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8/5 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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9:20 BBT Shows Jessie and Jeff moving around. Jessie just threw bedding into eco room and went to wr...

Appears Michelle is also up an heads to BR. Jeff/Jordan now talking about how their schedules are not together. Jeff will wake Jordan in 3 hours, but jeff goes back to PR to bed. Jeff passes Jessie in kitchen (no convo) Jessie now in Eco room going back to bed.

C1-2 on HOH with Russ going back to bed

C3-4 on Jessie snuggling up in eco room to sleep...

Not sure if BB even gave wakeup call yet...

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9:50 BBT

Jess, who appears to be sleeping in the green room, starts popping the bubble wrap. BB tells him to stop, but he keeps pounding the wall. BB again yells to stop that, and Jess talks back, saying he has to have some kind of way to release aggression in this house. He also tells BB that he was told that as long as he's in the green room alone, he could do whatever he wants, including popping the bubble wrap. He continues, saying he'd understand if he was talking to someone in there and BB told him to stop, but it makes no sense why BB yelled at him now. He tells BB to call him to the DR so he can have claification on the rules and how he's been told by different HGs and production that he can pop them when alone. He keeps trying to get BB to call him to the DR, pops a few bubbles while talking, but finally gives up.

9:55 BBT

He starts talking again, telling BB he should just walk into DR, but since he's on slop, he's too lazy to go into the DR himself and how BB is benefitting from this fact.

10:00 BBT

All HGs sleeping, but all lights are on.

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10:05 BBT

BB tells Natalie, Jeff and Ronnie to change their batteries. Jeff and Ronnie get up, and Ronnie heads to the bathroom.

10:10 BBT

Ronnie joins Jess in the green room and they start to whisper. Jess saying at least Ronnie got to play the HOH comp and the veto comp, and wasn't backdoored. Ronnie gloating about his convo with Jordan last night as they both laugh. Ronnie seems as though he might have gotten through to Jordan and she might give him a vote. Ronnie boosts his ego, telling Jess if he pulls this off, it will be the biggest persuasive thing ever.

They're conviced Michele has the special power and hope to keep Michele in the dark next week so she won't use the power. Ronnie continues telling Jess about his talk with Jordan, and how he was lying to her. Ronnie says he has no regrets in the game and Jess says good, b/c Nat told him that Ron told her he regretted not putting Russ up. Jess gives Ronnie some advice, saying he shouldn't leave the house with regrets, b/c if he does, it will haunt him for a very long time.

Jess thinks the DR might be asking Jordan and/or Jeff what the benefits are of keeping Ronnie. Ronnie says if he does go home tomorrow night, Julie will say that he definitely campaigned until the end. Jess urges Ronnie to keep trying to get those two votes.

**** Jess says he guarentees that the people behind the scenes want Ronnie to stay and will help gear comments (in the DR) his way. This prompts FOTH.

10:25 BBT

Feeds finally come back and Nat has just joined Jess in the green room. Ronnie is no longer there. Jess, who is all smiles and very happy, tells Nat about Ron talking to J/J last night for votes. Jess says Nat, Jess and Chima are still voting for Ronnie and BB tells Nat to stop obstructing her mic. BB gets pissed and says forget it, just go to sleep. He then tells Nat that Ronnie regrets not putting Russ up and how Jess feels bad for him.

Jess says he told Ronnie not to talk to them today and act as though they are voting him out and to focus on J/J.

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Jess says all they need is one more vote for Ronnie to stay. Nat asks what Ron said to J/J last night and Jess tells her how Ron stayed up all night talking to them. Jess says Ron told them his biggest regret is not putting Russ up and how he felt Laura wouldn't forgive Ronnie. Jess says how J/J told Ronnie that this was the real Ronnie, the Ronnie they were used to and Ronnie told them this will be the first week it will be a blowout vote and how Jordan felt back for Ronnie and asked if he wanted a sympathy vote. Jess says Ron tried to act like he didn't want her vote, to make it seem that that's not what he wants. Jess says he told Ronnie that Jess, Nat and Chima are for sure voting to keep him and not to worry about them changing their minds.

****Jess starts talking about BB wants Ronnie here and will start asking questions (in the DR) to keep him.. and FOTH. (Obviously, this is true information, and BB doesn't want us to know about their dirty work.)

Feeds come back and Jess says obviously J/J aren't that close to Lydia. Nat says something about their fake fight last night and Jess says to keep pushing it today. He also says to stay away from MIchele and Nat agrees, as Michele can't help them.

Jess says that the DR will ask J/J what benefits there are for keeping Ronnie and there might be a glimmer of hope. Nat says BB kept asking her that about Casey, and she said over and over again that there was NO benefit for keeping Casey.

10:35 BBT

They continue talking about their plans for the day, to try and keep Ronnie. Jess says if they can pull this off, it will be amazing and Michele's rebellious alliance will be shot. Jess says if Ronnie stays 5-2, Jess will flip out. Nat says it won't be 5-2, as only one of J/J will vote for Ronnie.

(I'm sorry, but if this all works out for them, and Ronnie stays due to Jordan and/or Jeff voting to keep Ronnie, then Jess, Nat and Ronnie truly deserve more respect as game players.-lala)

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10:50 to 11:40 Everyone is still sleeping.

DR's have begun. Jeese went in for about 5 minutes. Natalie called in after at 11:40 and was out by 11:42.

Russell is shown in the HOH bed turning on the TV to the kitchen view, and then back asleep again.

Jesse uses the RR, and returns to the greenroom bed. Natalie uses the RR.

11:44 BBT Jeff is called to the DR. Goes to the RR to put in his contact first. (Let's see if his is long or short! =) )

Natalie returns to greenroom bed with Jesse....FoTH

11:45 Feeds return with Jesse and Natalie talking about Michelle, who just happens to walk by to use the RR.

11:47 Jeff out of DR. Kevin called in. Michelle is getting ready to take a shower. Jesse and Natalie STILL talking about this voting stuff. Jesse says all we can do is vote to keep Ronnie and pray that one of them does too.

11:50 Jordan is called to the DR. She goes in and immediatly (1 minute later) come back out to use the RR. Jeff is in the kitchen making food.

11:54 Ronnie called to DR. 3 minutes later, Russell is called to DR. Jordan puts her clothes in the dryer and heads back to bed.

12:07 Michelle just finished showering. Jeff is working on finishing his omlet. Russell is out of DR. Goes outside to put on shoes and workout. Everyone else is still sleeping. Jeff keeps singing and humming which causes short FoTH.

12:07 - 12:20 Russell still working out on Feeds 1/2 and Jeff eating and doing dishes on Feeds 3/4.

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12:25 BBT FoTH. When feeds return, Jeff is in the kitchen telling Michelle about the convo he had with Ronnie last night. Jeff said Ronnie was complaining that he didn't get Russell out. Jeff said he had the chance 2 weeks ago, but lied and is now going home. Michelle agrees with Jeff.

Michelle says she is back to being addicted to coffee again. Michelle goes outside to talk to Russell and he gets defensive over Michelle joking about talking about a sexual disfunction convo with Russell and then telling it to Chima. Michelle says it was a joke and Russell is upset that she is making up stuff that they never talked about. He says he starts to believe Michelle, but the she goes and makes up lies to Chima. He says he doesn't appreciate Michelle telling people stuff that they didn't talk about. Michelle apologizes and says Chima was just upset that Michelle was talking to Russell period. Michelle says it was supposed to be a joke.

Russell tells Jeff the convo between him and Michelle was not about sexual disfunction at all. Jeff says okay. Russell says he is being honest, he is not mad, he will leave it at that, but doesn;t want it spoken about again.

Lydia is up and in the kitchen.

12:35 BBT Jeff tells Michelle she has to stop with the lying. She can't go and tell jokes or lies about each other in the house anymore. Jeff says there is already a bunch of that going around. Saying Russell has an erectile disfunction could hurt him personally, expecially when it is not true. Michelle just keeps apologizing while putting on sunscreen. (Apparently she made a joke last night about this to Chima and they don't know how Chima will take it, since she is already made at Russ.) Lydia comes outside to eat.

12:40 BBT Russell and Michelle go inside. Lydia tells Jeff he was in her dream as a doctor. She had a head injury and kept asking Jeff how bad the injury was. Jeff would reply "there is hope" over and over again. Michelle back out, says something about Ronnie but I can't hear her. Lydia starts talking about why someone wouldn't do Bloody Mary in the window. Jeff says he wouldn't. He says he doesn't like messing with that stuff or the vibes it brings. He says he will go to haunted houses but will not go into a church and mock a religion.

Lydia says "Oh, you think Bloody Mary has to do with religion?" Jeff says yes and Lydia says it doesn't. It has something to do with a story about a girl named Mary who was killed....Jeff says the cross over is too close. Lydia respects that and says she would never mock a church either. Russell making food in the kitchen and Michelle mentions the fact that she didn't get any DR action this morning.

12:50 FoTH comes back with Michelle and Lydia in the backyard talking about Michelle's coffee addiction again. Jeff is now inside with Russell. Russ is really freaking out about this thing Michelle told Chima. (I couldn't hear most of the convo b/c Jeff was washing his cup.) Jeff says this isn't a great move just like lying about the greenroom (with Jesse and Natalie). Jeff understands why Russ is upset b/c Michelle is giving someone he just got in a fight with more ammunition. Russ is called to the DR.

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12:55 Lydia talking about how Ronnie would not shut-up last night. She doesn't believe any of the stories he says. Neither does Michelle. Lydia says she had a hard time last night in the greenroom and had to go to the DR to talk about it. Michelle says she is sorry she didn't know or she would have given her a hug. Russ out of DR again and mentions that there will be a lockdown tonight around 4:00 or so.

Lydia doesn't mind talking to Michelle about her problems, but doesn't want to talk to everyone. Basically, Lydia is tired of being hurt emotionally and physically by people, expecially Jesse. Lydia talking about the bruise on her butt from Jesse. She is not happy about him doing it and doesn't want it to happen again.

Russell goes into the Greenroom to tell Jesse and Natalie about the statment Michelle told Chima. (OH MY!!!) Russ saying Michelle is just lying. Saying she can get Jordan and Jeff to do anything. He tells them that if one of them wins, they need to put Michelle up. Russ says she is lying again just like she did about going into the greenroom. Russ leaves and Jesse tells Natalie he is going to try to justify his vote for keeping Ronnie by saying they had to try.

Jesse saying Michelle has balls for what she is saying, expecially about Russ. Lydia and Michelle go back inside to get water while Russ is pacing the kitchen. (He is really upset with Michelle right now, which is truly based on a lie (the greenroom lie from Jesse/Natalie) and a joke Michelle made to Chima. I think paranoid is more like it.)

1:05 Jeff is in the pool. Lydia and Michelle are tanning. Russell still in the kitchen. He puts about 5 hardboiled eggs in between 2 pieces of bread and goes outside with his sandwich. Lydia comments on how cute Jeff and Jordan are and he sarcasticly says shut-up.

1:15 Jeff, Michelle, and Lydia decide to play "RAT" with the basketball hoop in the pool. Russell called to DR again.

1:25 All feeds still on the pool with the three playing "RAT." 1:28 Lydia is out b/c she can't make a basket while sitting on the beachball. She gets out to tan. Chima called to DR.

1:32 Lydia called to DR. 1:35 Looks like the pool game is over. Michele tanning and Jeff floating on the beachball in the pool. Russ comes out and talks about being locked out of his room (I think). Michele thinks he might be getting the camera. Russ comments on how hot it is and Michele says she just wants one rainy day. Lydia comes back out to tan and asks who won. Michele says Jeff did. Jeff is cleaning the pool and Russ is pacing around the pool while playing with the yellow ball. He is called to the DR again.

1:40 Chima eating in the kitchen. Michele called to the DR. She says "Please tell me I have the wizard power." She comments on how wet she is before walking into the DR.

1:50 Lydia asks Jeff if he is keeping her. He says for the second time yes. He asks her if she has everyone else on board. She says Michele says she is and so does Natalie, but she isn't sure about her. She says with you (Jeff), Jordan, Michele, and Kevin, she has all the votes she needs.

1:55 Lydia and Jeff talking about weights and how Jeff works out. Talk turns to the birds flying around the backyard. Jeff says the birds are telling him he has the mystery power. Lydia tells Jeff he will have to tell her how it feels to have the power. He says he hopes no one has it b/c he doesn't yet and he wants it.

(Alright...I am going to take a break.)

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2:47 pm BBT

Jordon,Kevin and Lydia taking pictures and talking about Ronnie trying to convince Jeff/Jordon that he's not coming after them. Jordon says she's not that dumb to believe anything Ronnie says. All hoping Ronnie doesn't have the magical power.

Ronnie briefly spoke to Chima in shower about Russ telling him he wished he'd put up Michelle instead of him (Ronnie).

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3:19 pm BBT

Lydia, Jordon, Kevin, and Michelle talking outside. Making fun of Ronnie and how he's been talking to Jordon and the lies her continues to tell. Talk moves on to Jeff being a good kisser. Last night she kissed him in front of Ronnie and he still wouldn't leave them alone.

Ronnie Chima talking in bathroom. Rehashing what Russ said to him and how he told him Michelle should have been nominated. Chima saying maybe they can tell Michelle Russ is blaming her in hopes that would change her vote. Ronnie is still hoping he can convince Jordon for a sympathy vote.

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3:30 PM BBT Russell, Jessie, and Natalie are talking in the SR. Russell is still upset with Michelle and is rehashing her conversation with Jeff about her smaller lies all adding up. Jessie and Natalie use this as an another excuse to push for Ronnie. Jessie: "All we need is one vote" Russ: "I can't get it for you. You can vote for Ronnie if you want." After Russell leaves Jessie tells Natalie "He finally gets it."

(My understanding...they are using Michelle's apology to Russell for the bad joke (witnessed by Jeff) and are turning it into an apology for not telling the supposed truth last night about the situations leading up to the big fight between Russ/Chima.) Natalie is spreading the word that Russell wants to call a house meeting and call out Michelle in front of everyone.

Natalie: "House meeting, come to the table."

Natalie asks Chima to just witness the event and it will prove Russell was right all along.

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3:45 PM BBT Russell calls house meeting. He says he no longer cares about the game. He tells the house that after the fight Michelle apologized to him for throwing him under the bus. He says she admitted to it. He explains that they were talking about head concussions and she tells everyone that they were talking about sexual disfunctions. He explains that Jeff asked her why she wasn't telling the truth and she says she was afraid and just thought it would be funny.

Russell has the entire floor with zero interruptions.

Russell then calls out to Ronnie and apologizes. He says that Ronnie is NOT THE RAT.

Michelle speaks up: "Thank you Russell for your great public speaking and for taking the heat off of you."

Michelle and Russell banter back and forth. Ronnie pipes in and it's he said/she said. Michelle is trying to explain and Ronnie yells at her that she is rude and needs to let someone else talk for a change. Jeff is asked to speak about what he witnessed and Jeff downplays what he saw and said. Jeff is making it quite clear that he wants no part of this and leaves. Michelle insists that she is not a liar and that Russell is.

Chima's turn. She tells Russell that she has heard things come from his mouth, a supposed friend, and knows that he has told others differently. Chima is sitting next to Michelle and Russell's house meeting has become Chima and Michelle challenging Russell. Chima says she knows Russell has talked bad about her behind her back and that it is not Michelle telling her these things. She is more inclined to believe Michelle.

Russell keeps trying to go back to last night's fight and how Michelle lied to him and Chima keeps taking it back to how Russell is talking bad about her.

Chima then turns on Michelle. Chima and Natalie acuse Michelle of playing both sides. It gets really heated with Natalie and Michelle. Michelle "who made up the green room story" Natalie "you are playing both sides" Michelle "you and Jessie are running this whole house." Jessie starts to pull Natalie away but releases her and even pipes in a few comments of his own.


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4:00 PM BBT The house splits up and Michelle heads to her room. House meeting is over. Ronnie goes in there to play innocent and says that he had nothing to do with the meeting. Michelle tells him that she knows he has been working together with Russell all along to get her out. Ronnie tells her that she is an idiot and she is leaving next week just like he said she was.

The fight is brought to Kevin in the BR and Kevin says he isn't saying anything and he is staying out of it. They want confirmation from Kevin that Michelle is playing both sides. Kevin is now getting attacked for trying to stay out of it. Kevin "someone is trying to throw me under the bus and it was not me" (yes, that is not a typo-Goldylucks)

Kevin leaves and it is now Chima, Michelle, and Jessie in the BR. Chima is controlling the conversation. She wants to know why she would go and talk to Russell after last night's fight. "Do you understand what that looks like to me."

Meanwhile, Natalie, Russell, and Jeff are in the BY. Natalie is of course sharing her love of Michelle and singing Ronnie's graces. Jeff "I don't care if she has a PHD, she isn't that smart. And Ronnie is still the rat. You all know Ronnie is not the smartest person in the house. And Jordan is not as dumb as everyone thinks she is."

And of course I lose my feeds again!!!!!!!!!!! Going to flashbacks to catch up so I'm a bit behind.

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4:15 PM BBT Chima is basically called down and is chastizing Michelle for trying to make nice with Russell after the fight because he is only going to throw it back at you. She says she is not talking to Michelle as a woman she trusts right now.

Meanwhile Jeff if upset that he was brought into all this. "She made her bed, she can lie in it."

Chima and Michelle are talking nice and Michelle is explaining the joke was because she :just threw it out there". She didn't feel she needed to explain why she was talking to him to anyone. Chima tells her that just talking to Russell means he can make up anything he wants about the conversation. Chima keeps drilling that she doesn't understand it. Chima tells her that there are multiple people in the house that want her out. Chima tells her that she doesn't know who to believe. She knows she doesn't trust Russell but Michelle is asking for these kinds of things to happen by talking to Russell.

Meanwhile...Kevin is venting to Jessie in the red room that he was even brought into it. He hates that the spot light made it's way to him when he didn't do anything. He doesn't know who lied about him, Ronnie or Michelle.

Chima tells Michelle that her gut is to trust her but after what she heard and saw she second guesses herself.

Meanwhile in the BY they are calmed down and talking about the wizard power and how Julie will ask the person with the power to stand up and use the power. Failure for the person to stand means they choose not to use it and can use it next week. Jordan and Jeff highlight to the house about the conversation they had with Ronnie last night. Jordan found the entire conversation very amusing.

4:35 M BBT Kevin is still trying to convince Jessie that he never told anyone he was targetting him. Jessie is trying to convince him that Michelle is the one telling people that he is after them.

Meanwhile Michelle and Chima have made peace and hug.

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4:40 PM BBT Michelle heads outside and Jeff asks her if she made nice. She tells him "I'm not talking to you right now. I'm not talking to anyone right now" and she heads back inside. Jeff "What did I do. Why am I always in the middle of this shit........LALALALA going to my happy place." Jeff goes inside and they cross paths at the BR. Jeff: "Why aren't you talking to me?" Michelle "I just couldn't with Russell and everyone else out there." Jeff "Oh, okay then."

Meeting of the bitter in the red room (Chima, Kevin, Natalie, Jessie, and Lydia). Chima "I don't know why we keep talking this way...we know who said what. If Kevin has to tell the truth than so does everyone else." Chima then tells Kevin that Lydia is the one that told Jessie about Kevin's chess analogy. "She threw you under the bus." Kevin says he doesn't understand the whole chess analogy anyway because it is nothing near what he actually said. (Lydia is hiding under the covers) Kevin explains the chess analogy. He says the HOH is the king and because it was Jessie he is King and Natalie is queen. Everyone else is pawns and that is the extent of it. Natalie asks about him supposedly saying "and you need to think 3 moves and ahead and get rid of the queen" Lydia jumps up from under the covers "I did not say that. I did not say that" and storms out of the room.

Kevin is beyond frustrated with Jessie. He accuses Jessie of raising his voice and talking down to him. He later accuses Jessie of speaking for him. Kevin just wants it know that he never said Jessie and Natalie need to go.

Meanwhile Ronnie is laying in the water room and he is listening to the conversation (like a rat on the other side of a wall-Goldylucks)

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5:00 PM BBT Chima tells Kevin "Lydia is fucking you. You don't want to believe it because she is your friend, but she is fucking you." Kevin is still pushing that is was likely Ronnie but Chima insists that Lydia threw him under the bus and she is absolutely the one that squeeled the chess analogy to Jessie. Chima "and she keeps running out of the damn room, does no one notice that."

This conversation goes on in circles. Kevin confesses that the chess analogy did come from him, just not as exaggerated as it was made out to be. Chima and Natalie tell him that Lydia wasn't even cornered and she threw you under the bus to cover her own ass. Jessie says he never thought Kevin was coming after him and he has had 2 chances to put him up and chose not to.

Jeff comes in and asks why don't they just ask Lydia about it. Chima "we can't because she keeps running from the room. House meeting and she leaves the room. Talk in here and she leaves the room."

Half the house is trying to convince Kevin that Lydia screwed him (chess analogy) and he just isn't getting it.

Michelle and Kevin are arguing now. Michelle mentions Kevin waking her up saying there is a plan to get the athletes out and was she in. She says he couldn't even tell her who was in on it so she rolled over and went back to sleep. Kevin tries to say it was an attempt to get Russell and Michelle recalls it being a stab at all athletes. He said/She said...blah blah blah.

Chima is back to Lydia leaving under pressure. Chima to Kevin "yeah, she has your back...way back...back to another room"

Okay, this is just painful now.

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5:30 PM BBT We come back from a quick FOTH and all 4 feeds are now on Ronnie and Jeff in the BR. Ronnie is begging for a vote while Jeff is brushing his teeth. He promises that if he wins HOH he will target Lydia and Russell. Maybe Michelle. He tells Jeff that he should have been more of a man and came to him directly before. Jeff tells him that he has heard what he says and wants to see how things work out.

Meanwhile, back in the redroom, Kevin is asking Jessie and Natalie to not tag team him. Jessie tells him that he and Natalie fight for air time and don't mean it to come across as tag teaming.

Anybody else out there?

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5:45 PM BBT Jeff comes in and asks Michele if she ever said she was going to vote to keep Ronnie. She says no. He asks the room if anyone ever heard her say that. Natalie said she did. Natalie says Michele told her she had the votes to keep Ronnie. Michele calls her a liar and gets angry again. Natalie argues back but Michele insists she never told anyone she was voting to keep Ronnie. Natalie tells Jeff that this conversation was after the green room conversation (that we all know is made up) and Michele again defends there was no green room conversation. Chima "The culprit in all this, and I know I'm biased, is Russell. He's the common denominator."

They all agree that everyone has their stories mixed up.

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5:37 BBT

Michelle, Jesse and Nata talking in the red room about someone saying 2 names (I think Russel) and he wouldn't come out with it.

Chima walks in and says I didn't realize we were on Indoor lockdown and Jeff in the background said yea they said something in the Dr.

Jusr realize Jordan is in the red room too.

Nata is hungry and going to eat.

Jessie and Jordan the only one left and Jessie is saying how Jeff and Jordans name was getting thrown around. Now Jordan is telling Jesse how she was told Jesse was in a 5 person alliance and coming after her and Jeff and he's denying it. (She needs to learn to keep quiet)

Jesse is telling her that that is what people wanted you to think. Jesse saying she got put up for other reasons and it wasn't because of him. And Jordan keeps saying how its so easy to say sonething simple and it gets all twisted in the house.

Nata just came in and Jordan asked do you think Ronnie and Russel are really working together and Jesse is saying no I think it's Ronnie and Michelle.

Jordan said Russel came out last night and said here's the caera have fun and walked away. Jesse and Nata really trying to get on Jordans good side.

Jesse saying they are going to prove it to Jeff and Jordan that they are on their side. Jesse and Natalie really trying to throw Lydia and Kevin under the bus trying to get Jordan to keep Ronnie.

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6:08 BBT

Jordan saying how she heard that people were calling her dum and Jesse sats yea I heard that and Nata interupts and says yea but it was never us.

Camera moved to outside with Lydia talking to Kevin about Natalie. Is talking about the vote and how Natalie was telling Kevin how Lydia threw him under the bus the telling Jesse about the chess move. Lydia not happy and says if the votes dont go to keep her she'll know where they came from.

Lydia saying she need to put things in perspective and people in the house don't give a fuck. Kevin is telling her he doesn't beleive Jesse and thinks Jesse's just trying to get between them and Lydia is agreeing.

Kevin said they need to think clearly and think of tomorrow and keeping her here. Saying they have 3 votes to keep Ronnie and Michelle is the swing vote. Talking about having Chima as a back up plan and Lydia is calling Natalie a trader and liar because she told her she would vote to keep her and she's rallying for Ronnie now.

Kevin is telling Lydia they need to make them think that their relationship is strained but they are as solid as ever.

Kevin is saying Lydia should talk to Michelle and Lydia says she hates them all.

They both go in the house so Kevin can help her spell perspective.

Jesse came into the bathroon and sat next to Lydia and Kevin is now wrting Perspective on Lydia's arm with some make up.

Nata and Lydia in the bathroom and neither are saying anything to each other. I see why now.....Jesse went into the bathroom and Nata is waiting for him outside the door asking him when he will be done. He said to give him some time and she keeps talking. Finally she walks away and gets called to the DR.

Lot of noise coming from the kitchen but all feeds are on Lydia in the bathroom.

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6:24 BBT

All feeds still on Lydia in the bathroom. Looks like she's finding things to do and waiting for Jesse to come out of the bathroom.

Jordan just got called to the DR.

Jesse finally comes out of the bathroom and asks Lydia who they just called and Lydia while brushing her teeth says Jordan. Jesse washing his hands and leaves.

All cameras follow Lydia to the red room and she goes to bed.

(I thought the point of 4 feeds was so you didn't have to watch just 1 person) UUGGHH

As I say that all feeds change to Ronnie shoveling food into his mouth.

Ronnie is talking to Nata and Chima about talking to Jeff and Jeff telling him he's lied to him and how can he believe him and Ronnnie said he told him to watch his future actions. Kevin comes out and they all stop talking. Natalie was saying she told someone she would take them into their alliance and make it 6 strong and when it gets to the 6 of them they are on their own. I didn't catch who she said she said this too.

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6:35 BBT Nata and Ronnie whispering about making an agreement with someone to keep him but didn't say who.

Nata just said she wants to go back in the DR because she came up with more things to say for her goodbye speech.

Nata just says if u fuck me you better sleep with one eye open and Jeff says thats the way you have to sleep in this house.

Nata just left to tell Jesse he can't take a nap now because then he won't be able to go to sleep early tonght and they need their strength for tomorrow.

Natalie sid he could be her date for the finale party and Jesse says ok but you'll have to bring someone hot for my friend. Then Nata says well that is if my boyfriend doesn't come. Nata starts talking about her friend Andrea..blond and we get FOTH.

Now Natalie singing "I'm taking my bed back tonight." As she saying what the sleeping arrangements are after tonight and says after tomorrow night everyone will have their own bed.

Jesse talking about taking a cold shower 4 out of the 5 days.

Natalie told Jesse he looks better now that he lost weight and she doesnt like big buff beeft guys. Jeff walks in and Nata says doesn't he look better now and Jeff said he didnt notice a difference.

Jesse said you fingers looked better when we first came in the house. And agaon we get FOTH.

Cpme back to Natalie asking if Chima wants to wash bedding because Nata wants to fo her since someone was sleeping in her bed.

(Sounds like a 12 midnight they are no longer have nots)

Didn't realize before but lydia was in the red room while Nata's talking and after Natalie and Jesse leaves she gets up and brings her stuff to the pool room. Now she has her suitcase and is packing.

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6:50 BBT

All feeds still on Lydian packing.

Jesse just got call to the DR and Nata asks him to tell them she wantsz to go back and redo her goodbye message.

Lydia bring a blue blanket in the pool room where lydian is packing. (I guess she wants to make sure the sleeping arrangements are to her spefications and not caring what anyone else thinks.)

All 4 feeds stioll on Lydia packing.

I hope someone can take over this exciting event...I'm out. Night!

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