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Rob and Amber become parents (again)


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They survived two seasons apiece on both CBS's Survivor and The Amazing Race and even their own FOX reality show, Rob and Amber: Against the Odds. Now Amber and Rob Mariano are taking on their most daunting challenge yet

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I could not stand robandambuh. But..... huge props to them for getting pregnant and having a baby, and it not becoming a media event.

So while I don't want to have them over for dinner, I have gained new respect for Rob and Amber, and congratulations on their baby girl!

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For anyone keeping track, they are now up to FOUR children (as of June 2014), all daughters!!!

"Adelina Rose now joins big sisters Lucia, 4, Carina, 3, and Isabetta, 2, who also share their sister's middle name."

US Weekly article: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/news/rob-mariano-wife-amber-of-survivor-welcome-fourth-child-adelina-rose-2014246

Here is a photo from Halloween, a couple of days ago, so they are a year and a half older than stated above.

(Rob will be turning 40 this Christmas Day!)



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