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Give the Houseguests Some Advice


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Just saw this on CBS website


The HGs could use some advice and this is your chance to give it to them! Call the number below and give them your two cents -- from wardrobe to hygiene tips, your advice can have an impact, make them laugh, or just get under their skin. So be creative and your message could be played in the house and even air as part of the show!

Call 1-323-386-2350

Leave your message anytime until August 2, 2009 at 11:59pm PT.

Tune in to every episode to find out when your messages might be played to the house guests! Watch what happened last season!

Charges will be accrued based on your phone service and long distance plan. By submitting a message via the number provided I hereby confirm that I have read, and agree to, the CBS.com Terms of use and CBS Mobile User Agreement, and that I am 18 year of age or older. Standard charges, including long distance charges, will apply.

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Remember when they played the messages in the middle of the night, waking the HG's up? I seem to recall a really loud cackle ... I think they did it to keep the HG's up before an HoH.

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I would love to tell Jessie that he should stop lying about being drug free. That's very misleading. He's not actually "drug free". He's on Human Growth Hormone.

HGH is not a steroid, but it's still a drug. Unfortunately, there's no way to test for it like there is with steroids. So, he and a lot of others get away with it.

I can't stand Jessie. I've decided I want him gone this week and Ronnie next week.

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"Don't eat the cheese! It's contaminated with salmonella. You'll die."

"Ronnie, America loves you. Keep being the rat that you are (so you never get any votes). You CAN eat the cheese!!"

"There is only one Dr. Will. Don't even try to be the master he was."

"Natalie, don't forget to wear your po-po-po-poker face. You're starting to show your real age!"

"Chima, blow drying your hair only makes it poofier... you can't afford anymore poof."

"Jordan, when you only have one person in the house trying to save you, DO NOT put his name in the hat!"

"Trust no one but yourself... unless you're going to die, don't drop in the future. Didn't you learn anything from Casey's eviction??"

"Jessie, the planter's peanut guy called, he wants you to stop using him as a head."

"Russell, next time be a little more prepared for an endurance comp. Wear a shirt in case you need to blow your nose in it. It's better than blowing it in your hand. But I guess a little bit of snot is okay if you pair it with some urine soaked legs, so just ignore this message."

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you have to be AT LEAST 21 to be on the show...think about it!

two meatheads and a rat are trying to backdoor the other meathead.

don't touch anything after handling raw chicken without washing your hands first...especially food, girl with the phd!

a coach isn't a teacher!

somebody's been getting hand jobs, and it's not the cute couple

kevin, stop trusting her

why would you team up with someone america hated?

ronnie, ohio can keep you, because west virginia doesn't want your ass!

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Everything I want to say is either so rude they would not air it or it would give away game.

Tell them to stop listening to a rat or a 2nd round player.

Lydia stop being a Jessie hand job. The guy won't even kiss you. Get a clue stalker girl.

Chima stop laughing at your own jokes. Just stop it already!

Jordan, honey if you don't want Jeff I know plenty of ladies who will take him.

Kevin playing weak never works for long.

Michele start playing hard or go home. It is ok to make big moves and not follow the crowd.

Following Jessie will help HIS game. *repeat* His game!

Scrappy is immature which has nothing to do with her age.

Scrappy going to college does not make you a BB gamer. It also does not mean you are given common sense. Clearly.

Ronnie how did your play-doh ass get on BB? Have some cheese.

Russell make the move to pull away from Jessie or you will always be behind Scrappy. #2...don't you want to be #1?

Jeff take off your shirt more. Thanks.

Chima STOP WEARING RED LIPSTICK!!! Her lips look much better when they only have gloss on! Sorry it is driving me crazy!

YES!!!!!!!!!!! Someone call and say it!!!!!!!

LOL I thought it was just me bothered by her lip choice.

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you have to be AT LEAST 21 to be on the show...think about it!

Once again.. to clearify, Once again.. It doesnt matter how old you are... look it up...

But, I know yall wont look it up, so I will do it..


... You think your right... well, lets scroll down the page just a little bit more...


This is why Michelle BB4 was able to be in the house.. AND why Danielle was able to be in the house BB8..

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Nastalie, your BF contacted BB and said he found a HOT new girl, and that it was over between the two of you!!! He also added, that this new girl, likes to wear make-up and even takes showers!!!

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