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Found this interesting while reading Jesse's newest blog about why he backdoored Casey. It all seems like a lame "personal" excuse to me.

(If you don't want to read all this very difficult to understand bologna... I summed it up underneath). . .

"Casey....Mr. MINGLE MIXX himself, has voiced that I am 10 out of 10 on his target list, with that being said heres why I made my decision of him as a POV replacement Nominee. Granted we had arrangements to look out for each other as the game went on BUT some indirect comments can NOT be ignored on my behalf or my safety would of CONTINUOUSLY been in the air. Reasons behind my decision consist as follows: I didn't put him up week 1, he said he owed me and he would look out for me, I stated just vote to evict the other person other than Chima. They get into a tiff after he already voiced that he would vote how I saw fit for him to do so. Well come to find out Bradon is up against Chima it is a personal decision on his behalf to go not only go AGAINST what he already agreed but also he was under the impression that Chima was gunning for him which made the decision all the easier. Im under the impression he was the one who told Laura that Russel, myself, and him were all in cahoots. And when he came up to me in the kitchen he stated, "Dont go tell Natalie, We have the votes to keep Bradon and send Chima packing 6-4." I actually didn't tell Natalie she wanted to ensure the votes that Chima was under the impression she had as solid, and came to find out due to Laura being in a sleeping state of mind and blurted out that she was going to vote for Bradon and let the cat out of the bag. Well that open a can of worms to put it lightly.....as Laura how that worked out for her. ;*) With the INDIRECT comments being: Athletes haven't had to feel any misfortune in the game yet thus far....and at that point NOR HAS HE BARE IN MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Athletes have 4 granted I can not dispute that fact, but it doesn't help me by constantly reminding people of that fact MINGLE MIXX!?! YOU WANTED TO PUT JESSIE "YOUNG GUNZ" on SLOP!!! C'mon!!!! Granted you back pedaled just in the nick of time and you didn't get it your way but you tried to do so!!! Then stating that I won 2,500 in the POV lets just keep that to ourself shall we!?! But the grand mother of them all is, "He had his chance at this game last year....he doesn't deserve to another chance." AND WITH THAT SIR, I will help you pack your bags and personally show you the door. All of these I'm just suppose to "look past" because I'm 10 out of 10 on the scale of people hes going after. While on everyone else's list I'm bumped higher and out of the next 9 people I'm now 1,2,3 for me to go out the door. Really... not a betting man but I have a feeling the odds were against me. Well thats my little rant and justifications. "

So to sum it up:

1- He voted out Chima week 1 instead of Braden.

2- He wanted the Athletes on Slop when he won the movie sneak peek.

3- He reminded HGs Jesse won $2500

4- He apparently made a comment that Jesse shouldn't have been allowed in the house again.

What stupid, stupid reasons. IMO.

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Remember that those stupid stupid reasons came from a stupid stupid pinhead!

All of KC reasons for doing what he did IMO were justifiable to KC's game.....

1. Chima is a bitch

2. Athlete should of been on slop

3. Jessie did win 2500 and they all know it


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Wow, that was a mess. It's like he was an upset little kid venting, with someone giving him "big words" to use every now and then. Too bad it came out so terribly. That being said, he does make a point... at the very end. I could care less about that whole first week thing. Braden eventually would have gone after Jessie, so for Jessie to nominate and evict him (whether they were his reasons or not), was a good thing for him. I do see his point with regards to Casey. He didn't trust him (rightfully so) and like he said, it doesn't matter where he is on Casey's list, he knows he's a higher target on everyone else's list...so why leave them with someone perceived as strong who can fight with them?

Off topic, with regards to grammar. I often say "should of" as well. I noticed Jessie did it too. I always stop myself though and switch it to "should have" . Does it matter? Are they the same? I don't know.

ETA: Also, he keeps calling himself Young Gunz. I've noticed this on his shirts as well. Is this like his wanna be wrestling name? Where did it come from???

Eta (hours later): so here I am, making spaghetti, when it hits me. The "should of"s should really be "should've"s.. like "should have" but a contraction. I know, I'm a total loser, but at least I know I am. I can't believe that's been weighing on me all day. How lame.

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If these LAME brains had any sense at all, they wouldn't need casey to point out to them there are 4 jocks, jessie had his chance already,jocks should be on slop to weaken them, everyone thinking jessie is some BB guru and treating him with kid gloves,and jessie won $2500 in POV.

They should realize without casey or anyone else for that matter verbalizing anything, that jessie and how he was set up in this game is a huge threat!

just sayin!

By the way wasn't it 1 out 10 on caseys radar/putting him up??? 10 out of 10 would mean jessie would be the first person casey would put up???huh???

Or maybe I don't understand math was never my big suit!

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Jessie is not as dumb as some thing. He targeted people who could see right through his "game". It pains me to say this but he is playing a better game this time. Still can't stand the guy.

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yeah... Russell is really the only person to badmouth others in this house. I feel like she's basically a sexist going in the opposite direction- if any man were to say "I really want to keep this trend of guys as HOH lets have a guy win" she'd freak out on them. I'm not against a girl power alliance but they generally tend to collapse in upon themselves.

Oh how I long for a normal HOH with a rational not full of themselves blog...

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