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BB season 1


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Actually, after poking around on youtube I realized this guy "Quirkydude" is the "BB KING" and has EVERY season up to view !!

heres the link


WHO is better than Quirkydude right now ??!!

can a mod change the name of this topic to reflect that ALL seasons past are on here, please ?


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season 1- most episodes are only 1/2 hour epiosdes and is posted in 2 parts each episode - some are and hour - these you will know as they are in 5 parts per episode

the guy posting them has cut out the intro on part one of most epi's

just thought I'd mention that to save someone else from looking like a manic screaming at their computer and you tube wondering WTF is going on !!

Good thing I live alone or I'd have been committed tonight for sure !!

good thing the babies ( dogs ) cant call 911 - LOL

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