his plate of food as Jordan eats her coolwhip and strawberries..

Michele back up there too...

Russel Kevin and Natalie playing cards and Kevin looks miserable..

11:35 Jeff shoveling his plate of food down..as Michele is two fisting strawbeeries as Michele says "it would be nice" the three one a comp to watch "a movie together"

Jordan realizes her coolwhip absorbed the odors of the fridge but continues to eat it even though she said it smells "fishy" as Jeff warns her "not to leave it upstairs" when she's done..

11:37 BBT Jeff now says "imagine going to that jury house" as both says "no"...Jordan "i'm nervous"...

Michele says she would be "pissed off" that she been working out "everday" if they lose and endurance HOH...

11:41 BBT "hey you're going to Hawaii" as Jeff wants "5Gs"...andsays "i want spending money"

Michele bring up the Natalie lie about her putting her up and there were "bigger fish to fry" and told her "we need to talk after Russell leaves"

Jeff tells her not to start another "natalie thing" like she did with Russell bringing info back and forth..and she says "i hate Natalie"as he says "the ladies can bring one home for Big Jeff tomorrow"

11:44 BBT Russ whispering with K&N about the number of things in the house..

11:46 BBT going over numbers about house items down in red BR...

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11:49 BBT

Back in HOH talking about sleeping stories and beds...

Jeff says they should eat pasta just in case its endurance....as Jeff "i have to be out of here by noon" as he tells jordan "you have more shit" in the HOH "than I do"

11:51 BBT Jordan still "ify" about "kevin and her{Natalie}"..as Jordan gets snippy "you're depending more on her{Michele} than me"..Jeff gets out of it "so you can play with me next week"..Jordan "you look tan"

11:53 BBT Natalie teaching them 31 in Red BR..

Jeff says he has doubts about Michele and Natalie...and Jordan is tending to believe Michele as Jeff is the strongest player in the house.... Jeff: "that's why Kevin gotta go" and reiterates they they have to win HOH..

11:56 BBT More card game playing

11:57 Back up in HOH...just general chit chat...as lights go out..."are we done" Jeff says as he hops into the sack...

Russ bashing as Jeff asks if she remebers the song "Creep" and Jordan says by "TLC" and Jeff says Yeah..{i was thinking Radiohead}

Now they are Michele bashing..about her hygiene.....

12:01 Jeff telling Jordan about "the European shower" "get it" and she does...Jordan worried about "gonna go home" and Jeff delusionally thinking they are targeting "michele" unless "Russel's getting in their head"

Now Jordan doesn't trust "natalie" as Jeff says "lets hope " Michele wins it.....and talk about the following week she can't play and they can "stick a dagger in her back"

12:04 Fart talk....

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12:06 BBT

"Oh fuck we didn't go over dates" Jeff says as they go over # of objects in the house..FOTH..

J&J telling Jeff "he own your own" as he gets upset "stop" and tells her "you start thinking more positive"..and he says they both need too "we make it through fucking next week..we're good" Jeff says...

12:08 BBT Michele's back.."everyone's playing cards having a good time" she reports...as they offer her "the green one" blanket {supossedly the smelly one} as she parks it on the chair.....

12:11 Jeff trying to cash in on a back scratch Jordan owes him as she says "i know" she owes him and jJeff porrly imitates her...even Michele says "that's way off"

12:12 Jordan making fart noises with her mouth on Jeff...

12:13 BBT Jeff saying his HOH "felt like a long time" as Michele says "it was" compared to theirs...and says he hopes it still fells that way next week..

Jordan wonders how Michele is able to sleep on the chair..she jokes about being "a contortionist"

12:16 BBT Jordan talking about her doing Jeff's imitations as Michele says "you can't do his accent either"........Jeff "faltery is' "uhh uhh" can't think of the saying as Michele can't think of it as he tries to remember { imitation is the sincerest form of flattery} the saying but his mind can't get it.....

12:19 BBT Jordan asks if he does them but he says "i just make fun of you" as Jordan asks what he does.....and he says "you're cute"

12:20 BBT Michele "seriously I want one of these chairs"...as they talk about "amber" from BB8 crying as Michele bashes and makes from of her..as Jeff says "yeah yeah that's her" as they laugh about Amber...

12:22 BBT Jordan admits she cried today in DR as Michele "i think they tried to get me to cry today"

12:23 FOTH

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12:25 BBT

laughing about Jeff's super short letter and how his mom called his aunt and worked on it as saying they gosspied more than worked on the letter

Back to Russ bashing...

12:26 BBT Jeff saying he "love her just the same" even though she doesn't know the differnce between fruits.....as Jeff "its over" as he warns her not to "try to explain herself" as it out there..

12:28 BBT Michele talking about the fruits from work that "Japenese" co workers bring 'its fruit but it "taste like meat" and all their wwierd fruits they bring in..

12:30 BBT quiets down in the HOH...

12:31 BBT Downstairs Russ and K&N are scheming, bashing and making fun of Michele...as Natalie "she denies shit" like "she swore on her husband" as Russ says "i got beat by"a guys who spell technotronics as a girls who thinks peaches are nectarines..

Niatie says she would save him if she had "coup d'etat powers"

Russ aysing he never included anyone in his fights as Natalie calls Jeff a hypocrite for defending Braden and gets mad if anyone hangs with Russ..

12:37 BBT Russell going on about his trustworthiness with Jeff {he was} and dis what he said he would do {he has} and says "i've never backstabbed anyone" and says everyone lies...

12:38 BBT Now Kevin saying Jordan wouldn't answer if they had a final three with Michele..

Russ saying he couldn't talk to them because Chima was there and then Jordan had the POV..

12:39 BBT K&N talking about putting up Michele and Jeff up and Jeff thinks there are putting up Michele and Jordan saying ""how dumb" does he think they are..

"for sure" endurance will be hoh Natalie says...K&N telling each other they will "cut " thenm if they "fall first"

12:41 BBT Natalie says if mIchele wins HOH then she needs to "play nice" so she doesn't go home....

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12:43 BBT

Russ going on about spilling the beans about everything...

natalie picks up all the dishes laying around her bed and takes them to the kitchen..

12:45 BBT Russ laying there in Red BR...

In bathroom Natalie tells Kevin if one of them make it "we have his vote" about Russ..Natalie heads back to Red BR "time to study" as she pull out "our calendar" telling Russ "no one knows how to read it but us" as Russ says "good job guys" as they go over dates..

12:49 BBT K&N studying for HOH...

Back in HOH Jordan and Jeff just talking movies....as Jordan starts talking "miami Vice" and "Colin Farrell" and we get FOTH..

12:52 BBT

{I'm out be back tomorrow for post live eviction late night updates}

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