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8/10 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

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Thank you!

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  • 2 weeks later...

9 29 bbt by Russ tell jeff if he leaves he hopes he can win. (then foth as it has been all day cause non of the house guest want to play by the rules they made it clear they do not care what the live feeders think)

so i am out hope another can take over

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Just an update.....

Jeff and Russ playing pool.

Discussed how everyone thought Jeff had the power and jeff said he wishes. And wanted to know why everyone is paranoid about the power and no one knows what it is.

Russ told Jeff that he has all the dates remembered and he is going to make bags of rice with letters in them and leave them for Jeff if he leaves. He hopes Jeff wins.

Jesse came out at one point to get his clothes from the dryer. Of course nat followed and watched. Made some comment abot there being alcohol and did Russ drink it all . When they went back upstairs and talk to Chime she called im an alcoholic.

Other then that a pretty boring night in the BB House.

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10:21 BBT

Russ and Jeff just palying game of pool as Jeff "fuck..they gave you beers too" as Russ who's polished off a majority of a bottle of Merlot...

Jesse and Lydia in BR brushing their teeth...

10:24 BBT Jeff/Russ really not talking about much just a lot of banter about their shots and "fuck I'm so pissed" Jeff says and Russ asks why and Jeff says "because you get to drink. A lot" as Russ opens a cool one..

Lydia heads outside as Jeff complains Russ's " balls "are in the mother fucking way" blocking his pockets for a shot....

10:27 BBT "dude you're on giggle patrol" Jeff tells a giddy Russ....telling him he's the "happy" one.....Lydia asks about "wine" and she's interested in where as Russell whispers in her ear...{inaudible} and Lydia says "well aren't you the mastermind"

10:29 BBT Russell is now outdoors alone and as I type this out comes Jeff as a giggly Russ says "this is not a very fair" game of pool as Jeff who's "very jealous" wishes he was buzzin like Russ..

Jeff "next week give me some alcohol.... a lot..Jesus" Russ laughs "I can't take this shit" Jeff complains..

10:31 BBT Pool game goes on..

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10:32 BBT Jesse who Chima says looks like he's wearing "pink shorts" in the spy screen enters HOH as Chima asks what his favorite movie was..as they are talking movies..

Back in the BY an apparent cranky Jeff still playing pool with a happy Russell.....No game talk.......just pool talk..

10:35 BBT Back in HOH Kevin who' under te covers with Chima Jesse Natalie talking about Russell and his convo from earlier...Jesse ragging about Russell trying to play "the villain" he says "everyone has to hate you" as Chima chimes in. "I don't hate him" as Chima says she's not consumed with him........back to movie talk..

10:37 BBT Back outside Russ opens another brewski...as they both head in....Russel asks Lydia to "make cookies for me" and Lydia says "yeah..I can make cookies" as she prepares her "slop"

Russ parks it at the bar as Jeff complains about "random dishes around the house".....Lydia explains how she's "trying to make em like chip chips" with the slop..

Russ is now slightly slurring as he tells Jeff "ask me anything you want" and Jeff says "I'm not gonna take advantage"

10:40 Michele is in the kitchen now as Jeff rips one in the kitchen ..Lydia naturally accuses Russ who says "it was Jeff"...BB "please stop singing" and Russ "go fuck yourself"..{oh oh naughty Russ is starting to rear its ugly head for a sec}

Russ "cheers" as he drinks beer "to you guys" as he talks about getting his butt kicked in pool by Jeff "7 games to none"

10:42 "my guac is fucking amazing" as Russ promise to make it "before I fucking leave" Lydia loves it and doesn't mind Russ "makes it spicy".....

10:43 Jordan comes in Russ yeall "Jordan..what's up?"

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10:44 BBT

Jeff and Jordan head outside as Jeff tells her "a whole bottle of wine and a bunch of beers"

Russ and Michele in the kitchen alone but Russ decides to get up and go outdoors

Russ telling them about the beers he "snuch out" as Jordan asks "you drank 5 beers and a whole bottle of wine" as Russ confesses .."yes"

"Jordan..you're missing out" as Russ laughs and says "I'm a happy drunk"...Russ now acting silly and now says "its so boring" as Jordan says "where's casey when we need em"

10:48 BBT "what the hell" Jordan says as Russ makes funny faces on his way back indoors....Jordan telling Jeff about Russ is paranoid always looking in to see "if people are scheming"...and Jeff says "I want to hear it" if Russ tries to get her vote if or when Jeff goes up...Jordan thinks she would go up before he will..

Russ comes back out laughing with Jordan's weakness "raw cookie doough" as he says he just went in the oven and took it out.....and says "its a little hot"...Jordan tells him she likes "cold cookie dough"....as Russ eats his slightly baked cookie dough...and hopes Russ "feels better"..and asks 'what do you feel about tomorrow" and Russ says "Jeff is my new best friend...he's cool as hell" and asks "ask me another one" Jordan asks his "regrets" and says getting into it with "the ugly Chia pet" saying she's 1/2 the debater he is and Calls Chima a "biggot" and explains to Jordan what it is....and tells Jordan she's a hypocrite and tells her how she used "exploit him at any cost' to further herself and says "he did not deserve walk out..like a hate crime"......Russ says "she exlpoited him" and "it sucks"

10:55 says "wow you're like one of the sickest people I ever met" about Chima and goes on to profess his love for Casey and tells Jordan about Casey warning to watch out "for Chima"...Russ says everyone one is afraid of Chima and "he's the one guy" who stands up to her because he's "smater" and "Just as intelluctual" as her..

10:57 BBT Russ Chima bashing...and says Chima neeeds "to slander us to the end..that's her tactic" he tells J&J....Repats the Braden thing again..loook prior paragraph..

10:58 BBt they talk about spider as Russ calls it "beautiful" and Jordan says "its so nasty" as Jeff finds its web making beautiful..

10:59 BBT Russ telling J&J he'll give them "the numbers" of the game and the dates....as Russ says he's 'very good with numbers" as he spouts questions complete with countdowns....

Poor Jordan is lost and says "i will give them to you and Jeff on wednesday" as asks more questions..

11:01 "God we suck" Jordan says as they miss most questions Russ throws at them...

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11:02 BBT

FOTH and BBAD commercial..{the Bank Job premieres Sept 9th}

11:03 BBT

Russ back to explaining the BB time line...as Russ says 'all you have to remeber the first month of the game" and says they will be set..and starts Jedi drilling again with them...

Jeff says he confused on some parts as "how do you have veto with nobody being nominated" as Russ explains it..."when were nominations" as Jeff is confused..

11:06 BBT In HOH "all the drinkers are have nots" Chima says about Russells booze intake and Lydia is in the kitchen baking...Lydia heads up to HOH.."i made cookies" as everyone except J&J and Russ are holed up in there...

11:07 BBT Russ and Jeff traing for the dates questions that may appear in a future HOH comp..

Jordan says "i'm getting a kit kat bar" as Jordan seems to be suffering from information overload..as Jeff continues drilling with Russell..

Russell telling Jordan "don't eat it" about her candy..."I want it" she tells himm then asks him "do you love us"...as she eats her kit kats..

11:10 BBT Russ says "no one knows these dates" Russ says..and keeps telling them "I'll give you all the dates" and throws the questions at them again...

Jordan: " I want to ask you something and be honest" as Russ says he's leaving..."if you do leave do you think just hypothetically" Jordan asks and is cut off my Russ telling her "my top twos are Jeff and Michele" and will vote for Jeff..saying "she will not have my vote for 1 fucking second".....Jordan after you "who do you think will be the next to leave" and Russ says "Chima" and calls her a disgusting person...

Jordan says once in JH they will get along...

Russ "I hope you or Jeff win it" he tells Jordan and says he will "lobby" for them in the JH...and talks about his "epic" speech on thursday...and says he's mention "braden" and "redeem his name"

11:15 Russ tooting his own horn says he's a great speaker...Jeff says "if you stay..we run this shit" and Russ starts tooting away about his worth...."if I come on your fucking side" they will be "shitting bricks" because Russ continues that he and Jeff will be "fucking scary" as he tells him if he is or isn't "the wizard"..they will be "shitting in their fucking pants"....Jordan "kevin or Michele" are the Wizard...as Russ and Jordan admit to not having it..and Russ says Michele might have it..

11:17 Jeff says they have to wait after POV and who's up....as Russ says if its them up together with Jeff "i will bow out" and Jeff says "i appreciate" that....

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11:19 BBT

Russ talking about Braden and chima and her exploitation of Braden{see previous posts} again!!

Feeds are FOTH and BBAD commercial {Dexter premieres Set 27th}

11:21 BBT BBAD back as Russ complains Chima calling him "a terrorist" to Jordan...Jeff went to BR and stops in the kitchen to look at Lydia's slop dish..as they discuss the "eggplant" and how to prepare it..and asks Jeff to have " a little something later" as Jeff says he wants "a litlle something later"...

11:24 BBT

In HOH Michele talking about her diet as Jesse asks "are you still losing weight: and says "i'll check tomorrow" as they play their favorite movie game..

Back outside..J&J talking about the worth of Rusell ..saying he's a good competitor...and Jeff says "how in they hell does he think me and Michele are" making final two..Jordan says Jeff has a "good chance" to make "the final two" they talk if Russ says something to Chima Thursday Jordan says "she'll have something to say right back"

Jordan says Russell staying "would be to our advantage" as she tells Jeff the only person she trusts in the hous.... "Jesse" they laugh and then bicker about her bad eating habits...Jeff tells her "you look fine"

11:27 BBT Russell comes back outside..and tells them everyone is in in "The Chia Pets room"....Russ goes back to his dates....

Russ telling Jeff Chima "is scared shitless" as Russ piles the cookies in

11:30 BBT "i'm going to bed" Jeff tells Jordan..she says "you are" and heads indoors...Russ has replenished his cookies and starts shoveling them in as Jordan has started in on her candy...

"you haven't been working out as much..stress?" she tells Russ he says "i'm always working out" and Russell starts on about Chima and does his "don't piss on me and tell me its raining" and goes on about how everyone has lied...."are you scared of her".."going toe to toe" and Jordan says she's not "really scared" but doesn't like "confrontation with people"...as he tells Jordan he's the only one that can go "toe to toe" with her...

11:35 BBT Russ says he yells right back when she does..and goes on about the Chima nd her Braden exploitation {see previous posts} again!!

ends "i think she's a dumb dumb bitch" Jeff laughs.....and continues with the Braden thing..

11:36 BBT Russell Chima bashing...as Jordan asks about Ronnie.."I got rid of Ronnie" and Jordan says "but you acted sad" when he left and Russ tells her he was good at the game..and says "Ronnie was better than Russell"{ {yes he referred to himself in 3rd person} "in this game"

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11:40 BBT Russell says everyone wants to "fuck' each other over "but no one wants to admit it" and says "how bad do you want $500,000" and tells them he would backstab anyone...."i want to win at any cost' and says "i won't fake to be your friend...I'll tell you to your face" and Jeff says why should "i keep you" if you say that.....as Jeff says "by doing that" and says "i think I got a handle on it" and "you need people to get by in this game" Jeff tells him..and says "by putting your cards out there...you make yourself more of a target"....

11:43 BBT Jeff telling him he and Jordan haven't played "a dirty hand yet".....Russ says at least in they are in the final three they know where he's coming from...and Jeff says "there is no answer how to place this game" "a lot of luck" and keeps cool "temperament"...and Russ says "that's why i picked you for my final two" with Michele....

Russell says this the BB game is the "antithesis" of the real world

11:47 BBT Russ tells Jeff 'do you think Jesse wants you here" and Russ says he doesn't...and says the same about Chima...

Jeff trying to be more level headed and says "you have to roll with the pushes" as they come and Russ tells Jordan "i hope you take second" and says "with a lot of respect" "I really want you" at the end with Jeff..

11:49 BBT talking about the AP Jury prize and Jeff says he didn't know....Russ says "i won't win it"

11:50 Russ saying "he was so fucking mad" talking how Jesse was mad when he didn't pick him for POV..."it was funny I had a good time with it"....Jordan "I have no clue" what they are going to do about POV tomorrow..

Jordan "i want to win HOH" ..."do I get your vote Jordan" Russ asks and she tells him yes....as Russ goes over the letter from Dad and his little fight story....

11:52 BBT Jeff "that was life advice" he got from his dad...

"i wont do it" but says he wants to go in "fuck you, fuck you, fuck you fuck you..it's on"

11:53 BBTRuss: "i was the one vote who voted for casey" Jordan " you were? ahhhhhhhh"

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11:56 BBT

Russ finishes talking about his love for Casey...

Russ wants to show Jordan his shirt as he throws all his clothes out of the dryer....Jordan's going to do her crunches..she tells Jeff

She shows her the shirt casey left.."you should wear that this Thursday with your blazer..you know Casey will get a kick out of that"

11:59 BBT

In HOH "America does not negotiate with terrorists" Chima says about the "Wizard" power and doubts Russ has it and talk about "Jihad" by Lydia and we get FOTH...

12:01 BBT Lydia talking about Russell's inebriation as Lydia was worried "he's gonna yell" as Michele says she was worried too when she was in the kitchen..they talk how he got "more alcohol" and another FoTH...

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12:03 BBT

Kevin talking about the Story about when Russ was a kid and how he equate that with Jeff "they're besties" Kevin contends and Chima says "he's controlling" because he tells everyone about how "its ok to talk to Chima"

Kevin saying Russ said "its something men can do" about ending disagreements...Chima "he's not really a villain" as Chima is offended by Russells "he's the tramp" and Kevin says 'he's insecure" about women because he talks about "his sisters"...

Jesse wants to know 'what's Jordan's take" on Russell and Lydia says "she won't talk about him" and Jesse "that's scary" and says "that's why they need to be up here"

12:08 BBT...chima says about J&J "the reason I'm not putting you up because you are voting for Russell" and says she will have two more enemies in the house...

Chima they will regret their decision because "they are gulliable and stupid"....Chima: "ifthey keep him they deserve what they get...Russell will fuck everyone in this house if he stays"

12:10 BBT talking baout Thursday will be the end to the wizard power..and Kevin says "next week will be the double eviction"...Chima "Russell is good" and gets into people's head..and says she wasn't immune to it...

they all concede they don't have the power and assume "Jeff Jordan or Russell" has it

12:12 BBT Jesse "my heart was pounding" about the first week of the wizard power "i was hanging on Julie's every word"....Kevin thought "Ronnie had it" as Natalie says he wouldn't have even though "he said he would"

Chima brings up that "someone wrote jeff's name" in the DR and Lydia says "jeff did" and we get foth

12:15 BBT FOTH

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12:15 BBT In HOH talking about Thursday.....Jesse "I hope you are the wizard and you're sitting on it" and Jesse says everyone has thought "it was not Lydia" and asks Lydia "wink twice' iif she's the wizard..

12:17 BBT talking about sleeping arrangements...and what room will be closing...Chima says it will be the "have not room" and Lydia says "one or two more" and Natalie says "at least to week six"

12:19 BBT J&J outside..Jeff "all of a sudden he's on board with everyone he helped eliminate" talking about Russ professing his love for Braden/Casey...and talk how he said he'll backstab to get to the end.. as Jordan says "you could backstab" her at the end.. Jeff gets upset "why would you say that" .."would you backstab me?" and Jordan says "in a heartbeat" and reassures him "i'm kidding" talking about how she talked to him week one and tells Jeff "because I thought you were cool" when he asks her "why did you talk to me"

12:22 BBT J&J trying to push Russell to go to DR and spill everything...as Jeff wonders what they showed in tonights show...FOTH..

12:25 BBT FOTH

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12:30 BBT

Still FOTH

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12:33 BBT

In HOH Jesse talking about why Lydia would have or not have "Wizard" power and talks about the question natalie pointed out she got from the audience.....and says "when Jeff" and we get another foth...

12:37 Still FOTH

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12:39 BBT Jesse and Chima discussing the power and Jesse "he should do it" and Jesse says "he'll put me up against Natalie' and he will leave and Chima says "i will lose my mind on national television"..and says "that my not be the power" and Jesse says this season is been "predictible" and Jesse says Michele "will run to their side" as Russ will becaus ethat's where the power...

12:41 BBt Jesse saying Jeff has been "short with me" ans Chima says Michele has said "he's been short with her" and Jesse says supposedly Jeff "doesn't like her"

12:42 Chima says Russ "will ride that wave' to see how far "it will take him"

Jesse saying "the only leg we have to stand on" that they don't want J&J to go and that's why they weren't put up..

ragging on J&J's "woe is me" pitty party...."until I vote to evict Russell I'm fucked" Jesse has figured out...

"oh goodness graces" Chima throws out about the whole situation...

12:45 BBT Silence fills the HOH on all 4 feeds

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12:46 BBT

Jesse returns as he and Chima complains that Russell "had friends" and wouldn't have "to look for friends" and Chima complains they were backstabbed by Russ..

12:47 BBT "he is such a bastard...." as Chima complains "People like him" who are fooled by him as Chima says Russ "is missing a link to his heart" and Jesse says "if he{Jeff} gave Russell his word" were gone....

Chima saying Jeff "he's the most noncommittal" person in the house...Jesse says once you have power then you need to start and we get another foth.....

12:50 BBT FOTH..

12:52 BBT Feeds return with Jesse 'you picked Jeff" complaing about POV..saying he told Jeff "he's not trustworthy" but Jeff could take it as Jeff saying he is because Russ picked him....

Chima saying Russ "doesn't know for sure" and that's why he his "been nice" to Lydia thinking Russ thinks he may think both have "the power"

Chima says that Jeff "has atrack record" of befriending the people going out the door,,'that's not good"

12:54 BBT Chima saying "he doesn't want to be aware" that the person he's friends with "is an asshole".......Jeff is turning "turncoat" when it comes to Michele...

chima saying "natalie needs to win this next week or we'll be screwed again"..Jesse saying who they should nominate...

12:56 BBT Chima thinking more positively {or oblivious} about the power not being used or as powerful as Jesse seems to be worried it is and will be his victim..

Jesse talking about POV and Chima chimes in "we don't want to put Jeff and Jordan up"..and Jesse says we could use the power and chima says "i have no problem' and chima says "we migh cause something" to hapen when it may not "have happened" as chima says they may "piss him off"...Jesse says "they have moves to make" and what they can gain from it......

1:00 BBT they trying to figure out how to put Jeff up as Chima says she will tell him they are "worried" about his vote.....and Chima says "you must of have a deal" since Russ picked him 'for the POV' and she had to as them "to come up" when they should have and "in order to make sure" they vote thewat she wants "i have to put you on the block"....Chima 'will it work?"

1:02 BBt talk about bringing him up and use a "threat" but seems they should "just do it"...

chima "i would hate if he didn't have it" ....Chima says "it could be the wrong move"...Jesse says maybe the mystery power "may work in you're not up" as Jesse says the "mystery power" is such bullshit" and Chima complains she shouldn't have to worry about "my nominations"..and we get foth..


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1:06 BBT

In HOH and Jesse says "just stick to the plan" and if it turns sour.....and Chima "if Lydia has it" she'll be pissed because she could have "put up Jeff"....

1:07 BBT talking baout those three "yucking it up" the night before casey left...and says Russell came out and asked what happened and Russell told them "nothing" and then "gave him his vote" .....

1:09 BBT Russ bashing for "swearing up a storm" at Casey's eviction for the vote...

Jesse trying to figure out wha is going on between the two and what Russell has promised...

1:10 "that's why he needs to just go home" for playing both sides as Chima complains that if he doesn't "i'm the first person to have the balls to try to get him out"...."most people would try to backdoor him"

Chima saying Russ is a "competitor" .."he's a lethal combination...." and another Foth......

1:12 BBT FOTh..

1:13 BBT Jesse and Chima concerened about J&J and said her mindset that they will vote to keep Russ because their vote "won't matter" and Chima being optimistic "the vote may be 6-0" and laughs about playing "the what if game" as Jesse says he will not "be suprised" if him and Natalie will go up..Chima insists they have to take the "jury house" into consideration....."you will not win the game" as Jesse says 'are we really gonna vote for Russell as opposed to Jeff"

1:15 BBT Jesse says by two weeks "you could be best friends with Jeff"..Chima saying he would never get her vote....talking threats.....about JH backlash....

1:17 BBt Jesse saying "my heart was pounding" Jesse says about last week eviction......Chima saying it would be "game suicide"

Jesse says "they have to start investing time" to see what he's thinking...

1:18 BBT chima complaining about {you name it}


{had a long tiring weekend and have meetings tomorrow so I'll bow out early tonight..be back tomorrow night..}

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3:00am bbt -- russell is outside running for about 15 minutes before and then put on the ropes and started doing his punching in the mirror and was yelling with each air punch and knee kick very very loud, like he is pissed off (da da da for punches and yah for knee kicks).... Jeff and Michelle in pool room talking about past guests and who they would want to host a POV comp, Jeff said Marvin.... at some point Jordan comes in and tells Jeff and Michelle about Russell outside working out and how loud he is with his punches, she said I think he is getting his anger out.... Jordan said I am so awake but tired, Michelle says that is the definition of Insomnia... Jordan says she stinks and is going to take a shower.... Russell comes inside to the bathroom... BB showed for a few seconds Nat, Lydia and Kevin in green room..... Jordan comes in bathroom and says to Russell "I thought you were fighting someone out there"... Russell is squatting next to couch and says nothing and at 3:13am we get FOTH because Jordan keeps doing the McDonalds theme (du du du du du, I'm loving it)

3:15am feeds back and Russell still squatting by couch in BR and Jordan in shower.... Jeff and Michelle in pool room still chatting about their mics and batteries and at 3:16am we get FOTH

(DANG I haven't been on all day and I get this?)

3:17am feeds back and same thing except Jeff and Jordan chatting about working out and muscles. (I'll update if anything interesting jumps up)

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4:30 am BBT I wake up and Jessie, Natalie and Lydia are still up running through the house. Jessie is tickling Lydia trying to get a pool ball from her. I can't figure out if they are drunk.


4:45 am BBT They are back to playing pool. (3 amigos)

Natalie keeps telling the BB cameras that there is a safety issue with something on the floor.

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6:35 BBT

Nat and Jessie still playing chess.

Everyone else in bed, sleeping.

(I hope BB still gives an early wakeup call, since veto ceremony is today. But then again, it won't matter, b/c Nat and Jess will just sleep all day.)

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6:55am BBT

Jessie & Natalie up talking in the BR, then move to kitchen and Jessie makes a shake

6:58am BBT

We see Jessie still standing in the kitchen, but sounds like they're playing the audio of Natalie in the DR, talking about her "Requests". She wants BB to turn off the speakers cause the 'white noise' bothers her. Also says how the lotion in the BR gives her a rash "I can keep putting that lotion on and we're gonna need a medic cause I'll get a rash"

Jessie shows no sign of being able to hear her... so must just be a treat for the live feed watchers.

7:00am BBT Natalie goes back to Jessie in BR to tell her what she asked for, being stubborn about BB not giving her lotion.

at 7:01 BBT we get WBRB... seems they may have discovered their audio glitch

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