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Macy Gray and Jonathan Roberts


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Macy Gray


R&B singer-songwriter


The raspy-voiced soul singer is out to prove she has as much rhythm in her feet as she does in her vocal chords when she takes to a very different stage than she's used to on DWTS Season 9.

On How Life Is is the name of Macy Gray's debut album, and what a life she's had since being discovered while working as a cashier in Beverly Hills in the 1990s. After four albums, she's sold over 20 million records and has been nominated for five Grammy Awards and six MTV Video Music Awards. Her next album is due out later this year.

On DTWS, Gray will have to learn how to work well with her dancing partner, but she's no stranger to collaboration, having written songs with some of the music industry's biggest names, such as Justin Timberlake, Carlos Santana, Fergie, and Natalie Cole.

She's also had a successful acting career, appearing in the films Training Day, Domino, Spider-Man and Idlewild.


Jonathan Roberts



One of the highlights of Jonathan's performances on Dancing with the Stars was his tango with Steve Guttenberg in Season 6, famously called the "mango." Who knew this former basketball jock would become a world class ballroom dancer? We certainly would have never predicted it!

The tango scene in the Al Pacino film Scent of a Woman sparked Jonathon's interest in dance. He took advantage of the free ballroom lesson offered on his movie ticket stub, and the rest is history. It was as much of a shock to Jonathan as it was to his family and friends when he discovered his dormant passion.

At age 20, Jonathan got a late start in dancing, where most competitors are training practically after they're crawling. He quickly made up for it when he and his former partner won the 1997 USA Rising Star American Ballroom.

Jonathan and his wife, fellow DWTS professional Anna Trebunskaya, have been dancing as partners for over six years. Although they've performed together for a relatively short time, they have made outstanding achievements in competitions around the world.


2008 World Smooth Champion

2008 United States Smooth Champion

2004 USA Rising Star Latin Champion

2003 Blackpool Rising Star Latin

1997 USA Rising Star American Ballroom

2 times undefeated USA pro-am 10 dance champions

3 times undefeated USA pro-am Latin champions

2 times USA pro-am American Ballroom champions.


Belinda Carlisle

Monica Seles

Marie Osmond

Heather Mills

Giselle Fernandez

Rachel Hunter


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finished about middle of pack

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  • 4 weeks later...

i thought it would be worse 6. need more head tilt

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ITA Misha. She was half heartedly giving any effort & appeared bored at times. Not impressed at all. Wondering why she even bothered if it was wasn't gonna give it her all.

I think the judges were kind to her because if they had been harsh (I would have been MUCH more harsh), they would have stimulated her fans to vote for her like crazy. Its a reverse psychology thing. I'm wondering if she was bored, drunk, or stoned.

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One of the judges/emcees actually apologized for her bad dancing by saying, "After all, she has been learning to dance during a busy concert tour." Well, she should stick to singing. I kept thinking, "OMG Lily Tomlin wearing Lena Horne's makeup."

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My husband kept asking me if she has had a sex change... He is not up on pop culture by any means but he could swear on his paycheck this person was a man!!!

I thought she STUNK! I'm a very critical person when it comes to dancing. I realize these people are "stars" but if your going to not even try... why bother. I hope she goes home!

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surprised she got booted the worse of worse typically stays around a week or two

usually they get enough votes to last since some vote for entertainment value

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maybe her fans just don't watch this show! Also Why TF is Tom DeLay still on?

Because he was amusing and it was refreshing to watch someone not have a problem poking fun at themselves. He won't last long, but at least he's entertaining.

Oh, and I'm very happy with the results tonight. The right person is leaving. I think she knew it was coming too because she looked to be grimacing the whole night.

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I agree there were some comical moments ....

But I thought from the 1st shot of her as the camera panned across the new dancers....

that she really didn't want to be there.

Just about every time the camera was on her she looked bored and couldn't wait for it to be over.


Here's where she shines


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