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8/22 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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I didn't see this reported but earlier after Natalie met with Jeff and Jordan she went out and told Kevin everything that was said. She said there was no chance of changing their minds. Natalie said if she wins HOH Jeff is gone; she wants him out. He has been running the house since week three and now she just wants him gone. Nobody will win against Jeff in final two. (if this was reported earlier sorry)

9:20 PM BBT .. they are still outside talking about trivial things. Football games, etc. No game talk at all

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10:00 BBT

Nat and Kevin in bed in the RR. Michele and Russ making food in the kitchen.

Jeff comes out of DR and Russ is called in. Russ asks why everyone is being called in and asks if there's another mystery power out there. Jeff says I wish and heads to the HOH room where Jordan is in bed.

Jordan mentions how Russ is getting on her nerves and Michele always sticking up for him. Jeff says that's why he likes it upstairs. She goes on to tell him about a conversation with Kevin earlier. She talks about the offer to have Nat/Kevin F4 and they see Michele on the spy screen, looking at the memory wall. Jeff tells Jordan to practice/study, too, for future comps.

Jordan says that she doesn't want a F4 with both Nat/Kevin, but would take Nat over Russ. Jeff talks about Russ guarenteeing his loyalty to Jeff, saying he won't put him up or vote him out. Jordan's then worried Russ would then go after her but Jeff says Russ would put up Michele.

10:08 BBT

Jeff says if Jordan wants to cut one of their numbers, they will, or if she wants to BD Russ, they will, but have to wait until after POV. Jeff asks if they should tell Michele now or later and Jordan says no to telling Michele anything until they need to. Jeff gets mad that Jordan always wants him to tell people stuff and tells Jordan to deal with Michele b/c he can't. Jordan defends herself, saying Jeff gets mad at her for saying too much, so would rather Jeff say it and Jeff smiles and pretends to kick her on the side of the head.

Jeff says it's funny how DR watches them and thanks them for putting on deoderant and thinks that's weird.

Russ is out of the DR and back in the kitchen with Michele.

10:12 BBT

Jeff, who's been eating raspberries, tries to get Jordan to get one and sticks it on his pinky finger and she bites it off. He smiles and then she takes one and he says to eat it sexy. She eats it and heads downstairs. Jeff puts on his headphones and plays solitaire.

Russ is trying to think of different concoctions they can make with the slop.

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10:30 BBT

J/J joking upstairs.

M/R talking outside. They wonder if Kevin's told anymore lies. Russ says Nat was mad at him for wearing Casey's shirt the other day. They agree N/K are trying the nice approach with J/J and how N is trying to hang out with Jordan more now. Michele comments how it was her and J/J every night at the jacuzzi, alone, for weeks and now N says she loves the HT.

Russ goes inside to check their food. In the HOH room, J/J are still play arguing and joking around.

10:36 BBT

Russ comes back outside mentioning how N/K are sleeping, preparing for the veto. He says that the hungry will win. BB tells Michele not to obstruct her microphone and she says she's not and they both tell BB that they just called them out and others will think they're scheming. Russ says he'll go inside and check on the food, as to make it look like they're not tlaking.

Upstairs, they discuss how Jordan/Michele need to get HOH next week. Jordan asks Jeff if he's changed his mind about BD Russ and he says he's unsure, in case Russ keeps his F4 word. Jeff says since he can't play for HOH next week, he needs as many options as possible and if they get Russ out now, he can only rely on Jordan/Michele.

10:43 BBT

M/R in the kitchen. Russ is going over the different items America has chosen for the Have Nots, as if he's trying to practice the order for a future comp.

In the HOH, Jeff tells Jordan not to talk about the F2 b/c there's still six people left.

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10:48 BBT

Russ tells Michele he's going to go see if things are the same as earlier and if they are, he'll be estatic. He goes to the bathroom (I guess to check the water in the shower) b/c he comes back to the kitchen and they say darn b/c BB must have heard them. They go back outside.

They start talking game right away. Michele says they need to vote the same, b/c with low voting numbers, one vote can change things and Russ understands, stating why he voted to keep Jessie. They agree they need eachother and mention how Jeff will always keep Jordan and how much he likes her. Russ says J/J might date after the show.

Russ hopes J/J stick to the plan b/c he wants to. Michele says that J/J won't tell her anything right now, b/c they think she'll tell Russ, so she doesn't know the true plan and Russ says they must win the veto.

10:55 BBT

Michele says how she was in the HOH with J/J and neither of them would say anything. They talk about how Jeff's been acting and how he's been wanting his alone time.

11:00 BBT

Jeff teaches Jordan how to play Go Fish and they play in the HOH bed.

11:08 BBT

J/J still playing Go Fish. Outside, M/R talking about his accident and injuries.

11:20 BBT

Jordan is now teaching Jeff Slap Jack. He finds the game pointless but Jordan wants to play.

Michele tells Russ she's been through things in her life, but none of her family signed the BB papers, so she's not really allowed to talk about it.

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7:11 am

All sleeping. Appears Russ/Mich double up the bed pads to make one big bed last night (little cozy) :)

Two cams on R/M Two cams on HOH J/J

Edit to add: about 7:20am, Mich had one of her nightmares which startled Russ awake, when trying to calm her she rolled over and looked at Russ wierdly and rolled back, Russ then put one of his blankets on her to totally cover her up .... it was very nice jesture on Russ part and he handled it caringly IMO....

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10:00 BBT

All feeds on Jeff in the HOH bed, with his headphones on and watching the spy screen.

Feeds now showing Michele in the downstairs bathroom, doing her hair.

Michele's at the dining room table, painting her nails. Jordan comes into the kitchen and grabs some food. Jeff called to DR. Nat headed towards bathroom.

10:10 BBT

Nat joins the girls at the table. Jordan comments on how curly Nat's hair is. Michele mentions not wanting to take a cold shower.

10:15 BBT

Jeff joins the crew and they discuss how late everyone stayed up. Jeff asks Mcihele if her and Russ stayed up until midnight and Michele replies 2 AM, playing the Truth or Conseqence game and Jeff is surprised.

Kevin is still sleeping in the RR. Jordan is now looking at the memory wall.

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11:45 BBT

All feeds on Russ sitting alone at the kitchen bar.

Jordan called to DR. Michele walks by and Russ asks if everyone's napping. She says yes and heads towards the BR where someone is showering.

11:55 BBT

Russ goes to the GR and Michele joins him. He asks what Jeff said to Michele and she says Kevin is in the bathroom, so she doesn't say anything. She says they'll talk later and leaves.

She goes up to the HOH room and gets in bed with Jeff. No talk, just both trying to nap.

12:00 BBT

All feeds on Russ alone in the GR.

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12:20 BBT

Nothing has changed. All is quiet, showing Russ alone in GR. They briefly showed Kevin eating in the dining room.

Russ: What's going on? (Don't know if Kevin just passed by or what.)

Feeds now also showing J/J playing around in the HOH. Seems they have woken up Michele.

12:27 BBT

Michele has left the HOH room. Seems like Russ rang the HOH door earlier and J/J didn't answer and let him in. Jeff tells Jordan she should have just answered and said they're sleeping and they'll talk later. Jordan asks what Michele said to Jeff earlier while Jordan was listening to music. He says nothing as he kept asking her questions. Jeff asked Michele about Russ and she said they don't talk about game and J/J agree Michele is sticking up for Russ and full of shit. Jeff says fuck her and how much he hates her laugh, as she laughs after everything.

Jordan suggests BD Michele this week since Russ doesn't like anyone else and won't make a F2 deal with anyone. They talk about breaking M/R up. Jeff gets mad at Jordan b/c she didn't ask Michele any questions while she was listening to music earlier. Jeff is pissed that Jordan makes him do all the dirty work and blames him for everything. Jordan says fine she'll asks Michele questions next time Michele comes up. As if on cue, Michele walks in the door.

Jordan says how Jeff is always yelling at her so Michele hugs her. Jeff says he's a loud talker. Jordan asks what Michele thinks of things and Jeff starts playing around with Michele, asking why she hugged Jordan when she doesn't even know what Jordan was saying. They laugh it off and Jordan asks against what Michele thinks of things.

12:33 BBT

Michele says she thinks the noms are fine and stick to the plan and how she doesn't want to get shanked. Michele says they're good and they need to get N/K out. Jeff says next week, one of J/J/M/R will have to go on the block against N/K and asks how they'll decide who goes up. Michele says they'll talk about it when it happens and Jeff asks again what M/R talk about. She says they don't talk game but have a F2 deal. Jordan says they need to make sure they 3 get to F3 and Michele better not screw them.

Jordan mentions how much M/R have been talking lately and Jeff uses the analogy of how many times must they suck Russ' dick in order for him to 'come' and how Jeff has saved Russ before.

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12:36 BBT

Jeff tells Michele that she's been talking weird and that she needs to stop saying 'we' (M/R) and let him come up to HOH and ask if Russ is safe himself. Michele says she understands and knows she's safe and Jeff mentions Michele is not safe if she's with Russ. Michele says she's been sticking with their F3 deal.

Michele says that they need to keep winning and Jeff says that's a lot of winning. She asks if Jeff wants Russ gone this week and Jeff says they have to wait for the veto and that he hasn't thought about it. He states that he may have to think about it and change his plans.

Michele says ideal situation is Russ wins HOH next week so he can't compete in HOH the following week. Jeff says ideal would be Russ wins next week and get Jeff out, as that would be best for M/R. Michele states she won't vote Jeff out and says she sounds shady but isn't. Jeff agrees but says that M/R must be talking game and would think of all scenerios.

12:40 BBT

Jordan talks about how Russ might put J/J up next week, as he wouldn't put Michele up b/c of their F2 deal and wouldn't care about Nat being in the house. Jeff agrees and says they can't do anything until the veto comp.

Jordan says that they haven't talked much lately like they have before and Michele says she doesn't need reassurance and not to take her as a threat b/c she hangs out with Russ. She says Russ would go crazy if she didn't talk to him and J/J agree and understand.

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12:45 BBT

Jordan says that they talk to Nat and Kevin, but not about game. Michele says how Russ has stated he shouldn't have talked game when other people could hear him.

Michele mentions how Russ asked her in the GR what Jeff said to her and Michele says how they were just napping and how Kevin was in the bathroom and wouldn't have said anything to Russ then even if she had anything to tell him. Jeff says he didn't say anything to Michele earlier and how Russ should come talk to him.

Jeff tells Michele to put in Russ' head that he better stick with the plan or he'll come after people's families (b/c they swore on their families) and Jeff smiles and says he is joking.

They talk about how Russ doesn't come upstairs and Michele says Russ said it would be awkward.

12:52 BBT

Russ goes to the kitchen, gets a drink and heads upstairs. Jeff asks if Russ came up earlier and rang the doorbell and Russ says yes. Jeff explains that he was sleeping with the headphones on and Jordan didn't want to talk or answer the door.

12:55 BBT

Feeds also show N/K sleeping in the RR. Upstairs, Russ shows them his impersonation of Casey smoking. Jordan says people wearing costumes this year is bad luck (Casey=banana=evicted..Lydia=Captain Unitard=evicted). They talk about Casey's goodbye speech and his comments about Ronnie and Jessie. Russ says how Casey would say 'smmmedium' which would be a small/medium tshirt and FOTH. (Maybe BB doesn't want the advertisment for Casey, as he has tshirts available in sizes s/medium/jessie's size, large, extra large, etc.. but the HGs don't know this.)

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1:00 BBT

Feeds back. Nat/Kevin are up and whispering about the veto. Kevin says if they (J/J) don't use it on them, they'll be screwing N/K. Nat says why would BB tell them to put their sneakers in the SR (guess that's what the FOTH was for). Jordan comes down and Nat asks again why BB needs their sneakers in the SR. Jordan tells N/K how Russ rang the doorbell earlier and Russ is probably mad at her.

Nat asks her if Russ has asked them anything and Jordan says no, but thinks Russ is paranoid and they have to win the veto b/c she doesn't want Russ here. Nat says she plans on winning it and Jordan explains how Jeff wants to win it b/c he wants to be in control. Jordan assures them that they can get Michele to use the veto.

Jordan continues spilling info, telling them M/R want N/K out now. Jordan says if they win pov, whichever one (N/K) want to be taken off, they'll remove. Nat and Jordan start bashing Russ, saying how he wears Casey's shirts and claims he was BFFs with Braden.

Upstairs, Jeff, Russ and Michele seems to be talking about nongame stuff.

1:00 BBT

Nat thinks the veto will involve water and Kevin hopes it's a messy POV. Nat starts talking about what production says when it's veto time, causing a brief FOTH. Jordan tells them she's going to lay down, goes into the PR and closes the door.

Nat explains to Kevin how she's been up since 6:30 this morning.

(I'm out for now.)

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1:25 BBT

J M And R talking sports, not game. Nat and Kev going over the weeks events. Having trouble remembering what happened what day. K/N get out waht looks like a Chinese Checker board and they have marbles as days on their calendar. K/N quizzing each other about what numbered day stuff happended. they have it down pretty good.

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4:21 BBT

Feeds back. Kevin doesn't look happy. Him and Russ in bathroom area. Nat in shower.

J/J in HOH bathroom. She's asking him about his wine. She says to save it for when they're F2.

Jordan was first one out of veto comp. Jeff says to save energy, him and Jordan should shower together from now on.

Russ does not look happy.

Jeff tells Jordan to shower b/c her legs are all dirty.

Confirmed: Jeff won POV.

Jordan asks Jeff if he's excited that he won and he says yes, as he has all the power now.

Michele just got out of the shower downstairs.

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