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8/17 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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10:19 BBT

In HOH Jeff and Jordan schemeing their own demise in the game. They are discussing backdooring Russell because of the {what I thought was a ridiculous} lie the girls and Kevin conjured up last night.

They are talking whether it would be wise to keep Natalie around another week....as J/J believe Kevin is on their side......Jordan says "we have to split up Natalie and Russell" and Jordan wants to wait until after POV.

Jeff now saying "maybe its smart to get out Natlie now" because of numbers and weaken what they believe is a Natalie/Russ alliance..

Jeff "Kevin wouldn't lie..would he?" and Jordan emphatically "NO"

Jeff being pissed that Russ didn't vote out Jesse..

jeff is saying that he want to say he overheared Michele and Russell in the "splish splash room" about them schemeing and see what she will say and decided not to since she may go back to Russ..

10:25 BBT Talking baout who Michele would take to the final two

10:27 BBT Jordan wants to talk to Kevin and wants to talk to Michele but Jeff warns about her saying anything..

Michele comes in and bash Russell and Jordan told her "to ask her now" and Jeff ask her and Michele "i don't think so" and Jordan says "he overheard him talking" that Jeff is out "next week"..

Jeff says "fucking scumbag"..as Michele says "i have a fake deal" and Jeff says he "knows about the fake deal".....Michele says Russell is trying to work us over bad...

10:31 BBT Jeff Jordan and Michele talking about Russell and his intention to fuck them over...."he's a fucking two face liar"...Jordan "don't trust him Michele"

10:32 The {Howie BB6} game play continues...

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10:33 BBT

Jeff says "maybe we should take one of them out this wee" and mayber take Russell out "next week" and maybe backdoor him if the opportunity arises..

10:34 BBT They see Russell coming on the {3 stooges alliance} as Jeff says "if i do find you go that way ..its not gonna be good" he tells michele..Russ never comes in..

Michele says Russ thinks she is going to abandon him soon....

10:36 Jeff saying he has a lot of reason to get him out will "tell him to his face" if he has too....Michele saying I can't believe he says those things after you saved him"

10:37 BBT Jeff says 'you go with him , I'll turn on him"

Jeff decides to sleep up here and tells Michele to come up here at talk..Jordan "he thinks I'm so stupid"..

Jeff says "maybe take out one of their side so we have the numbers" Jeff says "its risky" since he's gunning "for me" next week

10:39 BBT Michele says she will hold on if its endurance

Jordan says it "pisses me off' about what russell is supposedly doing..

10:40 BBT Jeff heads downstairs and tells them to noe follow closely as Michele says "my blog" says she wants one of them to win...

10:41 BBT Jordan and Michele talk....

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10:42 BBT

Michele seems to be pushing for a Natalie boot as Jordan says "i believe him and Natalie" have something......and Jordan says if we get Nat out Russ will have no one and if Nat stays "she still has Lydia and Kevin"

10:43 Russel in bed unaware is BB game is crumbling down...

Jordan heads outside and says to Nat "you look like Alicia Keys" and sings brief FOTH

10:44 BBT outsie Jeff somoking while Lydia and Natali play pool...Jordan telling a family story....

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10:48 BBT

Talking about Michele saying she lied about she couldn't remeber the suposeded lie..and says she was a little hesitant as Jeff and Jordan have lost all BB senses....Jordan telling them at the blog as now Jordan "kevin needs to be with us"...as Jordan says if she "back dorr" and says Natalie will put them up and Jeff says "there is no safe scenario' unless Jeff "wins HOH'

10:50 BBT Jordan dying to talk to Kevin as Jeff goes to "find him" .."Oh my God I will die if you leave" Jordan tells Jeff and says to her "don't feel bad" as she says it about him giving her HOH..

Jordan says she hopes her or Michele get HOH andif Kevin gets it he will go after Russell

10:52 BBT Jordan says she wants to talk to Kevin but doesn't want Michele to see her and if he comes out she wants Jeff to distract her..

Jordan asks Jeff if she should get him out about Russ and Jeff says probably better to get one of them out and wait on Russell..

10:53 BBT Paranoia setting in or stupidity {take your pick} about Russell with Jeff and Jordan...

Jordan says "you gotta be nice" with Russ and Jeff snaps "I am"

10:55 BBT Jeff asks where Micheleis at and Jordan says she's upstairs showering......Jordan says he is jus "putting it in her head" that J&J are final two...

10:58 Jeff and Jordan continue their BB game death knell

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10:59 BBT

Jordan says she will not tell Kevin who "she wants to leave" as Jeff says he isn't going to tell him either but earlier he did tell him natalie was their target..

11:00 BBT Jeff going on saying "i'm just using him at this point" about Russell

Jeff going on about Russ and says "maybe its better we keep him" and just keep "reassuring him" that they will be "final four"..Jordan says "go see where Kevin's at as Nat is called to DR...

11:02 BBT Jeff goes in to find Kevin so Jordan can go talk to him..Jeff goes into Pool room and Russ is sleeping to get a shirt and walks around as he can't find Kevin alone and heads back outside.."he's sitting in there with Lydia" to Jordan..

11:04 BBT Kevin in Red BR with Lydia and they are mostly being quiet

11:06 BBT Jeff heads back outside.."oh fuck" Jeff says and says "i'm ina fine mood" as Jordan ask if he's in a bad one...

talking how he made Russ back off a little with her because he told him that he hasn't had any time with her this past week..FOTH

11:08 Jordan talking about Michele saysing "she didn't say storage room" as Jordan is confused about how the lie convo happened..

Jeff corrects her..and says if they take themselves off they will put Russ up because "they have to" and will vote him out as Jordan really believes Kevin wouldn't Jeff up..

Jordan says "it would really be cool to get him out first"...Jeff "everyone thought we were idiots" {hmmm}

11:12 BBT Jordan says "i think kevin is looking out for Kevin" as Jordan worries about it being back to "even numbers" if they take Russ out...

Jeff says "my advantage" is he will tell Russ to drop because "your'e fine final four"..

11:14 BBT "should I even give a speech" Jordan says and Jeff says don't be smart...and says just tell Lydia "i know you want to go home" and to Nat "i just need to put someone up" against her and says "here's your chance to play for the POV" and Jordan says "alright"

Jordan "i'm pissed"

11:16 BBT Jordan goes over her speech....and she messes up and Jeff gets all short tempered about it as he corrects her..

Jeff called to DR and Hordan wants Jeff to talk to or "give him a look" to talk to Kevin...

11:17 BBT Jordan alone outside..

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11:22 BBT

Jordan and Michele in HOH talking about what Russell suposedly said.."i'm scared next week" if Jeff gets HOH....."I'm putting up Lydia and Natalie for sure" and talk how Russ "he flip flops" her vote.....

11:23 Jordan talking about "I would have to" if Russ wins POV and takes down Natalie about putting up Kevin as a replacement..

11:25 BBT Michele worried that Russ gets POV and takes Nat off as Jordan wants "natalie to go".....Michele saying Russ things "he's the smartest person here"

11:27 BBT Michele says 'we need Russell for a week" as Jordan warns if "natalie" gets HOH Jeff and her will go up..

Michele says Russ will play hard for POV...Michele now throwing out that use the backdoor that use it to tell Natalie "remember the time we save you"

11:30 BBTtalking about taking Kevin to "final four".......Michele wondering if Russ said {the lie} if he just "wanted to make me look bad"

11:31 BBT Now they are going through the scenarios about POVs and will tell Kevin "to take Lydia off"...and backdoor Russ..

Jordan says "with Russell gone" it will be to their advantage for her and Jeff in endurance HOH...

11:33 BBT Michele wonder what his athletic ability is......as Michele talks about the random HOH comps that occur at the end....

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11:36 BBT

In HOH Michele doing her best to distance herself from Russell as she says "the longer we keep him" the harder it will be to get him out.....Jordan says "once Natalie is gone" he will go there way as Michele says with Kevin its more an an even level and all "will have a fair shot" at winning..

11:37 BBT...Michele "if I win POV" and "i'll have to use it" to get Russ out..as Jordan questions if it would be wise to use it..

Jordan using her teddy grahms as a tool to see how the votes will go..they go through the scenarios....saying "worst case scenario Natalie wins" and Jordan says either way "we're screwed" if they don't win HOH..

Michele says "we don't need him for voting" and having Russ around their odds are not better..Michele "next week we don't need him" as either her or Jeff have to win HOH..

11:42 BBT Michele goes over the voting scenarios with Jordan 'we just have to keep winning HOHs" michele sumises...and Jordan agrees..

11:44 BBT downstairs Lydia, Kevin and Natalie in RED BR messing around...

Michele in HOH finishes their scenario and determine 'to bust our asses" to backdoor Russ....Jordan "i'll pick Kevin before I pick Russell" and realize she will show her hand..

11:46 BBT Jordan hopes he doesn't win veto and Michele hopes its something they can help someone else win it...and backdoor him..and {kill their game}

11:47 BBT they really are thinking it will be endurance.....and now the backdoor Russell plan is now getting traction as Jordan and Michele discuss it...as Jordan says "i'm getting so pumped" and tells Michele they onlly have to put up with Russell for only a day after they put him up..

11:49 All Russells misplays are catching up to him as Michele recounts all the things Russell did to her........as Jordan "russell can't know this".."it would be awesome his name doesn't get picked..

11:50 BBT Russell discussion in HOH continues...

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12BBT Nat and Kev quz Lyd on how far she went with Jesse. They are asking about oral and kissing. Nat claims she already knows.

Lyd asks if Nat wants to be with Jesse. Nat says no. Kevin thinks Jesses personality sucks. Nat says he not attractive and she doesnt like big guys.

Nat still pushing for the whole truth. She claims she knows everything. Lyd is holding back. Nat keeps pressing for more answers {maybe the sticky sweater story}

Nat claims that she has to tell so she can redeem herself. Russell is laughing in the next room. He overhears from the other room. Nat says Jesse is NOT cute. She claims he's nice guy. Lydia claims he is. She claims NAt secretly wants to bone Jesse.

She finally says she was wearing Nats T shirt {sweatshirt} and sheet went down. Nat says it's disgusting. Lyd says sorry Nat "i got my jizz on your sweatshirt"...... She claims out of every guy in the house Lyd choose Jesse. Lyd says that Russell was with Chima.... Russell laughs loud from the next room. Nat and Kev still bashing Jesse

Nat says she would have cut Jesse to keep Chima.

Nat says she was told everything that Jesse ever told Lyd. About the Jizz sweater.

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11:59 BBT its a last minute face stuffing for J/J/M before they are "officially on slop"

Jordan tells Jeff to go upstairs as Jeff grabs his toothbrush..

Before that Natalie was really trying to Rib Lydia if she had "hooked up" with Jesse..

12:00 BBT

Jordan tells Jeff about the BD and Jeff says "this week?" as Jeff brushes his teeth..

12:02 BBT Michele and Jordan wait for Jeff....

12:03 BBT Jordan says she doesn't care if natalie or Russell leaves....as Michele says "chima sorta helped us out" as she really believes the next HOH will be endurance..

12:05 BBT Jeff "let's play both sides"...Michele talks advantages "we needed him for the votes"..."if we win HOH" they have the votes..and if they don't Jeff "we need his vote"

Jeff says "did you hear him say' that he wants him out "next week" and Michele says "i don't remember"........as Michele pitches his behavior...

Jeff "what about their side" whayt if "one of them wins" and michele says "one of us goes"...Jeff says "if we get natalie out" and Russ did it gives him "even more reason" for him to stay with us.....and Jeff saying "i'm just thinking" the other side will "gunning for us' and Jeff says "let's get Natalie out first" and "play for HOH" and see if "he dropd "like he promise..and "if I do win HOH" and we can "confront him" and asks him if he did say it.....Jordan "i would confront him after the POV" as Jeff says no he wants Natalie out...

12:10 BBT Jeff suprisingly being the voice of reason {guess DR straightened him out} as is willing to go "head to head" with him...Jordan says "we gain Kevin" and Jeff "if Kevin is telling the truth"...

Michele "he would show his cards" if he won POV and takes Natalie off........

12:13 "i don't think he will" use POV and says "he's stupid" if he doesn't stick to final 4...

Jeff "i say we get natalie out first and get Russell later" {ahhh music to my ears}

12:14 BBT Michele asked would she put Russell up and is worried about him playing POV because everyone will be playing....

12:15 FOTH..

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12:16 BBT

Jeff "i say we stick with taking Natalie out" as Jordan says when they have the chance....as jeff says "lets wait for POV" as Jeff says "its pointless" until POV..

12:18 BBT Jeff talking about confronting him and says "we thought you were going to save Natalie" why "you weren't picked" because he keeps leaving Natalie out of the loop ...

Jeff "he doesn't control anything...we do" ..."natalie's close to being gone" so "send her home" and "lydia has nothing left inside" as Jordan says "she's a waste of space"

12:20 BBT jeff saying to Michele confront Russ when he brings up why he wants J&J are out...

Jeff "we are getting ahead of ourselves" whenthere are "7 people left in the house" and worry about "who we can get out this week" as Jeff says "he's not that good"

Michele playing the doubter with Russell's loyalty....to distance herself from Russell...she is really digging herself a hole

12:23 BBT Jeff says "if he won HOH' who would he put up and Michele says J&J as Jordan worried about it being an endurance....Jeff says lets wait for POV and confront him before.....and in front of Michele...

12:26 BBT Now we get FOTH...

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12:30 BBT

NOW J&J are wondering if Michele is telling the truth as Jordan "do you think she's lying"

jeff says why are they fighting when there are 3 other people to get out....Jordan still believes Michele over Russell

"not with Lydia" still in the house Jeff says about Jordan wanting to get Kevin on their side...

Jordan says she will do what Jeff says..

12:32 Jeff says Michele was flip flopping about what room she was in....."what if Kevin is making a last minute move ..to save his team...its wierd timing" Jeff says {sounds like a DR thought put in his head}

Jordan saying he wouldn't lie...and have "already caught her" Micele "in a lie"

Jeff "we should get Natalie out" and get "to the bottom of" Russell and Michele....Jordan says Michel been telling her everything "but left the splish splash out" {duhh figure it out}

Jordan "i don't think kevin would lie" as Jeff wants to get to the bottom....Jeff doubting what Kevin says and we get FOTH....

12:36 BBT Jordan says "he wants Michele" because she's smart as another foth so I don't kow who she was talking about..

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12:38 BBT Jeff "michele lies about shit" and Jordan worries that her and Russ will talk.....Jordan {who needs to STFU} keeps going on her team wants them out......and now says "i'll trust Michele over Russell" and Jeff says "she didn't say no lets not confront him"...

12:40 J&J over thinking their alliance and their intentions....Jordan "i just don't want to make the wrong decision" as Jordan says "i don't know Jeff"

12:42 BBT Jeff has his hand on Jordan's back....as jordan 'we just need to think about me and you and quit thinking about" the others..as Jordan just blabs on about too many scenarios...

Jeff realizing they may be pulling a Howie but Jordan derailing about getting Russell out asap.....but Jeff "what if he is on our side"

They are sticking to getting Natalie out..

12:44 BBT Jordan continues to overthing and adds paranoia to it....and Jeff wants to talk to Russell and confront all together....but will wait for POV..

12:45 BBT "i hope I win POV" and do the confrontation...

12:46 BBT Jordan "i'm done' talking {or being paranoid} about it......as they finally are going to sleep

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12:48 Michele back in HOH with her nervous giggle......as Jordan tells her she told Jeff 'I'm done talking about it"....

Michele heads into the HOH bathrrom as Jeff says "i'll be king another day" and will not sleep up there........"back to the ghetto" as Michele just wants to "hang out"

12:51 BBT all three of them are in bed together with Jordan in the middle....Michele says she's "out of ghost stories"

12:53 BBT "they are downstairs and they are still talking about Jesse" ......Jordan 'you act like you want to say something Michele" and says she doesn't have anything to say....

Jeff wonders if Veto is tomorrow........

Jeff really not paying attention as he's listening to music while Jordan regails how her and her sister/bro slept like the way they are sleeping...

Jordan not a cat person as Jeff sticks up for cats "you have to earn their affection" as Jordan calls em "stuck up" and Jeff calls Dogs that...

12:55 FOTH

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1:00 BBT

The slumber party continues 'you going to bed for reals" Michele asks...Jordan says yeas and Michele gets ready for bed....Jeffs arm and head at a wierd angle under the covers as Jordan complains jeff isn't being the real Jeff as of late....

1:03 BBT "I might stick around " Jeff says as he removes his mic and lays it on his chest.. and Jordan strokes his arm...

Michele spilled water and has to clean it up and flips the lights on as Jordan makes fun of the way she says water "whatah"

1:05 BBT Michele back in bed..talking about "The Notebook" as Jeff talks about some wierd "chick" he dated and foth..

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1:11 BBT front of the house

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1:14 BBT

thinking of an alliance name and Jordan repeats mine from earlier "the three stooges" and Jeff''s "team what the fuck is going on" and Jeff says "Three's Company" and "russel can be Larry"..{ok that was funny}

1:16 BBT Jordan starts singing the theme song and we get FOTH...

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1:18 BBT

Feeds back on HOH and Michele is gone and J&J are sleeping..

1:20 BBT Looks like everyone is in bed and no convos going on....

Natalie says "i'm not tired" and says she says these are times she can count on "jesse" to stay up and talk..Natalie predicting Lydia will "make out" with Jesse as natalie pleads for her to stay up...

1:22 Lydia wants to sleep because she thinks "pov might be tomorrow" as natalie says it will be noms and if it is POV "it will be simple"

Nat trying to figure what was nice Jesse said about Lydia if she stays up with here..."he told me what you do"....Kevin "he did and he told me to" and Lydia "did he seriously tell you" as Lydia is annoyed and says "I need to know " what Jesse told her about what she did...

1:24 Lydia says we need to get up and go to BR and talk...Natalie not getting up...

1:26 BBT BBT Natalie didn't go to talk so

{i guess I'm done for tonight..back tomorrow}

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8:48 am BBT

Russell has been up for awhile, went to loo, got changed, took vitamins, got a gladd o tea, went to BY and now we have had BRB for about 5 minutes... looks as if there is someone on the elliptical machine (if the background of the BRB is not a generic one)

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9:35 BBT

Michele and Jordan talking about options in the HOH room. Jordan is still thinking of sending Russ home, but doesn't want to make the wrong decision and say in a later week that she should have gotten him out. Jordan thinks Lydia is a waste and Kevin and Nat would put up Michele and Jeff.

Michele says this is a hard decision and they'll have to have faith in Russ. Jordan states she hasn't trusted him since day one. Jordan thinks if she sends Russ home and HOH is endurence on Thursday, then they'll have the advantage, but she's worried about questions and how the other side would eliminate them. Michele says they have to win everything at this point.

Feeds also show Lydia in the bathroom, blow drying her hair and someone in the shower.

Michele and Jordan agree that Kevin doesn't hate them and they could gain Kevin if they get rid of one of his people. Jordan then wonders why she should get Nat out when she could get out a strong competitor (Russ) and Michele says it's about the numbers. They think Russ threw the golf HOH they just played.

Michele says if they can trust him 100%, she can overlook the fact that he's a dick and Jordan agrees. The plan is still to put Nat and Lydia up and see who wins POV. They discuss how paranoid Russ is.

Jordan wants to talk to Kevin, but will wait until after POV and doesn't want to reveal too much to him (She must not know that Jeff spilled the beams to Kevin last night). Michele says if they tell Kevin anything, he might tell Nat and Lydia (which he did).

They agree that getting Chima out last week was the best move (however it was that she left) b/c the others are clueless without her.

9:45 BBT

Lydia and Nat in RR. Lydia says that when she was taking a shower earlier, she realized how smart Natalie is (for the lie she made up).

Upstairs, they say why Lydia is good to keep around, b/c she's just a waste of space and easy to get out. Michele states how there are a lot of people in BB that make it to the end by doing nothing. Michele says whatever happens, happens and every week is a battle.

In the RR, Lydia applies her makeup as Nat watches form her bed. Not much talking.

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9:50 BBT

Kevin is out of the shower and has joined the RR crew.

In the HOH, Jordan is worried if Lydia and Kevin stay around until the end, they'd be good at puzzles. Jordan hopes the POV is today. They then go back to getting rid of Russell.

9:55 BBT

Jordan asks Michele is she swears Russ said that (the Nat lie-that Russ wants Jeff out next week) and Michele says she doesn't remember him saying it, but Jeff says he heard the conversation. Michele goes on how she doesn't listen to half of what Russ says. Jordan says after POV, they can confront Russ, who will deny it, but at least they'll get him talking about it.

Nat called to the DR.

10:00 BBT

All feeds on Jordan/Michele in HOH. Jordan says she doesn't want to get Russ out when they could use him, but if they keep him, he may go after them. They also talk about getting Kevin out, as he's won $5000. They seem to agree Lydia would be best to take to the F4 b/c she'd have to be nice to them and she'd be easy to kick her out.

Michele asks how Jordan will put the keys and Jordan wants to put Russ last, just to scare him. Michele agrees, but says not to, b/c it might start something. Jordan agrees to put Russ' key 3rd. She tells Michele either Jeff or Michele's key will be first, and not to take offence if Jeff's is before her and that it wouldn't mean anything b/c they're both her faves. Michele understands and says it's just a key and laughs.

Kevin brings the chess board back upstairs and Jordan goes outside the HOH door and they agree to talk soon.

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