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8/7 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

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9:00 BBT

Nat is trying to get Jeff tell her what she's done wrong to him.

Kevin is now allowed to eat regular food, and preparing some in the kitchen, talking with Michele about Ronnie.

Outside, Jeff says he'll do whatever he can to protect Jordan. Nat says she understands, as she's the same with Jessie.

Jordan thinks Michele or Kevin have the powers and Nat agrees. Jeff says he thought it was Ronnie or Nat and how Nat always have this smirk on her face. Nat says if she had the power, she wouldn't put J/J up, as they haven't f*cked her and everyone knows she's after Lydia. Jeff says for once, he feels like J/J are safe and Nat agrees.

J/J wonder why Ronnie hated Michele so much. Nat says Ronnie would tell Michele things and she's then tell everyone else and stab him in the back (same thing Ronnie did to her.. It's funny he can do it, but Michele can't.) Nat starts throwing Michele under the bus, saying Michele was trying to get them to keep Ronnie and starts talking about the green room (lie) story. Nat says Michele was trying to pull a Ronnie, to set Jess and Nat up to keep Ronnie, when Michele changed her vote and evicted him. Nat says they were never going to vote to keep Ronnie until they had that fight with Lydia and weren't going to vote for her to stay, even though they knew Ronnie didn't have the votes.

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BY-Gnat trying to pull the wool over Jeff's head with her "I never was against you" it was Lydia. Jeff sticking up for himself (new found confidence:)

Gnat and Jor think the Power is with Michelle .. . maybe Kevin. . . ...Jeff agrees. . .. . Gnat totally targeting Lydia. . .. . Gnat tell Jor/Jeff they are "safe".

Gnat confirmed the POV can't go home because of the Coup Power. Gnat is throwing Michelle under the bus, big time. Accused her of backstabbing Ronnie. Says they were not going to vote for Ronnie until Lydia caused trouble (lie). Gnat says, one thing "we are trustworthy".. . ( Gnat is some piece of work. Lie lie lie. . .)

9:10 BBT

Gnat calling Lydia a liar. .( lie lie lie.) . .to Jeff and Jordan. Chim is in the DR for an extended period of time. Jeff playing the "I know nothing about the Coup power" card very well. Gnat telling them Chima does what she wants. . . Gnat advising Jeff and Jordan to go see Chima. Boring BY conversation. Jeff says he's been in the outhouse since the game began. . .He want to go to the penthouse (HoH).

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9:10 BBT

Nat asks J/J if they're going to talk to Chima before noms are made. They're unsure and Jeff asks Nat if they should. She says yes and how she's never been HOH but that's what she's seen, that everyone goes and talks to the HOH before noms.

Nat says Chima will do whatever she wants and if you try to tell Chima to do something, she'll say f*ck you.

Jeff hates that he hasn't been HOH and says he wants to move up in the world, to the penthouse suite.

Michele and Kevin are eating at the kitchen bar.

Lydia is taking a shower. Jeff goes inside and Michele and Kevin is now inside. nat is talking about her boyfriend. Says he's not just her boyfriend but someone she loves. Jordan asks if he'll be mad b/c of her and Jess and Nat says she's never done anything with Jessie. She was stuck with him b/c of the cliques and has never slept overnight in a bed with him (but all day in the green room doesn't count.) Nat says her bf might be a little mad, but what can you do. She repeats she was stuck with Jessie b/c of the cliques.

Chima is still in the DR.

9:27 BBT

Two feeds are zoomed in at the DR door. Chima should be out anytime now.

9:29 BBT

Michele, Kevin and Jeff outside. She tells Jeff that Nat must think he has the power b/c Nat keeps calling him cute for the past couple of days. Jeff says if he had the power, he wouldn't be stressing so much.

Chima comes out and they all head upstairs. They're all waiting infront of the door, waiting for Jess to come upstairs. Chima starts saying a picture (by the door) is so embarassing. They're all looking at photos and she's telling them who's who.

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Talking about how pretty Julie is. . "her husband owns CBS"-Gnat

Kit with Michell and Kevin. . .Michelle saying she dropped the f bomb during the show and she hoped no one heard.

Gnat telling them what Jessie told her about what the evictee does after the show. And talking about the jury house. Of course anything Jeff says is trumped by what the insufferable know it all Gnat knows from what Jessie told her. Gnat probing to make sure Jeff and Jordan don't have the Coup power. Conclusion seems to be that its Kevin or Michelle. Michelle joins them in the BY. talking about past HG Drew and how hot he is. Gnat says he was very cute, but he screwed over Diane and that wasn't right.. ..she would never do that???? She is a congenital liar. . . .

Jordan-I think you like Jessie.. .Gnat-I HAVE A BOYFRIEND. .. . I have never crossed the line. Of course he is cute, but that's it. Protesting a bit much.

Kevin joins the BY now. Apparently something stinks. LA sewer system. .. .. . Gnat/Jor/Jeff/Kev/Miche in the BY. Game talk seems to be over. Regressed to Jordan's stories about serving ice cream at her job. . .

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9:30 BBT

Pictures of her dad, brother, mom and girlfriends. Russ is just sitting on the round sofa, not doing anything. Chima got Prince's Purple Rain CD. She also got a Marine outfit from her dad. She got wine, Doritos, Cheetos, Pringos and a letter from her mom. Her family had a big BBQ for the 4th of July. Her mom's bf is recording all the BB episodes. Her mom told her to follow her dreams and be realisitic. Chima says her mom is sick and writes she's been diagnoised something different, changed meds, but is doing fine and has many people looking after her.

(I'm out for now.)

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9:29 BBT

Chim announces her HoH room is open. Jessie is no where to be found and they are all at the top waiting for him. All laughing at her pics. Must be funny baby shots. Lydia silent, Jessie shows up. All doing he fake fawning over her pics. . . Lots of pics. . Dad was a Marine. . .camaflage pjs. . .. ..looks like they went a bit overboard on the HoH supplies. . .letter from Mother.. . . just the all-American family. ....Mother is sick. . sounds serious.. ....Mother sounds like her condition is bad, but Chima has her priorities; "let's play Big Brother for the summer".

Prince CD

Kevin, Lydia, Jessie are being VERY quiet.

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10pm bbt all in the HOH room paying Homage to Chima. Mainly listen to her run at the mouth. She's the one that's talking the most. me this, me that. Jessie looks bored out of his mind and has only said a few words.

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10:06 BBT Kevin to DR Lydia leaves right after him, then Jordan and Jeff leaves too saying he'll be back up to listen to Prince.

How the talk in the HOH is about twitter and blogging.

Chima got a marine camo short and shirt "outfit", she's going to sleep in.

Lydia down in the BR blowdrying her hair.

FOTH (I have showtime, no FOTH on showtime)

Now they are talking about Chima's mother and her sickness. Talking about how the letter is probably old and it may not be new news about her mother. Now debating over the wording of the lettter and when it was written. Talking about Russ's and Jessie's letters and whent hey were written. Chima said she would have said Happy Birthday if she had written it recently. (FOTH still on feeds) Talking about having a letter to fall back on and if they can't get ahold of family they use a fall back letter.

10:13 bbt Jeff and Jordan in the BY. Jeff is smoking and Jordan tries to sit on his lap, and he won't let her because it's gross with him smoking. So she goes to the eliptical. Talking about how everyone likes them in the house and how Jordan thinks that they will try to get Russ and Lydia out. "It is all luck" says Jordan. "yeah, it is luck".

Jordan says Russ gives off the persona of him be a hard guy but he's a softy.

Feeds back

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10:00 BBT

More sugary conversation in the HoH. . .Jessie very subdued. As is Lydia and Michelle. Talking about 5 girls and 4 boys left. . .They all laugh that Kevin wants the same things as the girls.

Looks like some, many . .. .most of the 8 want to leave, but no one wants to be the first to leave.

Jeff is more gregarious than I have ever seen him and Jessie's stare seems to reveal he understands why. Jessie stated earlier that he got f'd last time because of Amercia's vote and it better not happen again. Ay yi yi. . .hopefully roid rage won't be a problem.

Kevin to DR Lydia departs after a hug from Chim... . and then Jeff and Jordan leave. Ch/Je/Gna/Rus/Mic still in the HoH. .first mention of Coup Power .. they all look and point to Michelle. .lol Jessie more vocal since Jeff left. . .

Chim talking about mother's illness. . new diagnosis and new doctor . .she seems clueless. Now Dr. Jessie advising on new "doctors".

Discussing when letters are written, recent?

10:00 BBT

BY Jordan/Jeff Jordan says Chim told her she wants an all girl final. So Jeff says, does that mean I'm going up? Jordan thinks no one is after them and

Kevin, Michelle, Lydia and Russell will all go before them. She thinks Russell is a softy. They think Russell is sad that Ronnie is gone??? They think something was up between Ron/Russell. ..? They seem to have forgot how hard Russell pushed for Ronnie to go. and he put him up?

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10:30 BBT

BY Jordan on eliptical, Jeff using big toy golf club. Jordan thinks Michelle and Lydia will be put up?

Jessie in HoH thinking mystery power may cancel her noms. but Gnat says that's not fair (I feel her pain). Jessie seems to understand that only Chi is safe. Russell under attack as not being in the Jes/Gnat/Ch alliance. He says he wasn't friends with Ronnie. . Ronnie didn't like him and he didn't like Ronnie and Ronnie was going after him. . .personal differences. Jessie says, now we go from here. Jessie, bashing Kev-floater. Jessie, "we're gonna get fucked". . .he knows. ..Jessie/all of them, complaining about Coup power. Chim says the power is not that much. . ."It would mean I have no power". . .(Amazing, she is grasping the obvious) Jessie giving his sage advice. .. . "put up someone who is coming after you". . .Gnat, "Joran isn't smart enough to use it (Coup Power)" Jessie, "Jeff is smart". They all have grasped that Jeff and Jordan are staying away from all the drama.

Dumb comment of the night, Gnat-"Jeff and Jordan have no reason to come after you, Jessie".

Russell and Chim bantering, about fight, and Chim not taking yes for an answer. She doesn't want to let it go. Russell apologizing again. . .Seems they have forgotten the nasty personal attack that Chim engage in. Weird. Jessie, says, set it aside. Lydia, Kevin and Michell seem to be their targets. Russell, Gnat and Chim don't seem to even think Je/Jo are threats or matter. Jessie seems to trust no one.

Russell continues to grovel. Chim says you never gave an apology.?????? Now Kevin is the target of the Gnat alliance. Jessie is very intense. He knows he's the target, no matter who is HoH or anything else. Chi tells Jessie not to be mean to Kevin. ... .they may "need him next week". . .well, three of them may need Kevin next week.

BY- Mich/Jor/Jeff Doing laundry.

Back to HoH Ch/Je/Gnat/Rus and Kevin.

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11:00 BBT

HOH Ch/Je/Ru/Gnat and Kevin all playing nice. Chi playng the name drop (with out mentioning the names) "I have so many friends" game. Chim's laugh is grating. . .fake... ..Kevin has some rash that he went to the DR for and was checked out by some Doctor or medical person. They are letting him stay so they conclude its not contagious. But Kevin says they don't know if its contagious or not. Talk regresses to using lotion. Gnat says she uses lotion on "every part of her body".. as opposed to not using water on it very often. Interesting.

Chi non stop smiling fake laughing. . .Jessie not saying he can tell if someone is gay after a couple of days. . . ..talking about slop competition. . . Jessie eating junk food from Chi basket. . .Talking about good thing Chim got HoHo or "we were effed". ..oh, IMO, your f'ed anyway.. .

Now they are lying about Ronnie's vote. Ronnie vote shows "how loyal we were"-Gnat. Gnat seems to have found the "loyal" word talking points memo. KeVydia card mentioned. . .Kevin and Lydia. . . Kevin defending his Lydia friendship. "what do you tell her?"Gnat. Jessie refuses to discuss Lydia with Kevin in front of he group. . Strange.

Kevin groveling. . saying he doesn't group Gnat and Jessie together. ... and hopes no one groups him with Lydia.(real stand up guy, that kevin) salt of the earth.. .

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11:30 BBT

Kevin has the "gay gift". He knows what girls are thinking. Jessie bristles up. Kevin says there is something between us (Jessie and Russell). . . Gnat-do you (kevin) have a problem with Jessie? Gnat on the attack mode. Jessie looking Kevin in the face and telling him he (kevin) has to prove his loyalty, as he has already proved to Kevin by not putting him up. Jes and Gnat putting on the fullcourt press to lock Kevin into proving they are on their side. Kevin is trying to treat Jess and Russ like girls so they don't feel threatened. Apparently, Kevin's gay gift is telling him that Jessie doesn't like him. Jessie says he's been loyal (liar).

Jessie certainly is full of himself. Kevin says he doesn't have to open up to Jessie this week because he is not the HoH. Jessie gets afronted and leaves the HoH in a huff. Gnat attempting to do damage control. Apparently, Jessie and Kevin had a slight argument earlier after the eviction vote. Gnat saying she wants to say out of it (that will be a first). Chim says Jessie seemed a bit snarky with kevin earlier. Kevin says he can't dump Lydia as a friend. Gnat says that she has no beef with Kevin because of her beef with Lydia, but that Kevin does have a beef with Gnat because of Lydia. Of course its all about Gnat. Gnat leaves HoH.

Lydia confirms to Kevin he will not be put up and Kevin say he will do if he is HoH next week. Russell re re re re apologizes again. Grovel grovel grovel. I "owned up to mistake"... doesn't mention her actions. . .(cup throwing, name calling, verbal attacks). Now Chi is inferring she has to put Rus up. Chi says Rus goes where the power is. "Russell, you blatantly lie".. . ."You're the rat, not Ronnie". .. "you're playing personal". . . Chi denying she ever wanted to "backdoor" Russell (liar). . .

Russell says that Jessie told him that Chim was in the group that was going to backdoor Russell and that only Jes and Gnat opposed it. Chim a non denial denial. . .changes subject to present tense and Michelle.

Chim continues the attack on Russell. Keeping him on the defensive. With past conversations with Ronnie ect. . . .Russell seems confused. Chim explaining why every problem in life is Russell's fault. Russell getting a bit angry. Chim-"don't cut me off". . Talking in circles with emphasis on why, how and when Russell was wrong.

Chim saying she thought she was Russell's friend but she doesn't think he was being a friend. She says she wasn't saying negative things about him (ay yi yi) Russell groveling and accepting all the blame.... .Now talking about showmances. ..and how the males dupe the females. Chim talking about projection and transference. .. both talking neither listening. . .. ."Do you understand". . ."Am I getting screwed". . .ect. . ..

"So maybe I should just send you home now?". . . .."So we could meet up afterwards". . She accuses him of making deals with everyone. . . Can we really trust YOU? Actions speak louder than words. .. . This is really difficult to listen to. . . Chim believes she was the aggrieved party and Russell had the only fault in the matter.

Now she gets on the "Why Ronnie" was put up issue. She discounts Russell's reasons for wanting Ronnie out. Chim clearly doesn't believe Russell's reasons for wanting Ronnie out. She just won't let it go. Russell says "I heard him say he knew how to get Russel out.". . .Ronnie denied this. Chim says her gut tells her Ronnie was telling the truth. (aka, she called Russell a liar) "I tend to believe Ronnie"-Chima.

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11:45 BBT

Russell going over near death experiences. Now discussing Chim writing a book. Relating bad luck stories to each other.. . saying they don't tell people about their problems. . . .as they tell their problems. Russell-gangs, wheelchair, war.. . . .rough past.

Chim continues on "Russell its all your fault" attack. We don't need to rehash it... ..as she rehashes it. Again. . . .and, again.

Sorry, but I can't listen any longer. Chim is right and Russell is wrong and Russell caused all of the problems and even if Russell apologizes it means nothing. She seems to want to forget her numerous "he's a terrorist" comments.

I'm OUT.. . apparently, the other HG don't deserve air time......

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12:00 BBT

Chi/Rus both get on the Kevin is a good guy bandwagon. They both admire him for keeping his cool when Jessie attacked him earlier. Russell says Jessie is mad at him because when he stormed out of the room earlier Russell says he looked at Russell and said, "I'm with Chim on this one"(Chim was supporting Kevin because of Jessies attacks).

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12:30am bbt

F1/2 Kevin/Jessie in green room talking

F3/4 Chima/Russell bonding(fake or real I can't tell), then end up hugging

Cameras switch to all/most of the other HGs in the BY

Natalie mentions to Jeff making a deal, if she has the power she won't use it on him, and if he has it he won't use it on her. Jeff agrees. Natalie then offers the same deal to (Michelle or Jordan, I can't remember which), and it is again agreed upon. Natalie starts to make the same offer again to Kevin(who is sitting on the patio now). Before Kevin can agree, Jeff starts to laugh that Natalie is making the offer to everyone. Jeff then throws out the same offer to everyone, basically making fun of Natalie. Everyone starts laughing, except Kevin who keeps asking Natalie to go ahead and make the offer to him.

1:00am bbt FOTH

until 1:25am bbt

Feeds return with F1/2/3/4 on HOH with Chima/Natalie/Michelle talking about nothing in particular

1:51am bbt

(still Chima/Michelle/Natalie sharing in HOH, random FOTH when the conversations turn to family members)

Chima admitted that she is thinking of leaving LA because her career isn't progressing like she hoped it would. Natalie says maybe things will change after they leave BB.

F3/4 showing Kevin/Russell in Red Room talking

(I have quad cam on and can hear Kevin/Russell talking, but their voices aren't as loud as the girls in HOH, and none of the conversation is that exciting/scheming).

1:55am bbt back to FOTH on F1/2/3/4 so I am going to bed....

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2:30am BBT

Nat is drilling Chima on everything Russell said earlier. She tells her she doesn't want to influence her choices for nominations (really?) because they are friends.

Chima said Russell had apologized to her but she isn't buying it. She doesn't want to keep someone in the house who constantly says bad things about all the HG. He told her she is old and probably not a journalist. She feels Russ needs to go because it will take the spotlight off her. She doesn't think anybody has the balls to put him on the block.

Nat sounds like she's trying to convince Chima to nominate the "other side of the house" and not put Russ up. Chima says Russell will be all nice to them this week then turn on them the next week if he gets HOH again. She knows he's being nice to everybody so he covers his arse and doesn't get nominated.

Nat says they have to keep their numbers in the house and not pick Russ but Chima continues to disagree. She's bound and determined to put Russell on the block.

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2:42am BBT

Jess enters the HOH and says he thinks putting Russell on the block makes them weaker and isn't the right choice. Jess says the whole house knows Russ will be coming after Chima and probably wouldn't vote him out of the house. Nat repeats to Chima to do what she wants to do. Chima believes Russ is going with whoever has the power for the week.

Jesse tells her to do what she needs to do. He told Russ to his face he isn't going to tell Chima to not put him up this week because he effed them real good last week, thank you very much. Jesse and Nat keep telling her to do what she wants and they'll support her decision.


Jesse whining about how Lydia and Kevin are going after him because Lydia has decided not to talk to him and Kevin supports Lydia's decision. Chima tells Jess you do realize Russell is going to be coming after you at some point in this game. Jess agrees but he's talking about the decisions which would be made by the person with the power and he would end up on the block no matter who she nominates.

Chima says she's very adamant about Russell going home.

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3:14am BBT

Jesse is jumping all over Nat because she keeps telling him he has no reason to talk to Lydia. He says he has to talk to Lydia and Kevin so they don't target him in the game. Nat says it doesn't matter and she doesn't see any reason for him to talk to Lydia.

Jesse says he's gone above and beyond to keep a smile on Nat's face so it is what it is. He turns to walk out the door, returns and hugs Chima. He tells Nat he knows she won't hug him good night. She smiles and says she will hug him. Nat sarcastically says, "yeah, hug me then go downstairs and hug Lydia". She keeps harping that Lydia will screw her so he can do whatever he wants. Jesse is trying to get her to quit talking about it and let it go.

Jesse gets up off the bed and throws the pillow down on the bed. When he grabs the doorknob, Nat tells him to head to the green room because that's where Lydia is waiting for him. (You can tell by the facial expressions Jesse is getting pretty frustrated with Nat's constant slams on Lydia)

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3:45 am BBT - Feeds just came back from WBRB. Jesse is in the kitchen fiddling around and decides to go to the bedroom while wearing the big black slippers that Nat always wears.

Lydia just gets up and and gets something to drink--back to bed for her.

All HGs in bed...

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6:40 BBT All HG's sleeping....except Lydia who has moved to Jesse's bed (I believe, I could see their heads for a second.) LOTS of movement under the covers and knees in the air.

On Feed 1, you can see heads sticking out and they look like they are kissing, but I am not positive.

Kevin, who is sleeping next to the bed keeps moving some. I don't know if he can hear anything or not.

6:50 BBT Movement has stopped, but both are still under the covers.

7:00 BBT Besides the occasional foot kick by someone in the pool room (I think Russ), all HG's are sleeping.

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7:30 BBT Kevin gets put of bed and heads to the kitchen for water then the RR. Lydia follows shortly.

They discuss whether to talk to Chima or not. Kevin and Lydia say she needs to put up Russell, or they are done with her. They will remind her that they suport her around the house, and Russ doesn't. Lydia wants to talk to Chima without Natalie around. Kevin says he will ask Natalie to leave, but Lydia doesn't feel like she can do that. She wants to talk to Chima, but doesn't want it to look like she is kissing her ass. Kevin says that's what we do in BB, we kiss HOH's ass.

Quick discussion about today's Have/Have-Not comp and nominations. Lydia heads back to pool room to sleep and Kevin goes back to Red Room.

7:40 All HG's tucked in again.

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