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8/5 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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7:45 BBT

Lydia and Jess bickering in the green room. Lydia is trying to get Jess to leave the room, as she doesn't want to be around him. He won't leave and they're going back and forth on why he should/should not be in there. Lydia is now yacking Jess' ears off, saying he's done her wrong in so many ways. Jess says he'll be in there for the next hour and 15 mins until 9:00 BBT and he can eat real food.

Lydia keeps telling him that he made her want to hurt herself last night. They're both annoyed with eachother, not leaving the room, and telling eachother off, in a non-loud way.

Ronnie, Jeff and Jordan in the pool room. Ronnie is trying to get their votes, saying he knows he's done wrong in the past and hopes to show they his actions in the future. jordan says she thinks Russ and Ronnie have something and Ronnie says Russ approched him on day 3. Jeff says that's more reason to get Ronnie out, that's reason #7 and Jordan agrees. Ronnie denies and says if he stays, he'd put up Michele. Jordan brings up that Ronnie likes to backdoor and Jeff says had Ronnie done that week 2 and how Jeff and Jordan have suffered b/c of Ronnie's lies.

7:50 BBT

J/J keep questioning Ronnie and he keeps spitting out lies, on how he was going to put up Russell and possibly Casey and how info came back to him and that's why Laura went up. J/J aren't backing down and Ronnie keeps trying to defend himself.

In the green room, Lydia tells Jess she will never, ever need him and he replies that she needed him week 3, she used him and she's still here. Lydia accuses him of not standing by his actions and decisions and Jess says he's been HOH 2 times and obviously has made decisions. Lydia then starts saying Jess uses women and Jess throws it back on her, saying she wanted girl power for the HOH.

7:55 BBT

The LD has been lifted and Kevin is alone on the outside couch. Jess is now going off on Lydia, how he's won comps and made decisions and she hasn't done anything, won anything or made any decisions, she's just sat around and done nothing, so she shouldn't accuse him of doing nothing.

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8:00 BBT

Lydia got in Jess' face, saying he tried to break her and Kevin up and Jess says Lydia used to call him her favorite. She replies that Kevin treats her a lot better than Jess and he's never been there for here. She's saying his vote is for Ronnie and he says he hasn't voted yet. Jess calls her stubborn and she throws that back to him.

Feeds show Nat standing in the hallway. Don't know if she can hear Lydia and Jess talking.

Outside, BB is zooming on this big button. Kevin finally sees it and runs over to it. He presses the button and the America advice messages start playing. Seems like the messages could be heard from all over the house. Russ was woken up and came downstairs from his HOH room. Jeff saying some messages were about him, as one message said those who throw stones should eat tuna. Ronnie wonders if they're the most hated HGs.

Michele and Chima have joined Kevin and examine the button. Michele presses it, but nothing happens. Kevin thinks they'll be quizzed tomorrow for the HOH comp. Chima wonders if the messages will be played all night, even when they try to sleep.

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8:18 BBT

Messages start again.

One caller says: Look to the person to your left. Now look to the person on your right. They're BOTH lying to you!

J/J laugh and Nat says Lydia should be on her right. Ronnie comes out and adds his two cents, saying it's offical, they're the most hated cast ever. Jeff says how is it offical, there's only been 5 callers.

There was a message about asking the HGs if they know where the banana is, b/c we do. Two callers were about the HGs brushing their teeth. Another was about how the caller is tired of the HGs whining all the time and how they need to stop it. Nat yells out that the caller should stop watching them.

Lydia and Jess still talking in the green room. Chima, Kevin and Michele in the bathroom, talking about the callers. Russ has joined J/J outside, and Jordan moved next to Russ.

Jeff has left and Russ and Jordan are talking game and who's telling the truth and alliances. Russ says he agreed to keep J/J safe and he isn't coming after them. Russ is now complaining about Michele and her lying.

8:27 BBT

Jordan tells Russ she's voting Ronnie out and Russ says he understands, but doesn't want Michele to come across as playing him or whatever. He warns Jordan about Michele and to watch out for her.

8:30 BBT

Lydia says Jess hasn't talked to her all day and he says he was sleeping until 3 in the afternoon and how Lydia is lying. Lydia says he's vague and Jess says no, he's very to the point, not vague and Lydia says he talks in riddles.

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Caller says if any of them win the $500,000, he needs a car and to rememeber Mike from Hartford, CT.

Another: While reading the Bible, don't wipe your belly button lint in the green room, do it in the shower b/c it smells bad.

Another: I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves.... (repeats)

Another: Stop thinking you're so cute when casting your vote to evict and sending special messages to other people when evicting someone. Just say 'I vote to evict blank'.

-Nat thinks that message is for her, as she said she voted to evict the bitter banana Casey.

Another: My mom said to wait 15 mins after eating before getting in the pool. And my mom's never lied.

8:35 BBT

Many HGs in the bathroom, rehashing the messages. Ronnie says the first message was at 8, then 8:15 then 8:30, so they're probably every 15 mins. Kevin says Ronnie was called out about his belly button lint in the green room. Ronnie defends himself, saying once, he was in the green room, stuck his pointer finger in his belly button and then removed and and put his hand to the side, something he's done ever since he was a little kid. (I believe someone posted a pic of this in the picture forum.) Ronnie even recalls the day this happened, the day Jessie won his 2nd HOH.

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8:45 BBT

Jeff and Russ are playing pool. Jordan is on the elliptical and asks Kevin if he's changed his mind on the vote, b/c Ronnie is working hard. Kevin says no, he's 100% committed to evicting Ronnie.

Caller: Starts rapping about the BB experience.

Another: If you think you are in charge in the house, then someone else is pulling your strings.

-Russ says that one's for him.

Another: When you're outside, use SPF. If there's no SPF, use butter.

Another: Caller singing about showering. You're friends will like you b/c you won't smell like poo.

-Jordan and Russ say that one's for Natalie.

8:50 BBT

Michele is called to DR. Ronnie goes outside and says Buckle up, it's going to be a long night. Lydia and Jess still in green room, not anything anything. Lydia is starring off in space, but has a weird look on her face. You here BB say hey Michele and she says hey back and a brief FOTH and now all feeds on Jess and Lydia.

Feeds switch to Chima, Ronnie and Kevin talking about the messages.

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8:55 BBT

Ronnie now thinks the special power might not even be able to be used this week. Chima says Julie said how HOH and veto were more important than ever this week and Ronnie says Julie never said 'this week'. (B/c Ronnie knows all.) He thinks voting may still be open and the power can't be used until next week and the following week. Ronnie then says something about the evicted HGs being in sequester and one coming back in b/c of the special power (He's just trying to find ways he can stay in the game.) He's putting many theories in Chima and Kevin's heads. While saying all this, he puts clear nail polish on his finger nails.

9:00 BBT

Nat and Jess are now off Have Not restrictions. Ronnie KEEPS talking about his belly button. He's mentioned it 3-4 times now. Ronnie think he'll have a Youtube montage ready for him when he gets out with his finger being left in his belly button.

Nat thinks the messages are over now, b/c it's 9:02 and they would have played it by now. Chima says Michele is in the DR so BB won't play them now and if it's over now, she'll win HOH b/c she remembers them all. Nat says that would make her happy.

9:05 BBT

Nat joins Chima in the bathroom, pissed at Jess b/c she's told him NOT to talk to Lydia, b/c she's disrespected Natalie, but Jess just spent the last 2 hours in the green room with Lydia and now Nat is done with Jessie. Chima asks if she's talked to Jess about this and Nat says no, she's done with him. She gets ready to take a shower.

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