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8/25 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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10:18 BBT

Well Russ is playing pool by himself while just feet away Jeff Jordan, Natallie, Michele and Kevin are talking on the couch..

They are discussing the possiblility of making a slip'n'slide...."we need like 800 trash bags" Jeff says as they talked about Lydia's failed attempt at slip'n'slide..

A lot of yawning..and no one has aknowledged Russell's existence...

Michele complaining about her stomach from being on slop and "missing" the vegetables from the garden

Jordan talking about her cravings...like candy...as she talks about how she felt like she's been "eating all day" and feels "gross"..even though she claims she hasn't eaten that much today..

Everyone heading to the kitchen as Jordan is sporting her blanket muumuu....as they prepare snakes and nat decides to get in the HT tonight along with Jordan....

10:25 BBT Natali talking how her nap felt like she slept through the night....saying she is still so tired as she decides what she's going to eat..

10:26 BBT Russ still outside playing pool alone..

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10:28 BBT

Snack session commences...as Jeff says "who does that" putting "mayo" on a burger..."who does that shit" Jeff asks.."canadian thing" he says...as Kevin slops the mayo on his burger..

10:30 BBT

Outdoor Michele and Jordan are doing their walking as Michele talks about "a serial rapist" where she lived and was told not to walk at night...Talking about the "sex offenders " website and Michele says "it was off the charts" where she lived...Michele tells Jordan that a guy tracked her "with my dog" and was so scared....

10:32 BBT Jordan says to be careful "especially these days"...

Russ has moved into the kitchen with the others as he prepares himself a drink before he heads outdoors...

10:34 He heads back to the pool table..

Jordan talkking about her brother who's "thick" ...no "fat"....at the store who was threatened by a lady with "pepper spray" who she thought Jordan's bro was following her..

10:36 BBT Michele saying at work they would get "gunshot" victims thinking it was a hospital....and "homeless" people sleeping there too...

10:37 BBT Michele telling work stories of being harrased by mentally ill homeless people when her building she worked was a close mental hospital...and how they needed "police escorts" out and how she didn't own a car and had to "run through the hood" to get home....since she had "no friends' there to give her a lift..

10:40 BBT Michele talks about her research job/fellowship horror stories in Massachusetts... calling it "crazy' and facetiously "the best summer ever"

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10:48 BBT: Russ: "I got played by the guy who spelled 'technotronics' haahaha"

10:51 BBT Russell and Natalie playing pool, Russell kissing her ass the whole time

Russ: Jess is my boy, cool ass kid. Will you let me and Jess come visit you at ASU?

Nat: Yeah, I want all of you to come visit me. This is all just game.

10:54 BBT

Russ: It's funny me and Jessie used to joke around about him upstairs

Nat: About what?

Russ: About douchebag McGee (Jeff)

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10:42 BBT they talk about "best summer" and Michele says she doesn't have any as an adult and would have to go back when she was "a kid"

Back inside...Natalie saying she was just messin with him about the vote..as Natalie "kevin you're lucky' as he hasn't gone through "a eviction"

Jeff saying he used the cards to determine who to keep on the block and nat who was the "Red" queen was picked as "black" was Kevin...

10:44 BBTNatalie says she do dishes later

kevin says Kevin will be the last voter Thursday to make it seem like he's the swing vote and Natalie says it will ne Michele and get BB warning about production...

Nat heads out as BB likes to leave Jeff's mic on when he takes a piss...

10:46 BBT Natalie playing Pool with Russ to get a jury vote as Russell mumble "this place"...between me and you Russ says "we need to talk to Jess"

Natalie telling Russ "i feel bad"..as Russ says "that's ok..its alearning process" as Natalie says "the main culprit was Lydia" she tells Russ....I got played by the "guy who spelled techotronics" with Jeff sitting over on the couches who has to hear it...

10:51 BBT Russ talking about school and what she should major in..

Russ " Jess..... is my boy"....as he talks how they laughed up up after their fights.."wil you let me and jess" come visit you at ASU as Natalie says yes...

Russ continues his ex love of Jessie and how they made fun of "douche bag McGee" referencing Jeff....

10:55 BBT Jeff on the couch..Kevin alone at the HT....Michele and Jordan walking..and Natalie sucking ass for a jury vote with Russ at the pool table..

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10:57 BBT

Russ heads indoors to get something to drink as Natalie joins Kevin at the HT telling him "i won"

Jordan and Michele doing their girl talk as they walk....talking about Mich husband "will be so excited" whe he sees her...

10:59 BBT At the HT talk of water temp and H2O evaporation..

11:00 jordan looks like she's tiring out and asks how many laps they have walked.." billion" michele jokes.. as they keep walking in circles as Russ is back at the pool table alone again...

Kevin "wonder if my BF's watching" as natalie goes on about Her BF "he doesn't like the show" and works "60 hrs" and says "he watches every episode with my dad" as Kevin says "it was huge" he got off the block..and wonders "if he gets that"....

11:04 BBT Natalie talking about her speech..from last Thurs...

Kevin thinks "ronnie controls" all the message boards and will "campaign" for Natalie "on her behalf" for the $25,000 in America offered the prize...

11:06 BBT Kevin wonders "next week" they'll have a luxury...natalie "final four" as they talk about past Lux comps..

11:08 BBT Jeff says he wants steaks tomorrow.."oil, garlic with pepper and salt"...."lemon and lime" and "a little bit of the red pepper" is Jeff's secret to his steaks...

Natalie talks about "carne asada" as true mexican BBQ as Jeff talks about "my four mexican friends" and went to TJ on "Thanksgiving" as he talks about the "talking mexican to each other' and how he ended up at a "whore house" and didn't realize where he was because he was so "out of it" and talks about "The Federales" bilk em out of money.."$250"......"they'll stop you just because your Americans" Kevin says...as jeff says "fuck Mexico" and was out...after they had breakfast..

11:13 BBT Natali asks about it its safe to drink 'the water' and yammers on about being in Mexico on "spring break"

11:14 More Mexico talk...

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11:15 BBT

Jordan and Michele talking while walking club has ended as they are now on the fake grass for sit ups...Michele talking about going home to visit and gets her "thick" jersey accent....and saying its "easy" to get it back...

After a few situps both have stopped...Michele "i'm not showering til wednesday"..as Jordan says she needs to "you can't be the smelly one" and urges her to do a "baby wipes" bath...

11:19 BBT back to doing crunches..and after a few Jordan gives up as Michele strugles through a few more situps...Michele talking about the new people she needs "to train" and co workers wedding she missed..

11:22 BBT Kevin talking about bad Mexico adventures as they talk about bad experiences...and extortion...

11:25 BBT..more chit chat of little importance continues...

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11:28 BBT

Mexican Drug Cartel talk....with Jeff,Kevin and Natalie as Russ joins in on the convo....as Russ says people can ask to go to the embasy as Russ says if they let you....as Natalie ignorantly thinks if you go to the Embasy their arrestors will get in trouble...

11:30 Natalie says that's why she doesn't like to go anywhere..Russ "i've never been to Mexico"...Kevin "its like Mexico in LA"...

11:32 Natalie showing her stupidity in foreign affairs.......

11:33 BBT Jordan Russ bashing "i feel bad" she tells Michele "you have to sllep in that room with him" as their convo goes back to execise..

11:35 BBT back at the HT Movie talk....

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11:40 BBT

Jordan has joined the HT talk as Natalie goes on about something she knows what she's talking about...rental rates and late fees at Blockbusters... Russ playing solitaire and Jeff sitting on the couch talking with them....

11:43 Jordan talking about her "overdraft fees" and he mom was able to help by getting "constant credit"

Natalie talks about her way of kiting to help customers avoid overdraft fees.....

11:45 BBT Michele talking about how her work messed up on her direct deposit and her mortgage charged her $200 late fee when the money wasn't there..

Kevin talking how his mortgage is "upside down" {negative equity} because he bought in 2005 when the market was bad...

Jordan starts talking about "Flip that house".....and "extreme makeover" as Natalie thinks they get a house built and don't understand why the "property taxes" go higher as Michele explains the adjustments of the value of the home and the correlation of higher taxes..

11:51 BBT Jordan gets excited when they start talking about "extreme makeover" the palstic surgery one...

Jordan wonders why its more expensive for plastic surgery...

Natalie says her dads house cost $200,000 in Arizona and in California it would be "half a million".....{Yeah...because you can compare CA and AZ}

as Convo goes back to plastic surgery....

11:54 Talking about the obese shows...

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11:56 BBT

Natalie whining BB should Give me a "makeover" as Natalie rides Kevin for "calling me out"

They continue about reality shows and wonder what new shows have started...

11:58 BBT more reality show talks...they can't remember the nane of the show Confessions of a Teen Idol......."i did watch that show" Jeff admits....and Jordan "i loved that show"

They talk about "the two Coreys"......and more Reality Shows talk..

12:03 BBT General chatting

{i'm out as I have to get up early...night all}

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12:20AM BBT: Nothing has changed in the past couple hours. Michele, Kevin, Natalie, and Jordan are sitting by the hot-tub dangling their feet in the water. Russell's sitting on the patio couch, Jeff is at the opposite end, they are ignoring each other. Russ has a deck of cards, but if he's playing solitaire it's a version I've never seen.

At the hot-tub, the subject of Natalie's age comes up. Everyone says at the same time, "I thought you were lying about your age, because I thought you had to be 21 to get on Big Brother." Natalie: "Why would I lie?"

12:25AM BBT: They talk about initial reactions of meeting every in the house. Natalie really, really, really hated Laura at first glance. She wonders why anyone would get a boob-job with such big ones [Laura said she got a "lift" because they were so big, it had to be that or a reduction.] Natalie couldn't stand all the time Laura spent in front of the mirror. Kevin and Natalie like Ronnie right off the bat. Natalie: "Ronnie was cool with me, so why shouldn't I be cool with him?"

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9:43 AM BBT Good Morning House Guests - it's time to get up for the day....

Attention HG there are fresh batteries in the storage room. Jeff up in HOH. Mich/Nat up in RR.

Lights still out in RR - bedroom lights must remain on during the day message plays.

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