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8/22 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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4:30 BBT

J/J laugh at how nervous Michele was during the comp. Jordan sings 'Cry me a river..' Jeff is shaving as Jordan is in the shower.

Downstairs, in the bathroom, Michele, Kevin and Russ are silent as Nat is in the shower.

Jeff says he'll have a good DR session and FOTH.

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4:35 BBT

Jeff tells Jordan he's probably going to pull the trigger (BD Russ) and thinks it's the smartest move for himself to get Russ out now. Jordan is out of the shower.

Nat is now out of the shower downstairs.

J/J make fun and laugh at Michele during the veto comp.

Russ looks defeated and as if he's about to cry.

J/J start talking game. Jordan thinks Russ will target her next week if he stays. Jordan thinks Jeff winning the POV is a sign and he should use it to get Russ out.

Seems like the comp was a seek and find veto. J/J agree that Russ was hoping Michele would win the veto. They also agree they must break up M/R and how Michele is not telling J/J everything that M/R discuss.

Jordan wants Nat to be saved so Kevin knows how it feels to be on the block but Jeff disagrees. He wants to save Kevin b/c he's a better competitor and they'll guarentee Nat's safety. Jordan tells Jeff that Nat told her that if they save Nat this week, she promised her word that she will NEVER put J/J on the block (will be hard next week when there's only 5 people left in the house.)

Jordan told Nat during the veto comp (when they were both out) that she was safe and Jeff says he still has a few days to think about it, but they agree to BD Russ. Jordan says they also need to get Kevin out b/c he's good. Jordan says she might not be able to beat Michele in the end and Jeff and Russ F2 would be neck and neck and Jeff agrees and M/R need to be broken up.

4:45 BBT

Jeff says Michele doesn't have a poker face and J/J talk about how M/R have been lying. Jordan has a good feeling about BD Russ and Jeff agrees. Jeff says he'll tell either N/K (who ever he saves) that if he removes them, he doesn't go up and Jordan (if she goes up) isn't the target and Michele should be the target.

Jeff wants J/J and Nat in the finals.

Jeff tells her not to tell Nat and they'll just string her along. Jeff still wants to take Kevin off the block b/c he's better than Nat.

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4:50 BBT

Nat and Michele still in downstairs bathroom. Seems Kevin is in the kitchen.

J/J still going over scenerios in the HOH. Jeff says he'll give it some time and think of every option. Jordan says that if N/K approach her, she'll tell him to talk to Jeff directly. Jeff says to tell N/K that Jeff hasn't made a decision yet, so N/K might offer more and be more grateful when he saves them.

Jordan says if she wins HOH next week, she'd put up Kevin and Michele. FOTH.

Seems Jeff and Michele were last two in the POV comp. Jeff calls Michele a stupid crazy for playing both sides and that if Russ leaves, Michele will say she never liked Russ and only had a F3 with J/J. Jordan says Nat is funny and how she kept looking at Russ like a little rat. (She just called Nat a rat.. but not in the way she should have.)

4:53 BBT

Jeff farts again and Jordan asks if he's this gassy all the time and he says no. He wonders if BB will do a segment on him farting b/c he was asked about it in the DR and Jordan was asked about it, too. Jeff says Russ is shitting right now. Jordan says Russ will either go vocal on everyone or be quiet and try to get votes. Jeff says Russ will try to get M/N/K on his side and that he'll do their dirty work for their votes. Jordan tells Jeff he better tells N/K they will vote how Jeff wants before he removes one of them, to secure the votes to get Russ out.

Jeff goes downstairs and Kevin asks if he wants a pizza. He says no and Nat chimes in if Jordan wants one. He says he thinks so. (kiss asses...)

Nat starts to bash Russ to Kevin, but loud enough so Jeff can hear. Nat tells Kevin how she was using the sink in the bathroom and Russ said he was going to wash his face. She told Russ she was using the sink and he just repeated that he was going to wash his face.

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5:00 BBT

Jordan and Michele in the bathroom, talking about the veto comp. Jeff, Russ, Nat and Kevin talking about the veto comp in the kitchen.

5:08 BBT

Jordan in HOH bathroom, doing her makeup. Don't know where Michele is. Everyone else still in kitchen.

Michele is now in kitchen. Her and Russ are quiet as Jeff and Nat chat randomly.

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5:15 BBT

Jordan comes back downstairs, but quickly goes back up. Nat yells that Jordan isn't going to eat and Jordan says she just forgot her drink in the HOH room.

Russ has moved to the GR. Nat, Michele and Kevin eating at the table and J/J preparing food.

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5:45 BBT

Russ is still alone in GR.

Everyone else is chatting about 90210 at the dining room table. J/J and Nat leading the conversation.

6:07 BBT

Nat and Kevin's lips are still on J/J's asses, as the four of them are still sitting around the table, listening to Jeff talk. Michele was at the sink, but has rejoined. Russ is sleeping in the GR. Nat starts to tell a story about her little sister at Applebees, causing FOTH.

6:18 BBT

They're now listening to Jordan talk about her bartending days.

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6:25 BBT

They're attentively listening to J/J talk about their serving days.

Michele is obviously bored. She's back at the sink again.

(I'd like to she her go into the GR, crawl on top of Russ and start making out.. No offense to her husband.. But we need something exciting... Sorry if that was too much but they are being so BORING right now!-lala)

Now Jeff is talking about when he worked in retail.

6:35 BBT

They're now talking about their time in sequester before the game started and how their DVD players would break or their BB DVDs were out of order and they saw someone get evicted before they even knew they were on the block.

Nat is now acting dumb, asking about the jury questions to the F2. Jeff tries to explain to her how the HGs can ask the F2 anything they want. Jordan is happy she watched BB10 b/c otherwise, she wouldn't have known who Jessie was.

Jeff starts talking about how he was watching BB5 in sequester and he only had a few more episodes to go when they got interviewed by BB5 Diane and FOTH. (Jeff's interview with her was cute b/c he kept mentioning how Diane and BB5 is his life right then, b/c that's what he was watching in sequester.) Feeds come back and Nat says Diane told her not to have a showmance and Jeff says him too and FOTH.

Feeds back and now they're talking about BB5 and how Drew chose Cowboy over Diane. Jeff says how Diane kept going back to Drew, just like Lydia and Jessie. Jeff mentions how Lydia would hate on Jessie and then start back on loving him. Nat says they're probably cuddling in the JH right now.

6:45 BBT

Kevin and Nat tell J/J/M how Lydia would push Chima to leave b/c they thought if Chima quit, a returning HG (Jessie) would return and Kevin says how when they had the announcement that a former HG would not be returning and how mad Lydia was. Jeff goes OHHHHH and says it makes sense. Kevin says that might not be the truth but Jeff says it makes sense though. Jeff says he would be so fucking pissed if Jess came back.

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6:50 BBT

They're talking about Jessie and how Nat/Lydia would cater to him. Jeff wonders if Jessie had a two foot dick that spins for him to be getting all that service. Nat says that Jess was her partner and treated her well so she returned the favor.

Jeff thinks Jess was insecure and that's why he got into body building. Kevin reveals that Jessie admitted that he collected girls and when he would be down and have a problem, he'd call his first girlfriend and tell her to handle it. He wouldn't go to guy friends or anything, Jess had to always have girls around to do stuff for him.

They ask why Nat didn't address this when Julie questioned her. Nat says Lydia wanted Jessie, Jessie wanted Nat but Nat didn't return the feelings, but tried to keep Lydia away from Jess so that wouldn't interupt their game.

Nat tells them that Jess would get pissed at her if she talked to J/J. Kevin says that Jess told Lydia and Kevin that he needed them to be social for Jessie b/c he couldn't do it himself. Jeff asks why Jess would always run away when there were problems and Kevin says 'Thank you!' and talks about how Jessie had a 'stomach ache' with the whole Chima thing. Nat explains that Jess didn't want to be around the fight b/c he didn't want his name to be thrown into the mix.

Kevin and Nat say how mad Jessie was when (Jordan) put him on slop and Jess tried to get Lydia to take it for him and Jeff chimes in that Jess kept throwing stones at him b/c technically, Jordan pulled Jeff's name out of the hat, but everyone told her to take Jeff's name out and she then pulled Jessie's name out.

7:00 BBT

Russ wakes up and joins the table crew.

Kevin says that Jessie is the ultimate jab person and Jeff agrees b/c of all the comments/stones Jess would throw at him. Kevin says if Jess was a man, he would tell his feelings straight up but instead, Jess had to make snide comments.

Jordan says how Jessie called her dumb behind her back and Nat defends him, saying he neevr said that to Nat's face. Jeff still doesn't understand how Jessie had all these chicks making him food and Nat says all she did was make him a sandwich (Just like Casey said!) and how she doesn't even cook for himself and Jess would cook for her and Lydia would cook for him.

Kevin says that he told Lydia that Jess was the asshole of BB10 and BB would show him as that again this year and Lydia tried to tell him that no, BB would flip it and show Jessie as the lovable person.

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7:15 BBT

Jeff goes to the bathroom. Nat says how everyone hated Jeff in the beginning but he was nice to Jordan, so Jordan was good to Jeff and that's the same relationship Nat had with Jessie. Michele gets up and says not everyone hated Jeff and Nat ignores Michele's comment and tells Jordan again that Jeff is good to Jordan. Michele heads outside, along with Russ and Kevin and Jordan/Nat laugh at Michele.

Jordan heads up to the HOH room to lay down. Everyone else is outside.

Scratch that.. Michele follows her upstairs and says how Nat is just making stuff up and she wants to strangle her sometimes and how Lydia isn't here to defend herself. Michele says how Nat's admitted that her stories aren't always right and Michele says she was in the same room as Nat when a lot of stuff happened and Nat spun a lot of the stories she told.

Jordan changes the subject to the veto comp. She says Michele did great and Michele says she wanted to win b/c Jeff said that he wanted to keep the noms the same so Michele was gunning for the veto. Jordan still can't believe that she got out first.

7:23 BBT

Nat and Kevin playing pool. She's still talking about Jessie.

Upstairs, Jordan says that it doesn't matter that Jeff won b/c there's the F4 deal. Michele says how Jeff threw something at Michele in a joking way, but it brought back the memory of Chima throwing her crosage (sp-the flower thing at prom) and Jordan doesn't remember that. Michele says that Chima did that in the middle of the competition (I don't remember that.. Chima threw that at Michele in the RR after their fight when Chima was mad Michele voted for Braden to stay...)

Jordan says she wasn't happy how Russ was just rooting Michele to win and not Jeff. She says why does it matter that Jeff won the veto if they're all on the same page and blames Russ for not trusting them. Jeff comes in.

Jordan states that Russ is back in his pouty stage and how he can't win everything. Jordan starts putting scenerios into Michele's head, saying if Kevin leaves this week, Russ may not see Nat as a threat, he'll have Mcihele as F2 and will go after J/J. Michele repliues that Russ will always be moody. Michele says both Nat and Kevin are the threats this week.

Russ comes up.

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7:30 BBT

Michele tells him how she thinks Nat's annoying and Russ says that's the same thing Nat would do when Jess was HOH--she'd throw the other side under the bus and he didn't want to say anything at the table b/c there's no point in arguing. Michele mocks Nat's smile and Russ says since when does Nat want to be Jordan's friend and she says she understands and isn't stupid.

Jeff says how everyone was on Team Jessie and Michele says she wasn't, she was forced and Jeff say no, come on, everyone has their own mind and Michele says no, she was told she had to be with them or she'd be BD. Jeff says he's not pointing fingers but knows what went on. Russ says he was on Team Jessie until he got the shaft and Jeff says Russ joined J/J and Russ says that he was always friends with J/J.

7:35 BBT

Russ thinks it's amazing how all of Nat's friends are gone but now she's throwing them all under the bus and Jeff says he knows. Michele can't stand all the BS and Russ agrees, saying he can't be in the same room as Nat/Kevin b/c he wants to confront them b/c Nat's stories are so one sided, but Jeff says he always knows that.

Nat and Kevin still playing pool. Seems like talk is only about their pool game.

7:40 BBT

Russ comments how he's been HOH before and heard Kevin's song and dance before.

Just talk about Jessie and his crew and just repeating stuff from the table a little while ago.

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7:50 BBT

Nat and Kevin discussing what they should tell J/J. Nat says to tell Jeff that Russ is paranoid b/c he's been talking shit about Jeff and wants Jeff out next. They're talking about how to word things to Jeff so they can go back on their word if they need to. Nat says she's been thinking of telling J/J that if she gets HOH next week, she'd put up Michele and either J/J. This way, she ensures the votes for Michele to leave b/c Kevin isn't on the block and J/J like Michele and might want to keep her. She then tells Kevin not to say the same thing to J/J.

8:00 BBT

Russ gets up to got outside and Jeff is behind him, but whispers to Jordan that Russ is so mad, bitter and knows he's going home. (Don't know when Michele left the HOH room.) they're now discussing Michele and how she's trying to focus on Kevin and Jeff says Michele knows if Russ leaves, Michele is the new target. Jordan says how she was pissed Michele followed her up to the HOH room. Jordan thinks Nat's word is better than Russ' b/c they've save Nat twice and she owes them and Jeff syas Russ knows he's fucked. They hate how Russ thinks him and Casey were BFFs.

8:10 BBT

Jeff says he can't think of a better scenerio than to get rid of Russ now and Michele will have to stay with J/J. J/J say that if N/K get HOH next week, Michele's the target and if Michele gets it, Kevin's the target. If Jordan wins, then they can talk about who goes home. jordan says if it's between Michele and Jordan in the HOH comp next week, she'll let Michele have it so Michele can't play for HOH the following week and Jeff agrees.

Jeff wants to tell Russ that he's getting BD just to get Russ to stop following him and offering him things.

8:12 BBT

Michele comes up and says someone just stole her comforter while she was sleeping just now. She says N/K just removed her blanket while she was sleeping, as it seems they're doing something with all the pool room blankets. Jeff says that doesn't make sense and heads downstairs to see what's up. Michele gets into the HOH bed.

Jeff asks N/K and Kevin says they didn't know Michele was under the covers and they barely touched Michele's blanket and Michele jumped up and said 'dude' and they left her alone. Jeff says Michele says they took her blanket and they say No, they just took Jeff and Russ' blankets. Kevin says they apologized over and over again. Nat says they'll just take the pool room blankets after midnight, as the Have Nots can't be in there after midnight. Nat says that's BS what Michele said.

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8:16 BBT

Jordan, Russ, Nat and Kevin go outside. Nat wants to play the card game BS.

Jeff goes to the HOH room and tells Michele what N/K just said and Michele changes her story, saying they removed her blanket but then put it back on her once they saw her. She asks why they couldn't take their own blankets and Jeff says no one sleeps in the pool room during the day. Jeff says he understands that Michele may be testy b/c she's on slop and she says she's just tired of people messing with her stuff for the past few weeks.

8:20 BBT

Jeff and Russ outside. Jordan and Nat playing cards at the dining room table. Jordan is telling Nat about what Russ said upstairs a few minutes ago. They start talking about lies Russ is saying.

Outside, Russ tells Jeff what just happened in the pool room, and it's different than what N/K told him. Russ then says that he thinks N/K are trying to jab him about him being on slop and Jeff disagrees, saying he told Russ he'd think everyone was trying stones at him since he's on slop.

Russ states his plea that he swore on his father about the F4 and has been loyal to Jeff. Russ says he appreciates the upfrontness and Jeff says things are still the same (that noms will be the same--which isn't true).

8:30 BBT

Inside, Nat and Kevin are sharing their plea with Jordan and Nat says J/J's have never come out of her mouth to target (HAHAHAHA). Kevin repeats that Russ has admitted to Jeff that he'll backstab to win and this is the only opportunity for Jeff to get Russ out since Jeff can't play HOH next week.

Outside, Russ and Jeff rehash the veto comp.

Kevin says that when he was a Have Not, people slept in his regular bed and he had to sleep in Michele's bed. Jordan tells them to just stay put and Nat says she knows and Russ is digging his own grave b/c there's only six people left in the house and no one wants arguments. (I just rolled my eyes...)

Jordan brings up Russ' personal life and what are lies/not lies. Of course, Nat and Kevin agree that Russ has a lot of money and lies about all that stuff. (Jordan just can't keep her mouth shut.) Kevin says BB found Russ spending money in a bar.

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8:35 BBT

Jordan says she's heard that Nat want gunning for Russ earlier in the game and Kevin says he was always after Russ and Nat says she wanted Lydia and then Michele and how she tried to get Lydia out week one, but Russ had to use the veto and then her clique wanted Braden out since he was close to Jeff and they couldn't get Jeff out. Jordan asks why they didn't like Jeff and Nat says it's b/c Jeff was the first athlete to drop during the first HOH comp and Jordan says oh, it must be a guy thing.

Kevin chimes in that he hopes Jeff doesn't forget abotu all the bad stuff Russ has said about him and you know the DR sessions after the fight.. FOTH.

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