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8/16 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

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9:04 PM BBT

Russell called to the DR. As he was leaving Jeff scared him and he jumped up and gave a little yip. Says it wasn't funny. Jeff laughing and imitating him. Jordan talking about lil wayne and stuff. FOTH on and OFF not sure why.

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9:08PM BBT

Jeff keeps going to the pic of Jordan and her friend Megan and saying "I can't believe that's you!!" you look like your friend and all. BB zooms up to photo - it's a very sweet one of her and another blond girl. They look sun-kissed and happy. Jordan says she's never seen that picture of her mother and the dog before. Has no idea whose dog that is. She's surprised her sister and BF didn't send pictures. Michelle asks if they sent waivers - they did.

Jeff listening to her Def Leppard CD. Jordan telling a story about her friend Megan picking sand spurs out of her butt at a party. Said she had a bunch of cherry dots on her bum from where they prickled her the next day.

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9:24 PM BBT

1,2,9 and 13 are the tracks Jordan loves the best on her Def Leppard CD. She was reading a part of the letter from her Mom and it said "Got for it". She asks them what it means. Russell laughs and says "Go for it" it's a typo. The room laughs.

Natalie sharing that her phone call will be private - she's not sure but thinks it will be her Dad and her BF. It'll be Tuesday and it will be private. Nat recounting that last season a phone rang in the living room and that's how everyone knew (when Jerry his call). Jordan says cowboy got his call in front of everyone. They think it would be weird because no one else could hear them.

Kevin and Natalie leave. Jordan thanks them for coming up.

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9:30 PM BBT

Jeff says when Jordan was crying he was almost crying. That when he sees people cry, in movies and stuff, he wants to cry a little bit.

Kevin and Nat talking in Red room. They are going ot bed. Nat says "We all played". Kev says he should go up he can get lyd down if he wins veto. Nat said she said Michelle's HOH room sucked. It was boring, she got Chinese food and got to leave. Kevin says Jordan is such a sweet, sweet girl. Nat agrees and says if anyone needs the money its her. Kevin says he feels sorry for her, she's being used. Jeff and Michelle are Nats targets.

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9:31 pm BBT – Natalie and Kevin talking in RR. She says Chima had theorized that if she quit they might bring back Jessie… Natalie says there goes that theory.

Kevin says she was really off because the 1st thing BB said when they told them Chima was gone is that Jessie would NOT be coming back.

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9:38 PM BBT

Michelle leaves...Russell leaves - says he feels like he's holding her up. Jeff says yeah man why don't you take a bath? Jordan preparing for her bath. Jeff says I'll see you later. She says he can stay. Russell and Michelle laughing down in the kitchen saying it's so awkward ... you know they want to be alone.

Jordan is in tears, says before she left home she was worried about them,she wanted to help, she didn't want them to suffer. Her brother is 10 se used to spend time with him and then she got her Mom's use. ANd then she feels bad because she sometimes complained about sharing a room and her Mom wrote, Jordan you're getting your own room. And she feels bad. Her goal was to come in to the house to win it or win second place and get a place for her Mom and Brother. She's worried because no one said much about her sister. Wants to know if they'd tell her if something was wrong at home. Jeff tells her not to worry.

Jordan thanks Jeff for letting her win. He says no worries that's what its about.

Russell in shower.

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9:48 PM BBT

Michelle back in HOH room and Jordan is saying that the three of them cam stay up there together. If they show her cuddled up in the covers with Jeff it's over - her grandpa and her Mom will die. They don't believe in that stuff. Jeff says that it's not like they were going at it. What is she in 8th grade? Jeff saying he used to sit in a little room in his friends garage. 8 guys would sit in there watching football and other stuff and listening to 80's music and it was stupid but it was one place in the world that was awesome.

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10:01 PM BBT

Russ saying he doesn't think Jeff should let Jordan know they just handed it to her. Jeff said he'd do it all over a hundred times. Russell says yeah she's special. Jeff says, Yep I'd do it all over again.

Russell says it's not easy being there, its a mental war. He says when he and Jeff had a fight it was one day, with Chima it was two weeks of never ending mental stress. Jeff says but man, there were 12 people in a house who wouldn't talk to me until Jordan did. And then Braden, just barely. Jeff says he's glad his outcasting happened right away because it gave him a diferent perspective. Russ says his outcasting was when things went all weird and everyone was saying mean things.

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10:09 PM BBT

Michelle crying as she apcks stuff to take up to HOH. Jordan offered to share HOH with her as she only had one day. She's now joking about hair dryers and other stuff.

Kevin wandering about - turns on lights. Whispering to Nat. Telling her about the move upstairs. He says sometimes he needs someone he can bounce ideas off of. He has a splitting headache - where's the advil? Natalie only has naproxin.

Jeff helping move the stuff - Natalie says did you get everything? he says "Dude that's not even half of her stuff." He's amking fun of Jordan for everything she packed 'You only wear like three shirts, what is all this sh&t you packed?" Michelle says it's mine. Jordan asks why he just dropped stuff there, Michelle says cause she didn't tip."

Jordan has two keys, she gives one to Michelle. Michelle says they forgot to ask her to put the key around Jordan's neck. Someone gave Jordan a key in DR. Says they'll each have a key unless BB asks for it back.

Kevin plotting with Natalie about how to approach about getting themselves through the week.

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10:04 pm BBT - Russell sits down next to Jeff to have a talk about his place in the alliance. Russell tells Jeff that he doesn't want to go before F4 and that he is loyal to J/J/M because he respects them. He just couldn't see himself pulling something funny and he wants Jeff to know that if he wins HoH next week he has nothing to worry about. During this time Jeff is telling Russell to not worry about such things and their plan is to be F4 and that's what they're going to do... positive thinking. Jeff says he has no intention of getting rid of Russell for the next 3 weeks so he needs to stay calm.

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10:16 BBT

Michele and Jordan are moving up to the HOH all the while "having a moment" with tears......Michele saying she's thankful for having Jordan around and Jeff says "me too".....Russ asks if they are coming outside and Jordan says she will "as soon as I get situated"

10:18 BBT Natalie and Kevin in Red BR talking how whichever two stays they need make themselves a more attractive "option" over Russell and Michele....

Kevin says their points will be that the "never" backstabbed them and point two if they keep them they will go after Michele and Russ and lastly they say they will use the Russell will win over the jury votes....SO Natalie "I go after Michele" and Kevin "I go after Russel" and their "hands won't get dirty"

Kevin "I think that's our only hope" saying 'we have to make oour final four deal more attractive than theirs" and saying "this is the only option" they have...

Now Kevin says they can work on Russell and Michele...but Natalie says "not after what Jeff did for Russell" he will not turn on Jeff..and Natalie saying "Michele can't reason with her" so their only option is Jeff and Jordan..

10:24 BBT they continue over their desperate attempt...to stay alive this week.

Natalie Kevin talking about Russell saying Russell thinks he knows what "we're gonna do" ,,,Natalie saying her strategy "to stay this week" is to keep saying she wants Michele gone...but natalie says Jeff did says he wants Natalie gone to kevin and Kevin says that was before the blow up.....

10:27 Natalie says now "to lay low" and make "stabs and Jabs" and say make the idea to take one of their own.....Kevin now saying "we need to plan for next week" and Natalie says she needs "to get through this week first" and tells Kevin "you're fine"

Kevin telling Nat they have been the lay low cool team and tells her they won't "do the emotional outburts".."that was us".....

10:29 BBT Kevin talking POV...Kevin says if he and Lydia are up and wins POV...and will have a meeting and is Lydia wants to "go to Jesse" than he will use the POV on Natalie...and need to act like Natalie was screwed over by not using it on Lydia and "act" she really wanted to go to the JH..

10:31 BBT Natalie decides to "lay low" this week...and now Natalie saying lets "make up a bold face lie" about overhearing that Russell was talking about Michele's Husband and if "we get called out" just never admit it was a lie..

10:32 BBT Jordan and Michele in HOH saying she's blown away her Mom is in a new house..

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10:34 BBT

Natalie trying to sell the making up a lie scheme....like "their plan is to win next week" and take out Jeff......Kevin seems to be on boeard ..but Natalie says if "Jeff goes to Russell" he will come after us "but he's already coming after us.so we have nothing to lose"

natalie says you can "never admit the lie" ..

10:36 BBT natalie still going on about her lie...as she chops on candy...."maybe" the best way jeff will be "yelling to him" he had heard this...and calling him "stupid" that they heard they are getting him "out" next week..

Natalie "we have to split them up" and make a "final four deal" with them....

10:39 BBT Lydia come sin in her unitard and Natalie tells her "we're trying to figure out" for "all three of them to stay this week"

natalie goes over her JH votes threat....telling Lydia...

10:40 BBT IN HOH Jordan talking who they should send home next week.."Kevin or LYdia" as Michele says seem to hint at distrust of Russell..

Michele saying the golf game today "was a little tough for me"

10:42 Lydia talking about calling people stupid morons psychos for keeping her in the house....Natalie's hate filled rant is gonna be directed at Michele and full of threats of going after if she stays....

Kevin says now it's strategy and they will says "keep Lydia" because she sucks at comps....Natalie saying she hasn't won anything..but Lydia says they are focused on her..and now Kevin says he "think it might be me" because he has one POV under his belt..

10:45 BBT natalie talking about her lie and "yell" at Jeff about it...Kevin in in the "complete fabrication"...natalie "a straight out lie" as they go over it and natalie says that's the only way "the three of us can stay"

10:47 Desperation talk continues...

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10:49 BBT

Michele and Jordan talking about Russell and how they will get him out....Michele "he has deals with everyone" in the JH....Jordan says "he's such a good competitor.......and talk how they will get Russ out

jordan "honest to God swear" that she doesn't have "the final two anything"........as Jordan "I promise you" she doesn't have a deal with Jeff and says "i don't even want to be in the JH with any of those people..

10:52 BBT Jordan talking about them getting along like Drew Diane and Cowboy in BB5 except they have one extra..

Jordan says she doesn't want Russell "in the final two"

10:53 Michele explains the final three 3 part HOH contest...."wow..that's intense" Jordan says...talking its "so close you can taste it" to the final evitee..

talk about Kessha BB10..and the "jury prize"..They continue to talk about Russell...Jordan wants to drink her margaritas but will wait for BB to replace the ones Lydia stole....

10:57 Jordan talking about making "chocolate covered strawberries"....talking about Chima's basket saying BB "tried to placate" her to behave and that's why their baskets are chimsy..

10:58 BBT In comes Russell and Russell is excited about the "chocolate covered strawberries"...as they talk about their moments..and Russell says "i don't know how" when Jordan asks why he doesn't cry...saying he shows emotion was anger as he goes into the ex girlfriend story...

11:00 BBT Natalie and Kevin still scheming....

Russ telling them the three are just talking ......Michele says the good thing about the unitard Lydia won't be by the pool and outside..

11:01 BBT Russ talking about Lydia being drunk "two bottles of champagne" and how she was going to attack Michele...Russell saying she ws "trashy" and should have been "on Rock of Love" not BB

Jordan talking about Jesse's hand jobs....and when Lydia told them the story...Jordan says she asked "is it big" but Lydia didn't say anything and the "white crust" was Jesse's spew from lydia and Jesse wiping it up...."she has no clue" when Russ asks if Natalie knew.....

11:06 BBT Jordan spilling her guts what she knows about Lydia and her attempts to pleasure Jesse and when she used to saty up late..Jordan says she made her and Jeff "swear" and says she wants to get to the JH fast "before Natalie gets there"

11:08 BBT Russ saying "he's clueless" to all the shit going on around him saying he was just "trying to win competitions"

Back in RED BR the trio is still whispering about their plan..Natalie saying "its either gonna be huge or nothing".....as Natalie goes on about it....

natalie asks lydia "do you want to stay here or go to the "JH and Lydia says she "doesn't care" their scheming continues..

11:11 Russ talking to Michele and Jordan says that Lydia/Kevin/natalie doesn't deserve it as they talk about the votes....saying they don't want to pick anyone out of their group as Russ "doesn't understand" their Ronnie "worship"

11:13 BBT Russell saying Jesse wasn't that smart "he was too busy napping"

Russ says "I just hope" they can win back to back..OHs to the "final 4"

11:14 BBT Russ trying to push a Kevin nom as Michele says "we beat him" as Michele brings the noms back to Natalie..

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11:19 BBT

Russell talking about the trio and especially Lydia being "unstable" "she needs help like Chima does" as does Kevin he calls disgusting..

Michele says she gave Kevin the chance to break away and come hang out but he chose not to..

11:20 BBT Russell pushing "the final four" spiel saying even if he went out he would be happy...as Michele "we all really all want this"....

Jordan "jeff is the only one who hasn't had it yet and talk how they will "bow out" to him.....Jordan tell russ "her or natalie" to leave and next week "kevin"...Russ asks who to vote for as Michele says wait for PoV......"it will be me and Michele" Russ says of a Lydia POV...

11:24 BBT Russ playing the clueless alliance member with Jesse and wasn't there "for the meetings" as Michele say jesse and Co didn't want her and Russell talking......

Russ saying "we have to win" next week as Russ brings up the 10Gs Kevin has won.....

Russel says his speech will be "love me or hate me" and vote anyway you want...

11:27 BBT Russ going about Lydia who will be the angry juror as Russ says about Chima "she left on her own" and Michele says she's being blamed for Chima leaving...

Russ saying he's dumbfounded about the male vs female...thing Chima tred to start..

11:29 BBT Jeff out of DR and is on his way up....

Michele says Lydia congratulated her about her "power move" to get Chima out of the house as she says "what kind of random shit" comes out of her mouth...

Russ says not to believe anything that comes out of her mouth...

11:31 Talking about making final four clothes luxury comp and their slop day on Monday..

11:32 BBT talking about food comp...

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11:34 BBT

Natalie wants to talk to her BF on her call on Tuesday as she talks what BB was telling her and FOTH...

11:35 BBT Back in HOH Michele says her friends at home probably didn't think she would "be in so many fights"..

Jordan talking about her pics and her friend will "flip out" being shown on TV..

In walks Jeff...as Jordan talks about her friends..

11:37 BBT The trio talking about the closing odf the rooms as natlie says 'for sure" next week the pool room will be shut down...

silence as Lydia who {looks like a female verion of Dr Suess's Thing 1 or 2} looks a little pensive...and FOTH and BBAD commercial

11:41 BBT Natlie just laying in bed..Lydia has the death glare laying there

11:42 BBT In HOH ther are talking about whether Dora the Explorer is "Spainish"..as the question Jeff how he would know..and uses the I have nieces..

they are talking Movies..."shopping spree" at final 4..."you and Jeff looked hot" in their gold get ups Jordan tells them...Jeff listening to Def Leppard and is not in the convo..

"i want my birthday in here" and Michele "chima said you wouldn't make it" and says proved her wrong as Russ says serves her right after Chima threw "Her coursage at her" as talk turns back to Ronnie...

11:46 BBT Jordan "he's tuning out" about Jeff .....as Jordan paints her nails yellow with polish that's "very watery" and "baby food color" Russell observes..

11:48 BBT "you're mom's hot" Russ says as Michele Jokes don't let her date Russell as Russ says he wouldn't mind dating "a cougar"...

back in Red BR its mostly quiet as Natali has her head under the covers and Lydia is tossing and turnibg in her bed..

11:50 BBT Russell talking about his and dad's bad tempers and says "my sisters..they're way worse than me"

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11:53 BBT Lydia stirs saying she's bored as natali is ready to start shit and they want to look for Jesse's shirt...while they are upstairs..

11:54 BBT Russ talking about his whole Chest "tribal Asian piece" Tattoo with a "tiger coming over the top" saying its a "symbol of strength"...Russ says "its time" even though figh promoters don't like them and like to market "the clean cut" guys..

Jordan says she doesn't like her yellow...

11:57 BBT talking about their accents....Jordan's "y'all" as Michele says when she moved to Texas she was never gonna use it and says its a useful word and now uses it "all the time" she says "wicked' toas Russ says he doesn't use "wicked" or "hella"

11:58 BBT Kevin is up talking asking if everyone went to sleep as now Natalie goes over "what to say" in their attempt to stay..

12:01 BBT as they go over their plan...

Russ says he's heading downstairs...Jordan and Michele snacking and we get FOTH..

12:02 BBT FOTH...

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12:06 BBT Feeds back with quiet in HOH as it looks like Jordan is alone..

Downstairs they are talking about Chima's mic incident..saying Chima said "send me home" and BB said "ok bye" and was unapologetic about ruining a "$4000" mic...and FOTH

12:09 Feeds back and no Chima talk.."we have very few options" Kevin says....and natile "possibly even fewer"...but natalie hopes if she "plants" those seeds..will work..

Lydia talking about the "phone call from home" and would have been bad if someone took it from her...and says this was "the next best thing" after both arms were cut off chima and Jesse and even though she was "screwed" this week this is just what she needed..

12:13 BBT Now natalie go over her lie as she says she's going to tall Jeff "russell and Michele" are going to the "final two" and will tell the "to keep me out of it" so their lie will "be more believeable"

12:15 BBT In HOH Jordan and Michele talking about Jeff being distant and Russell who keeps going on and on...and talking about Chima destrying things and "she stole the rosary"

Michele says they all blames chima who was the only one who messed with their stuff.

12:17 BBT Jordan talking how her letter gave her "encouragement"..

12:19 BBT Lydia bashing...with Ronnie thrown in..and Lydia "was in love with Jesse" Jordan says.. as they continue Lydia bash

talking about Michele being Bi "does your husband's family know your bi" Jordan asks and Mich says "no" and Jordan "they know now"

12:22 BBT Michele talking about being sad about being bullied early in the game and said she held strong...

Jordan saying "i knida like Jeff" saying "a friendship" and when the Russell fight happened she found him a person she wanted to pair up with...Jordan saying she instantly did not like Jesse..

12:24 BBT Jordan "they all think I'm so dumb" about Lydia/Nat...Jordan talks about a friend of hers and FOTH

{my attention is really bad tonight and my concentration is way off so I'm bowing out early to get some sleep be back tomorrow}

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All four feeds are on kevin lydia and Nat/ in RR

(They are whispering so low, i have my earphones in, i turned it up and lydia crunches on ice and blows my ears.)

They send Kevin out to the kitchen to see were everyone else is.

Lydia telling nat how great her pink hair looks with the unitard. Nat(her new bff) agrees and yells "captain unitard"

Now they are talking about Michelle.

Lydia' ha ha she didnt get to talk to julie, or do the tweet thing' with her short HOH'

Nat'' that is why she was so unhappy when she came out''

More whispering.

Is very hard to understand what they are saying. sounds like more scheming , who's going up, who they are going to try to convince Jordan to put up............

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