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8/19 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:06 PM BBT

Lyd, Kev talking with Jeff, Jord in kitchen. They were talking about things Chima had done - messing with others stuff. (Goes to FOTH. I am wondering if they are not allowed to discuss her. Can't get BBAD here - calling it a night)

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Jordan in HOH not feeling well, Jeff goes outside for smoke. Meanwhile in kit Russ wins BS. and does a winners dance.

Jeff joins next game.

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9:55pm BBT

Lydia wins BS game. Russ wins third game.

Next game will be texas hold em using now-n-later candies for chips.

Michele sits this one out, says she is drunk.

each player has...

16 now-n-laters ~~ 1 candy = 1

7 black crows ~~ 1 candy = 2

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10:27 BBT

Jordan cramping and trying to sleep in a darkened HOH room


Everyone else downstairs in Dining Room playing poker so nothing to report....yet

10:40 BBT Pretty much the same..Lydia is done as she takes a shower..

10:47 BBT Same as above...except Michele is not playing....

10:50 "now its down to the real players" Kevin says as he tells Lydia "lost"..

Natalie called to DR and game breaks up

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10:52 BBT

russ explaining the differece between Texas Hold EM and Poker as he asked what the difference is...Russ eating as Michele sits at the kitchen bar sipping her wine..

Russ asks Michele "how ya feeling' and she says fine and tells Russ she didn't play because "I forgot how to bet" and says "i'm a better black Jack player" as Russ tells her "I lost 10 grand" at a table once..

10:54 BBT "i did not know that" Russ tells Michele when she says "you can bet on other people's hands...

Lydia talking about "getting evicted in a unitard"

10:55 BBT "i would rather be drunk" Michele says as she says "here's to a night not talking about the same thing over and over again"

they talk how its early and that they are tired.."I wish I had more wine" as Michele says he wishes to have "a lower tolerence"..

Russ says "i'm gonna pass out early"....Michele giggling as Natalie heads back to the table as Jeff is called to DR....Natali said her DR 'was about my phone call"

Natalie BSing how when she goes to vegas she wears a wristband to how how she's under 21 to Russ......Russ talking about his high Rolling days in Vegas "I lost big" before and saying "it was not fun" as Natalie agrees with him...

11:01 BBT Natalie talking about her poker tournament she attended before BB.

Pretty much biding their time waiting for Jeff to come out of the DR

11:03 BBT "i learned at a house..at a house game" Natalie says about her card playing skills as Michele offers to sit in for Jeff as Miche;e says "gross" as she finds a fly in her wine....

11:04 BBT Natalie says she stays up "alone" since Jesse left since they stayed up all night....

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11:06 BBT

Natalie saying tonight America found out today about Chima and continues to say except the "live feeders" as says she's a fan of BB, but has never watched any live feeds..

11:07 BBT Jeff out of the DR as he joins Russ and Nat at the table...Lydia called to DR and Kevin flouncing around wrapped in a blanket and parks it at the table to watch the card game..

11:10 card game continues as Michele seems to have dug the fly outt her wine and is also sitting at the table watching...

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11:20 BBT

Poker game continues with really no interesting discussion...

Jordan stirred a little while ago and got up used the BR but quickly returned to bed...

11:21 BBT Other than that absolutely nothing of interest is going on...

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11:29 BBT

Kevin and Lydia in red Room beds..

kevin says he will go to J&J and ask them what's going to happen....and Kevin says they were going to wait to after POV and wonders how to get the info without appearing "super worried"

11:31 BBT Lydia seems really tired and just says "yeah" to all Kevins thoughts...

11:33 BBT Natalie the Poker Champ is out of the game as she offers to be dealer....the game is down to Russ and Jeff....

11:34 BBT Michele cleaning up in kitchen as the crad game continues....

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11:42 BBT

Michele has infiltrated the HOH as Jordan is in the bath as they are talking about Jeff as why he never talks about girls he dated..

11:43 Russell going off on Natalie over the poker game..the fight fizzles as Jeff and Natalie decide to play more..

11:45 BBT "the time for backdooring is almost over" Michele says as the numbers have dwindled...as they talk..about "the plan" as Michele says "she's on board" as Jordan says "i know he will" follow through with their plan as she says he will "stick to it" as she says "I 110%" trust Jeff and Michele says she does too...

11:47 Michele and Jordan talking about Jeff and Russell as Michele says "Russell wil do what Russell wants" as Jordan bemoans Russell voting for Jesse to stay...

Jordan telling Michele 'you got rid of Chima" and says "i will get rid of Natalie for you"

michele says Lydia seems less despair and she might "want to fight for" comps as Michele says "she's more of a threat" and Jordan cuts her off and says "natalie is more of a threat"

11:51 BBT Michele says Nat is being cocky as Michele says Russ "winks" at her like she is with her......Jordan says she can never hear anything that "was said up here" as someone said they overheard something in HOH..

Jordan says she hoping Michele doesn't flop as she says "one of you are lying".....Jordan says she "voted for Jesse out"....and asks and says he "has a fake deal" and when he does "he always sticks to them"

Michele tells Jordan that Russ is putting up Kevin..."next week"......Jordan saying "i will be pissed if he wins and I go up"...and says the POV and all have the chance...

Michele 'he wants Kevin out" because he's afraid Jeff will swap him out for Kevin in final four...

11:56 BBT....Michele going on about Russ whispering about him doing better in working out...and did it to prove he can beat Jeff in an endurance..

Jordan asks ''do you tell him what we say" and Michele says no...

11:58 BBT...Jordan "me and Jeff don't talk about final two" and talks about them being final three...saying "it would jinx" it and wants to make sure Michele 'is on the same page" as her and Jeff as she wants to make sure she's not flip floping with Russell....Jordan says they would lose "up against Kevin"...and Jordan thinks she would lose against Russell...

12:01 BBT Michele saying "he's very proud" that he's an evil person..as jordan says his stares look evil...

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Michelle and Jordan talking in hoh. Jordan flat out told her that she's uncomfortable with the possability that she ( MIchelle) may be flip flopping and that she's not sure who is lying between her or Russ, but that she trusts Michelle more. Michelle still throwing Russ under the bus. Jordan asks MIchelle if she's telling Russ what they talk about. Michelle denies doing that. She does say that she's gotten negative vibes from J/J the last two days. That everything is on schedule. Get to final three and then they fight to see who wins. That they ( Jeff/Jordan) have never talked about being final two, so Michelle should feel comfortable in knowing that. Michelle claims to be okay with it. Michelle mentions to Jordan that both Lydia and Natalie have been in better spirits lately. That Lydia may be a better competitor.

Now talk is how Russ dropped 10 g's in vegas. How he must come from money. Convo back to Jordan telling Michelle how she feels Michelle lies to her sometimes. Now back to MIchelle saying from day 1 she wanted to be alligned with J and J. How great it would be if they made it to final three. Michelle mentions the convo earlier with Russ where he said he did a greater work out to "break" Jeff.

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12:02 BBT

Jordan worried about Russell winning HOH...as Michele throws him under the bus as Jordan brinks up all his jobs he had...and tells her "he only wants to team up with you because you're smart"

12:04 Jordan keeps bring up that she think she's flip floping..."it's driving me crazy" and Michele says she's doing "undercover work" with Russell as she says she needs "reassurance everyday"........Jordan says she's obvious you lie..she says "i don't know" or "I don't remember" as Michele says she really doesn't remember..

He's like the "alpha Male' and Jeff is the target...and againg "i promise you" they don't talk "final two"...Jordan saying Natalie and Russell were talking "and they dispersed real fast" as Michele "I hate Natalie" as Jordan expresses reservations her and Russel may have something together..

Jordan says she's not too worried about Lydia getting HOH.....

Jordan thinks Russel's "got money" as Michele expresses her "used clothes" Kmar clothes "i'm not rich"

Jordan says "sometimes I feel like your lying to me" as Michele says Russ and Nat put that in her head...as Jordan says she always stuck up for her even when "he called you cuckoo"...

12:10 Michele: "I want us to be final three"....

Michele goes over the manipulation broken talk about Russell proving he was "stronger" than Russ..Jordan "is he drunk tonight" Michele says he was a little......and Michele says we need to reassure him with a "group meeting"....Jordan hoping "kevin and Lydia" is Russell's target...as Michele "he's not gona do it" put Jeff up becaus ethe next week he'd be gone for sure..

12:13 Michele tells her gaing "i'm not lying to you" and does her "final three"....as Jordan "when it comes down to it..he will screw you over" and says "i don't know..he might feel" if Russell went up against her in the end he may win..

12:15 BBT...Michele says Russ "he's a smart guy" and has it all figured out "in his head' as she goes over her vows she's made to J&J...

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12:16 BBT

Jordan and Michele's convo continues...

Michele talking about how well they his their alliance especially when two people are "a couple"....Michele talking Lydia and Kevin would love to hook up with Russell because they are floaters...."he was someone that should have been knock out a long time agao' Michele says..Jordan "well next week" they can discuss......as Michele says they shouldn't put him up but backdoor him as he will fight like mad to win POV's as Michele "I don't like him..he's not a good person" andshe hates have to pretend to like him....

12:20 BBT "Jordan I'm not Ronnie" as she says she's pulled moves but she's always had their backs..as Michele lays on her mic and becomes inaudible...FOTH to probably tell her...

12:21 "you're just gonna have to trust me" even if she hears stuff as she pretends to like Russell as Jordan says it so early as michele says she thinks Russell "is trying to test me"..as Jordan tells her "you need us as much as we need you" as Michele tells her as she balls in the DR....

Michele says Russell "doesn't need the money"....as Jordan says "later down th e road" Kevin and Lydia will be better at challenges..Jordan says "kevin and Lydia" up if Nat removes herself "lydia out" as Jordan tells her how to vote...as a "possible ally"......Jordan 'we'll tell Russell and its a tie...I'll do it"..

12:26 BBT Michele says it seems like Jeff did trust her anymore..and Jeff told her he did.....jordan wonders where jeff is as Michele yammers on and on and on as she tells Jordan "lydia knows" stuff they have talked about....as Michele talks about the cunt word..saying the only people that heard her say it was "her jeff and Russell"..

Jordan leaves as Michele asks if she should sleep up in HOH..

Jordan looks for jeff as she heads outside..

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12:30 BBT

jordan and Jeff talking as natalie comes out and talks about Russell yelling at her...and when she lost "if we were playing for real money" she would have beat her and yelled "you lost" as they talk about the Poker game argument..

12:31 BBT Natalie goes on how she plays all the time...how she play on ESPN.....as only "chima" as Jordan "i like the natalie without Jesse" saying she is nicer...

talking about jesse......Natalie lies "him and I had different plans" as natalie says Jesse would get mad when she talked to him..

12:35 BBT Natalie Jeff play pool as Jordan talks about Jesse and her BF was gonna break up with Nat because of her obsession with jesse and Natalie told them how Jesse professed her love for her in the green room...

12:36 Natalie says Jesse was a nice guys and treated her well....

12:38 BBT Michele leaves the HOH ....and heads downstairs

grabs a drink..mumbles something to herself and heads outside..with Jordan,Jeff and Nat.."ohh it's cold"

12:40 BBT Russell in bed..

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2:54 BBT

Jeff and Jordan make a deal with Natalie to keep her. All three in back yard.

All other HG's sleeping.

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3:00 BBT

Jeffand Jordan tell Natalie they would like Russell gone. Natalie agrees. Natalie promises them should she win next HOH, they won't go up.

Natalie says, she would like to see both Russell and Michelle gone. They go on to tell Natalie, if she wins this POV, they will replace her with Russell. ( Jeff and Jordan are buying her bullsh*t).

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3:46 BBT

Jeff and Jordan in bed talking about how DR is confusing them about what to do about votes (that's what I take from their convo)., etc. The go on to say how DR is trying to tell them something and wonder why?

Wondering if everyone is playing with them?

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5:00 AM BBT: I turn on the feeds and Jordan and Jeff are in the HoH bedroom talking about names. Jordan is wanting to know Jeff's middle name and he tells her he has told her 10 times and doesn't wanna say any more. She asks him to guess hers, he gets there eventually. She then asks him to spell it and it takes a while for him to get there but he gets it. H-A-L-I-E. The talk turns to baby names. (ahhh how sweet!) Jordan is saying that she likes "Boy" names for girls and Jeff likes "Girl" names for guys. It goes on like this for a little while. They go through a whole list of names theat Jordan comes up with. Jeff calls them country, well most of them. Jordan then goes through her family tree, kinda. She is describing her country named people like "Uncle Fuzz" or "Aunt Poe" Jeff then says that he likes the name "Poet" but can't use it because he used to call his ex that.

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bb 'houseguest its time to wake up for the day''

10:36am lights are on. Everyone still in bed with covers over their heads.

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BBT 12:34PM

Just a quick update Russell and Michelle in the kitchen and Michelle told Russell that Jordan said she doesn't know if she can trust Michelle. Russell asked if his name came up and Michelle said no.

J/J up in hoh just waking up and Michelle said everyone else is asleep. Pretty boring right now.

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Jordan told Jeff that M/R were whispering in the kitchen when she went downstairs.

R/M outside talking about how the last couple weeks everyone lied and you can spin it to your advantage.

M told R how N/J/J/M were outside last night and N said if you want to know anything I'll tell you everything. M said it was all BS and N blamed a lot of it on L .

Jeff called to the dr.

M/R talking how J/J should know that N is just trying to buy time. R says they should get rid of N because she could really mess up their game. R says he and M should get rid of N. R wants to win the pov. R says no one will believe anything L says and she already pissed off J/J so N must go.

M/R want to have a meeting with J/J to bring their group back together. R said he knew Jesse was going home and since he gave him his word he kept it and voted for N to leave and will tell Jeff to show him he is being honest.

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