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Who would be on YOUR allstar cast?


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So rumour has it that another ALLSTAR edition is coming out soon (actually its been confirmed).

SO, with that said, WHO would YOU put on the show...

I got really bored, so I went a little bit further then you guys probably will, But oh well... here is my list..


Just name a few if you dont want to make a FULL list..

(And what do you think about mine?)

Lillian... the Girlscout ranger.. Possibly one of the most annoying Contestant ever.

Tyson... Man, he got under almost EVERYBODY's Skin..

GC... Complained more than anybody else in the history of the show.. reason he got 14th place.

Johnny- Who would lie saying his G-MA died? come on..

Sue Hawk.. I know shes been on 2 seasons too.. but Who else could fill the role of most hated? (besides richard)






And, I loved Sugar.. but she didnt really fit into any of my categories.. so Im throwing her in there!

For me, Saundra is one of the best players in the history of the show... she snuck around and nobody ever knew that she ease-dropped on almost every single conversation...

And I didnt relize it, but I got 11 Women/10 men...

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My two favorite and who I would definitely want on another allstar show are

1. Rob Cesternino: 3rd Place in Amazon, a student of Survivor and the funniest person I've ever seen on that show. He was on the 1st Allstar season but changed his gameplan and got sent packing early.

2. Ian Rosenberger: 3rd place in Season 10 (Palau). Caught a lot of criticism for giving away his place in the finale in favor of friendship. He jumped off his pole and sent Tom & Katie into the finals. Tom Weston won. Gangly guy, but I always thought he was adorable. Plus he's a dolphin trainor. How can you not love him?

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king. . . I understand why certain people are on your list the way you categorized it. But I cannot approve any list that will subject the world to another season of Coach Wade.

Also, I hated Aras and Randy. But love that Sugar is on the list. I'd throw Matty from Gabon in there, also.

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I suggested Mike Skupin be picked for Survivor All Stars although I did think it would happened. Now if we can't have Hatch maybe we still can have another survivor who needs the money for taxes. This is according to Perez Hilton. I don't know his source but I got this info in a search for Hatch.

"Survivor: The Australian Outback star, Michael Skupin, may have braved the wilderness, but can he brave the IRS?

Apparently Skupin owes income taxes from 2002-2004, and he and his wife owe $6,764 in delinquent property taxes, interest and fees on their house on the shore of Pontiac Lake, nor have they paid their 2008 summer or winter taxes.


Have we learned nothing from Richard Hatch???? "

Let's see we know Skupin owes $6,764 and no other amount specified for income taxes and the reason why and how is unknown. We do know things in Michigan are not well.

The judge said Hatch committed multiple counts perjury and we know owes $400,000. I don't think those two survivors are in the same league or maybe tribe unless the income tax comes out.


PS I would also have liked see Jeff Varner on All Stars. However, he was on a prerecorded show on Regis and Kelly that was shown Friday August 7. He said he was a news anchor in Kalamazoo, Michigan. His viewers nominated him as their favorite newscasters for cohosting duties on Regis and Kelly Show. Jeff was one of twenty that sat in Regis seat. It seems pretty doubtful he would accept All Stars considering how well he seems to be doing.

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I found an article that updated what the first 18 survivor winners are currently doing.

Since the article is copyrighted you will have to follow the links and draw your own conclusion on what former winners may be on Survivor 20.

First 9


Last 9


Entertainment weekly named their top 30 hot survivors Sugar was number 1. Unfortunately if the read down you find she got married after an eleven day courtship.

Here are the 20


Looks sugar not going to be on survivor 20 because she got married after just an eleven day courtship.

Reality star Jessica Kiper, who battles both the elements and fellow castaways on the 17th edition of the CBS reality series Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden, has found her own personal paradise with movie director John Lands, who became her husband on August 23, 2008. Confiding to her fans on her MySpace page, the pin-up model/actress (TV buffs may remember her stints on Gilmore Girls and For Your Love) confessed that the couple's 11-day courtship led to Las Vegas vows and a honeymoon stay in a Treasure Island Resort suite.

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Sandra Diaz-Twine

Survivor: Pearl Islands champion Sandra Diaz-Twine currently resides in Fayetteville, Arkansas with her husband and two children, where she works as a bank teller. Like Towery Robinson, she has gone back to being a wife and mother, and says that her life was not changed by winning the show.

This is Why I like her.. she said she still buys discounted items, and shops at wal-mart.. I like a person like that.

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